Have you ever faced your worst nightmare? What if you have no choice but to move on and see what’s behind it? Then you’d better arm yourself with a couple of big guns, stock up on ammo and show them all what a real nightmare is!
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Release Date: Jul 27, 2016

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July 27

It’s a plane…. It’s a bird… It’s our super release!

Hello everyone! The co-op mode is finally ready, which means the full version of IAWR is up and running! That wasn’t easy, and we’re still keeping an eye on things just in case. Thanks for your support! Please share!

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May 30

Update 31 May

Hello everyone!
Great news, guys! We’re putting some finishing touches on IAW before the release. All the levels are completed, the content is ready, which is why we’re making the rest of the game available, all but the last battle. We’re going to keep it till the final release for which we’ll add the co-op mode. And you’ll be able to check it out yourselves just in a couple of weeks’ time!

In today’s update:
  • 8 new levels
  • 9 new achievements
  • New OST (more tracks are coming soon)
  • New SFX added when you kill frozen enemies
  • Dead zones settings for gamepad available

  • Hit chance when using the axe increased
  • Enemies respawn only at certain location points
  • Overall game balance improved

  • Game objects causing lags when loading now optimized
  • Overall optimization improved

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About This Game

Have you ever faced your worst nightmare?
What if you cannot wake up from it? What if you have no choice but to move on and see what’s behind it? Then you’d better arm yourself with a couple of big guns, stock up on ammo and show them all what a real nightmare is!

You along with the main character will delve into a strange and frightening world of horror, explore its distant corners, find out how you ended up here and, most importantly, how to get out of this hell. What can save you from this madness? Only your lost memories which you’ll have to put together piece by piece. Whatever’s living in this world is luring you inside. Those creatures who are meant to bring you joy and happiness will only cause death and suffering! The bloody bastards will do whatever it takes to make you stay... And they are not alone in this: it seems the world itself wants to crush and swallow you, with its traps and pitfalls everywhere... Will you dare to sneak inside? Then welcome... But mind you, whatever path you take, there’ll be no mercy!

Main features:
- Mysterious world full of dark secrets
- Hordes of fiendish enemies
- Wide range of opponents
- Intriguing story
- Big guns... Loads of ‘em!
- Abilities, turrets, drones, swords and axes
- Side quests to suit all tastes
- Exciting battles
- Full gamepad support

System Requirements

    • OS: 64 Bit Windows 7, 8 or 10
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel® Core™ i5-750 or 3.2 GHz AMD Phenom™ II X4 955
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD5850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible soundcard
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6.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 10, 2015
I'm a weapon: Revival is a run and gun game.

You loose your memories and wake up inside a nightmare related to a childhood trauma, trying to recover them.

During this trip, you must kill clowns, scary clowns, creepy clowns and more dark clowns to level up and buy better and better equipment.

The main story is explained using slides between the stages and there is a fairy in game that gives you more inforamation to fill some blanks.

There are different kind and size of clowns that they have one thing in common, they try to kill you around different scenarios and locations whose designs are well defined, very dark and creepy. In my opinion the clowns move too fast to you, and this point decreases a little bit the playability.

You have two main weapons, one to shoot the other one to hack'n'slash. The second one is more espectacular and gratefull because kill enemies faster than guns and in a great bloody way

There are a lot of weapons available: machine guns, flame throwers, swords, axes... that you can upgrade and customize in the shop. You can also buy armours and other kind of things to defend yourself or increase your magical powers.

The main character is easy to control using five keys and mouse to aim and shot around. You must also use number keys to unleash special habilities.

Graphics are good and well defined, the metal soundtrack and sounds are quite good.

The game has achivements and trading cards.

Nice game for sweating adrenaline

PS: Thanks to Shade00
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Early Access Review
Posted: November 27, 2015
This is an indie small russian game, it's a pure hackNSlash: you shoot a ton of bullets to mow down a horde of foes, pick a couple of stuff and go on. All is done thru keyboard + mouse combo. Gameplay is very basic but solid.

