Light of Altair é um jogo de ficção científica de construção de colônias com uma profunda trama. Faça suas colônias crescerem de uma pista de pouso para uma metrópole enquanto envia espaçonaves para expandir seu território em outros mundos.
Análises de usuários: Positiva (23 análises)
Data de lançamento: 4/jun/2009

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"Poor man's Sins of a Solar Empire? Less sandbox & more mission driven, less combat & more colony building. Little dated/limited; still most enjoyable."
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Sobre este jogo

Light of Altair é um jogo de ficção científica de construção de colônias com uma profunda trama. Faça suas colônias crescerem de uma pista de pouso para uma metrópole enquanto envia espaçonaves para expandir seu território em outros mundos. Você não está sozinho no espaço, 8 facções de diferentes partes do mundo estão cada uma seguindo seus próprios objetivos no sistema solar; diplomacia e combate orbital são aprendizados essenciais.
Light of Altair é baseado em um motor 3D personalizado que permite fácil zoom de galáxias até luas individuais e asteroides cobertos nas colônias com seus tetos de vidro, minas e pistas de lançamento. Tecnologia avançada de shader é usada para adicionar ricos detalhes e iluminação às superfícies.
  • Construa colônias em planetas e asteroides por todo um sistema.
  • Gerencie indústrias e colonizadores para crescer de uma minúscula unidade de pouso em uma eminente cidade.
  • História detalhada baseada em um futuro da história da Terra.
  • Rica campanha de um jogador traçada através da galáxia.
  • Jogue por importantes eventos da trama de diferentes lados, incorporando o papel de uma das 8 diferentes facções.
  • Árvore tecnológica detalhada com mais de 30 armas, construções e modificações de nave para descobrir.
  • Projete naves: escolha um projeto de nave e equipe armas, armaduras e modificações nas estações de arma. Então comande estaleiros para construir uma frota de acordo com o projeto.

Requisitos de sistema

    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
    • Processor: Pentium® 4 1.5GHz or Athlon™ XP 1500+ processor
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible Hardware Accelerated video card and latest drivers
    • Hard Drive: At least 1 GB of free space
    • Sound Card: 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
    • DirectX®: 9.0c (included)
Análises úteis de usuários
2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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This game is a fun joy, its not a 4x game like you might think,its more like a standard styled rts with a planet based meta map.It has a nice amount of expansion,colony building,ship building,ship configuration with hardly any micromanagement at all.

There is no skirmish mode,you play out a campaign that gets progressively harder,though I have found some later missions to be easier for me than the later ones.This however is mostly based on how you decide to play and how you counter the A.I. attacking. The game does a decent job of throwing varied attack attempts at you from the A.I. but once you learn how to counter an A.I. fleet it becomes a "rush to defend, then attack" type of thing. Main thing about this game is making money while balancing out having enough fuel to have a fleet and colonize planets which will make or break you if you not careful.

Not sure why it got removed from steam, imagine dev/pub issues but the game has hardly any bugs and runs perfectly on Win7 OS. Its been in a few bundles so if you like a lite strategy that is fun to play ,try and snatch a key from someone.

Solid game for casual play or for a good 20hr + end game completion. A sequel was talked about a few years ago on the dev site but no clue if they making one or not.
Publicada: 3 de maio
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0.4 hrs registradas
kind of a bore
Publicada: 29 de junho
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0.8 hrs registradas
If you're into a light strategy game, look into this. It reminds more of farmville than sins of a solar empire, but I probably haven't played enough of it. My major concern is the lack of instructions. There is an info page, which seems to give exactly enough information to not be helpful. I'm not sure how my score works, though I have an idea (time/money/etc) and how colonies upgrade and what I can and cannot do. But I have a soft spot for sims, even though I think I'm done with this game. Too many other stuff to play and this doesn't really keep me invested.

I recommend this game to those who are interested in space colonization sims but just don't have the energy for something a bigger. I appreciate that it keeps things simple (at least so far I've played it) to the point where it doesn't max out my working memory.
Publicada: 29 de junho
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7 de 7 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
2.4 hrs registradas
For people like me who totally suck at RTS and get destroyed by even the most harmless enemies, this little game here is a real relief :)

Colonizing planets is enjoyable and gladly the micromanagement is easy enough to do for even such economic untalented players like me. And the small planets! I love that, always adored it when you can see the curvature of the planet.

Is it worth the 13€ they ask on Steam for it ?
Maybe not, but if you can get it for cheaper (i got mine from a bundle) a safe recommendation.
Publicada: 20 de fevereiro
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6 de 6 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
30.7 hrs registradas
For the lack of a better phrase, I would call this the "poor man's Sins of a Solar Empire", that has more of a focus on planet building than combat. LoA is far from a bad game, but does suffer from a basic UI and occasional glitchy play. The depth in strategy is not huge but offers enough to give you some ongoing challenges to master. Graphically it is fairly low def, but the planets and rotating your view around them looks decent. Other parts like the combat graphics do look worse though as with the UI in general.

Rather than being more a 'sandbox' RTS like Sins, LoA has a structured campaign to vary your goals (each mission will have a dozen or so goals to complete), progressing the storyline as you work to push further out into the galaxy. This is one of the stronger points to the game as it keeps you engaged while progressing the story, slowing giving you more powers as you advance. I would estimate there is about 10-15hrs of campaign to play, plus hard mode if you want more!

Not being able to pause time with the space bar (or remap the keys!) was frustrating as you can slow down and speed up time, and use this frequently. It is also very easy to miss new notifications as you need to manually clear your old notifications to see the new ones. For new players this can leave you very confused at what you should be doing till you get into the flow of clearing manually and reading everything! I have also had goals not trigger when completed, resulting in having to retry the level, but this may be isolated cases that won't impact you necessarily.

Despite the short comings, I still find myself loosing track of time playing this as I do find it a rather enjoyable little space strategy game (... once you get used to it!). :)
Publicada: 22 de fevereiro
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