Claim and defend the Tomb of Tyrants against greedy adventurers by matching tiles to build a deadly dungeon full of traps, minions, and more!
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Release Date: Jun 25, 2015

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July 18

2016.07.19: Fixes and Clarity

I have been doing a lot of traveling this month--and that will continue for the next couple of weeks--, but I still read all of your suggestions and bug reports, and this update represents an accumulation of responses.

Now that the mechanics have settled in the wake of the last beta period, I am working to improve clarity across the board: new tutorial entries and help topics, better tooltips, and more intuitive controls. There is a small start here, and certainly more to come, but this is an area where player input is especially critical, so I would love to hear your thoughts!

There is a conspicuous lack of content in this update, and there are a couple of reasons for that: one is that I have begun working on assets for the next beta period (which will be content heavy), and the other is that I am planning to restructure some of the existing prophecies, so I am withholding a couple of things in case I need to offset a prophecy removal or two with new stuff. I wish this were a more interesting update, but I'll try to get you all some new toys soon.

Thank you for your reports, suggestions, and especially your patience this time around. I finally licked an issue with the launcher on systems with pre-existing, strictly conflicting Java installations, and while it may not have affected many people, it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders, and I'm very thankful to those players who helped test a number of experimental builds in my search to resolve this longstanding problem. Thanks everyone!

  • More verbose descriptions for many usables (these are automatically generated)
  • The same improvement has been applied to tooltips for abilities and effects in the codex
  • Character placement tooltips also carry these longer ability descriptions
  • Codex help topics for each resource and anchor stones
  • Minions can now be unassigned from a floor by dragging them off the dungeon (previously, this could only be done by replacing them or clicking their status icon)
  • There were a couple of prophecies with a "traps triggered" requirement that did not also require a trap floor to activate
  • Numerous minor adjustments to existing tooltip text and icons
  • Several small performance improvements
  • The game is more likely to drop resources that you are low on
  • The game drops fewer tiles when you are close to building a new floor (that is, if you have one queued and currently meet the resource requirements for it)--this and the above will likely require additional input and tweaking
  • The game avoids dropping an item if you already have a max-level version of it
  • The Tyrant now has one armor by default; he was always armor-based, but this should make it more apparent that he is affected by armor-related abilities and effects
  • The message log no longer displays a tooltip for the currently selected message when you hover over it
  • Many early prophecies, their goals, and their requirements were re-evaluated; many "spend resource" goals were changed to "gather"s (which are much easier early on), and some character pack dependencies were altered to make them rarer relative to floors and items (which are more important to a budding Tyrant)
  • Removed category icons from prophecy popup message portraits
  • Under some configurations, the launcher could crash on systems with a conflicting Java installation (game's .jar had to be loaded directly by the player, ugh!)
  • "If you want something done right" achievement could become perpetually un-earnable if it was first done while playing without a Steam connection
  • Some character ability targets/effects were wrong
  • Quicksilver Quaff's range buff wasn't being applied properly (damage was buffed in codex, but was not actually being used in combat)
  • Characters should only move up in combat if there are no damage-dealers and their current ability does not deal damage
  • A couple of specific and obscure combat situations could cause the game to crash
  • Character images in prophecy message icons were being cut off
  • Tooltips for dragging/dropping characters were not very consistent
  • Hovering over a combat slot could render a recently deceased assignee

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June 30

2016.06.30: Pretty Deadly

I have barely kept up with your requests and reports over the last few weeks. It's been three and a half weeks since the last "real" update, but there have actually been several quiet updates since then (we were up to 2016.06.04i!), due to reported issues that were deemed too important to ignore. As a result, many of the things on the changelog below were introduced in the interim builds, but are listed here for completeness.

The new content this time around is a pack of dangerous heroines: Elf Sohei, Dwarf Blademaster, and a Demon Hunter (she is actually a demon, so she does benefit from demonic effects, like the Pitchfork). These are all relatively tough opponents, and they come with a banner that boosts the damage of all female characters. This is a bit of a gamble; if you use a lot of female characters (dark elves, brood sisters, witches, harpies, succubi, gorgons, or nightblades), it should be pretty powerful, because the boost affects all damage and not just one type or another, but it also affects all female heroes.

While there are a lot of fixes included below, many of these come with changes that could potentially cause new issues (there's a new version of Steamworks, a new 64-bit build, and several underlying overhauls to different bits of game logic); please let me know if you experience anything out of the ordinary, so I can get things cleaned up quickly! I continue to rely upon and appreciate all of your reports and suggestions; I cannot thank you enough for your support!

