Ephemerid is a rock fairy tale about a paper mayfly. Part rhythm game, part point-and-click adventure, and part rock opera.
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Release Date: Feb 3, 2015

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“The pure, palpable joy of discovery is childlike in the best way.”
9.2 – Apps Zoom

“I didn't realize it until playing Ephemerid, but there isn't nearly enough crunchy guitar in rhythm games.”

“A unique blend of music and adventure, Ephemerid has in its core the original soundtracks with strong rhythm and beats. Combined with the artistic world, the game immerses you into a refreshing journey into a world of wonder and charm.”
92% – Gameoos

About This Game

2015 IGF Winner: Excellence in Audio

Ephemerid is a rock fairy tale about a paper mayfly.

Lean back, relax and enjoy it as a whole, as you would a favorite album. Ephemerid is part rhythm game, part point-and-click adventure, and part rock opera.

  • Ephemerid’s beating heart is its original soundtrack, rock guitar with a classical flair.
  • The world of Ephemerid is faithfully handcrafted out of cut paper, glass, and paint.
  • Each setting introduces intuitive challenges which play in harmony with the music.

  • 2015 IGF Winner: Excellence in Audio
  • 2014 SXSW Gamer's Voice Finalist
  • 2014 BIG Festival Finalist
  • 2013 IndieCade Finalist
  • 2013 Captivate Finalist

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
33 of 34 people (97%) found this review helpful
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2.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 14, 2015
Wow! I just finished the game and it was an awesome experience!
Without words, the story is told visually of 2 dragon flies in a world of fantasy, magic, danger and sadness as you click onto and drag key objects in sync with the awesome soundtrack to make the story progress. It's pretty much a rhythm game.
Though the game is short, about 50 minutes to complete, it was worth every minute.
The devs at SuperChop Games really blew me away with this game and I look forward to seeing what else they will bring in the future.
My girl is gonna love this game. Then she will probably cry when she gets to the end. :)
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30 of 31 people (97%) found this review helpful
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5.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 6, 2015
What an Elegent, relaxing, unique, and colourful musical game. This could well help calm and relax you after a stressful day, I love the classical rock music, the fireworks and the colours as well, you'll just have to buy the game and find out the rest for yourselfs. I dont want to spoil anything. ;D
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19 of 20 people (95%) found this review helpful
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7.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 4, 2015
This is the greatest proof that a good game can be all about the experience. It's artsy without being pretentious, and it's fun in its simplicity. I've been enjoying the soundtrack for quite a while, but the game as a whole provides an overwhelming experience if you're open to it. I cry every time. And I love it -- makes me feel alive.
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19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
3.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2015
Well, this was a beautiful and mesmerizing journey. A musical adventure where you follow a pair of mayflies (or butterflies...something like that) as they try to keep each other alive and express the joy of their love for one another. Along the way, they find allies in beetles and bees, and fight off a gigantic boombox (yes, the stereo type) carrying spider.

Visually, this game is stunning. The nature of the gameplay means there will be a ton of actual fireworks and such, with a lot of cool imagery that comes with that, along with flowers, and a ton of other great stuff to look at. I suppose you also go through the seasons as well although this is a bit more ambiguous.

There is no dialogue. The music conveys all the meaning in this one. Speaking of the music, as a game based around a musical journey, you would expect the tunes to be stellar, and they in fact are that and more. This is the type of soundtrack you could easily jam often. Really great sounding music. The way this game is presented musically reminds me a lot of Karmaflow, so I wonder if it is the same people, although at first glance, it doesnt appear to be.

So, what is the game itself? Baically, it is a speedrun click fest. The music and the clicking start out slow and manageable, but as the music picks up tempo, so to does the clicking. Where it isnt clicking, it is click and drag. I'm not very good at this personally, so I didnt manage anything even resembling a perfect sequence, lol. It isnt required for the story progression, but some of the achievements seem to be tied to this. Also, there is apparently a secret level, but I havent found it yet. So, after your first playthrough, it definitely becomes a game of skill and speed.

