Towers of Altrac is a 3D Tower Defense cooperation game for up to 4 players with an innovative A.I. system “S.A.D.”, which makes your enemies intelligent . Fight against the horde of Goblins, Orcs, Dragons and other monsters on 62 unique maps. The game is for every level of player experience.
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Mixed (83 reviews) - 63% of the 83 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 5, 2015

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Towers of Altrac is a 3D Tower Defense cooperation game for up to 4 players with an innovative A.I. system “S.A.D.”, which makes your enemies intelligent . Fight against the horde of Goblins, Orcs, Dragons and other monsters on 62 unique maps. The game is for every level of player experience.
The surroundings go through a day night cycle which changes the atmosphere of the play constantly and offers together with the music a mystic ambience to the fantasy battle. Goblins, Orcs, Dragons and many other monsters control the world of Altrac. It should not be missing a numerous selection of towers. With ascending character level to a maximum of level 60, unlocks up to 10 useful special abilities to protect the victory of your race.

High replayability – play through of three main campaigns in about 45 hours. In cooperation mode for up to 4 players in the campaign or co-op matches with friends can be played many other times and gets more points of experience for the rise to level 60. The opponents are a guarantee for dynamic changes, beside some special maps with secondary targets or bomb targets which change the map difficulty level. Additionally, the game now features a Player versus Player mode (PvP) in Multiplayer.

Large number of enemies - more than 50 opponent types and dynamic npc dimensions give enough variety during the play. There are more than 600 different strength degrees of enemies in the course of the maps for a rising challenge.

A high number of 62 unique maps – Towers of Altrac offers in every map a unique road system with another map design. The available tower construction sites on the maps provide the necessary degree of difficulty.

3 Races of Towers of Altrac - With a total of 57 towers – The towers have 5 update levels beside her base level. The towers provide with different strengths and weaknesses what makes her use partly to the player strategy.

The Dreoks – The people of machine builders bring the technical aspect to Altrac. Their cannons and the high knowledge in the engineer's art enable to rule with fire and black powder in the air and on the ground.
The Eldran – The forest people consisting of elves and creatures of the nature place on her archers, eagles and ballistas. They fight against the hordes with the help of natural magic and poison.
The Kal'than – The magicians bring strong magic towers with themselves and can fight against many opponents all at once. They summon magical creatures, created dark portals and build floating fortresses.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Dualcore 2.0 GHz CPU or higher
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon X700, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: OSX Lion (10.7.5) or higher
    • Processor: Dualcore 2.0 GHz CPU or higher
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon X700, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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Not Recommended
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 5, 2015
I have played many Tower Defense games on all platforms (PS4, Android, PC, My Truck, AFG, etc) and I cannot reccomend this one. Scroll to bottom for quick summary.

You start off with picking a character and a name (There are quite a few each, with unique looks). I do not know if there is anything more than looks to these characters as there are no descriptions. So I picked the one that looks cool, a dragon.

From the main menu the GUI (user interface buttons) were quite huge taking up most the screen on my 46' 1920x1080 monitor. So I check the resolution and it was set to max. I then went to the graphic settings to see if I could scale down the GUI to make it smaller. There was no options, so I made sure the graphic options were maxed.

Graphic Settings:

I then decided to start the game which gives you a couple different options. (Campaign, Single levels, Co-Op, Multiplayer) I started the Campaign, which gives you three realms to choose from. Once again, no descriptions on these three realms so I choose the one that had my favorite color. After selecting the Blue realm it went through some pages of story lines that you click next on which brings you to the campaign map.

One of the three realms campaign maps (Total 62 levels between three realms):

On there I decided to see what special abilities were by selecting it. Looks like tower upgrades but am not sure as I did not play long enough at the time of this review to unlock any.

Tower Upgrades:

Once I entered the first level it was a little confusing trying to place my first tower. I shortly figured out that you can only place towers in the blue area's. Leaving, strategy placement pretty limited.

Tower Placement Locations:

But you can double up towers in the same blue spots, making a huge clusterfk of towers in a spot if chosen.

Multiple Towers in placement locations:

Through trying to place towers I discovered another flawed aspect of the game, the controls. You can only use the keyboard to move around and rotate your screen. You can only zoom in and out with the mouse.

Keyboard layout:

So between having a huge GUI blocking the screen, the controls not being user friendly, lack of details given about choices, not so great graphics, lack of tower placement for strategy, I CANNOT recommend this game at this time.

Up close graphics:
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Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 5, 2015
Let me start by saying i own most of the TD games ever released be it on pc or console.

There are obviously good and bad - i wasnt impressed by the latest port of bloons td which has never been a personal favourite anyway even though it has a large following. Then you come to game like this where basically i played the first map and will probably delete it. Graphically its abysmal, not bad but abysmal, lacklustre colours and palette and awful towers etc, basically the towers look like a small weed / few twigs. enemies are the same ,small pixelated faceless things. The landscape is really badly portrayed terrible textures etc.

