Wolfenstein 3D took you into the past, thrusting you into a world at war. Blake rockets you into the future where a sinister madman, using genetics to create an army of bizarre creatures, is waging war on Earth. Blake has more of everything!
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Release Date: Dec 3, 1993

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About This Game

You're pitted against Dr. Pyrus Goldfire. He's found a way to replicate pure gold, which he's using to fund his maniacal plan. Goldfire has built six highly-secure, futuristic locations where his creations are being hatched. It's up to you to penetrate his security and stop him at all costs.

"Blake Stone...isn't simply Son of Wolfenstein...it's a wish list fulfilled, enhancing the Wolfenstein canon with many sensible tweaks and some new tricks that'll make your jaw drop." - Electronic Entertainment


Break and Take: Crates can be blown apart to reveal weapons and other goodies, such as gold, money, food and ammo.

Break a leg. Theirs.: Over 20 unique and adaptive actors, including guards, aliens, mutants and pods.

Inside Intel: Interactive informants give you clues and hints.

Future Soldier: Five futuristic weapons - from a silent shotgun to an explosive grenade launcher.

See Earth: A stagerring 66 levels, including two secret levels per episode.

Controller Support: Partial Xbox 360 Controller support.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • OS: Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.3
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
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Posted: May 5, 2015
cd games\bstone

These are the commands I used to type in on my 25mhz PC to play this game.
Like all emulated games they are much more fun on their original hardware but I don't feel like
dragging PC's out from under my bed just for a quick fix of nostalgia.

I do already have DosBox set up on my PC & own the boxed CD-Rom version of this game but to
pay money again for it is fine by me. Just please don't put it down to $10 in the next few weeks :P

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Posted: May 16, 2015
Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold is a FPS that runs on Wolfenstein 3D (or similar) engine that was released in 1993. Like everybody likes to mentioned: a week before Doom release. It had a shareware release with only first episode playable, out of six. Yea, bigger than usual demos.

Pretty much no complaints about how it was handled for Steam. It runs on quite a fine DOSBox in it's original form. You will notice that game mentions comic introduction in manual. You can find pdf file of manual in game's folder.

The game's presentation is standard Wolfenstein 3D fare. You get your usual menu, you get small instruction, you get to even choose 6 episodes and 4 difficulty levels.
Story is quite simple. You are secret agent. And you have to stop Goldfire, director/scientist who wants to take over Earth and known universe with his army of puny mutants, while getting funding with his technology of replicating gold. And he already released mutants out in all the buildings and locations that he own. He also has tons of human guards too, and they don't mind the mutants in same rooms. And yes, he escapes 6 times in a row, but at least there is a bit more plot than in Wolf3D.
Music is a jolly soundblaster. Quite funky, mostly fits for exploration of mazes. Pretty good stuff. But it gets repeated often, it's not enough for 60+ levels. Actually, you will even hear main theme used for one of the missions.
Some voices are silly though.

Graphically Blake Stone looks pretty. It even got support for floor and ceiling texture. Not only that, but it got "lighting" option, which works like a "dark fog" - stuff that is far from you will appear darker. All of it combined gives Blake Stone some smooth appearance without feeling that something is lacking. On bad sides, all the mutants have animation only for once side. I could see that developers probably ran out of memory, seeing how it has more details than Wolf3D, once again.
Yep, going to compare game to Wolf3D quite a lot.

The gameplay on first look is quite usual 1-plane FPS. You explore maze, you find secrets by cluelessly abusing walls, you shoot down every baddie. You collect ammo and weapons. And you collect keycards. There are few differences though.

Weapons. They aren't exactly balanced around each other much, it's just "shoot faster" with two exclusions to rule. The first weapon is silenced plasma pistol or something. It has unlimited ammo but slow fire rate. But it's also silent, will not awake nearby opponents. Game does give you few situations where it can be put to a good use. It also got some sort of limited-range rocket launcher, which blows things in primitive explosion, nice addition. It also can shoot said plasma balls as fast as game's minigun, making every boss sad.

Then this game has an automap feature, that you look at in stats screen. It shows locked doors and even keycards that you missed as red dots too. Improves maze enjoyment.
Oh, and you use elevator in which you start to progress between levels. You just have to find red access card to get to the next floor. You can revisit previous levels.

Even more, the game's level are being inhabited by bio-technicians, which add to variety. They can be either hostile or informants. You can interact with them. If they are hostile, then they will either start chase you if you fire weapon nearby, or if you poke them, or if you poke them twice. In latter case, which means that they don't want to interact with you, you can kill them freely too. Informants on other hand will help you. They will give you random useless information ("doors with red color are locked") or give you ammo or food token. You should poke them few times to make them give you all their resources. Shooting them will lower your score.
Oh, and if stats screen shows "informants alive" as "N/A", then feel free to shoot everything.