  • Pretty Deadly hero pack (requires Fighters and either Forge or Baths); Elf Sohei, Dwarf Blademaster, Demon Hunter, and Every Rose banner (+1 damage for all female characters)
  • There is now a separate 64-bit Windows release; previously, both were bundled together, which caused rare issues for some users
  • The Codex now has a brief set of history buttons for re-visiting recent pages
  • Gamma correction slider added to the options menu
  • Message icons can now shake when updated, or if important
  • "ControllerDisabled" introduced to ToTAdvanced options, for completely disabling controller functionality
  • Updated to a more recent version of the Steamworks API and its Java wrapper
  • Flipped minions to the right-hand side of battles, so the slot assignment order reads 1-2-3, as expected
  • Removed the klaxon; I will substitute a less obnoxious sound soon, but in the mean time, there is a visual warning indicator now
  • Score and warning messages cannot be removed from the message log
  • Dynamic music is now "dynamic" in the sense that you might expect; the track changes every couple of plays; previously, this option selected a track based on which floors were built, causing most dungeons to only play a single track repeatedly
  • Minions may be stationed in any slot in the Sanctum again (so your Tyrant can take a back seat)
  • Merge information isn't displayed in the Codex if any of the details are still locked
  • Legacy minions are no longer awarded for hero checkpoints
  • Rituals can now repeat so they will never be exhausted; this generally makes them easier, as well, because simpler ones are likely to re-appear early on
  • Per-kill XP awards have been diminished significantly (especially for high-level kills); this affects both minions and heroes
  • Hid "Biped" trait, which is no longer used by any character or item effects; it now only determines which characters can wear hats, so I will be phasing it out
  • Prophecy progress wasn't always saving to the leaderboard when appropriate (but was saving to Steam stats for achievement purposes)
  • Skirmisher was listed as "Leader" in Codex
  • Two unrelated OS X crashes involving controller issues
  • A crash if Java's access bridge features were only partially enabled by another application
  • Checkpoints weren't immediately fortified upon starting a new game, so heroes wouldn't always be able to teleport in appropriately during the first wave
  • Completed prophecy messages weren't going away on their own
  • Characters would shake when healed, as though being damaged; most noticeable when matching flesh and healing all minions at once
  • There was an issue with Steam cloud saves being reset, due to an API wrapper change
  • Tyrant was still avoiding Sanctum fights sometimes
  • Scarecrow and Deep One fear attacks were behaving unpredictably
  • Heroes would occasionally walk right on through a checkpoint without awaiting the next wave
  • Minor adjustments to the wording and positioning of several tooltips
  • "Fire Marshal" ending was not triggering appropriately; criteria has been adjusted
  • Some controller drivers or profiles could cause controller UI elements to flicker off and on
  • Epilogue listed pack unlocks in the wrong order (floors should go first, followed by associated characters, etc.)
  • Original banner colors couldn't be restored once changed
  • Characters could ignore an elevator if there were lots of people waiting and another on the way; resolving this should improve the flow of characters through your dungeon
  • Options menu cycled banners in reverse alphabetical order
  • Some characters could strangely come to occupy multiple combat slots, resulting in a crazy pile-up of characters standing in the same spot, expecting to take the same turn; this required some substantial re-writes, so keep an eye out for any new, bizarre activity--thanks!

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About This Game

The Hook:

Claim and defend the titular Tomb against waves of greedy adventurers by matching tiles to construct and fill your deadly dungeon with traps, minions, and more! In an unorthodox blend of Tetris and Dungeon Keeper, clearing tiles rewards you with resources and space for vertical expansion, putting distance and dangers between invading hero-types and your squishy Tyrant.

The Rundown:

  • A unique blend of tower-defense strategy, simulation, RPG, and puzzling!
  • Slick, simple, and frenetic matching mechanics, where reflexes and planning are both rewarded!
  • Lovingly pixeled characters, settings, and items!
  • Single-sitting sessions with long-term unlocks, gradually taking your game from newbie-friendly to deep and cerebral!
  • Tons of diverse floors, items, minions, heroes, and more, to discover and exploit--And more to come!
  • Tactically emergent gameplay, spawning new strategies and builds as your game evolves!
  • Frequent updates and direct responses to player feedback!

The Future:

Tomb of Tyrants is a mechanically refined and creatively flexible title with a lot of room for expansion. It may no longer be an Early Access title, but it remains in a very active development cycle, which has drastically improved mechanics and more than doubled the game's content since release! I, Jake Huhman, have been listening and responding to your posts, screenshots, reviews, and friend requests, because I want the community to continue to hold tremendous influence over the game's future! Thank you for all of your comments, suggestions, and support!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java 1.6
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java 1.6
    • OS: 10.7 or Later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java 1.6
    • OS: 10.7 or Later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java 1.6
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or Later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java 1.6
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or Later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Java 1.6
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Very Positive (148 reviews)
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19.3 hrs
Posted: August 23
There's no reason not to try Tomb of Tyrants; once I got into it, I couldn't put it down.

Expect a flood of constant updates which add content and improve gameplay mechanics. The Dev is affable and super-responsive and the game is constantly improving.

ToT is broken up into two halves: A sliding match-4 puzzle, and a tower defense. The match-4 is quite intuitive, but tower defense portion has a bit of a learning curve. You may die fairly quickly early on, but after some experimentation and some unlocks, you'll be tanking through dozens of waves like a champ.

Overall, this is a fun, relaxing, rewarding game. A+.
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19.9 hrs
Posted: August 18
A criminally unkown puzzle game, Tomb of Tyrants is a suberb puzzle action dungeon matching game. It's a melding of many genres that works out surprisingly well! It's not too difficult at the moment, but playing it and watching the fights was, to me, oddley relaxing. Very fun although some unlocks may be grindy. Most certainly worth the price.
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3.1 hrs
Posted: August 1
I generally like match-3 with twists, and base-builders, and thought this would be an interesting mix. However, in implementation it just isn't fun. You really don't spend a lot of time on base building, more on keeping it up by keep matching. I found the matching portion rather boring, and too little time to pay any attention to the dungeon and its defenses. So I'd just play matching, adding levels whenever I can until levels exhausted, then eventually a wave overtakes me, and game over. Much more fun in concept. (1/5 stars)
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2.6 hrs
Posted: July 14
Again, I'm not entirely sure how much this exactly counts as a Tower Defense, but the general principle is still there, and it's a pretty unique game, so I don't mind talking about it. Ever since Dungeon Keeper came out back in the 90s, there have been a few games trying to capture the appeal that duology had: Evil Genius, Dungeons, War for the Overworld are some examples. Tomb of Tyrants isn't exactly on the scope of those, but it goes about the idea in a novel way.

