"Before we knew it, what we once knew as 'freedom' became nothing more but a faint and distant memory." Venture forth and discover the truth behind the seemingly perfect OmniCare society in Sinless: a unique point n' click and visual novel hybrid, set in an original cyberpunk reality.
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Release Date: Dec 16, 2015

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October 24

New release - Ghostdream

When you die, you normally have only one simple wish - to return and tell them - "Hey, guys - it's OK" But returning is not easy....


Only in release week you can buy Ghostdream with 15% discount! Don’t miss this offer!

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July 4

Minor bug fix + price drop!

We just sent update with minor bug fix. We Hope it solve all issues:-).

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“Through musical and visual composition, Sinless creates a depth of feel and emotion that are refreshing and engaging for the player.”

“As beautiful as these visuals are(..)the sound design is really what's nailing it for me here. It's really what's giving this world depth.”
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Free OST Edition

Buy Sinless on Steam and get the fantastic Soundtrack from the game for free. A set of cool cyber-tunes will accompany you wherever you want!

About This Game

Sinless is a unique combination of a classic point n' click and visual novel with many references and inspirations from classics of the genre, such as Snatcher, or Rise of the Dragon. Add to that custom, inhouse designed lightning and parallax effects, along with a dedicated awesome Soundtrack and original storyline, we hope you will enjoy your stay!

Planned out as a trilogy, experience the first episode also known as the Reveal, which will be followed by Revolution and Revelations accordingly.

Welcome to the Omni-Care sanctioned city. The world as we know it has come to an end and a New Order has taken over. Life is seemingly perfect, in an almost utopian society humans have to officialy schedule their whole days in advance via "ports" - mandatory cybernetic implants. Large commercial entities who also happen to be port manufacturers have replaced governments and crime is practically non existent. You are the hero of this exciting cyberpunk tale, about to start a regular day, only for it to unfold in the most unexpected manner revealing the true nature of the multi-layered city.


-A unique, carefully planned out story and lore: It is important to remember that you are thrown into a world of specific rules, laws, customs, lingo, social segregation etc which you will learn and unravel in time along the way.

-Old school gameplay: meaning little to no handholding. We wanted to give the player the choice of freedom and to discover and unravel the story at their own pace, hence Sinless offers little to no handholding. Therefore many features or lore related backstories/explanations are not thrown in your face. Instead they are somewhere in the world, waiting to be discovered; be it a feature, easter-egg/game reference, or world news event etc. But fear not, optional hints highlighting interactive points will be available from the get-go.

-Hand crafted with love: Thousands of frames of hand crafted animations, graphics,textures and other assets. We put a lot of effort and attention to the lore and story as well as the general vibe- that the graphics and soundtrack complement themselves to create the desired tone.

-A fitting and engaging dynamic Original Soundtrack by Roland Redwood, designed and tailored specifically for the game.

-Custom inhouse designed visual features: Taking the extra horsepower of computers to good use, the Steam edition of Sinless underwent a serious overhaul. For aesthetic reasons the game was originally designed in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Now, after countless hours of work, all assets have been reworked for a new 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratio, with even more cool, custom inhouse designed lighting and post effects. We intensified the particle and weather effects as well, as well as reworked other assets to higher resolutions.

-Game Over: when we said "old school" experience we were dead serious. You will die...alot. Well, maybe not that much as in the Souls series, but unless you are a point n' click pro, an unexpected end to your journey will be commonplace. Heck, we even took it a level further where discovering all possible endgames is a feature and accomplishment within itself. Luckily there's a checkpoint system which will take you back to the last safe point. And fear not, we left it at that (so no trolling in the vein of which some old school classics are notorious for ie AITD where you could break a mandatory quest item at the very begining of the game)... but we never can be sure of what the future may bring... ;)

-Easter egss & references. Yup, we got that covered. Sinless is a love letter to classic games,systems and news, both old and new. Rise of the Dragon, Dredd (2013), Deus Ex, Dark Souls, Sleeping Dogs.... the list goes on and on. Will you find them all?

-Stay safe Citizen. And don't forget to install your scheduled Progs!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.0 GHz
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • OS: OSX 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
9.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
Steals focus from all applications and paints itself over everything including windows task manager. Can't alt-tab out to read a notification from another application.

♥♥♥♥ this game.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
34 of 39 people (87%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2015
Sinless is a cyberpunk point and click adventure game, and manages to be dizzyingly beautiful and an aural treat, dragged down by everything else. This is part one of a three part trilogy, and unfortunetly there is no satisfying conclusion yet. The story isn't terribly interesting and unfortunetly filled full of contemporary video game references. It feels cheap and I can't say I really care for the developer's taste in games. The characters are pretty much stock standard and the dialogue is just ok. It really just doesn't bring any interesting ideas to the table, it's mostly full of tropes. I could excuse this if there was a philosophical theme, but this doesn't really happen, the game takes a more action approach and prefers to dazzle with it's atmosphere.

Where the game truly shines is it's ability to create an immersive environment. This is a game you want to wear headphones with, the music and sound effects really bring you into the world. The visual design is quite unique and uses massive amounts of lens flair and bloom on the lighting, as well as blurring and pixilating everything. And it works well. If you take a close look, it looks like quite a lot of the assets are actually photographs put through a filter. I'd consider this a cheap way for the developers to create assets, but it works fine for most of the part. The asthetic is something resembling Deus Ex: Human Revolution if it were set in Japan. It's not 80's cyberpunk, but it still has a lot of the Asian influence. The game also delivers on the classic bleak rain, neon lights, dark alleys, illict augs and a lot of drugs. It's used somewhat sparingly and works well in the games context.