What really astounded me is the graphics; they're really amazing! Creepy circus style in an isometric 3D, very effective. Dynamic lights, beautiful world, really. You're attacked by a horde of creepy clowns. There's even a map, a main quest and side quests. The side quests quest givers are of the same beautiful creepy theme. The side quests are basic typical fetch quests: find this, kill that; and those side quests can sometimes be solved several levels afterward! Very nice.

The music is very hardcore but it suits the game perfectly. You advance from map to map, can choose to redo previous finished maps to grind some money or to solve a side quest. Story wise it's okay: you are stuck in your nightmare, searching for your memories. There's a shop to buy and upgrade armors , weapons and even skills!

- When I got on the third map, I spent my time falling off ledges or thru holes in the ground. That 'falling' should be totally removed IMO as it serves nothing: you're simply put back on the road, with nothing lost AFAIK. Really annoying. The first maps are okay, hole-wise but from the third one and onward there's tiny barely visible holes everywhere -.-
- Dunno if it's due to Unity but the keyboard input has delay and limits, making things a bit clunky. When you're surrounded by a gazillion foes a second delay means a lot.
- Ennemies keep coming, at a very very high rate; you will be out of bullets, cutting with your sword thru a huge wave of foes amassed against you (really!). Trying to find your way with 25 monsters glued to you can become a bit of a chore.
- Game crashed after an hour of play, twice. Funny, it's almost like a precise timer: one hour of play, zam, crash! It could be quite handy, though ^^
- New weapons and armors are very expensive at the beginning and that can be frustrating: i.e. the first hour of play will be a bit hard. But after 2 hours I had 2 new weapons, one skill, an armor etc.
- Would have loved an easier access to the shop, maybe even having a dedicated map for itself so you could go to it whenever you need it.
None of these cons are game breaking though.

I didn't expect much before launching the game and was pleasantly surprised! Sure the maniability is a bit clunky but it works. If you want to unwind, this game is perfect for you: it's fun and challenging! All in all I really liked it and really recommend it! The more I played it, the more I loved it!
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17.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 8
Product received for free
Story is you lost your memory and each level you must collect parts of your memory back. 2 weapons melee and gun. I do have mixed emotions for this game the bugs is what ruins the game for me but the animations are pretty good for an indie team.

Store to buy items
Steam trading cards and Achievements

clowns can hit you through objects
some animations stutter
You get stuck on objects at times
feels like a ported ios game
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3.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 1, 2015
TL;DR: Mixed review. Pretty fun shooter so far, very similar to Guns n Zombies (same dev, same engine?). But Early Access so still flawed. So: recommended if you want to help improve/support it or just want to shoot clowns, otherwise wait.

Basic plot: you lost your memories and have to collect them in each level while killing hordes of zombie clowns. All that in a creepy mix of levels between fun fair, circus, asylum... Each big level has some side quests rewarding you with currency and plans to unlock new weapons/upgrades in the shop. Some smaller levels only have 1 objective but still rewards you accordingly. And in addition to those pesky clowns, it's riddled with traps either for you or them to fall into, which can be quite handy if you feel overwhelmed.
The metal soundtrack is nice, but something creepier could have been better.

Future improvements: More of everything, co-op

Now since it's an Early Access title it has room for improvement:
- While it's nice to have upgrades (they really increase your damages by a lot) they tend to be replaced quickly, sometimes in the same level so if you spent a lot buying/upgrading a weapon it seems pointless when you unlock a better one 5 minutes later.
- The soundtrack changes too fast, it's not a long background track but small ones and it cuts abruptly when it changes.
- Controls aren't smooth, even less with a controller (i.e character moving on its own after dialogues). The transition between gun and melee is a bit slow.
- Quite unstable, I crashed 4 times in 2 hours without clear reasons, once while shooting stuff, one other time on the loading screen, once in the shop and once while talking to a npc.
- Side quests tracking/indications: Some take place on other maps and if you don't know that you could be walking around the map endlessly. And if you finally find what was needed, it could be a few levels later and you'll still need to go back to the first npc (good luck if you forgot where he was. Specific example: the madman/criminal sidequest)

So all in all, it's fun but very flawed. In its current state it's a bit hard to justify $15 but you can still get some fun hours out of it. I'll try to update the review as the game improves.
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31.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 5
Overall Reviews, Bugs and Balancing Suggestions
*Same review has also been posted on discussion board

30 hours of gameplay by far and beaten all scenarios. Being a big fan of third-person shooting games and a follower of Krealit Games for years, beaten Guns n' Zombies/Aliens DLC, IAW (original) before with all star+nightmare difficulty records.