You play as the titular Tyrant, one of many black-hearted individuals trying to rebuild a dungeon out of the ruins left after the last one failed. By sifting through their old horde he can build rooms and hire minions to prepare for the inevitable band of heroes marching in to chop off his head. You do this with a little match-three (or four, in this case) off to the side of the dungeon, where you gather several different kinds of resources. You can move them up, down, to the side and drop them as you please, so you're pretty open as far as moves go. You'll definitely need that freedom, as you require free space in the horde to spawn rooms. As the game goes on and you build more rooms you get more resource drops, but this also makes it more difficult to make new rooms, so it's a trade-off.

Gathering resources can also buff your minions and debuff heroes, and you need to pay to spawn new ones if they die, so there's always some use for them. One complaint I have there though is that your attention is naturally focused on the board and not your minions fighting, so it's hard to take in stuff like with Dungeon Keeper. Beyond assigning guys to a room or using items you can acquire throughout the games it's pretty hands-off as far as the actual dungeon goes, and if even one hero gets down to your Tyrant that's often game over, since he's a bit of a wimp. This is an endless game, so there's always going to be another Tyrant hanging around, and in each run you'll have mini-quests called prophecies, which unlock new rooms or items you can collect in future ones; some even fortify floors so that they and their minions endure for the next game.

I'm not the biggest fan of match-three games, and it seems like how much you'll get out of this depends on that, since the whole game is based around it, and it doesn't seem like the dungeon aspect changes very much. All the same though, it's not a bad game, so long as you understand you're just playing for endurance. The developer is also quite active with it, balancing and adding things, and answering people's questions on the forums. He's trying to get it ported to Android at the moment, and it seems like it would be a much better mobile Dungeon Keeper than EA's offering in that regard.
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58.8 hrs
Posted: July 10
Tomb of Tyrants is an original, expansive, and engaging game.

I was a kickstarter for this game, so I've seen a lot of its growth. I love it, I've loved it since I started playing it, and its only gotten better. If you think it looks interesting and you're on the fence, here are three things you should know about this game:

1) the game, at its most basic, is really fun. It has all the benefits of an arcade game, but since content can carry over from one session to the next, the difficulty isn't punishing. You can play it lightly, but you can also let yourself get sucked in. Either way, the game is rewarding.

2) The developer, Jake Huhman, is really invested in this game and its player base. His updates are well timed, and are simultaneously helpful and creative. He consistently fixes bugs and problems, but he also spends time on the game's aesthetic, and he continues to add fresh and innovative content.

3)There is so much to this game. Like really, SO much. If you like depth in your games, this game has a lot of content, a lot of skills that you can hone, and nearly infinite replayability. I've unlocked everything available as of writing this review, and I still feel like I've only scratched the surface of what's possible in this game. I'm still learning how to optomize my minions, how to build strategies around room combinations, and I'm always struggling to get better at the core mechanic of Match-4 gameplay. I enjoy depth in my games, and exploring this one has been extremely fun. But when I don't want to think about any of that - when I just want to play a light, low-stress, high-reward arcade experience, Tomb of Tyrants still delivers, and I don't feel like I'm playing it 'wrong' for doing that.
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44.2 hrs
Posted: July 8
I'm not really sure what to say about this game, there's a lot to go on about.

First off, I want to say that I gotta commend Jake (dev) for his work. I'm sure you guys have noticed that there's suddenly been negative reviews, but if you read them, a lot of them are not based on game faults, but on people who have preferences that didn't align with the game's direction, rather than stuff like game breaking bugs. Like:

"I don't really like how (blank) is like (blank), I'd like it to be more (blank)."

You'll also notice that Jake actually replies to most (if not all) of these reviews, even if the review is really poor and doesn't really even say why the person rated it poorly. He appologetically understands if someone doesn't like the game, and asks for ideas of what he could do to make the game more enjoyable.

I just want to say that not many devs take the time to actually go as far as Jake does. He's also known for being extremely active on the forums and going into depth with players, debating how to change things. As games go, you actually feel like you're part of the game's development when you join the community.

On top of that, the updates are plentiful and almost every single one has had tasty game content.

The game BEGS for a mobile port, at least at some point. It's got the addicting feel of Candy Crush, but for more serious gamers than what toilet-break mobile games give you. Jake has mentioned wanting to do this, so that's good.

The game is packed to bursting with unlockable contents, and gives you reason to play over and over again. You get to keep content you unlock, even if you die. So at first, the game is actually really simple and straightforward. As you play more and more, you unlock tons of creatures/floors/traps/items/etc, to make them game become deeper.

So as you become more comfortable and familiar with how the game works, the game broadens itself to continue giving you a challenge, and stuff to do. At nearly 30 hours, I haven't unlocked everything. In fact, I recently wiped ALL my progress to start completely over, just to experience the massive changes the game has made recently, with a fresh attempt.

The game is pixel graphics. It was a chosen art direction, and despite how many people look at pixel games and go, "Oh man it looks so bad! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ graphics!". It's not like that, maybe a long time ago, when pixel graphics were the only option, compared to modern gaming, that would be considered ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I can't really even name any old games that used pixel styled graphics with the smooth animations put into this game. Pixel art is not easy, despite how people may think, it's surprisingly hard to decide what color pixels to use and where to put them, to create a believable representation of a character/creature/item.