So, anyway, all told, I think this game warrants 9 bad ♥♥♥ riffs as a pair of butterfly dragons swirl and fly through the air while fireworks explode around them, out of 10.

Additionally, I would definitely assign this must own status for pretty much everybody. I cant imagine somebody playing this and not enjoying it.
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15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
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2.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 3, 2015
God damn, this game is way more awesome than it sounds or looks like it should be.

I can't describe the gameplay better than the description, and I can't describe what happens in the game without ruining everything, but let me just say that this was a fantastic experience with excellent music, shockingly epic (a word that gets abused too often but deserves a spot here) visual accompaniment, and a bizarrely engaging story.

The gameplay itself isn't really anything special, but the music and pace of the whole thing are so amazing you won't even notice, but for the sake of comparison, it's a little like osu! except... not... Yeah, that's as good as I can get.

Oh, and the music sounds a lot like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, so there's that.

I think out of all the little indie games that've come out over the past few months, over-saturating the Steam storefront with amateur nonsense, this is the one that most deserves to be played.

Good job, SuperChop.
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14 of 15 people (93%) found this review helpful
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 4, 2015
Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure
9 / 10

Follow The May Fly for a day. Point click and flick to Great Guitar Rock Music. First playthrough 50 minutes....

The art, the color palette, and the animations are fantastic. The music and the soundscape rise and fall like a true Rock Opera. This soundtrack reminded me of why I started playing Drums in the first place.... Joy.


Operational Notes: I had to turn up the mouse sensitivity in the Control Panel to keep up with the Mayfly.... and there is a speed control on the turn table to slow the game down ; )
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11 of 12 people (92%) found this review helpful
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 5, 2015
Ephemerid embodies the spirt of a fantastic musically driven game. Every track demonstrates both a level of musical understanding and emotional delivery that I've not seen in video games in years. The story told is beautiful, and can be easily consumed in an hour or so. No fail states makes it just that much better.

100% recommended to fans of musical story telling, rhythm games, or people that are looking for something to make them cry. Because this will.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
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0.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 3, 2015
I just finished playing the game, and I thought I'd review it, since it could be helpful for potential buyers.

First of all, the description on the store page is spot-on. It's part rhythm game, part point & click and well, part rock opera (I guess). It is kinda lackluster in all three, though, but it's still worth it IMO.

It's a pretty game, but I'd say that it's not as much of a game as it is a visual experience. Graphics and story are really pretty. It kept me interested all the way through and I finished it in one go (it's short).

My only problem with the game is that I think this was clearly meant to be played with a touchscreen, so if you want to get it and it's available for tablets or ipad, then I'd highly suggest you get it on those platforms instead.

The game itself is kinda short, but it's lovely. I got the same feeling I get with "Cirque du soleil". I mean shows like Varekai, where you get a story told through music and performances.

My only complaint aside from the touchscreen issue, is that the music itself is kinda lackluster. It's low budget and loaded with electric guitars that didn't really make sense to me. It matched the feel of the game at some points, but most of the time it felt off.

I had a good time, but... I've had better for the same price, and if I could go back in time and get it on my iPad, I would.

If you have a kid, I think they would enjoy it a lot on an iPad or something similar, mostly because you can't win or lose... you just follow the story, and you can replay levels afterwards.

I'd give it a 6/10 for what it is.
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
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2.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 14, 2015
Ephemerid might not have the strongest game component to it - but the art is stylistically gorgeous papercraft, the game is mostly you playing a visualiser through drag or tap mechanics, and the music is quite varied and awesome, and sound effects are papercrafty as well. This is a really fun record/album long game, with a soundtrack that is really worth listening to. It might not be a AAA title, but it's probably the best music game I've heard or seen, and it's got one of the best indie soundtracks in the business.

Also, who can resist getting this after hearing Jared and Jesse's renditions of the songs with their actual lyrics?

Well made and put together, well worth getting both the game and the soundtrack!
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 4, 2015
There are no words to describe how much i enjoyed playing this game.
Though short (50 minutes to complete), it is extremely enjoyable. The graphics are well made, the story is beautiful and the music... this is probably the best and the most original rhythm game i have played so far.
Get this game, you won't regret it ^^
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Recently Posted
1.5 hrs
Posted: July 2
Ephemerid... How do I start?

