"Battle Fantasia", the fantasy RPG themed 2D Fighting game is now appearing on Steam, and "REVISED" with the latest balances and improved visual effects! Comes with FREE Soundtrack DLC!
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Release Date: Jul 7, 2015

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About This Game

The battle of Light and Darkness has been relit once again

"Battle Fantasia", the fantasy RPG themed 2D Fighting game is now appearing on Steam!
Equipped with the latest balances and improved visual effects, fight against your foes and save the world from evil!

Live the fantasy from the arcade scene!

Use the invaluable parry system, "GACHI", to catch your monotonous opponent off, and deliver a devastating counter attack! And, use "Heat-Up" to power-up your character for a limited time, whether it is to maximise your damage, or to create openings in your opponent's defense!
Character models are designed in 3D, and blended in to fit the 2D genre for better visual experience. Experience stunning visual effects, without losing that 2D fighting game touch!

Unfold the story of Light and Darkness

12 selectable characters, 24 total scenarios.
Watch the story of each character expands with each battle, and under certain circumstances you might find yourself travelling on an unintended path..?
Unlock alternate costumes for each character as you progress with the story, and eventually that last greyed out icon* in the Character Selection menu might reveal itself!?
*Not usable in certain game modes.

Multiple game modes

Hone your skills with the Practice mode, or try aiming for the best record in Survival mode! Or, be the fastest speedrunner in Time Attack mode!
You can also view the illustrations obtained from the other game modes again in the Gallery mode.

Battle against the world and stake your claim!

Fight against players at the comfort of your home! Players can choose to fight in Ranked Matches, where the wins and losses will be recorded, or they can move to Player Matches and select who to fight.
Players can also create a private match under "Player Match" mode, and invite other players in.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 / Pentium 4 651 / Celeron D 352
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7900 GS / ATI Radeon X1600Pro / X1300LE
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
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208 of 270 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 7, 2015
Another "quality" port from DotEmu. It's locked at an internal 720p resolution. The "fullscreen" mode is actually borderless windowed. There are bouts of microstutter that make it feel like it's running at a far lower framerate than the FPS counter claims it is. I have only managed to play a single match online, but it felt like it was underwater - and there's no ping or connection quality shown, so you won't know how bad it is until you're in the fight. Even if that was simply an outlier and not indicative of the average match quality, the fact that you don't know whether your connection to your opponent is bad is a major problem.

I'll update this review if they fix this game's issues, but the sort of laziness presented in this initial release doesn't deserve your money.
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54 of 57 people (95%) found this review helpful
23.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2015
This was an awesome game back in 2007, and it's still amazing. With fixed graphical enhancements (not locked at 720p anymore) this is a treasure for the library.

Allot of people were mega butt-hurt on initial release because it didn't have air dashing/double jumping and the chain-combo/cancel/chain-combo/cancel option select rinse repeat system that ark sys is well known for. The result of this were allot of short sighted reviews that were technically wrong. The systems in this game are not simple or shallow in any way, quite the opposite in fact.

So, I’m not expecting to win anyone over with this review, certain people will buy this game no matter what. To the fighter enthusiast that falls into this category, I would like to point to `some` of the system features that will quick start you if you've never played Battle Fantasia;

First, it is a footsie game like street fighter, in fact it feels ALLOT like Street Fighter IV. Combos take skill to do, like SFIV and come in the form of difficult link timings to special/super cancels. The difficulties of the combos reward you with good damage.

Second, is the Burn System. This is exactly like the V system of Street Fighter V. The game uses LP, HP, LK, HK, Parry five button config. You trigger the burn by pressing both punches or both kicks. You then get an augmentation specific to that character (A dragon summon for one character, souped up specials for another character, or super armor for another, etc.) . I swear SFV stole the V-System from Battle Fantasia.

Third, a button parry system. If you've spent time in Street Fighter III or Yatagarasu, you understand the complexity that a parry system opens up. I love parry systems, but an unfortunate side effect is the huge gap between players that can parry and those that cannot, same as SFIII TS and Yatagarasu etc.

I'll leave it at that, there’s allot more to dive into, but if you actually purchased this game to play it, you’ll probably figure it all out.
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116 of 153 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 7, 2015
It suffers from poor netcode and stuttering framerate during combat. I would wait and see if it gets a patch before purchasing.

On further consideration, if you're just looking for single player content, or even local multiplayer, those features work. If you're just looking to enjoy the game's content casually, the stuttering may not bother you all that much.