In this game, pixel art is utilized well, and as your minions level up, their appearances change. One of the starter minions is a bandit, a simple no-good bandit. He starts with what looks like basic leather armor or cloth, but by the time he's level 10, he's got a shiny sword with gems studded into it and armor with gold accents. It's fun to see how vastly the minions change over their growth, it's one of those things where the little details make the game have more depth.
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101.8 hrs
Posted: July 5
Super fun game. It's hard to learn all of the mechanics and I don't know that there is really a fix for that but if you stick it out it's well worth the few dollars and the time you'll put into it.

Aso, "Have Some Pamphlets" Achievement for having 5 converted enemy heroes at the same time might be the funniest achievement ever. If you don't get the joke, then you prolly don't live in Utah.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 4
Really wanted to like this as the concept sounded interesting. But man, the UI is just a cluttered mess, the game is poorly explained and you don't feel like you have much in the way of direct input on whatever is going on. It feels like its twice as complicated as it needs to be.
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4.7 hrs
Posted: July 2
I'm writing my first review for a game, because it got me hooked, so with the premise of that, let's start of!

This game is at it's core a Match-4 type.
HOWEVER, this game is surprisingly deep and has a ton of mechanics in there, which I am still exploring as I am walking through the game myself.

At first sight, it looks like the game "locks" away content for you, with every increasing waves of heroes with seemingly too few rooms to build, just to get run over. Well, yes you can look at it that way, but the game gently guides you with the new rooms, new monster combos, new unlockable, new items to use, new room combinations (trap rooms *4 anyone?) etc. it quickly fills up what you can actually do in the game.

And still at it's core its "just" a Match-4 game.

It actually play's a lot like a mix between a Match-4/semi-RPG/Tower Defense/Roguelikeishish game. It's hard to describe.
Top it all of with an indie-dev, who actually is here in the forums, anwsering questions left and right + creating new thread and topics to discuss various mechanics in the game and get tons of feedback put in the game.

I can only say you cannot go wrong with this game. It's constantly getting improved (check the Patch-Logs for new rooms, new mechanics etc.) every other week, and on top of that it's quite cheap and you support a dev with the heart seemingly in the right place.
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2.7 hrs
Posted: July 2
I originally wasn't recommending this game, but it certainly doesn't deserve a thumbs down.

I felt like I was just matching tiles really, in a way that wasn't fun in any way and it didn't feel like anything I did had any consequences and it was very hard to estimate whether I was doing good or not. The interface is absolutely dreadful.

//edit: the developer is very understanding, I'll give the game another go and see if I can pinpoint what turned me off initially. I really liked the idea for this game ,which sort of reminds me of the board game "boss monster". It definitely has potential and with such an invested developer, I'm sure one day it'll be quite good!

So I'm playing it for the second time now:

>I'm looking for what went wrong and therefore I'm not trying to match all the tiles I can as fast as possible, which I thought was the main ingredient of a 'good run' in match-x games.

>I'm noticing now that there's actually very little urgency to do anything and there's time to read the tooltips and plan your next moves.

>I get why the tiles are also under the tyrant's floor, but I think it looks awful, especially with the room tooltips on top.

>the text on the tooltips is a little unclear, I'm not sure how many room sizes there are, but so far everything seems to be 3-rows tall. Since I don't know any better this might be an irrelevant thing to add, but I think it should just say "small" or "normal", whereas a bigger one could be "big" or a "double floor" or whatever. The name of the room doesn't really stand out, is it really mandatory to have the yellow "Queue" text right on top? As for one room blocking another, it takes an awful lot of research to figure out which one's better, even for the situation you're in. If you're patient enough though, the tooltips are hilarious, but I can't even begin to put my head around the stats. Maybe you could illustrate the "offers" and "leads to" more graphically somehow? Perhaps when you first get a type of unit they could be pointed out more, maybe a sound effect, stupid voice line they say or whatever.

(I'd really like to keep my feedback experience based, I hope you don't mind the random suggestions.)

>I notice now that my sinister sanctum is Fortified now, I have no idea when or how that happened and I also have no idea what it means.

>It's extremely difficult to keep track of the anchor stones, I barely see them and keep losing track of them.

>there seems to be a lot of propecies, they make me feel a little overwhelmed.

>the resource pools look clustered, maybe they'd be easier to read in a column. Rituals don't really have a lot of bang to them. Maybe they could grow the actual size of the pools instead of just the number (which I know is impossible in the current cluster).

aaand that's it for now.

ps. again, the Codex is super hilarious.
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Not Recommended
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
I generally like match-3 with twists, and base-builders, and thought this would be an interesting mix. However, in implementation it just isn't fun. You really don't spend a lot of time on base building, more on keeping it up by keep matching. I found the matching portion rather boring, and too little time to pay any attention to the dungeon and its defenses. So I'd just play matching, adding levels whenever I can until levels exhausted, then eventually a wave overtakes me, and game over. Much more fun in concept. (1/5 stars)
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12.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 8
Key supplied by developer for review.
Tomb of Tyrants
(Read on for the full review!)

An indie gem lost in a sea of titles; Tomb of Tyrants is an excellently constructed match 4 game that will appeal to casual matchers as well as the more hardcore strategist type. With a solid developer and enough unlocks to keep you busy for hours on end, Tomb of Tyrants is worth every penny of its regular asking price.