Talking of interaction, levels are filled with food dispensers on walls, that you can poke. Taking food token, they will restore a portion of your health.
There are objects that you can destroy too, like boxes or something explosive, sometimes revealing supplies or even key. Or if it's enemy container, like egg, you can shoot it to reveal enemy sometimes. Do it if you are going for 100% stats.

Goldfire, main villain of the game, can randomly teleport in nearby you at seemingly random times in any levels. I am not really sure whether it's actually random or not, but he will be chasing you down. It's very easy to take him down, making him teleport away (while fixing his tie despite having bullets/plasma coming at him), He still makes you look after you back.

But despite all of those nice addition, the game is still repetitive, especially if you try to play all 6 episodes in a single day. It doesn't have goodly done combat system to it, like say, in Doom. There is almost no big differences between episodes, just different levels and bosses. The bosses still suck too, being easily taken down by spam, having only projectile attack that you can hide from easily as well. Goldfire puts a better fight in boss levels as miniboss.
At least enemies are varied, but don't really change what you do. As a small detail, guards can run out of ammo. If they do, they will start to just run around randomly like chicken.

There is also big issues with difficulty. When playing it on the second skill (maybe it's "normal") the game overall is quite easy, with occasional difficult spots. Nothing outright frustrating. But once you set a higher difficulty, you will notice one huge problems: some tough enemies don't show pain often. You can't stun lock them by shooting into face. If you get around corner and meet tough human, chances are is that he may die even if you start shooting first. Silent pistol-thing also may become more useless.

But despite repetitiveness, the game pulls enough of little details and features, that give this Wolf3D era game enough of variety and brain to make it interesting. It's not blast to play, but it manages to give just enough of fun to raise it above Wolfenstein 3D blank. So you can try this curious title. On normal difficulty. Then forget about it.
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Posted: May 10, 2015
Hi there,

First time I saw this game was back in 1994 when I got my first PC and was a little over DOOMED as I played DOOM and DOOM2 excessively! OK then how do I came up with this game when everybody played DOOM and DOOM2?

Simple story: I had a friend who gave me a Shareware CD which was quite common that time so if you grew up in the late 80´s and early 90´s like I did you know what I mean. I was browsing this CD with demos of System Shock, Wolfenstein, Raptor and a game that was called Blake Stone. I liked the screenshots - well you got me the colorful screenshots these amazing bright colors of that game got me hooked!

On Steam you can either get Blake Stone with the 3D Reamls Anthology or the Apogee Throwback Pack which is not as expensive but only has features 4 games instead of 32.

Steam version runs with DOSBox and they configured it quite well so you should not have any problems to run this game. The game itself is devided into 6 episodes the first one is the original shareware episode the other five episodes were only available if you bought the full registered version of the game - so here they are. It took me about one hour to complete the first episode and compared to the other episodes the levels in episode one are pretty small. If you are a secret hunter you need a lot of time but it really makes fun to searching every wall for a secret door!

Beware! Since this game uses an enhanced Wolfenstein engine there are only 90 degrees walls but and enemies look a bit... well it´s retro so never mind!!

Unlike Wolfenstein3D this game features textured floors and ceilings much more different enemies and last but not least bosses at the end of each episode. The fighting pattern of the enemies is nearly the same like in Wolfenstein and there are also a lot of items you can collect to get a Rocky-Mountain high score.

So if you like real old school shooters this one is a must have in your STEAM library.

Feel free to join the Retro Games 80´s, 90´s Group on Steam

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Posted: August 11
One note before I start: If you are going to pick this up, I recommend doing so via the Apogee Throwback Pack, which includes this game, the sequel (Blake Stone: Planet Strike), and Rise of the Triad with its expansion pack. It's a better value. Also, there is a BStone engine port that makes the game playable on modern computers that I highly recommend using. (That's what I played through it on, which is why my play time here is so low.)

This game had the unfortunate distinction to come out one week before Doom. As you can probably imagine, Doom's impact on the gaming scene left everything else in the dust, including this game. Which is a bit of a shame in this game's case, as it has a lot going for it.

Built on the Wolfenstein 3D Engine, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold added a lot of new elements to the genre. While some of these were done in games before, it was nice to see a first person shooter with elements such as friendly NPCs, enemies that could fake their deaths, some actually not-hitscanning enemies (hitscanning being enemies with guns that instantly hit no matter the range), enemies that can spawn from items, destructible boxes with items inside, the ability to return to previous floors in the elevator - and with that the ability to have switches that effected other floors.

That said, some of the elements could have used a bit more work. The level design is inconsistent. Some floors are fairly well designed, others just seem thrown together. There's no real balance either, and often not much thought into what enemies go where, with some rooms just filled with whatever mix of enemies they just hadn't used in a while. There is also some trouble with the balance. The difficulty curve doesn't really go up as you progress through the game. This is in part due to how absolutely over-powered the grenade launcher style weapon is, and partly due to some levels just being absolutely littered with ammo and medkit pickups, while some - usually earlier ones - having few to none in many areas.