Just as a person who is looking for competitive net play, I don't recommend this.
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37 of 40 people (93%) found this review helpful
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2015
Ah, BattleFantasia.
Back in the day, this was just about the only game that every member of my FGC enjoyed. Everyone from the Street Fighter players, the Tekken crowd to the - then new and coming - anime players.

The game is a cartoony, fantasy themed fighter which is very easy to pick up, with a small roster and easy to grasp movelists for the characters. That's not to say the game is simple, this in an Arcsys game after all. Sure, the small roster makes it easier to learn match-ups so players can focus on their gameplan rather than having to grind out 63 different character specific punishers in advance, but every characters also has a whole host of little tricks and traits that you can brush up on the continually expand your repetoire over an extended period of time.

For example, the charge character Cedric can combo off of his regular throw in a variety of ways, the catgirl Coyori can mix you up with sweeps, overheads and even crossups during her rekka chains and the big guy DeathBringer can sacrifice start-up speed on certain moves to give himself a point armor and mess up trigger happy opponents. And that's just the basics, every character can also activate heat mode, which gives them completely new and unique abilities. Overall, if you have strong foundations, you'll have the basics down in a jiffy, but it'll take a long time to fully master a character.

BattleFantasia also features a parry system, similar to Street Fighter 3, Garou and the recent Yatagarasu. At the press of a button you can parry an attack and punish immediately or even get a big combo opening with extra juggle opportunities that are not normally possible, but in this game a mistimed parry has a lot of recovery that can easily be punished so it requires a lot of finesse, practice and timing to use properly.

The game features the basic arcade, survival and practice modes as well as a lengthy story mode for players who like a solid single player experience. And there's also an online mode with the usual ranked and player matches.

If you've already played BattleFantasia previously, here's a small list of changes to expect.

- Improved visual effects. You will notice that textures are sharper, making background details such as the signposts much easier to make out, the background during supers looks a lot better with more depth to it, and KOs now have a fancy shockwave effect that makes them more dramatic.
- Improved online. While it doesn't seem like the new online is better than the average for this type of game, it's still a massive improvement over the original console release.
- The latest balance patch. The game was already pretty well balanced with the vast majority of match-ups coming down to which players is actually better, but this release comes with the infamous Ashley infinite already patched out so now he has to earn his wins just like everyone else.

The game runs silky smooth on my computer at the default settings, which is actually surprising considering how often ports like this one has to be patched to stop crashing and lagging at certain resolutions.
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23 of 25 people (92%) found this review helpful
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2015
After a rocky start we are finally at patch TK 1.01 and god damn has it been worth the wait!

I adore this game, having played hours upon hours on the console versions and was so damn happy with this finally being on PC.

With new Full Resolution support the game looks fantastic! The artstyle is wonderfully unique and honestly don't think there is anything like it. With the Anti Ailising options it looks brilliant!

The microstutter has gone for myself too, which has left me in tears of joy! I hope people can now start buying this game with the knowledge it works!

From this day I will be putting proper time into it as opposed to starting it, remembering all the frame stutter, and turning it off.

Also Watson is the greatest and more adorable character in fighting game history.

God I am happy today!
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18 of 18 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 5
A patch in november fixed the technical woes most buyers had.

It is a charming, nice looking 2D fighter that heavily relies on its parry system and footsies. It features two storylines per character, no clones, survival mode, time attack mode, arcade mode, vs mode and unlockables in form of alternate color schemes for characters and artwork in the gallery.
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15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
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8.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 1, 2015
This one has a battle type for everyone. A few are good for setting up elaborate attackes over time, Watson namely, others do massive combos, and a few just go with well timed simple moves for a different skill based tactic. Great visuals, but still clean, and a decient story. I for one have really enjoyed so far.
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52 of 83 people (63%) found this review helpful
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12.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 7, 2015
I've always wanted to play Battle Fantasia and now I can!
I'll try to list as many Pros and Cons as possible (Remember, these are purely my opinions)

Clean Systems
Interesting Character Designs
Great Fighting System
Feels like a mixture of having a footsies game while being able to do some sick combos
Nicely Ported
Good Sound-Track

Not too many settings to tinker with(My Comps a potato so I wish I could edit the graphic settings more, but thats just me)
Cast is kinda on the small side in my opinion.