+ Developer: Updates regularly, appreciates feedback, communicates very well.
+ Download: Very small and easy download, but not light on content.
+ Graphics: Great pixel art style, with lively animation. Good color palette, too.
+ Tiles: You can RGB their colors. Color customization is a personal joy of mine.
+ UI: Easy to navigate, convenience features abound, blends into gameworld.
+ UI(v2): The regular vs. strikethrough text is clever and genuinely cool.
+ Audio: The bone crunching sound alone is possibly the best thing ever.
+ Depth: Your tomb gets deeper and deeper. So do the mechanics of this game.
+ Choice: There are a multitude of floors and goals to prioritize.

- Resolution: Minor gripe, initializes at a set resolution.
- Patrols: Makes it hard to learn what monsters work well together.
- "Oh...": There needs to be a more obvious death indicator.
- "Wait!": Your hoard can fill so fast that you can't watch the floors.
- Sound: There's a couple of minor issues like an infinite sound loop when paused at the right(wrong) time or some sounds playing incessantly at later stages.
- Pause: This could already be the case, but I'd like it if there was a dedicated pause button, vs esc/main menu, since I tend to alt-tab frequently. Game already pulls up main menu if you click outside the window. This way I could keep my multiplier without the advantage of pausing.

± Tomb: Or crypt. Cryptic. Avoid if you like having all the information.
± Time: "Just one more run!"...x10. It's pretty addicting.


Hello and welcome to my review of Tomb of Tyrants! This nifty match-4 game will have you lining up resources in your hoard to add dangerous floors to your toom, so you can continue being a Tyrant for longer. Good luck!

When you first start ToT, you're going to be simaltaneously playing the game and a tutorial while you start. This is pretty neat, but I found having such a small continue button to be a bit annoying when combined with unexpected tutorial boxes. Still, it's very pleasant having features organically explained as you discover them! As stated in the introduction, you match up 4 or more of a specific resource type so you can accumulate the right type and quantity of materials required to build floors. These floors will give you monsters, resources, and traps to help deal with the pesky heroes trying to meddle with your evil affairs. These floors are also built on top of your hoard, so you have to clear room at the top to be able to construct them, thankfully you can queue construction.

Building floors or certain combinations of floors can give you access to other floors, which you unlock by completing prophecies. Prophecies are goals you have to complete while they are active, such as recruit 10 skeletons and accumulate 50 bone, but progress on them is persistent. Plots can also reward you with items and banners and such. There are also similar goals, that are time sensitive, called plots. Plots will award you with the fortification of a floor if you complete them in time, which allows it to stick around for another playthrough. Completing prophecies and plots feels really gratifying, and the sound effect for completing plots is especially pleasing. It's even better when you are completing them without knowing it, like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine after turning your head to talk to a buddy. There are also rituals: specific block shapes you can match to increase the maximum cap of the matched resource. Your monsters can even stick around for another run, too, if they beat a champion hero, becoming a champion themselves.

So, generally your gameplay is going to consist of picking a floor to build, clearing space while acquiring resources, and then continuing to clear space for more floors and to complete objectives. At times you may have to manually drop some monsters onto different floors, or use an item, but aside from planning in advance, the active part of the game will be had with matching. As of the latest update, this has been made more dynamic and challenging by dirt and arrowhead blocks. Dirt is destroyed by falling, and arrowheads by making a match next to them, where they will act like a wildcard.

"But just how fun is it, and how is it as a matching game?" you may ask.

It's very fun, and a great spin on matching game with good execution.

The pixel art is well done, and the animations are lively. It is definitely worth mentioning that said pixel art scales very well with resolution. There are multiple options that can be used to change the look of the art, though, from dithering options to an aesthetic change such as hard or soft pixel scaling. There is a good choice of colors, and many different graphics for floors and monsters. A lot of your time will be spent with your hoard, so it is very good news that you may customize the colors of the resources that appear there. It will even change the colors of the resources everywhere else they appear in the game, too. All in all, if you like pixel art games, you'll like ToT.

The music and sounds present in ToT are actually surprisingly well done. From the sounds of monsters and heroes dying, to various satisfying sounds played when you make different quantities of matches. You may not notice the music too much over all the other sounds that will happen as your tomb gets deeper, which may be a good thing, as the game could use another track or two, depending on who you ask. What is there, is satisfying and fun, though!

Tomb of Tyrants is a great game, and an amazing match-4 game. It seems to be criminally underappreciated. At $8.00, you can very easily get enough time in that haven't even paid a dollar an hour. I recommend Tomb of Tyrants at:

Full price.

This endorsement approved by The Reviewers' Union,
providing better standards for reviews and reviewers.
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Posted: August 3, 2015
What do a match 4 game and Dungeon Keeper have in common? Let me introduce you to Tomb of Tyrants. This gem of an indie game puts you in control of your own lair. Your goal is simple, survive the horde of angry heroes that want nothing more then to cut you up into pieces. To survive you must gather resources and build a huge underground fortress made up of monsters, traps and hot fresh death. What surprised me is that Tomb of Tyrants isn't necessarily about frantic fast paced matching, quite the contrary. Trying to combine key resources to get higher multipliers is key to certain quests. Planning out your moves delicately is rewarded. As you play Tomb of Tyrants you realize the game is far more complicated then it seems and it rewards you as you get deeper into its mechanics and features. Completing more quests grants you more rooms, items, resistances, champions, banners and more. Suddenly this game begins to resemble more of a strategy/RPG/TD game with a match 4 mini-game. This caught me off guard but I enjoyed it quite a bit. With adorable pixel graphics, easy to use UI and plenty of replay value, you should be checking out Tomb of Tyrants because its a blast!