Now we get to one of the worst areas of gameplay - controls . when placing a tower you are shown green areas on the map where you may place your towers you are not instructed how many you can fit into a green area so its trial and error which doesnt bode well with 500 enemies heading towards you. Moving the screen to place towers is also cumbersome WASD is used for the usual function which Q & A to rotate the screen with the mouse being used to place/remove a tower , all this is done with a fantastic jerky motion. And should you move / rotate far enough you get to see outer space yes a beautiful black area where the edge of the map would be on a well produced game.

I cant recommend this game in any capacity. If some poor unfortunate buys this and perseveres and it by some amazing chance gets better please let me know i would be willing to try again. As it stand i feel totally ripped off and wouldnt have been happy paying £0.99 for this game.
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43 of 59 people (73%) found this review helpful
26.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 6, 2015
Hesitant recommendation after a couple hours of playing this. Only for tower defense fans, and only if you can get it at a deep discount. It's very rough around the edges, and has an uninteresting boilerplate fantasy story. However, the tower defense gameplay itself is alright, and it seems to work reasonably well. Certainly, it's not the best TD game I've encountered, but I'm enjoying it enough that I want to keep going after getting a few levels under my belt.
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30 of 41 people (73%) found this review helpful
15.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 7, 2015
This review is of my opinion, I've only played TD games off of websites. This is my first one I've ever actually bought.

It's slow to get started due to odd difficulty settings. The difference between easy and medium are slim to none, but once you get the ball rolling you get the hang of it. It's fun in my opinion.

True, you only start out with 1 turret (basic) and 1 spell (frost, slow effect) but you unlock a new turret every map you beat. You can also upgrade the placed turret up to 6 levels significantly increasing their power. You unlock more spells when you level up your 'avatar/profile' by gaining experience after beating levels.

There are 3 factions to choose from, which are pretty unique. One is an industrial-modern-ish style with guns and cannons. The second one is a nature style faction, druid like, using trees, poision and bees. (Also birds, the first turret with that faction literally shoots out a bird at the mobs.) The third faction is pretty much a Mage faction, Arcane towers shooting missiles of magic and exploding their enemies, using a variety of magic to reign down onto the mobs.

The game is very basic, and is obviously using a pretty dated engine. I like the feel of it. I'm not sure why, but I like the feel they unintentionally/or intentionally put on it. Brings me back when I was a kid and used to go to the used book stores and find a bunch of PC games that were never sold sent to them in bulk.

The Co-Op in this is pretty great in my opinion as well. You and your friend are able to choose different or same factions to set up defenses on the whole map. One friend could place turrets where the mobs may spawn and you could place turrets where the adds are trying to get too. My friend and I have been playing this a good amount the past couple days and have been having a blast trying to beat the levels. They get pretty crazy when you get to end level waves. You can also do this with up to 4 people! Which is really cool imo.


+ Variety, a lot of turrets for a single faction. Which there are 3 factions. No factions have the same turrets just reskinned.

+ Maps, lots of maps

+ Co-Op, up to 4 people

+ Easy ability to control game speed (Also host can control game speed in Co-Op/Multiplayer)

+ Fairly straight forward and simple

+ Easy to run, probably my grandma's PC could run it

+ Nice camera distance view, allows me to practically see the entire map to watch over everything

+ Mobs don't follow 1 path every time you retry the same map

+ For a seemingly old looking engine, I was suprised it supported my giant Samsung TV I use for my main screen. (1920 x 1080p) with no issues. Also with the ability to go into windowed mode.


- Hotkeys, no where to be found. Going to end up clicking everything. When ♥♥♥♥ hits the fan and you're frantically trying to upgrade all of your turrets to withstand the horde it sucks.

- Difficulty, I feel like there should be no difficulty at all they Easy, Medium and Hard seem to be the exact same things.

- Dead online, haven't found a single game on their multiplayer server browser yet

- Turret placement, in this game you can only place turrets on certain spots on the map that are marked in a see through blue area on the ground. Some maps have very tiny ones that seem unfair and some maps have descently sized ones that seem fair and their clipping makes things difficult. It's hard to squeeze as many turrets as you can into one blue marked area. Some tiny turrets look like you should be able to squeeze 10 in, but in reality you can only squeeze in about 5. Not entirely game breaking, but it's still frustrating sometimes. I've been able to still get through the levels.

- No true Co-Op campaign unless you and your buddies are on the same faction. Now "Progress" in the game I would measure it to what turrets you have unlocked. Because the only way to unlock turrets is to play through your factions set of maps that you unlock in campaign. Due to that, which ever of the 3 factions you choose, they can only unlock their OWN turrets on their OWN campaign maps. So if your friend was faction A and you were faction B, and you both played his campaign map that unlocked his super turret and you beat it. You both would unlock it for only faction A and you would not unlock your faction B's super turret. It's kinda annoying, because it makes my friend and I alternate through each other's campaign maps.

