Squirrel-based Hardcore 2D Platformer. Save the Squirrel population from the evil robotic Squirrel, Shadowtail!
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Release Date: Jan 12, 2015

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“This game is extremely hard, extremely addicting, and a surprisingly unique addition to the genre.”

About This Game

The Squirrel population is in trouble! Shadow-tail, an evil, robotic squirrel has kidnapped squirrels and stolen all the gems from Squirreltopia! Get them back and defeat his powerful machines to take back your planet and prevent squirrel extinction!

Scurry through diverse levels, including deserts, forests, factories, and alien planets. Use the environment to your advantage, by utilizing bubble machines, bomb-blocks, balloons, invisi-blocks, and more!


  • Simple, addictive gameplay
  • 50+ Challenging levels! (don't worry, you have unlimited squirrels at your disposal)
  • ♫ Full Original Soundtrack
  • 5 Unique Worlds
  • Insane Boss battles
  • Play as many different squirrels, they will change with each life!
  • Cutting-edge squirrel tail physics!
  • Explore the overworld and find entrances to new levels. Play in any order!
  • Mini-games, unlocked by finding retro game cartridges hidden in levels
  • Keep track of your best times for each level, try to earn all the time trophies!
  • Secret cheat items that can only be earned by the most skilled Squirrels!

Throughout the worlds, there are many obstacles, some are dangerous, and some may help you on your journey....

Note: Linux/Mac versions hopefully coming

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching video games.

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects.

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms - children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures.

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by taking the following precautions:
• Play in a well-lit room
• Do not play when you are drowsy or fatigued
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.

Thanks for checking the game out!

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard, Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: 1.4 GHz processor or faster
    • Graphics: DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Onboard or better
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard, Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
49 of 54 people (91%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
20.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 23, 2015
I waited until finishing this game completely (100%, Minigames, Nuts, Time Trials) before writing a review for it.

Learning the patterns of the enemies and traps is fairly simple, you can figure out any level through trial and error. As the game progresses, the levels become more diverse, challenging and dependent on quick reflexes. You jump and you run: left, right - simple. The control mechanics are quite a deal different than most platformers and similar games - initially it'll feel like you're sliding on ice. To successfully beat levels you have to learn how to control your acceleration/deceleration and jump height, along with the timing that comes with it. None of the levels are reliant on random path entities or unguided events, which is a relief. The boss battles take a while to figure out; the AI is unscripted and at times quite random, selective - the player is wedged between playing aggressively or passively, determining which way is more effective. The goal is simple enough, however - just jump on their heads a few times, induce brain trauma.

There is no narrative, and thats not a bad thing, Squirreltopia does not need one. Your goal is to kill the evil super bad scary spooky mad-squirrel who has taken to some sort of kidnapping/genocide event. Perhaps the squirrel society does not take much care into mental illness, who knows. You command an ever-changing army of squirrels with their own fur coats and expressive faces; you must send countless squirrels to death, so if you get overly-attached or are a PETA lobbyist then this game probably isn't for you (and I hate you).

Story tl;dr - You good squirrels, many good squirrels die to destroy bad squirrels

The Dev is a great guy, he gets really involved with his community and throws frequent updates when necessary. He communicates with the players and it's easy to get in touch with him. Prior and post release he has given out tons of copies for lucky players to enjoy. Throw money at him, hes an indie dev we deserve.


+Fantastic Soundtrack ( I soon bought it afterwards)
+Cute and well made sprites, assets
+Original level design
+Difficulty increases at fair integers
+Insanely Satisfying to beat the more challenging levels
+The Dev is a great guy, he really cares about his game

-Some levels require overly precise, frustrating jumps and maneuvers
-Timing on 'death wall' chases can often be overbearing
-Few of the boss battles are more dependent on luck rather than learning the patterns and AI


/The controls take a while to get used to, for new players it'll feel 'off' but along the way you'll realize how well they suit the game mechanics.

Clocking my game at exactly 20 hours, give or take a few minutes - squirreltopia is definitely a bang for your buck, support him by buying the soundtrack in addition, too! It's only a dollar!

