Loot Hunter is a fun role-play game from the world full of old ships, pirates and adventures!
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Mixed (28 reviews) - 67% of the 28 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 23, 2015

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October 11

Loot Hunter update 118 released!

Hi! Here is a new update of the game! News in the version 1.18:

  • "New level" reward raises with the level number
  • Treasures gives more gold now (depends on the player level)
  • BATTLE: gold bonus increased
  • BATTLE: cannon bonus increased
  • BATTLE: skill Double Damage costs only 3 action points now (was 5)
  • BATTLE: power of Deadly skills is increased by +1
  • Fixes bug "Bring me X items"
  • A few small gameplay improvements and bug fixes
  • Suppor 4K resolution!

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About This Game

Enjoy your journey from poor sailor to the richest and the most honoured adventurer! Explore every corner of the dangerous seas with your ships fully loaded with canons. You can choose the way of an honest merchant and trade with farms, towns or forts. Or, you can fight for one of three nations and sink the enemy ships. Or, maybe you want to be a pirate and plunder everything you encounter? You can hoard gold, buy bigger ships and equip them with as many powerful items as you can find in towns and treasure chests all around the islands! Prepare well before you sail into a grand battle with the most dangerous of your enemies!

If you like sea, ships, adventures, pirates, the smell of gunpowder and green parrots, this a game is for you!

Main features:
  • Pick the ship you want and explore many of islands and locations
  • Fulfil random generated quests for high replay value
  • Upgrade your ship through set of RPG-like features
  • Trade with cities, expand your treasure and land you own
  • Advance in a career from a poor sailor to a rich and fearsome captain
  • Enjoy a quick and satysfing match three battle system while sinking your most dangerous enemies
  • Listen to an awesome orchestral music score

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Win XP/7/8
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL compatible
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.6.6 or later
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 MB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL compatible
    • Storage: 60 MB available space
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27 of 32 people (84%) found this review helpful
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24.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 29, 2015
Loot Hunter is a pirate sim, mostly economic one as you are out to get rich, filthy rich of course, with some twist. The twist being that you have match three combat. That's not so original these days if not the fact that there are no combos in this game, only matches you do yourself count what makes it play very different from other genre mixes with match 3. The game is fairly easy and relaxing, also fun to play.
There is trading, rather extensive, side quests and certainly hidden pirate treasure hunting, no pirate game is complete without it. There are skills to buy, lands to acquire, riches to get and ships to plunder. What else one can want?
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32 of 47 people (68%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 23, 2015
Loot Hunter, a derivative name for a derivative game. Funny how that works.

A more appropriate title might be Puzzle Quest: Pirates, except with none of the polish and only a loose approximation of the mechanics that made that series such a hit. Loot Hunter is a hybrid RPG/match-3 game, dividing its time between sailing around picking up quests and getting into ship battles where you need to match tiles in order to defeat your enemy. It worked for Puzzle Quest which didn't even have the benefit of being stuffed full of pirates, and it should have worked here, but everything about Loot Hunter is so undeniably and disastrously bland and unexciting.

Quests are designed as if they've been ripped out of an RPG Design for Dummies handbook, either fetch quests sending you across the rather small map, or asking you to defeat a certain number of a faction's ship. Upon clearing a given quest you're presented with one that reads identically word for word, only you now have to carry even more cargo or defeat even more ships. It's so painfully mundane that it's almost laughable, so plainly uninspired that it doesn't even feel worthy of criticism.

The idea of factions and having to manage wars between them by choosing who you do and don't attack is something I'd have loved to experiment with, but it's implementation is so shallow it's hardly a system at all. The outbreak of war is always in your control, and the only reason to ever start one is because one side decided they wanted some of the other's flags. Of course you never have to debate actually participating in these meaningless declarations of war as you can simply slip some gold to the faction whose fleet you blew to hell and all is forgiven. Its only purpose is to occasionally dock you some funds and add one more checkmark to your list of pointless goals; a wasted opportunity and another tedious aspect of an already enormously repetitive game.

Finally the match-3 mechanics themselves (this may perhaps be the first time I've brought up the mechanics or a match-3 game in a review, as they seem so impossible to screw up, being this perfectly established thing) are absolutely dreadful. The lack of cascades (ie. matches made by falling gems) means you're only ever looking for groups of 4 to match, and this makes for a very dull time as it completely removes any strategy from making matches and leaves everything up to chance that you hopefully get a decent board. The power ups you can use during battle are often less effective than just making the same matches over and over, and the complete lack of any balance means you pretty much know who is going to win a battle as soon as it begins and you can see each others life bar.