- No lobby for multiplayer. Everytime you get finished with a game, it doesn't put you in a lobby to go again with the same people and choose a different map. It forces you to go back to the main menu and create/join a brand new multiplayer game. It get's pretty annoying after a while.

Not really a con, but I wish there was a sandbox mode in this, so I could just ♥♥♥♥ around a build what ever and see how long I could last.

I'm sure I left some things out but over all and hopefully they'll fix add some things in patches eventually. I'd say it's a pretty fun game. 6.8/10
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18 of 22 people (82%) found this review helpful
116.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2015
As you can see i have spent some time with this game and i´d like to give my 2cents.

When you are a fan of Tower Defense games this is the game you´d enjoy for sure.
To be honest there are many enjoyable things about the game, but it has it letdowns like medium graphics, sparingly balance issues, poor introduction for newcomers and some minor handling issues what is likely the reason for the medium reviews.

The good and bad:

+ Many big levels with a long playtime, increasing in difficulty, size and number of waves over time
+ 3 campaigns with different Towers, all upgradable to lvl 5, at least 15 towers per race
+ Mostly different choices available to beat a level (sometimes not --> see negatives, balance issue)
+ Some new ideas for TowerDefense, like secundary objectives the mobs want to destroy first, Mobs that spawn or heal other mobs over time --> so the same tactic doesn´t always apply (you´ll see what i mean)
+ Mobs can change their mind , turn around and take another path (not in every lvl, but some)
+ Just building towers randomly will make you loose the game
+ Good music ( i did not have the urge to turn it off after more than 100 hours gameplay), which is a good sign
--> every race has its own music themes and different songs
+ Game gets still updated
+ Imo worth it´s price
+ A simple level up-system for your character with 10 diiferent spells to learn and upgrade

- Medium Graphics... my first impression was bad because of the gritty black dots in textures. I guess it´s a style thing, but my eyes would be happier without them.
- Sometimes in some levels there are waves, that are out of balance and totally overpowered, especially the self healing mobs... you CAN defeat them, but hmmm, doesnt feel balanced well. Especially Dreoks Campaign after mission 13. So you have to take a specific tactic to prepare for meant wave (imbalance issue)
- you can´t move the screen with the mouse (minor handling issue), you have to use WASD or the arrow buttons
- on some ground textures you can´t see your own towers above them well enough... "where is it? i´m sure i´ve built it there, ah there it is..." (especially on lvl 1 when they are small)
- Some sound effects like the first tower of the "nature race" makes an annoying sound, especially when there are many of them. (The majority of tower sounds are good though)
- the game has multiplayer, but due to the lack of players i could not test it yet (nobody on, but singleplayer is fun enough)
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Not Recommended
10.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 5, 2015
This warcraft 3 custom map . . . I mean tower defense game is what you would expect from new developers. Crappy music, crappy menus and crappy presentation.

Spend 14 bucks feeding the homeless or buying this game? I think you know the answer.
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21 of 32 people (66%) found this review helpful
56.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 10, 2015
So, here we are with a quandary....

There is a lot to like about this game, no doubt about it. But unfortunately it falls into the "potential" category.

There is a great basis for one of the top games in this genre, but as yet, the game fails to deliver, chiefly because it suffers from a truly incompetent/archaic user interface and lousy "playability".

The game sets out to provide a gratifying user experience with the inclusion of multiple player profiles and campaigns and while this is so limited as yet (read meaningless so far), the player can drool over the possibilities that might offer in a genre (tower defence) that to date, has totally lacked this kind of wet dream.

Develop this aspect alone and the game designers have a winner.

While im no expert, I can honestly say that as a lover of tower defence games, This one has the best potential so far, but the worst delivery.

Fix this, and the sky is the limit for this game. (I mean for God's sake people, get rid of the keyboard WSAD interface in favour of edge of screen mouse scroll at the very least!).

At the special price, its really great value, but at the recommended retail, its very ordinary so far.

C'mon developers. lets see some commitment to improving it, and yes, I'd refresh it and even buy it again if you did,,... the possibilities are that good.

I recommend it at the sale prrice ($4 or less), but would have no issue in paying full retail for this game if it was developed a little better.

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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
4.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 2
I will never forget the time when Drat the goblin Lord strolled, without a care, through both my defences and my heart. His stoic nature, and his patient aura followed him onto the battlefield, even as thousands upon thousands of arrows peirced his soft green hide. He would even pause every few feet, just to look around at his surroundings (and seemingly into my soul) and then begin giving birth to 10-20 of his smaller clones, each of which also held his manly nature, though to a smaller degree. Even casting ice on his path would not douse the fire in his heart, as he continued to wade slowly towards both legend, and a place in my dreams.