However, I had quite a lot of difficulty navigating through the city. Unfortunetly, the visual design doesn't lend itself to guiding the player well. Unless you take note of everything on the screen, you may find yourself not knowing how to continue. I'm fine with a bit of exploration, but it's never clear exactly where you can go. I also found it easy to miss dialogue options, as the section requires you to click and drag to scroll and will often add new options without marking or otherwise bringing them to your attention. Like most players, I go from top to bottom in the dialogue list, but I've seen cases where the options are added above your last clicked dialogue option, making it a little confusing.

As of the first release, there are a number of issues with graphics failing to load, leaving you with a black screen or only part of the scene. At this point, the only thing to do is to reset. Luckily, the game will always bring you back to where you are, so it's not a big deal, but still an annoyance. I expect this will be patched fairly quickly.

Although Sinless fails on many fronts, I feel it's definetely worth the small amount of money, just to experience the atomosphere. I got around 2 hours of playtime out of it, and I'm quite happy with the game and am anticipating the second part.
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20 of 23 people (87%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 6
honestly pretty decent, but no saving other than one autosave, so if you bug near end and it saves it like that ( and it pretty much will) you will have to start over. which sucks because i want to recommend it but, no.
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42 of 68 people (62%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 16, 2015
Played roughly half an hour-- will update review and maybe give it half an hour more, but honestly?

It wants to be cyberpunk, but it isn't. Nor is it enjoyable.

It uses so many generic elements that it feels like no more than a throwup of uninteresting and overused tropes. I don't see what I'm supposed to appreciate about Sinless. The setting is probably one of the most cliche dystopian settings, in which government uses 'chips' to control minds, yada.

Visuals look nice from the screenshots, but holy damn do they go overboard with the lighting-- often to the point that you can't even see what's going on.

Characters are generally flat, boring, and uninteresting. No presence of tone, word choice, or personality differentation between characters. Conversation and dialogue may as well have been done by robots, seeing how generic and one-dimensional every single character happens to be. Seriously, they might as well all just be the same person. I wouldn't know. Even with 'dialogue choices', everything you can talk about simply bores you to tears.

Save your money. Go try something with an original concept and actual cyberpunk flair like Gemini Rue. This isn't worth it.
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23 of 35 people (66%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 12
This game has amazing visuals, a very interesting world and premise, but the writing could be more engaging, as I never felt attached to my character or really curious about what was going on. Right now, there is only one chapter of this game complete. I'll update this review as the rest is released, but right now I cannot recommend this. Not the worse game ever, but not the most interesting P&C game.
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
0.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 17, 2015
Something nice for a change. Great art! I enjoyed the colors and style. Also the soundtrack is very good. The game itself quite interesting and addictive. I recommend.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 11
Obviously the developers did a labour of love. The art style and music makes the game very enjoyable.
I didn't finish the game yet but judging from my first impression it's well worth the 0.49 €. Even if you hate point and clickers the included OST alone is worth the money.
Compared with the trash that's on offer for a bargain bin price this is a true gem.
I could have done without the obnoxious 'i' for inventory and the persistent gear symbol for settings on the left and right upper corners of the game screen though.
I had some issues persuading the game to run in 4k but after manual installation of the
vcredist files and verification of game files I got it working without a hitch.
All in all I give it 7/10 and recommend if you like a futuristic feel and some cool music in your games.
Edit: I forgot to mention the game has trading cards and for you achievement hunters the achievements seem rather easy to get.
Updare: The abrupt ending after chapter 3 leaves me hoping that the developers will
find the time and funding to make a sequel.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 19
I'm not a fan of point&click. But this cyberpunk style caught my attention and seriously i am not disapointed. Waiting for the next 2 episode now!
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
Colorfoul and enjoyable. If you dont have the patience to read, this is not the game for you.
Awesome soundtrack!!
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 16
Loved it. Very intersting theme. It got me hooked until the end. Maybe the dialogs could be a bit better but the graphics and different environments were pleasant. Easy achievements also.
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Recently Posted
2.0 hrs
Posted: October 14
You know when you go on vacation to a big city and you have to learn their transit system?
That feeling of being kind of but not really lost all the time?
That's pretty much this game.

Yes, it's beautiful and yes, the music is great - but it's essentially you navigating a transit system to reach different destinations. You do complete small tasks in each area, but the bulk of the gameplay is going from station, to bus, to station and back again. It DOES get easier over time, but by then, the game is over.
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Zap Rosdower
3.5 hrs
Posted: October 5
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116.0 hrs
Posted: September 15
My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, 'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- 'Don't ever smoke. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because this game gave me cancer anyway.
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1.2 hrs
Posted: September 11
Interesting game, nice music and art. Recommended.
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Mongoloid Mike
3.1 hrs
Posted: September 10
Didn't hold my interest
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3.8 hrs
Posted: September 10
A pretty interesting game, well worth the $.50 I paid for it. By the end I was really hoping for more. They had better make a sequel or I'm going to be salty. Really appreciate the art and feel of the game; the setting was intriguing, and the audio was great.

Like I said, there had better be a sequel. There's a lot of potential here, and the ending is worthless unless they make another game. I really look forward to it though. This could lead to one hell of a sequel.

Also, the references were a nice touch. The Dark Souls ones especially; absolutely loved that.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
3.4 hrs
Posted: September 8
This is a real chore to try to play
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Holy Apple
2.4 hrs
Posted: September 8
Short but cool click & go adventure, not that many puzzles to be solved though. I really loved the art and aesthetics for the game, very cool and unique. The story is also decent and set in an interesting cyberpunk world. I hope we get to see the sequels for this.
Helpful? Yes No Funny