I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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Early Access Review
Posted: January 14, 2015
Great game. Nice mix of Puzzle and base management. Dev is continuing to work on and improve it and actively comunicates with the community.
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Posted: November 10, 2015
I seriously don't know how to start this review. There's so much to say about this game. I think I should start by shouting huge cheerish THANK YOU! To Jake Huhman, the game's sole developer and publisher. Not only because he made an amazing game, but because he's a great friendly guy, really caring about his game and it's players. The amount of work he put into his game is astounding, fixing bugs, releasing frequent updates and inserting loads of references and little details and jokes anywhere where's some text. Look at Floor names. He hangs out around the forums a lot, and likes to chat about ideas. So once again, kudos to you!

Now finally to the game. Let's put a quick TL:DR intro here: At the first look the game looks like a simple tile matcher puzzle game, and it truly is one, but I guarantee it's the best one ever made. It builds upon the simple concept and expands it to a strategy genre. For matching tiles, you get resources. For resources, you recruit units or build floors. To build floors, you have to make room in your Hoard, the stockpile where Loot falls from dead enemy Heroes, defeated by your minions, and after building a floor. Loot which you match to get MOAR RESOURCES. All this in quick cartoonish package filled to the brim with humour.

Don't get deceived by it's cartoonish pixelart look, though the game graphics are very creative, detail and expertly crafted to finest pixelart, all staying in the cartoonish theme of the game. Nice element is you can customize colors of resources.

In the core, this game has a very complex systems built in which offer tens of hours of just explorating what Units can you build, going through Phropecies to "building" your own game style, possibly retaining it through multiple playthroughs using the Legacy system. This system allows you to keep hero minions, items, floors and resource capacity in exchange for completing time limited quests, which range a lot in variety and difficulty. You progress through the game not only on the level of a single "run", but also on scope of multiple ones, as you unlock new Floors through Phropecies, which for example require you to build several floors (sometimes ones which block each other), and recruit some amount of units. Each floor you unlock falls under a specific Tier, which form trees of possible combinations of units you can use to defend your dungeon. And as they are trees, to climb some branches you have to give up some units, because some floors block each other, as I mentioned before. Some floors work as traps, other allow you to recruit Mounts, which can your Biped minions use to roam the dungeon, offering considerable advantage.

Expecting your question "and what are they for?" I will explain. Your minions are defending you, because you are an extremely evil person and all righteous persons want to hang your head above their fireplaces. And they group at the dungeons ground floor, waiting for it to open, forming waves of trouble waiting at you periodically. All units travel around the vertical dungeon using elevators, and as heroes descend by one floor at a time, your minions can travel freely, patroling the dungeon in meantime.

Granted is, Heroes will sooner or later be caught by your minions, and when this happens, the combat happens. It is turn based and works on cycling heroes in party, each taking one attack and defense at a time. Both minions and heroes have great variance of attacks, abilities and perks, some working as buffers or poisoning enemies. Those perks don't serve only for combat. If you have a general "theme" in your floors and units, specific heroes come to defeat you, for example necromantinc dungeon resulting in holy heroes.

Expanding the system even more, sometimes you can find items in your hoard which upon collecting serve either as passive effects to the game, active items affecting Hoard with for example spreading a specific resource or shuffling the hoard, or even serve as Potions on a specific floor, taking some time to recharge after each use. Another hoard element is that you can build specific tetromino-and larger- shapes to raise capacity of a specific resource stockpile. And if you need some more to fiddle with the game. there's possibility to move floors, even with enemy heroes in them, for a little price. Needing specific resource and your hoard is almost empty? You can refill it for a price of a little chunk of each of your resources. Want another? You can unlock Banners, which give you specific bonuses to your game, for example granting more mouse slides per move. And if you still arent satisfied, don't worry, Jake improves the game at a regular pace.

My apologies for how long this review became. I kinda got carried away, as this game revived my belief in the inovation in genre of quick puzzle games, granting me tens of hours of intelligent, though-out and great fun, which I believe won't certainly end soon. To end the review, let's look at overal Pros and Cons:

  • Simple concept, deeply and well-thoughtly expanded, with ongoing development.
  • Very nice and detail pixelart graphics
  • Offers a lot to explore and needs a lot of time to explore everything. And it's worth it.
  • Nice music
  • Deep strategy system allowing for your own game style, with large variety of units and items to use as ingredients
  • The game feels very alive, with units battling at multiple floors and roaming the dungeon. Seeing heroes run into sawblade traps is very satisfying.
  • Puns everywhere
  • Found out Fungus traps are OP (already balanced out), built enough floors to have over two dozens of Fungus traps, heroes died even without being touched by minions. Played the run for three hours. Got a 1st place global highscore and had it for a few days. 11/10 would try to gain highscore again.
  • Terrible, addictive timesinker
  • Sometimes, the mouse control feels a little bit...ambivalent, but after adding the possibility to cancel your move on hoard with right click, these issues are not as anoying as before
  • Seriously, I don't know, this game is great and getting better with each update.

Thank you for reading, I hope I helped you deciding whether buy this game, treating yourself with an amazing logic game, and rewarding Jake for his work, as he truly deserves it.
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Posted: May 29

This is a fantastic game, which looks deceptively simple at first, but hides an incredible amount of strategy and depth. You should definitely give it a go!

Its genre is a combination of match-4 and tower defense, with RPG rogue-like elements (unlocks and progressive upgrades of items and levels) and quite a bit of strategy involved.