- Drat the Goblin lord, who lives eternal in the depths of this game
- you do not have to put a password on your multiplayer games, due to small player-base
- You can zoom in all the way. Inspect the Rocks! the Trees! The Grass! Sometimes the CASTLES!
- Some towers throw nuts! Nut EVERYTHING!
- A whole bunch of campaign missions! Like a whole bunch! so many!
- Can be played in russian, german AND ENGLISH!


- Cannot be played in any other language
- The textures can look a bit blurry if you look at the screen
- no fast forward button

This game is like the dark souls of tower defense games. You either feel like you are breaking the game when you are winning, or you have a bunch of friends that make the game absurdly easy.

Thank you Drat, the rock of my life
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
55.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 9
Towers of Altrac is a challanging Tower Defense game. Its intelligent AI tries to screw you whenever it gets the chance to. You always have to build and upgrade your towers unless you want to survive the current enemy wave and the one who is next. It does have some minor issues of course. The optics are solid but not over the top and sometimes it is hard to find the right camera angle when there are mountains in the way.
I really like the multiplayer which allows cooperative gameplay.
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11 of 17 people (65%) found this review helpful
79.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 6, 2015
First off, I'll start by saying that I'm relatively new to tower defence games, (the only other one I ever played was one on my brother's phone) and so I'm not really experienced on what a good tower defence game should be like. That said, I'll go ahead and give my opinion on this one.


- 3D
- Charming landscape (especially with the update)
- Smart AI (If enemies keep getting killed going one way, they will try going the other way)
- Special enemies like Mages, who will keep spawning lesser units untill they die, Ghosts, who heal damage over time, and Bombers, who will blow open roadblocks to create shortcuts and/or new spawn points for your enemies (this can be extremely frusterating at times)
- 3 factions to choose from, all of which are completely different in the towers they can field (I like the gunpowder one best)
- Towers can be upgraded 5 times which in addition to doing more damage, can also unlock new abilities like being able to shoot at 2 or more targets at once
- Towers have different attacktypes such as normal, fast, strong, stun, slownown, poison, ect.
- limited spaces to place your towers. Some people would put this down as a con, but I like it (although it too can be frusterating at times) because it adds more strategy to the game
- Mana that builds up overtime as you kill enemies which can be used to cast different spells like increasing the amount of gold you get, increasing the amount of damage your towers do, or even freezing all your enemies for a few seconds!
- Experience system thats lets you unlock/upgrade spells
- Lots of stratagy
- Lots of maps
- Supports Multiplayer


- No multiplayer, unless you have friends to invite to a game, I have yet to see a game on the public server
- Bug, if you use a gold spell to increase income and you already have a smaller gold bonus via a tower you built, the tower now produces the large bonus from now on even after the large bonus wears off (unless you upgrade the tower in question in which case it will again produce the smaller bonus. However, once upgraded if the large bonus is again used, the same thing will happen). However, this may have been fixed in the last update

All in all, I think it's a great game. If your already a tower defence fan, I say go for it. If you havn't played a tower defence game before, but think they look cool, I'd say this just might be the game that gets you into the genre. If you don't feel like paying $10 for it, just wait untill it goes on sale, or ask a friend who already has it to get you a copy "so we can play multiplayer"
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Recently Posted
93.0 hrs
Posted: June 19
Uninspired and tedious Tower Defense game with subpar graphics and very boring towers.
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137.4 hrs
Posted: June 18
Best value for the money of any game I have purchased off of steam. Yes, the arrow keys to move and rotate the view gets a little difficult at times, but for the price I paid I have spent several hours already on this game.(works out to pennies for an hours worth of play) On medium difficulty I am stuck at about level 14 on each of the races. Hats off to the 3 brothers who obviously spent a lot of time crafting this game. I look forward to more games from you guys in the future.
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44.7 hrs
Posted: March 2
I really liked to play this game. I wait ToA 2 with more towers, enemies and I hope better graphic!!
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8.6 hrs
Posted: February 24
This game is bad and ugly almost everywhere, very amateurish, unpolished uninspired and poorly executed. Can give you some time to play if you are ok with that visuals, sound and everything but overall there is nothing more or better it is only more of the same. I would want simpler game, less levels but more polished but here I can't find anything that can make me stay for longer of want to come back ever again.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: February 24
Idiot developers!

Whilst you are trying to figure out where or how to place your towers, the enemy will simply walk all the way to their goal!

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16.4 hrs
Posted: January 10
Avoid this at any cost!
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Weaboo Warrior
7.1 hrs
Posted: December 21, 2015
Amazing Game..
Got to say for a tower defense game there is no better.
Looks great..
Still in works..
It is hard but in a fun way..
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