General Review
IAW Revival is a fantastic piece of work. Highly imaginative background setting and art rendering. Enemies resembles to former Krealit monster types in Guns n' Zombies & DLC. Simple control, brutal gameplay, zealous slaughters, while in the same time does need a bit of puzzle solving tricks to pass all scenarios which makes is more than a mere shooting game but something brought up aftertaste.

However, a good numbers of bugs that can be spotted everywhere has noticeably undermined its capability of providing pleasant and smooth gameplay, which I believe the developers should be interested to fix, otherwise would be very unpleasant for even the most patient gamers. Same kind of issue happened to original IAW as well, which was a glorious game with unmatched background setting and music (fantastic OST, recommended to all gamers) but did not receive good reviews I believe HIGHLY possible due to too many gaming glitches which frustrates even the big fans.

Spotted Bugs
1. Many scenarios (or all, which I cannot verify but to guess) does not have limit of correct amounts of Prototype crystals, Elixirs or Souls. Reentering such scenarios via memory entry will respawn more than limited amount of items.
For instance, reentering new scenario Withering Sprout will always grant you thousands more money, a Prototype crystal, and sometimes even 2 elixirs. This is not the only scenario that has this problem, but since the map is small it became a very handy "tool" mission to gain money & Prototypes.
2. Many scenarios that has save point (camera) to let you reload game disrupts story sequence, e.g. new scenario Dead Quagmire, I got killed during the boss fight against professor and his newly-made wife hence loaded game for once. The professor disappeared, and thus probably result into less Elixirs collected.
3. Scenario Dead Sands allows you to collect infinite amount of sand, and it won't disappear in later games. I am not sure whether this is intended to be set like this or it's just a bug, since the sailor won't ask sand again for passing the river.
4. Scenario Dead Quagmire allows you to dig "right" graves as a save point, even if you do not have the professor to hand in those limbs. The graves will respawn when reentering the scenario, regardless of how many times you dug them before.
5. Reentering some scenarios allow you to review its corresponding story, while others may not, e.g. Carnival Entrance.
6. Bestiary missing/misplacing several characters and enemies, e.g. the kamikaze blue sheep-like monster in scenario Snowed Under's "capturing rabbits" side quest does not come up in Bestiary. Many characters did not appear, some misplaced (the clown spirit in "characters" chart instead of in "enemies", while needs to be killed for passing corresponding scenario and its appearance and actions resembles more to your enemies rather than as a "character" e.g. binding your memory by its tongue)
7. Safes opening quests require brute force. The hints written on the board which shows "Read" is a bug. It cannot show up for reading by any means. I tried hundreds of times to open two of the current safes, one coded around 300 one another around 700.
8. When activated invincible ability, even though the Witch cannot hurt you, she can still gain health if leeching you in range.
9. More to be found