Look out for Domestic Dog, an upcoming game of his - I've played it and its a great deal of fun.
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32 of 37 people (86%) found this review helpful
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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 19, 2015
simple, charming, really nice soundtrack and really hard. if you enjoy murdering hundreds of squirrels in horrific manner, then this is for you
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35 of 44 people (80%) found this review helpful
24 people found this review funny
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 5, 2015
Squirreltopia in a NUTSHELL (GET IT?)
* It's got SQUIRRELS
* Extremely Challenging
* Horrible controls, which in turn makes the game even harder
* Music is ok but it gets a little repetitive
* Level design is made to be as obnoxiously unforgiving as possible, rather than creative or interesting
* Complete lack of gimmicks makes the game get old fast
* The way the screen scrolls gives me a headache
* It's only $4
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30 of 41 people (73%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 12, 2015
I'll just make this as quick and short as possible. The game is fun. It's a very simple design and has a bit of a mario feel to it in terms of physics and controls. However, the gameplay feels insanely rage inducing yet it makes you want to play more. The way death is handled is much less a punishment than a lesson. You respawn quickly enough to keep yourself going and wanting more. The game has really great graphics and soundtrack(which I hope will be downloadable soon)!

For the price it is right now (€3,99) it's a steal! I can assure you that you'll enjoy every minute of the game, even when you start raging!
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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 20, 2015
A quick paced and fun game. If you played the origional Sonic and Super Mario games but always secretly wished they were squirrel themed then this is the game for you! Checkpoints and bosses straight from Sonic with the world system from Mario with infinite lives and a time trial option! Also if that doesn't float your boat then there are fun little mini games that you can unlock more of as you progress throughout the story! A beautiful side scrolling platformer that has taken me back to my childhood but made it more squirrelicious. 9/10 would reccommend and my friends now also have copies so I have someones score to compete against...
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122 of 210 people (58%) found this review helpful
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 12, 2015
A squirrel steals squirrels so a squirrel has to squirrel up and rescue the squirrels

Also you play as a squirrel

Also the game is fun
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49 of 79 people (62%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 13, 2015
- Great art and music.
- Visuals are clear and easy to understand.
- Game provides good mechanics, maps, and level of challenge.
- Fun squirrel theme gives the game a lot of character.
- Controls aren't good, and your control settings are incredibly limited.
- Movement feels slow and clunky.
- Making your character move the way you actually want is very difficult.
- Game feels unpolished in many areas.
- Some things are rather unclear and unexplained to the user such as controls.

tl;dr, As someone who is a strong advocate for platformers, I'd have to say that I do not recommend this game to someone who is looking for a fundamentally 'good' platformer, however this game does provide some solid entertainment for its low price point.

This game looked fun and challenging, and the difficult trial-and-error style platforming looked appealing to fans of games such as IWBTG or Super Meat Boy. In these types of games, much of the difficulty comes in the intense level design which will have you making mistakes and repeating an area until you can perfect it. This works great in the aforementioned games, however in Squirreltopia that sort of enjoyment just isn't there. Instead of feeling like you made a mistake, it simply feels like the game's poor control and physics is what got you killed. Difficult and precise jumps in Squirreltopia simply feel like a mixture of timing and luck, and is not about the precise movement of your character. What should be trial and error while improving your skills and execution instead just feels like brute forcing your way through an area. You will constantly tell yourself "I could have gotten that if I could control my character better", and become quickly frustrated a you miss simple jumps onto small platforms because you held back a split second early and went helplessly falling into a pit without any chance of redirecting your character midair.

The default controls use arrows keys, left and right to move, and up to jump. You have to use the Enter key to enter through doors, but the game never tells your this anywhere so you just sort of have to try stuff out until you figure it out. You can change your controls to another preset configuration on the main menu, however the method of control I would have preferred using, "Arrow keys + space", did not even work. My space key did not do anything, nor did the up arrow, but interestingly the "WASD + space" configuration does correctly work allowing you to jump with space.

Understanding how to open levels that are locked off is unclear and unexplained. Understanding what the collectibles do or what they are for is incredibly unclear to new players, and you are unable to see which levels you have and haven't obtained items in.

That being said, many of the game mechanics such as the bubbles are fun and interesting. Level design over-all is pretty solid, and the game has a lot of charm and character. In a general sense, this game is actually quite good. However, given the terrible control you have over your character in a game where moving your character matters so much, it's difficult for me to genuinely recommend this game to anybody who truly enjoys intense platformer games.
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18 of 24 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
6.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 21, 2015
This game has problems. Yes. The controls are a bit odd to get used to and momentum still seems a bit slow to build but they're okay when you get used to them. That's not the real problem I have here. The real problem is the level design.