There's not alot wrong I can say about the game, I think its well worth the 15$
If you like Story books and Street Fighter I say give this a try!
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28 of 40 people (70%) found this review helpful
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 7, 2015
(have finished first story mode)
The great thing with Battle Fantasia is that it does not include a confusing cluster of combos and tactics to worry about, and instead offers few moves yet a challenge wich feels fun and not frustrating, though the controls can be somewhat stiff and difficult and the animation could have been better. The game offers a Story Mode where you select one of many characters available. It can be somewhat similaire to the arcade mode of SOUL CALIBUR IV, but unfortunately it has little to say what character you pick as the changes will be minimal such as differences in dialogues. This is something i think Arc System could have included. It would have increased re-playability as well as depth and quality.

On my journey i picked up many companions, each with their colorful personality and humour but i could not use them
for combat. That is also a shame because they could have kicked in if the player died for instance, serving as Battle Rounds, especially consider the fact that the game does not offers rounds but only 1 fight where you have to win!
On the other hand is something that partialy makes up for this flaw. I actually found it FUNNY to lose in this game, because it always resulted in a hilariously funny scene with great writing and facial expressions.

The visuals are pretty nice i think. You got this hand-drawn formal look during dialogues wich plays out as a visual novel, and in fights it switches to 3D. Simple.

+ Simple unconfusing controls as seen in other fighters
+ Not too hard not too easy
+ Entertaining Game Over scenes
+ Story Mode
+ Multiple game modes available
+ Great humour
+ It's Japanese, come on!

- Does not take advantage of multiple characters
- Team members useless
- Stiff and slow movements
- No English voice cast
- Little depth

SCORE: 7/10
VISUALS: I liked it
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12 of 12 people (100%) found this review helpful
10.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 29, 2015
December 1st, 2015: I'm updating this to a positive review due to the outstanding patch that was released recently.

I don't know who Ark System Works whipped up into shape to get this game on its feet, but whoever finally fixed the flaws in this game deserves a fist bump. Every technical issue that I had with the game has been alleviated. I can't really test the netcode since the community for it has diminished to nothing, bu as soon as I can get a friend or two on this game I'll be more than happy to check that out as well.

Resolution has now been repaired. The character models and backgrounds look better than ever and really pop now that they are so crisp and vivid. The game plays at a ROCK SOLID 60 FPS without ANY stuttering that I could see. Every match I had was a smooth a silk. Hell, they even threw in some optional motion blur for people who like that stuff.

The product that we have now is the product that should have been released on the first day. I'm not going to say that it would have made sale sky rocketed, but I'm sure the positive word of mouth would have pushed a few more copies onto some drives.

I will say that I'm glad that ASW patched this game as frequently as they did even though they initially handed the reigns to DotEmu. It really gives me hope in their future titles on STEAM. Hopefully they learned a lot from this release and hopefully they can sell a few more copies after the news of this now solid port has spread.

-----OLD REVIEW-----
I'm running a GTX 980m and this game stutters so bad that it makes it unplayable for me. I've given them at least a month to fix this before writing my review. And here we are and I can't even make it out of practice mode before I have to just quit due to the issue. The game also says it's running at 1080p, but it's actually still rendering at 720p. Don't let the options fool you.

I really wanted to enjoy this game since I'm a HUGE fighting game fan, but I can't look past the FPS stutter and slow down on a more than capable piece of hardware. I don't know why companies keep asking people like Dot Emu to port their games when you have outstanding groups like QLOC and Nixxes that do a wonderful job. I will never purchase another Dot Emu ported game after buying this one.
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Recently Posted
3.9 hrs
Posted: October 23
Personally I like the game, and I’ll recommend people give it a try but I need to address some things, since I recognize that my leniency on games and tastes are not universal.
It’s not a very good port; it’s also not very well optimized.
It has a proto Guilty Gear Xrd 3D to 2D visual, in which the characters are actually 3D models, but since the cell shading isn’t as aggressive and the color palette more on earth tones it doesn’t look as good as it might.
The characters are fun and well designed, but there are some that have way easier move set to combo, which make them top picks, while others are clunky and need a lot of time and practice to get anything done with them.
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7.7 hrs
Posted: August 20
Seriously... this game is great for a fighting game...
visual is nice.. story is cool, and fighting move is also awesome..