The developer is very active, releasing frequent updates, and interacting with the players.

The learning curve can feel a little steep on first approach, but once you understand what you are doing you will find yourself playing this game again and again, and enjoying the hell out of it.


Gameplay Basics

I am including the basics here because I believe that some players get confused by some of the mechanics on first approach. This game is far deeper and more complex than it seems at first glance, though it allows for fairly casual gameplay.

Your main goal is to defend your Tyrant, who dwells in the bottom floor of your dungeon. You do so by building floors, which are populated by different creatures that will fight off the heroes trying to reach and kill your Tyrant.

To build the floors you need resources, which you gather by matching tiles (4 or more). If you create a match in one of the special shapes listed around the tile pool (rituals), your capacity for that specific resource will increase. The last update has added some special tiles (dirt and wildcards) which require special conditions to be eliminated, increasing the challenge. To be able to build the floors you also need a number of empty rows in your resource pool. You can queue floors to be built as soon as you have enough resources and space.

Occasionally, special items will appear in the resource pool. When you match them, they will transfer to your item pool. Some of these items provide passive bonuses, some others can be activated to various effects (e.g. healing your minions, or gathering a particular resource). If the item is already in your pool, it will level up.

Special tasks can be fulfilled to unlock new items, minions and floors (prophecies) or to upgrade existing floors (plots). These appear at the top of the screen, and can take many forms: from doing a certain number of matches, to not spending a particular resource for a set period of time, to killing a number of heroes, levelling up some of your minions...
Plots generally have a time limit, and are easier to fulfil than prophecies.

Floors are progressively unlocked. There is a first set of paired, mutually exclusive floors (building one prevents you from building the other), which adds great replayability value (you can play with different combinations in subsequent playthroughs), but the higher level floors are unlocked independently, through prophecies.

Special minions can be dropped at any dungeon floor (e.g. to protect your Tyrant), and after they reach a certain level they are also carried over to subsequent playthroughs.

At any point, you can right click on things to bring up the codex, which explains in detail what that floor/item/minion does (this is something I strongly encourage you to do!). There is also a brief tutorial, that explains action on the fly the first time you carry them out.



  • Developer - in a time when bad, unfinished products and perpetual early-access games are becoming the norm, it's so refreshing to find a developer who really cares about his game and its players! He regularly responds to comments, listens to feedback and releases regular, stable updates (the latest large update was released after a long opt-in beta period in which players provided direct feedback, resulting in several major improvements).

  • Replayability - individual games last from several minutes to 1-2 hours (once you get good at surviving!), allowing for fairly casual gameplay, but you will find yourself coming back to this game again and again, and it always feels like it has something new to offer, as there is a vast amount of content to unlock, and you can try several strategies. I have played the game for ~18 hours at this point, and I feel like only now I'm beginning to scratch the surface.

  • Art style - beautiful, colourful pixel art that is also intuitive.

  • Customization - you can change the colour palette, pixel style, UI border size... and don't forget to check out the banners, which are unlockable, and provide different bonuses.

  • Multi-platform - you can play on Windows, Linux and MacOS, and it even has controller support! It is also a very small download.


  • Learning curve - it can feel a little steep at the beginning. You might be deceived by the simple looks, skip the tutorial and then get overwhemed when you get a glimpse of the underlying complexity. If this happens don't give up: re-activate the tutorial, and look things up in the codex. You won't regret giving the game a second chance.

  • Resolution - the resolution options are currently a bit limited, but I believe that this will be tackled, eventually. --- *UPDATE* (08/06/2016) There is now an advanced options file (ToTAdvanced) that allows you to set a custom resolution - some common sense is advised!

  • Red alert - when the heroes reach the levels above your Tyrant, an alarm starts playing (you can turn it off completely, but I don't recommend it) so you can take actions to help the Tyrant survive the assault. In the late game, when the Tyrant is constantly under threat, I find the constant blaring a little annoying. This is personal preference, though.



This is a veritable gem of a game, especially for the price. I am very surprised that it is not a best-seller. If you like any of the genres it covers, you should definitely give it a try!

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Early Access Review
Posted: January 20, 2015
Strangely compelling blend of Dungeon Keeper and Puzzle Quest with rogue-lite style progression. You can play a pre-alpha demo which lacks many of the features of the current early access build here:
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 21, 2015
An EXCELLENT game, wherein you are a tyrant. As this character you gather / produce resources and build / expand an underground dungeon as a classical dungeon master.

At first glance it looks a lot like those decades old pattern matching games like bejeweled in a fantasy setting, but with a twist. The blocks you gather are in fact resources, which you can use to construct the next layer in your dungeon, buy single use items or recruit new units, which you have to unlock with another layer of the dungeon.

Constructing one room of a certain dungeon room disables you to construct a different one from the same tier. As such, you really need to think about what kind of rooms you want and make effective combinations to defend your dungeon succesfully, as hero's will come in not only to loot your resources, but take your life / unlife as well.

So if you choose to focus on the undead (skeletons, zombies and necromancers) you'll have a tough time also maintaining an army of goblins, beasts, mercenaries or ritualistic dark elves with all the pro's and cons that come with each path. You can, but it won't be easy.

The graphics look very simplistic, but they complement the game itself remarkably, showing that graphics do not need high end rendering for game to be this great. The sound could use an upgrade, but isn't terrible. Online scoring system (if you're into that sort of thing) and very good integration with Steam.