#1: ARBITRARY WAITING. No, I do not find it fun to wait around for obstacles to align in just a way to make progress possible. No, I do not find it fun to wait for literally no reason other than having a block disappear/a balloon or bubble respawn, or for a laser to deactivate. That is NOT FUN. It utterly destroys the pacing of at least half the levels. I'll go on record saying that cycle-based level design isn't particularly fun to begin with but they really go the extra mile here.
#2: Poor checkpointing. For one, this is a precision platformer where everything is instant death. You'd think more than one checkpoint in levels of this length would be mandatory. Even on top of that, some of the checkpoints are horribly misplaced. There are a few levels with the checkpoints literally right at the start and a full length level after them. There are plenty of levels with the checkpoint too early or too late so the second half is either much longer or shorter than the first half.
#3: Heavy emphasis on trial-and-error gameplay. A little bit would be fine (especially if the checkpoint system was better) but there are a decent number of levels where something will kill you that you couldn't have possibly seen coming (off the left side of the screen or from up above on vertical levels) that is just plain not fair, especially considering you could have to replay half of a level because of that. There's also lots of sections where you either have to study obstacle patterns really well or just keep trying things until you find what's intended of you. I'm not psychic, I will never be psychic, punishing me for not being psychic is pretty dang mean. This is a common problem in games, where the developer, having designed the levels, knows what's coming and doesn't see the flaws of their level.
#4: Awful, awful bosses. All 5 of them. They're very RNG heavy and two of the bosses you can't hit unless the RNG lines up for you. The third boss especially is pretty much pure luck to beat, as you have to wait for him to come down to the ground (which has taken upwards of 20 seconds for me before...) and then you have to hope you bounce high enough off him because you can't chain hits for some arbitrary reason. The battle can take a long time and you can be completely screwed over for no good reason. None of the bosses are very good though, nor fun.

There's other minor problems I have with the game (lots of tiny platforms you have to jump between, a good number of predict-the-laser-cycle parts, some awkward jumps, etc.) but those are the real dealbreakers for me. Aside from that. The collectibles are okay, though a lot of them rely on witholding information from the player (fake walls, invisible blocks, collectibles outright hidden behind scenery). The minigames... exist. I guess. I barely played around in them, they're all RNG hatefests. There's also time trials which I wouldn't dare attempt because playing through some of these levels with checkpoints and no time constraints was already frustrating enough. The graphics are meh, the music is meh, the story is nonexistent.

There's practically no difficulty curve too. I don't feel like the game ever got harder as a whole. There were always some levels that weren't too much of a challenge and some levels that were way too much of a challenge, and these are all over the place in the game. Even ignoring the (kind of clever) level progression system where you have to clear future worlds to unlock every level in a world. The ones locked weren't noticeably harder than the levels you played before in the world, or the levels in future worlds you had to play to unlock them.

Really, overall, why does this game exist, anyways? What does it bring to the table? It's a 3-button game. It is less complex than the original super mario bros controlwise. There is no wall jump. There are no powerups. You move left, right, and jump, that's it. The levels provide most of the gimmicks but there's nothing new. Bomb blocks that explode after you touch them. Bubbles/balloons you can bounce on to go higher. Lasers that turn on and off. Turrets that shoot at you. Occasional autoscroll or advancing wall segments. Nothing original or inspired. There's not really too much clever things done with these obstacles either, very little I haven't already seen before and seen done better. This feels like a product more than a labor of love. A game to fill space and to get money without anything that makes it worth the time spent playing it or the money spent buying it. Even if the level design was better, this is the real reason why I can't recommend this game. It has no reason to exist. It's the poor man's Super Meat Boy. Heck, no, it's the poor man's Mr. Bree - a game that itself is a poor man's Super Meat Boy. That game didn't have much special to it either but it at least felt like a project someone poured passion into (and it had decent levels too which helped, I guess.) And let me state for the record that I don't even like Super Meat Boy, but this game does everything Super Meat Boy does wrong way worse, and doesn't even have the feel of an ambitious indie project to make up for it.
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19 of 26 people (73%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 16, 2015
Garbage game with garbage gameplay and stupid repetitive music. Sucks nuts.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
7.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 5, 2015
A semi-hardcore platformer based on suicidal squirrels.

First thing that you need to know is that the movement goes by momentum - similar to Genesis Sonic. (slow start, goes faster over time)
It makes controls a bit harder to grasp, and some stages require tight maneuvers.

Overall once you get past the controls barrier, you'll find a rather challening platformer.
Stages aren't long, so the game can be played in short bursts.