well, i like it :)
somehow, i just forget that i have this game sitting in my library x(
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6.2 hrs
Posted: July 27
Oddly enjoyable and a good bit different from the usual Arc System Works fighting game.
Battle Fantasia is an 3D animated 2D fighting game released in arcades in 2007 and consoles sometime later.
Then released in arcades again years later with new balance and thats what this version is based on hence the -Revised Edition-.
The game takes heavily from 80s/90s RPGs as its theme and art style and considering this game was apparently designed to appeal to a female audience that is a pretty damn nice thing to know. Since the taste for RPGs always came off as a sterotypical male nerd thing it is really nice to see something like this with a female audience in mind.
As much as the word progressive is terribly misused by fat, hateful, politically correct ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s this game can be considered progressive to a degree. Between the fact that the art style is classic RPG that was allegedly aimed at women and the fact that the all the ladies here are modestly dressed.
Moving on.
Music: It is nice though far less entertaining than other ASW fighting games. Considering the high standards of good soundtracks the developers have I am counting this as a big flaw of the game even if the music there is good if totally forgettable.
Characters: Most of the characters are done well enough. While none are absolutely amazing I'll admit they are all weird and do very well to stand out. I will say while I do not know what character counts as the default protagonist the game at least does not have one with as godawful a design as Blazblue's Ragna The Bloodedge and that is speaking as someone who is a big Blazblue fan. Come to think about it most of them also look better than Guilty Gear's Sol Badguy who is not terribly designed even if I am not a fan. I want to add here that speaking of the "female appeal" the boss Ashley is, in all honestly, further proof of that in being a hilarious stereotype. He is the only really sexualized character constantly showing everything down from his horribly long leak down to his navel with a portrait looking like he is ready to pull "it" out. A character very obviously aimed at the "fujoshi" female audience being a flayboyant homosexual with a damn female name that just makes me laugh.
And finally
Gameplay: Battle Fantasia is a bit slower and more ground based than the usual ArcSys style fighting game so maybe this will appeal to the fans coming from the more KOF/Street Fighter games. Though like Guilty Gear its a weird case of a 5 button fighting game. One of those buttons is a parry button called the Gachi Button and while I am not a fan of button based parry moves and this game not helping the case I think it is kind of cool that pressing that button has a unique animation even if you fail to parry. Overall its a bit basic, but oddly pretty fun.

Verdict: Recommended! It is a odd one, a sort of standard 3D, with lack of full controller support and a small audience to ensure you will not get a lot of online fights. But its executed so well and this is an otherwise fine port based on the later arcade version from what I gathered. I enjoy the characters, and gameplay and it works as a game that served as an experiment from Arc System Works that although not hugely successful still got enough love and support to come all the way to PC many years later and is worth it because Battle Fantasia is a pretty good fighting game.
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2.2 hrs
Posted: July 7
Decent game, but it's very basic and simple. There feels like there could be more done with it.

The characters are probably one of the better things with this game, but it's overall basic.

I'd get this game when it's on sale, it isn't really worth $15.
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1.9 hrs
Posted: July 3
NOT THE BEST BUT NICE GAME try it, if u enjoy Epic battles but the fighting mechanics code of the game is not good enough for this Epic game, sorry for my English I need travel more ✈︎☺︎
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6.9 hrs
Posted: July 3
Featuring Daisuke Ishiwatari as the voice of Freed

please fix the netcode some day though
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24.4 hrs
Posted: February 13
If you're into old school fighting games that rely on footsies this game is for you, no this game it doesn't play like the traditional air dasher like GG or BB. I'm glad I bought the game after it was fixed. They only issue I have is the lack of people in the network. This game is solid highly recommended.
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7.1 hrs
Posted: January 15
This is the 1st 3D fighting game with... Ambidextrous Sprite. Or more likely, prototype of Guilty Gear Xrd, because of 1st try using 3D Engine. For weird reason, Capcom try to copy the idea into Street Fighter IV, it works.

Combat system wise, it lacks of Instant Kill, air dash, etc. from it's own game company. However don't fool by the lack of these systems, the story and characters' setting are pretty neat.

If you play as Guilty Gear Xrd's Sol, you know there's Dragon Install, which technically same as this game's Heat Up system. Unlike Dragon Install, Heat Up system won't stop you after revert to normal.

I just don't know why this game 1st time release at XBOX 360, it's just plain stupid, gave a pretty bad reputation. I was going to buy XBOX 360, but I hope for PC Version because of lacking online update at that time. Now my dream's become reality after 8 years, which pretty long time to me.

Buy this game if you really want the old experience.
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「Dr」Pitchfork of Retribution
3.7 hrs
Posted: January 3
Freed is my ninja
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