Gaming Balance Suggestions
1. Flame weapons' attack range is too low, while comparing to melee weapons they do not deal significant damage, which renders them useless when a combination of melee weapon and range weapon is necessary everywhere. Normally I do not use them due to relatively low damage output comparing to axes and blades & its minimal range.
2. Need MORE Guns. Gun types are too few, and one series of guns do not have great visual difference in use, making the gameplay very dull in later missions. Comparing to Sigma's Alien Shooter series, which sketches 9 weapon types in AS1 and more than 50 weapons in AS2/ZW2, it is too few. Even this game's own predecessor IAW original has 5 kind of weapons and 15 visually different weapons in total, 4 weapon types are just not enough. This game does not even have a Gatling, which is so disappointing when unlocked the final machine gun prototype.
While the game's visual looks fantastic, with so many efforts invested into artwork, I really suggest the developers to give players more weapons of choices otherwise would lower the game from its deserved profile.
3. Monsters needs rebalancing spawn amount, period and types. In the update log I saw that developers has fixed spawn issue, so I assume it won't be a problem.
4. The game need more in-scenario Elixirs or less item Elixir cost to unlock the full elixir-exclusive arsenal, otherwise players would have to restart a profile to try unknown elements of the game.
5. Clipsize of machine guns need some adjustment. Some higher tier guns have less clipsize, which makes little sense.
6. Certain monsters needs rebalancing abilities, HP, damages and traits, e.g. Fakir deals enormous damage even in late stage of game, while appear early (Tier 3 weapon just come up if lucky or carefully played). Screamer's protected frontal armor makes them invincible to ranged weapons, which decreases the entertainment of killing them. Ironically, they can be torn apart by melee weapons with relative ease.
7. Abilities need various adjustment. High DPS/rushing monster's presence would force player to choose invincible ability, which outmatch others cost-effectively; if the player did not choose so in earlier stage they will face relative difficulties in later games.
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2.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 23, 2015
It's just like in my nightmares, but with cool gun and cool music.
Shoot, slash, chop, burn, explode clowns!
It already has best atmosphere among other games of the genre.
Waiting for final revision.
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 17
i enjoyed this game very much i would like it more of it was possible to collect all the elixirs im ready to finish playing the whole game hoping it comes out soon.
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Not Recommended
6.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: February 4
I find this game floaty, and unsatisfying. Let me explain: by unsatisftying I mean that kills feel like nothing - it doesn't seem like you're doing damage (despite the pretty explosions 'n' h'what h'not.

I hope that it improves as it approaches its release, but I won't get my hopes up (too much).
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Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 15
Product received for free
I was left from this game with many mixed feelings, from story to gameplay. Repetitive, bland and as a whole, not that fun. It is no where near a terrible game, just not really worth your time and definitely not the asking price. There isn't really a good reason to buy it now other than to support the developers during Early Access. If you want to do that, go ahead.

I will post a revised review once it leaves Early Access.
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0.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 26, 2015
There are some issues which has to be done, but that's ok for 'early access' game.
Music in combination with graphics give really nice ambience, definitely, artists and composers are were inspired by 'Painkiller'.

Need MOAR metal!!! \m/ (>_<) \m/ heavy music + lot of guts = fun xD !

Thanks for the game, I'll be waiting for realease!
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Recently Posted
0.2 hrs
Posted: September 11
This game...I can't even say anything remotely positive about it. It looks like a game from the 90's and somehow doesn't manage to even run well on that. It's anti-fun. Shouldn't have been released at this stage, even if I got it for free I'd likely have deleted it. The multiplayer is also very clunky. I hate this game. I hate it. You'll hate it too, unless there's something wrong with you. If you play this, and like it...seriously, sort your life out.
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2.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: January 13
I am Weapon: Revival is a twin-stick shooter with an interesting atmosphere. Attack of the clowns to be precise. The plot is interesting: Having woken up in this strange land finding your corpse you must figure out what is going on. The landscape is a twisted horror carnival setting. There is a main plot and side quests. For an early access game this is a well polished version so far. Right now, you can catch it on sale and I recommend you do so as it should be on the list of pickups if you enjoy 3d top-down shooters. The hardest part about this game is that it starts in russian and you have to figure out how to convert it to English which if I remember correctly is the second tab option on the start up screen.

Here is a longplay of stages 1 and 2(spoilers here) if anyone needs to see a more detailed approach to the game and uncertain whether to purchase or not.

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4.7 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: January 2
I am not one to usually buy into EA games, but this one had interesting graphics and a cropped up on the Discovery Queue, was cheap and decided to go for it.

I was pleasantly surprised, the game is fun. nice upgrades, great graphics although the enemies can be a bit mindless sometimes.

The only minor hiccup was changing from Russian to English at the start.

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0.1 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: December 31, 2015
It's not even alpha version. It's a prototype for internal use.
Buy it only if you want to support developers as there is no reason to play in it now.
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