I'm not sure I expected anything from Loot Hunter, but I certainly didn't imagine they could botch mechanics already proven in other games so badly. It's a throwaway experience that will eat your time in the most trivial and unrewarding way possible, constantly spurring you onward by recycling the same content and hoping you go after the carrot on the end of the stick that is the ever growing numbers seemingly popping out all over the screen. Unfortunately for Loot Hunter is seems to have misplaced any purpose for said numbers, or forgotten to create one altogether, leaving you nothing to latch onto but the escape button.
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20 of 26 people (77%) found this review helpful
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2.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 23, 2015
It's not ground-breaking by any means but it's a fun little Match-3 puzzle game where ship battles are concerned, which is a bulk of the game aside from sailing around to different ports to take on missions that range from "sell this item at this port" missions, to "sink X amount of ships and bring back their flags". Where the game sort of falls flat however is the puzzle game itself. I would much rather prefer it to be a live versus type of puzzle combat, rather than turn-based. Because if you score a 4-in a row or higher of any symbol you get a bonus turn. Keep in mind that only you act during the puzzle sequence, the enemy just seems to blindly fire cannons at you ever turn and doesn't make use of any of the other actions (repairing, acquiring more cannons, boarding enemy ship, etc.). You can also take your time as you try to find the best possible matches as there is no time penalty.

It's not perfect but it's also not an atrocity. I mostly loaded it up just for the trading cards, but managed to get sucked into playing it for 2+ hours in one sitting. Could the game be better? Most definitely. But I find the price to be reasonable for what you get. My biggest complaint has to be the trading. You can purchase goods in ports and sell them at other ports. The problem with this is you have no real clue what prices are considered low or high, and the only real benefit of buying anything is to obtain the achievements linked to it, otherwise I typically just sell cargo I plunder from enemy ships. Who this game will appeal to? Casual puzzle gaming fans who like games such as Puzzle Quest or 10,000,000 who also love the theme of pirates. It's a very laid back game and doesn't challenge your mind too much and pressure you to be quick on the matching.
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20 of 27 people (74%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 31, 2015
I was really excited when I saw this game on Steam for the first time. That looked like child of Pirates and Puzzle Quest. Unfortunately it is weak-minded child. Simplified in every aspect. Simplified in a bad way.
In the first moment it may be even interesting, fighting with pirates, doing quests. But this game has almost nothing more to offer. There is no story, you literary can only sail the boat, fight in match three minigame and do random quests. But there is no point to do that after you realise that this is going to nowhere.
Summary: this may be enjoying for first hour but after that it becomes terribly boring.

If you're a fan of Pirates or Puzzle Quest, look for something else.
If you're a fan of fun, look for something else.
If you're a fan of be bored, this is a game for you!

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72 of 122 people (59%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 23, 2015
Rarely a game had shown me so quickly such a desperate glimpse of how boring could be the next minutes if I had persevered... Guess that's what it takes to try a game without waiting for reviews...

Pros :
- pirates !

Cons :
- unexisting pathfinding
- ridiculously small map
- pure stupid/boring grinding right from the start
- (really) poor match-3 mini-game, yet it seems to be the only interesting thing to do (it does not stand at all the comparison with the other games of the genre, such as Puzzle Quest and Bejeweled - which you can get for approximately the same price, or less)

[EDIT] Sorry for the originally incomplete review :)
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
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15.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2015
This is a nice casual way to spend an hour or two. I wouldn't really class it as an RPG though. It's more of a match-3 really as the ship combat has a little match-3 based mini game which is quite fun. You also spend a fair bit of time sailing around trading goods to make money which enables you to upgrade your ships.

It's a very simplistic game, but great for a younger audience. I play it with my little nephews and they love it :-)
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 26
Loot Hunter falls into one of those unfortunate situations of being a potentially excellent game that lost its way.

You play as a ship tasked with exploring the area and completing challenges for local towns. You gain gold and experience by completing quests and fights, and can profit further by selling your loot. When you've got enough gold, you can buy a new ship (not upgrade, mind you - it's a completely new ship). Quest, fight, trade, grind, buy a new ship, rinse, and repeat.

If Loot Hunter had more content, I honestly think it would be a lot of fun. The problem is that after buying your first ship, you start to realize how nothing is changing and you've got a long and boring grind ahead of you if you want to complete the challenges.

  • Gold income does not keep up with leveling, resulting in tons of grinding.
  • Map is tiny, and after the first 10 minutes there's nothing new to see.
  • Quests are repetitive, uninteresting (deliver, gather, and fight).
  • Content is basically non-existant (very few item upgrades).
  • "Fight puzzle" never changes; same mini-game over and over.
  • Zero challenge; redoing a fight yeilds potentially weaker enemies (i.e. no bosses).
  • Only goals are buying new ships (of which there are few) and finishing achievements.
  • Quests occasionally break (bringing 'x' of an item won't allow a turn-in).

If the developers had spent more time adding more content, new challenges, allowing ship customization, and a number of other "small-but-significant" improvements, I have no doubt Loot Hunter would pull a crowd. Sadly, the flame dies in about an hour leaving you disappointed.

Not recommended.
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9 of 12 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2015
There isn't a real goal in this game, and there aren't many goals you can set for yourself except to grind and level up. The gameplay is repetitive and boring from the beginning due to lack of content or direction.
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9 of 12 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 12, 2015
It feels like this game could have been so much more with just a few adjustments. I really like the idea of buying and selling to make a profit, upgrading your ship, crossing swords with pirates and navies alike, and an intriguing match 3 system. Ultimately though it seems like everything comes up short.

The end result feels like a poorly made mobile port.

