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Tel un Guerrier Fantôme, un tireur d'élite dans une unité ops spéciale fortement formée, votre savoir-faire unique de poursuite, la détection cible, La surveillance et l'exactitude de vos tirs détermineront le succès des missions.
Date de parution: 24 jun 2010
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“…extrêmement satisfaisant, spécialement pour les joueurs qui apprécient le tir à la première personne.”
–IGN.com Editorial
“En termes de jeu, la furtivité est une part importante dans Sniper's challenge. De nombreuses missions se déroulent dans la jungle amazonienne où il est particulièrement facile de se dissimuler.”
– Gamespot.com
“Deux façons d'apprécier Sniper : la première est de faire du bon travail avec la caméra embarquée dans la balle, la seconde est de faire une suite sans fin de headshots.”
– ShackNews.com Editorial
“Ce qu'il y a de super avec Sniper: Ghost Warrior c'est le cone de vision du jeu qui est immense. Même si vous êtes à des centaines de mètres de l'ennemi, ils seront capables de vous apercevoir à travers une barrière ou un canyon. Ce sont de petites attention qui font de ce jeu une expérience réaliste impressionante.”
– Destructoid.com

À propos du jeu

Après le renversement du gouvernement démocratique d'Isla Trueno, une junte militaire prend le pouvoir. Un commando spécial est expédié pour venir en aide aux rebelles. Une mission que seuls des tireurs d'élite peuvent remplir. En plus des missions conventionnelles, les joueurs vont aussi participer à des assauts décisifs. Sniper: Ghost Warrior va relever un challenge : être divertissant tout en étant destiné aux experts.

Développé par City Interactive, Sniper: Ghost Warrior vous apporte une expérience visuelle impressionnante ainsi qu'un réalisme balistique de premier plan : trajectoire affectée par la gravité et les éléments météorologique tels que le vent, le brouillard ou la pluie. Les joueurs vont évoluer dans de nombreux décors en solo comme en mode multijoueur. Vous êtes un Ghost Warrior, un tireur d'élite surentraîné maître dans l'art de la filature, de la détection de cible, de la surveillance et dans le tir de précision. La nature des opérations va vous conduire à supprimer des ennemis.

Comprend :

  • Le jeu de tir à distance hyper-réaliste. Un système de gestion de votre respiration améliore la précision de vos tirs
  • Un système balistique ultra-réaliste tient compte de la trajectoire des balles et des effets météorologiques comme le vent, le brouillard et la pluie
  • Lorsque vous réussissez un tir en pleine tête parfait, vous pouvez regarder la balle frapper l'ennemi avec une précision redoutable grâce au mode Bullet Cam (caméra sur la balle)
  • 4 types de fusils de précision : AS50, MSG90, SR25 et SVD Dragunov
  • Une variété de missions comprenant à la fois des duels de snipers, des assauts tactiques en temps réel et des combats à la mitrailleuse fixe
  • Jouez en tant que tireur ou reconnaisseur.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Interface : Windows&reg XP (SP3) / Vista&trade (SP1) / 7
    • Processeur : Pentium 4 3.2 GHz/ AMD Athlon 64 3500+
    • Mémoire : 1Go pour XP / 2Go pour Vista et 7
    • Graphismes : GeForce ( 6800/7600-7950/8600-8800/9600-9800/GTX 260-280 ) ou Radeon (X1650-1950/ HD2400-2900 / 3650)
    • DirectX® : DirectX&reg 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 6,5 Go d'espace disque
    • Son : Compatible avec DirectX&reg 9.0c
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Jeu remplit de script et de bug.
Un ennemi avec une ak 47 à 1500 mètres peut te mettre un headshot.
Posté le : 5 avril 2014
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A serious sniping game. Lurking in the bush, finding a good position and placing one single, perfect shot, only to sneak away unseen and leaving not a trace. Like the shadow of a ghost in the jungle. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is just about as far from this ideal as it is possible to come.

As a sniper, your primary tool lies simply in not being seen. This would typically entail you wanting to stay off roads, footpaths and other places where people usually travel. In S:GW, you can only dream of this. The area in which you can move is so narrow, you'd get claustrophobia if it weren't for the fact that it looks relatively pretty. The catch is, there are so many invisible walls, idiotically placed fences (which you cannot jump over, of course), stupid fishing nets across the creek (which you cannot cut, even though you're carrying a knife), columns that just happened to have fallen just so, etc. etc.

The whole game is pretty much based on railroading of the highest order: You have to go there, to that exact rock shelf, before the victim decides to stroll out of his cabin. At one point, you are actually told to place a claymore on the path "in case there's a chase". (Three guesses what happens just after you take the shot ...)

Sight adjustments though. At least they have that down, right? As if ... you're left relying on Kentucky Windage. Because the game is actually simulating wind. You even have a wind gauge that is visible in the scope, to help you place your shots properly. That would be handy, if it hadn't been for the fact that the wind is completely random. But they've solved that problem for you as well: You see, you have a tiny red circle travelling around the crosshairs, which tells you precisely where your bullet will hit. All so you don't have to worry about boring things like finding the range or elevation relative to your target. Because who would want that in a sniper game. Oh, and is that magic circle moving too fast for you? Don't worry, you can just press shift to go into bullet-time. /facepalm

But they do have bullet-drop, so they have at least modelled ballistics to some degree. Yay.

So, you know where you'll hit before you fire your shots. Or so you would think. Well, you'll just have to hope that the chain-link fence through which you're shooting, is of the type that bullet's can actually penetrate. Because not everything is as it seems in this game. You can shoot through (some) walls, but not through all chain-link fences. You can jump up on a ledge only to meet an invisible wall 10 cm further in, etc. etc.

