Razor2: Hidden Skies Razor2: Hidden Skies é um jogo estilo Top View Shooter. O jogo tem o estilo dos clássicos jogos de sucesso do arcade, enquanto usa as últimas tecnologias para criar grandes visuais e efeitos. Um jogo da velha guarda com as tecnologias mais novas.
Data de lançamento: 19/jul/2010
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Sobre o jogo

Razor2: Hidden Skies Razor2: Hidden Skies é um jogo estilo Top View Shooter. O jogo tem o estilo dos clássicos jogos de sucesso do arcade, enquanto usa as últimas tecnologias para criar grandes visuais e efeitos. Um jogo da velha guarda com as tecnologias mais novas. Razor2 é fácil de jogar mas desafia suas habilidades com centenas de inimigos e balas te ameaçando o tempo todo. A trilha sonora é outra grande qualidade, Razor2 usa música clássica orquestrada composta especialmente para o jogo.
Razor2 inclui dez conquistas e recordes mundiais. Dê o seu melhor e coloque seu nome na tabela de classificações dos melhores jogadores. Jogue duro para ganhar títulos como o Destruidor, abatendo 4000 inimigos, ou o "quase impossível" Ás, completando o jogo sem usar nenhum continue.
Principais recursos:
  • Estilo "shoot them up" (shmup)
  • Oito níveis
  • Cinquenta diferentes ondas de inimigos
  • Incríveis lutas com chefões
  • Melhoria de armas e equipamentos
  • Três níveis de dificuldade
  • Recordes locais e mundiais
  • Dez medalhas e conquistas
  • Gráficos, arte e sombreamentos maravilhosos
  • Jogabilidade surpreendentemente fácil
  • Sensacional música orquestrada

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP or Vista
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz or better (dual core recommended)
    • Memory: 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
    • Graphics: DirectX®9-compatible graphics adapter with 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
    • DirectX®: DirectX®9 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB
    • Sound: DirectX®9-compatible
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Pensei que que mal poderia haver em comprar num jogo de nave budget e bobo; muito mal, aparentemente.

Enquanto é patentemente óbvio que os sujeitos que fizeram esse jogo nunca jogaram um shmup na vida, há de se pensar se na realidade eles já jogaram algum jogo, ou viram um pôr-do-sol, ou olharam o sorriso de uma criança.

Você já teve uma unha arrancada? Eu também não, mas provavelmente é melhor que esse jogo.

È o equivalente de pedir uma encomenda na internet, ela atrasar meses, chegar toda amassada e violada, e quando você abre na verdade nem era sua encomenda era um pacote de antraz.

Os desenvolvedores deste título deveriam ser julgados em Haia pelos brutais crimes cometidos contra a sociedade organizada que é este título.

Tá to sem ideia; o jogo é ruim ok?
Publicada: 31 de março
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I was expecting modern version of the classic shooter Raiden sadly this game does not deliver.
*Extremly dull and boring until you get to the boss
*very limited weapon. 3 weapons? 2 bombs? You can NOT power up during the missions.
*♥♥♥♥ty weapons. still ♥♥♥♥ after upgraded

Only fun I had in this game is posting highscore using dirty word.

Don't remember how I got this game probably from a bundle
I hope no one paid $9.99 for this
Publicada: 1 de junho
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This game is like retro-arcade game. It's simply fun.

The only bad thing about this game is there are no save that means when you close this game, all of your progress will gone so I don't surprise why some achievement like shoot down 4,000 enemies is rare to achieve.
Publicada: 20 de junho
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Razor2 has some fantastic visuals and a great soundtrack with the gameplay one would expect from a standard SHMUP (shoot ‘em up) but doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the genre. Expect cool upgrades, boringly repetitive enemies, and a complete lack of a defined hitbox! For SHMUP enthusiasts. Get it cheap in a bundle or something, otherwise it’s not worth it and certainly not worth $10. I personally found it to be enjoyable.

- Lots of pretty action, massive bosses, and bright bullets all over the place.
- Upgrade your ship between the eight stages with new weapons, shields, and equipment.
- Easy achievements. You can earn all ten simply by playing through the whole game.
- Epic orchestrated soundtrack! Can’t complain about the musical selection.
- Decent replay value.