Ephemerid is a simple story driven game, where in the most part you progress playing a rhythm click gameplay.
The story is cute to say the least, the art style with a paper work theme is beautiful, the gameplay is simple and can be challenging, especially if you want to get a "perfect" achievement.

To finish with a golden key all mentioned above is followed and perfectly fits and mix with an AWESOME SOUNDTRACK that dictates the pace and complements the felling that the story is presenting. It's absolutely beautiful and enjoyable and it is a unique experience.

One thing that I should tell is that you probably want to buy the soundtrack with the game or i should say you want to buy the game with the soundtrack because is where there is value and actually sit and enjoy the tracks.

I need to give it a 10/10 because, right now, I'm in love with this game.

*You can argue that Ephemerid is not a "game" but you can't argue that isn't a piece of art.
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№₷℮₭ 👃
3.2 hrs
Posted: June 26
I found the music lackluster for a game titled 'a musical adventure'.
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Djanky Spodermon
1.5 hrs
Posted: June 8
Good soundtrack.

For about 2 dollars, you get a 45 minute interactive musical experience/story.

The guitar solos are amazing.
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3.4 hrs
Posted: May 16
When I found the game, I wasn't expecting much.

After working through it and experiencing the full game (Still trying the secret game, doesn't want to unlock for me, yet), I can safely say it was worth it. Soundtrack is beautiful, gameplay is simplistic but lovable, honestly wish I could go back and experience it for the first time again.

17/10 would papercraft mayfly again
Helpful? Yes No Funny
2.3 hrs
Posted: May 15
Short but intense!
Great music! Could use a bit more gameplay, but for the price I got a wonderful experience.
The atmosphere and rivetting music drew me right in.
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Ava (a.k.a Naomi)
1.3 hrs
Posted: February 9
It's actually a pretty short game, but the music and nice graphics really make the purchase worth it. Even without text, the story came across clearly and I thought it was quite sweet.
I thought it ran smoothly and the music was spot-on!
Fit the mood each time and as the gameplay is rhythm-based, it's got good beat~
The difficulty is good and the secret level will provide some challenge.
I would pay more for the soundtrack and I'll definitely be playing it over again.
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1.4 hrs
Posted: February 6
Worth it for the soundtrack alone.
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2.9 hrs
Posted: February 6
It's short, but the artwork and effects are beautiful and the music is spectacular. 10/10
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Ufo tofU
7.0 hrs
Posted: January 25
I don't usually review much, but I had to review this game.
Ephemerid: A Musical Adventure is a creative art piece with classic rock music that will make your guitar skills sound phony and ridiculous as soon you start clicking to the rhythm and embarking on a journey of life as a little mayfly.

It's a simple point and clicking game, an interactive story, it resembles paper cut animation, yet it is enough to tangle you until the very end (worked for me!).
It's not a long game: an hour and a half, maybe, is enough to complete it.

I'd say that the main positive aspect here is the story. Then its papercraft concept. Music tends to be quite repetitive and overwhelming to people who don't appreciate tons of guitars. It was fine to me, though some were a bit cheesy (but that point is related to one's musical taste).
Artwork is simple but it's enough for this game.
A game like this has a lot of possibilities to offer in terms of game design and interactivity, I confess that I was expecting more variety.

Buuuut.. in my humble opinion, it's a beautiful little, interactive, magical experience and it deserves more recognition.
Not only because it's reasonably cheap, also because it will make your day better *tends to return from time to time*

If you like guitars, point and clicking rhythm and narrative altogether, it's a must!
If not..
..you'll love it for its story.

feels. feels everywhere

(Note that this is just my opinion and nothing more than the experience I've had while playing this game)
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4.0 hrs
Posted: December 16, 2015
In my opinion, this game is boring.
I was looking for something kind of relaxing..
Yes, yes - music was super cool, but I can't even count how many clicks I did - and missed.
Worth buying on sale.
As you can see, the majority of the players enjoyed this game, so have fun! :))
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