The game holds your hand on the trading portion of the game by telling you what is a good buy/sell instead of letting you figure it out on your own, or even tracking what you paid per unit. The result of which just leads to simple grinding to make gold.

Questing feels rather shallow with the standard fetch and deliver or bounty tasks. Some complexity or variety could definitely help in this regard.

Sailing in itself is a bit of a chore as well. The game could stand to gain from a mini-map (or even, in keeping with the theme, a map item in your inventory that would also serve to track quests), and landmasses seem a bit sticky especially with a lack of path-finding.

Accumulation of land also seems like a bit of wasted potential. Why not have it so you can use the land to set up some sort of sugar cane farm or distillery in order to produce your own goods?

The match 3 portion has a rather unique twist to it, and this was probably my favorite part of the game, though I feel like this should be tweaked a bit as well. I won't nitpick here though.

I respect this developer for his continued involvement and dedication towards improving his game. He seems to be very active in engaging the players and responding to feedback.

Can I recommend this as it stands?
It's an average time waster if you don't mind the grind, and some might find the match 3 portion rather fun. As for me, I really tried to like it, but is was mediocre at best and just couldn't hold my attention.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
21.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 19, 2015
A casual classic with a trick

This is a typical Match-3 game with some additional contents. The match 3 game is the solution of the naval battles between the different ships of the different nationalities. You might find Treasures, you have to quest, and of course you won't all to soon develope sea legs.

In the pirate genre game this is a weak title, but with a twist... Superficially everything else is put on the Match-3 but if you dare to take a closer look you will find out that somehow in this game there is something amiss... Right, all stuff with 3 or more symbols isn't cleaned out automatically, you have to do this all by yourself - that is the strategic part of the game. If you just match 3 your foe might shoot back, you can stun him by matching four or more of one symbol or by matching several different symbols at once. The more you clean out in one go, the more you'll achive in damage, repair, action points, gold or cannons...

There are several aims to reach in this game, get a landowner, rich, or a famous sea-captain... Wage war with other nations, of course on a real abstract level.

- Nice Music, really this game has some nice music to go with.
- Simple and easy to learn and to master gameplay, you'll having a lot of success as soon as you know how this game ticks.
- It has both cards and achievements, both are gathered real fast.
- Trading of loot and stuff included... And Bounties ahead!

- The game is at times stupiditly easy... like, oh another pirate? *moans and yawns*
- You think at times you are playing Sid Meyers Pirates when you are on the Map, of course it isn't but there is always the feeling that you soon will have to duell the other captain... which gives an old timer like me a real weird feeling.
- I haven't found any practical use of the land grants... Damn, I want to build my own sugar cane farm... Rum To Go!
- Like any Match-3 it can wear the player off if played over a long period in one go, so you have to take care to play it as a casual game - try to get achievements, once you got them all it might be the time to move to greener pastures already.
- The value for money is a bit... low. It would probably a slightly better deal at two or three bucks lower.

Recomended but with high condtions

This game is nice to play as a casual game and off course it's a game which might please anyone who is for this type of game. Furthermore it might be a game that interests people who like Match-3 Games, Pirate themed games or simple games with easy to reach achievements. And then there is the value for money problem, there are a lot of Match-3 titles around, some like Bejeweld are well worth their money because of the different play styles, others which remain unmentioned aren't even worth a farthing - because of different reasons. This game is solid, make no mistake, but some more unique features - like the stuff with the land grants... would have been very nice addition indeed.
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Recently Posted
3.8 hrs
Posted: October 19
A minimalistic game that will give you exactly what you expect for the price you are paying.
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Red Inferno - trade.tf
5.1 hrs
Posted: October 4
Although Port Royale is a bit different it's a much better ship trading game.

The game is very basic and only after a few hrs the game runs out of content and only a few achievements that become tedious.
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29.4 hrs
Posted: August 10
This game seems like a match 3 but not that simple...yes you have to match some 3 but also you have to use some strategy...if you like it it can be addictive...achievements are not too hard expect some of them...during the game there are 3 nationalities and pirates...sometimes you will fight against all of them and sometimes you will fight only against pirates... gamers who like "pirating" and also "match 3" will easily like it...good hunting all...aye aye captain ;)
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4.7 hrs
Posted: June 30
Ridiculously addictive game! I didn't realise I'd played for so long on my first sitting but for such a simple game its so engrossing...

The gameplay itself is simple, the ship battles take place on a connect 3/4/5/6 board so gets a bit tedious after a while but I just got caught up in trading, buying low and selling high...

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7.4 hrs
Posted: June 29
Fun and unique game that's addicting for a short while. Match 3 combat with some strategy built in and a simple overworld economy to buy and sell goods. Has rare items to collect and some new ships to save up for.
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5.2 hrs
Posted: June 19
Decent game, but not exactly there yet, I am still looking for the perfect pirate-strategy game.
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Fuzzy Bunny
14.0 hrs
Posted: June 18
Simple pirate fun!
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Gimori Store
20.5 hrs
Posted: March 1
Spent some hours, almost done all achievements
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Ciapciarapcia / Dalto#21205
6.2 hrs
Posted: February 24
fine time-killer
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