With so many things about which to be annoyed, it seems almost banal to point out that the level design is hopelessly bad (e.g. the obvious railroading) and that the scenarios are completely unrealistic. For example: you're asked to sneak into the middle of a military installation carrying a weapon whose optimum range is >300m. Luckily, the AI is so ♥♥♥♥♥ic, it doesn't really matter: You can be lying on the other side of a river, taking out infantry in a village chock full of them, and they won't bat an eyelid when their friend mysteriously decides to start the siesta 8 hours prematurely. 2 meters away from them. The loud bang immediately following is obviously completely unrelated. But don't try to walk up-right behind an enemy instead of crouching like you've learned, because then they've suddenly got superman-hearing and flash-reflexes and you're dead before you even have time to jump.

At some point in time, I think the developers realized that they weren't really working on the worlds greatest sniper game, because in the middle of the game you suddenly change roles and run around like a regular infantryman with an M16 or similar rifle. And if the game is lousy as a sniper game, it really sucks as a standard "run & gun". Everything is still just as fricking scripted: The enemies come running only once you walk through the gate (which is of course your only choice of route) and your allies faithfully wait for you to be a pointman and advance the battle. Meanwhile, they're busy, locked in an eternal gunfight with the AI, none of whom seem to be able to hit the broad side of a barn. So it is in fact an illusion that you have helpers in the grunt scenarios. In reality, you're just as alone there as you are in the forest. The only difference is you're playing an abysmal infantry game instead of a boring sniper game.

Small blessings and everything, but I'm so glad I followed my gut feeling and didn't fork out for this game at full price, but waited for the infamous holiday sale. But even at todays low, low price, this game isn't worth it.
Posté le : 23 janvier 2014
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"The most realistic sniping experience in a video game ever" that is a big steaming pile of BS right in the beginning of the key features. So called sniping experience is: slow up time shoot AI, rinse and repeat.

AI does not give a flying f***, if you shoot another one in its fov, it does not hear you shooting either. But dear god if you manage to get its attention, suddenly Übermensch, hitting you with every bullet from its assault rifle from vast distances as soon as you even pop your head up.

Maps are tunnels and game does not even try to hide that, aka. invisible walls everywhere.

Your "sniping experience" is every now and then stopped and you have to do some pure FPS missions, adding even more stink to this pile.

The rant could go on and on..

TL;DR If given for free then maybe, just maybe, worth it.
Posté le : 25 janvier 2014
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The first Sniper experience is a very bad one. Make no mistake: the game looks decent and there's a lot of emphasis on the sniping action which feels a lot of fun. The features section of the game's store page highlights the importance of weather, wind and how the bullet trajectory / drop can be affected by them. It's all good but just not enough to result in a good game.

Campaign is short and extremely difficult. While sniping is fun you are told exactly where to go and what to do. It is so heavily scripted that under no circumstances do you feel you should try it again. From time to time you are in the shoes of a soldier only allowed to handle rifles or SMGs. Fighting with these is very difficult. It has nothing to do with how these weapons work: the enemy can just easily spot you and shoot you down. This switching back and forth from the easy sniping and the very hard gunning sequences just makes the game unplayable.

In addition to this, I was unable to find any games online. Not that after the horrible single player I wanted any. Sniper Ghost Warrior is an original game: its creators knew a lot of people liked sniping so they developed a game with that in mind. It was just not executed properly. If they had taken the time to refine the campaign and completely get rid of the non-sniper weapons this would have easily been on top of the list of my favourite games.
Posté le : 14 juin 2014
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Besides the graphics, there's not much else whats good about the game.
- Enemies shoot you with their normal guns from "miles" away with a perfect aiming.
- The sniper gets a puls of over 120 from just walking a few meters while crouching.
- The AI is stupid. If an enemy shoots at you, the others might hear it, but they don't think about checking why.
- Some parts of the game are quite difficult. May it because you can only run on the scripted path, or just because there's no way of sneaking around the place.
- Your in combat with a normal gun (no sniper) and your team mates just don't deal any damage. You have to kill almost every enemy on your own.
- There are cars with mounted guns, but you can't use any of them. You have to stick with your crappy gun.
- The sniper has quite a delay while shooting at enemys far away, which makes it almost impossible to shoot running players.
- Very poor ending.
- Playtime only about 7 hours. (no rush, many retrys due to bugs)
- ....

There are many more flaws, if i didn't get the game for less than 1 $, i wouldn't have bought / played it.
Posté le : 22 mars 2014
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Le concept sur le papier est super bon : incarner un sniper. Quand on est dans des FPS c'est un réel plaisir d'endosser ce rôle, d'avoir leurs armes et de se cacher pour éliminer les snipers ennemis. Mais hors du papier qu'est ce que c'est ennuyant. Et dans ce jeu mal fait de surcroit.

Au final vous allez passer votre temps à faire de l'infiltration, tirer au sniper sur des cibles, vous infiltrer, tuer des méchants avec votre viseur, être un infiltré et un tueur d'ennemis avec votre arme à lunette. Oui, c'est toujours pareil en effet mais le scénario et sa magie des mots nous fait croire l'inverse. Ah au fait, vous incarnez un buisson muni d'un gros calibre avec une voix mal doublée. Niveau charisme ça vole pas bien haut.

Le scénario est d'une bassesse, l'IA affligeante, la difficulté complètement biaisée (des ennemis qui vous snip à 800km au fusil d'assaut et des ennemis qui vous prenne pour un bosquet alors que vous êtes au beau milieu d'une clairière, vous voyez un peu le genre ?), des graphismes par contre vraiment bons, mais le tout mélangé est réellement un supplice. C'est un peu ce que nous réserve Sniper : buisson warrior.
Posté le : 1 décembre 2013
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