- Poorly defined hit box. This is a huge flaw for a SHMUP in my opinion.
- Undefined “edges” of the playing area make it difficult to gauge where to dodge.
- Repetitive enemy patterns make the 5-minute stages seem boring and long.
- Numerous typos and language errors make any attempt at a story meaningless.
- It’s just not noteworthy in any way. It’s very “run of the mill” in terms of gameplay.

- Limited controller support. It works in most places, but not in all menus.
- No tutorial or practice mode and the controls are not exactly intuitive.

Overall, I found it to be fun to play through a full run or two but repetition will leave you bored and unimpressed. There is some solid strategy available in the form of ship customization but in the end it’s still the same repetitive stage battles, and if you use up your single continue and all your lives then you’ll have to start over from the beginning again. It has some redeeming qualities in that the soundtrack is pretty awesome and that the achievements are all pretty easy to get (aside from maybe the “no continue” one). The visuals are not overly remarkable but they are well done. The typos and spelling errors are painful to read through though.

I highly recommend using a controller. I use a Logitech F310 and have no issues with the gameplay itself, although menu navigation is wonky at best.
Publicada: 3 de junho
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Razor 2: Hidden Skies tries gallantly to emulate the shmups of yore, but falls flat not for want of creativity (though it could certainly use a bit more), but inexcusable ♥♥♥♥-ups on the game mechanics themselves.

The game attempts, in some places, to be a bullet hell game but the hitbox of your ship is extremely large and does not even match the graphic - it awkwardly extends out an uncertain distance to both sides, but does not seem to include the nose of the fighter. Furthermore, the areas extend visually farther than your actual range of motion, but this is impossible to tell without running right into an invisible wall. In several areas, enemies park right on this wall, giving the illusion that you can zip around them to avoid fire and take them out, right up until you crash into them headlong making the attempt. This is made even more unweildly by the boss fights that zoom the camera out, supposedly to impress you with how big the boss is. Sadly the net result is that now you can see even more but have the same narrow movement lane, exacerbating the problem even more.

Two subweapons are heat-seeking with auto targetting, but there is no mechanic to choose what you'd like to target - the game seems to completely arbitrarily choose for you, and even if the lock-on happens to be a priority target, anything flying in the path of your slow-traveling relativistic missiles will intercept them and explode instead. (Which prompts the question of how does a missile travelling at relativistic speeds even work, and if it does why are they so bloody slow?) The bosses are all recycled variants of each other - fight three tanks, then fight three spinning satellite things, then... etc.

Unfortunately the problems do not stop there. Movement is imprecise and jerky. Combine this with the awkard hitboxes and you've committed a cardinal sin in the shmup genre - dodging is effectively impossible in places, though this doesn't matter a terrible lot since to cover for this the game slathers you in multiple shields which partially refresh upon each pick-up. Despite that fact, you still take a lot of hits simply because your hitbox isn't where you think it is, and it's nigh impossible to guage where its limits are precisely, since it extends well beyond the ship graphic. Unfortunately, the pickups themselves don't make a terrible lot of sense. One of the most common is Energy, which restores a pip on your Energy meter. Which is grand, only the game never quite explains what Energy is for or why you want it, despite being able to upgrade your ship batteries to have more of it. Oh well, free shields I guess!

In general the game is horridly unpolished. The translation is riddled with grammatical errors, word misuse, and typos (I'm not sure what a Gravity Riffle is). Each mission has a cheesy low-quality text-to-speech mission introduction voiceover, only it gets a few words into it before the explosions start and the rest is completely drowned out. Oops. Hope it wasn't important. Soon after starting the second mission, the primary fire input became stuck and I was essentially on autofire for the rest of the game. Which isn't all bad I suppose, except with the input stuck, I became unable to read mission briefings (not a tremendous loss since they're an exercise in bad English and misspelled words) and upon finishing and going to the main menu it would spam me right into a new game on Easy Mode, not allowing me to change settings or even exit the game. I had to alt-tab and manually kill it.

In short, I can't recommend this game at all, even to die-hard shmup fans, unless you seriously need a fix and simply cannot find something else to scratch the itch.
Publicada: 3 de abril
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