I would have liked to have seen more variety in the mutant enemies, and bosses, as most are just big and throw projectiles at you. There ARE some variants in there, such as the Plasma Beasts that fire a whole stream of projectiles at once - usually enough to kill you in one hit if you don't get out of the way - or the Fluid Aliens that can collapse and be invincible for a while. But even then, the Fluid Aliens still only attack by popping up and throwing something at you like everything else. I would have liked to have seen them try to get under you and envelop you. I would have liked to have seen them slide under doors. Or anything other than "this is an enemy like all the others, only sometimes you can't hit it."

Even the weapons, you never see more weapons than were in the shareware. At least there's a small amount of variety there, but even then one weapon is just a faster machine-gun. And there's the over-powered grenade launcher that you will spend most of the game with - minus when you run across ceiling mounted turrets that can only be hit with the two machine guns.

These problems, however, are not borne of a bad game. They really come from my thoughts on how much I am enjoying playing, and what more I would have liked to have seen them do. Overall, yes, I absolutely recommend this game if you haven't played it. At least, if you can tolerate the early 90's FPS games. If you've played Wolfenstein 3D and not this, do yourself a real favor and check it out!
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Posted: July 12
One of the first games of the genre (if not the very first, in fact) that I had the chance to play, from a demo that came with a new PC back in those heroic times.

Flawless gameplay, fantastic environments, cool (if sometimes a bit annoying) enemies of varied strengths and attributes, lots of secret areas that yield all kinds of bonus items. Oh, and the teleporting warp. And the music.

Inevitable to feel nostalgic replaying it, for us old school gamers. Visually it may seem simplistic to the newer generations, but it can also teach one thing or two about movement coordination, lightning fast reflexes and needing to pay attention at twenty different things simultaneously.

The final boss is the perfect cross between hilarious and outrageous.
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Posted: February 12
Just like Wolfenstein but instead of wwII its THE FUTURE! Blast from the past.. A great game to play
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Posted: May 7, 2015
This game is a classic. Overshadowed by Doom, it never quite became as popular, but non the less it brings back countless hours of childhood memories playing this. So glad they added this pack to steam.
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Posted: June 28, 2015
One of my favorite games from my childhood! Retro alien killing. Blood and gore. NPCs that could either be friend or foe. A display in the corner that tells you what is shooting at you. First FPS to have a grenade launcher; teleporting; explosions that you could set off that could potentially hurt you; enemies that can run out of ammo and pick up some that's nearby; pods and glass canisters that aliens pop out of. I seriously don't know my love for this game revolves around nostalgia, or if it's still just a great game.
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Posted: February 23
My parents found Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold in the bargain bin at Kaybee Toys one day when I was 6 or so years old. I played this before I played Wolfenstein 3D and I have to say I prefer Blake Stone. It's a classic pixelated FPS with a bunch of dumb puzzles and dumber enemies, but it's a nice trip down memory lane and might give younger gamers a glimpse into what us old timers had to play when we were young.
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Posted: October 3, 2015
Used to play this as a kid and while the controls are a little wonky and need a bit to get used to, I was so excited when I saw this game on steam.
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Posted: May 28
It is very similar to wolfenstein 3D, but as of 2016 ill give this negative review mostly because controls are uncomfortable. If you are fan of old wolfenstein 3D like games then this one is must have!
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5.0 hrs
Posted: May 18
Blake Stone on Steam is just as amazing as I remembered it as a kid. Some updated controls would be great (as seen in titles such as Super 3D Noah's Ark), but it's just as playable as ever.
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23.2 hrs
Posted: April 20
An Excellect Apogee Software Title since my Childhood. In the Distant Future, Human Colonies have expanded across the Solar System. However, on the S.T.A.R Institute Colony, it's fallen under a Major Lockdown as Dr. Goldfire has taken over the Human Colony & has begun conducting Human Genetic Mutation Experments to Unleash upon the Earth, all in Science's name. As Agent Blake Stone, travel to the Human Colony, rescue his Mom & Sister, and Stop Goldfire's Plans from Dominating the Earth along with his Genetic Experments.

Collect Weapons, Unlock Secert Areas and take down Dr. Goldfire's Henchmen but NOT any of the Friendly Bio-Techs who will help you out.
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Ultimate Luki
0.2 hrs
Posted: March 11
Wolfenstein 3d in a different setting. Very good.
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Posted: December 16, 2015
This is a old school Wolfenstein clone. If that sounds good for you by all means have fun. For me it's a game that aged well and I couldn't bring myself to stay with it very long.
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