Overall difficulty - 7/10
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Recently Posted
N A Y N !
1.6 hrs
Posted: August 10
Product received for free
i play it mostly in between queing times/loading times in my other games.. good past time love it
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0.2 hrs
Posted: July 24
Product received for free
For the .2 hours I played this game, I ran into nothing but tedium, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ design, and QIG syndrome (Quirky Indie Game syndrome), the controls are skewered and the levels are repetitive and bland, I got this game for free from a list of 100+ codes from an image and I still regret even putting any time into it.

Do not buy
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13.1 hrs
Posted: July 17
♥♥♥♥ I hate this game, it often does not respond to key pushes and this leads to ragequits so often. Dare of you have iron nerve.
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2.6 hrs
Posted: July 12
Squirrel suicide simulator - you'll get in thousand inextricable situations where killing your coloured block of a character will be the only way to get back to checkpoints. That's in the easy mode which could be seen as a mere tutorial to memorize levels by heart before the real thing - the hard mode where you get no checkpoints, instead you get timer to beat. The game is technically competent but has some sadistic features that are devilishly exploited in the game's design: momentary gap between landing and the ability to jump again; character's linear inertia and sliding add great challenge to platforming and runup technique to get over certain obstacles. No walljump makes it quite different from 'Super Meat Boy'. The thing is well playtested, there are no noticable bugs, so it's a definite choice for the hardcore fans of runner/arcade genre, but not for the general public, its artificial world got me exhausted in 15 minutes. Also the art seems so bland to my taste.

Симулятор самоубийства белочки - вам предстоят тысячи безвыходных ситуаций, где лишь убив своего квадратного героя можно вернуться на контрольную точку. Это в простом режиме, который можно рассматривать как обучение с запоминанием структуры уровней перед реальным делом - сложным режимом, где нет контрольных точек, а вместо них часы для прохождения на скорость. Игра технически безупречна, но имеет садистские особенности, дьявольски используемые в дизайне: короткая задержка между приземлением и способностью прыгнуть снова; линейная инерция персонажа и скольжение добавляют сложностей в преодолении платформ и технику разбега перед некоторыми препятствиями. Отсутствие прыжка от стенки сильно отличает игру от "Сверхмясного мальчика". Она хорошо оттестирована, глюков не заметно, так что для жестоких фанатиков бега по платформам это отличный выбор, но не для среднего игрока, здешний искусственный мир измотал меня минут через 15. Также оформление чересчур блеклое на мой вкус.
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Obey the Fist!
4.9 hrs
Posted: May 4
This isn't bad as 2D retro pixel scrollers go, because it's a slightly feature limited ripoff of SMB (without the head-brick smashing).

Technical implementation is very good, smooth, bug free gameplay and works on modern PCs with no problems at all, and a few nice options so you can customise the settings easily.

Otherwise you're doing the same old platformer stuff - nothing new to see here.

If you absolutely have to play a retro 2D pixel platformer, this might as well be it, but I still can't recommend games in a dead genre. I would like to see the developers put their minds to making a contemporary game with the same level of quality.
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2.6 hrs
Posted: April 29
Squirreltopia is a cute little platformer that is very difficult and you get to be a squirrel! It has nice 2D graphics, controls fairly well (jumps can be a bit frustrating at times) and has pleasant music. If you're hardcore platformer fan buy it!
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0.2 hrs
Posted: April 22
Controls are clunky. You cannot jump right as you land forcing you to slow down just before landing, thus killing the momentum that takes WAY too long to build. Visually uninteresting and music is meh.
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5.5 hrs
Posted: March 15
+when you die, start as a new Squirrel every time
-clunky controls
-not really interesting
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0.9 hrs
Posted: February 19
Its a cute, not so serious game.
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Squirrels McGee
2.3 hrs
Posted: February 15
This is a pretty hard, and to be honest unforgiving, game, however it is likely to beenjoyable for those who like 2d platformers,
+ the jumping puzzles and platform mechanics are well designed, controls seem pretty tight
+ overall aesthetic is nice
+ 10 points to gryffindor for squirrels gotyay *
- controls not as tight as they could be, sometimes you just have to rely on trial and error, i see people on here compare, quite fairly, to super meat boy, however i have only minimal experience with that game so i won't comment on it.
- no audio indications at all of jumping/landing, making timing precision jumps difficult at best, and infuriating at worst, since you have to rely solely on watching your character, when it should be you're watching the upcoming parts of the stages

solid 7/10 game imo fam, buy it if you like 2d platformers, buy it if you don't, either way i'm sure it will be entertaining
now i gotta go back and play some more

*(but seriously though, it has squirrels in it, what more could you ask for)
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