All in all, highly addictive, very interesting and a challenge to form that specific combination of monsters that make your score go WOW!!!
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Posted: June 30, 2015
I adore this game.

I'm a sucker for good Match games and Tomb of Tyrants is definitely one of the most enjoyable ones I've ever played. It is in the medium/ high price range for Match games on Steam, but its unique gameplay and replayability (in addition to its leaderboards, cards, achievements, and active support) makes it worth its price.

It's a Match 4 game where you can drag blocks both horizontally and vertically in the same motion. There are persistent optional challenges in the form of matching to create certain shapes or undertaking particular actions which generate rewards.

In addition to matching blocks (which are actually resources), you'll be devoting some of your time toward stopping the heroes who would march through your tomb and kill your tyrant. That's right, technically you're the bad guy—but don't worry, being bad leads to good fun. Besides, you're just hanging out in your dungeon, minding your own business, when a bunch of heroes drop in and start making trouble in your neighborhood. If you ask me, THEY’RE the ones up to no good.

The more you play the game the more you'll appreciate its layers (please pardon the pun). You'll develop strategies unique to your playstyle and will probably do better each time you play. Although you can't save your game, you automatically carry over a lot of unlocks from game to game, in addition to certain things you can earn the ability to save.

Right now the game is still being tweaked a bit and is at about an 'A' in my mind. I suspect that in a few more patches it will rank as an "A+". The developer is very active in Steam discussions and even friended me to help me when I posted about an issue I had, so I have complete faith in the final product being even more fantastic that it already is now.

Tl;dr: It’s one of the best matching games on Steam* and it’s worth its price tag.

*if you look at my games played you’ll see I’ve tried most of them
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 2, 2015
Want to be EVIL? (C'mon, you KNOW you want to!) Want to smite pesky do-gooders who invade YOUR realm? Want to relive the glory of being the Horned Reaper or that oppressive Overlord with his Merry Minions? Then this game is for YOU!!

Join Jake Huhman on his diabolical adventures in hoard-pillaging, tomb-building, and !!Hero-Mashing!! Unlock an ever-expanding range of murderous minions, blasphemous buildings, alluring loot, and archaic artefacts! Be the best Tyrant that ever lived...well, until you die! But EVIL is never truly defeated! Empower a new Tyrant to even loftier heights (of score) and foul play - if you dare!

On a more serious note, it really is a wonderful game, with a highly dedicated developer. New content is rolled out on a weekly, if not daily, basis. If you have questions in the forums, he WILL take the time to talk to you and help you out. He has incorporated many good suggestions from many people, and the game has become that much better for it.

You are cast as the anonymous Tyrant (presumed Lich) who sets up shop under a remote mausoleum (the Tomb). You begin with only your Sanctum, with an endless well of resources from previous Tyrants yawning down below your feet. You slide rows horizontally in this hoard and match regions of four of the same type. There are many - Ruins, Treasure, Equipment, Mechanisms, Flesh, Bones, Arcane, etc. Each match you make earns you a given amount of that resource. Making matches in specific, predefined shapes will increase the maximum storage of the resource you matched. This allows you to focus on the resources you'll need, if you are careful.

The game does have build paths. Many floors (aka rooms) are mutually exclusive. You cannot build a Portentous Portal (Imps) and a Wicked Workshop (Gremlins, and produces Mechanisms and Equipment that drops into the hoard below) in the same Tomb. The monsters each floor gives have their own unique abilities, traits, and uses. Some are used as Hunters who will pursue enemies wherever they go. Others merely follow a patrol route, fighting what they encounter on the route (which is down to the Sanctum, then back up again, repeated). So having that Lupine Lair (wolves) or Gossamer Gallows (giant spiders) gives you very useful hunters. You will need them.

From your first slide of the Hoard puzzle, a timer begins counting down for a wave of Heroes. They will emerge one by one from the mists of the forest and camp on the surface until the timers reaches zero, at which point they invade the Tomb en masse, intent on getting to the Sanctum (and YOU) and putting an end to your Evil Reign. Kill them quickly as the next wave comes sooner than you'd like in each case. Each floor that hosts a battle will have a maximum of four monsters and four heroes slugging it out in initiative order. If more heroes or monsters enter the floor, they bypass the fight by moving through the background and continuing on until they themselves get into combat.

As you fulfill certain objectives, known as Prophecies, you unlock further floors and artifacts for use. Artifacts are earned by matching them up in the Hoard when they appear. They give an ongoing benefit as long as you have them in your item bar (inventory of a sort). For example, once you unlock King-sized Kibble and match it up, all of your monsters that have the trait "Beast" will gain a permanant +2 HP from that point on. I refer you back to the part about Giant Spiders and Wolves. They have the Beast trait.

One of the great things about this game is that entirely new floors are being added all the time. Traps you can place on floors just got implemented. There are already floors (the Harrowing Hallway) that are nothing BUT a gauntlet of traps to slice and skewer those weak heroes who pass through them. Along with the new floors come new creatures, with new possibilities. Bear in mind, they game is still early accesss, so imagine, if you will, how much new content Jake can pile into this game before he considers it to be version 1.0. Even then, I'm sure he won't stop adding even MORE goodness to the game. Bosses, checkpoints, tricks, more traps, legacy traits and items that carry on from one Tyrant to the next. Oh, the possibilities!

You know what, readers? Buy the game. You'll have plenty of fun with it, and for the price of $8.00, its a bargain. Think, thats about 3 Quesoritos at Taco Bell. Not so pricey, eh? As for myself, I'm done talking about it, now i'm going to go play it...
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