A lighthearted hybrid of a point-and-click adventure and a metroidvania platformer, the game takes place in a spooky, ancient Hagmore School of Magic on the night of an important ritual. The preparations are sabotaged, and you, Belle Macfae have been scapegoated into fixing it.
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Very Positive (79 reviews) - 89% of the 79 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 15, 2015

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March 10

Mystik Belle has received a French localization!

Hello there guys and gals!
Mystik Belle has just been updated with another language option. This time it's a full French localization courtesy of the awesome Steam user Jelogisa, who has done the whole thing by himself, using the retail copy of the game.

So, whoever was on the fence regarding Belle's adventury goodness due to lack of French dialogue option - you no longer have an excuse!


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January 20

Mystik Belle is now available in Spanish!

Hello there guys and gals!
Just as the title suggests, with yesterday's update Mystik Belle has received a full Spanish localization courtesy of one awesome dude - Javier Fernández Romero who did the translation work all by himself, using only the stock retail copy of the game. Flippin' amazing! Mr. Fernández does localization work commercially, so if you ever in need of such services, hit him up on Twitter (@windfish_), or via his website.

So, if lack of Spanish language option has ever been your barrier to entry, now you have no excuse!: )


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“Mystik Belle is a great title and quite an accomplishment considering it is mostly the work of a single developer.”
8.7 – GameRamble

“The game looks fabulous, and by combining point-and-click item puzzles and solid sidescrolling combat, it's just a fun, intelligent game to play.”

“The game is also gorgeous, a real impressive work of sprite graphics. Every character and monster is huge and finely detailed, from their slightest movements to their clothing and features.”

About This Game

Being a student of mystical arts is hard work, doubly so if you are Belle MacFae - a freshman student at Hagmore School of Magic. The teachers and the staff are mean, her friends are few, and her grades suck. Worst of all – Belle has a tendency to be at exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrongest time. Like tonight, for example, when she stayed up late to practice her fire magic, but instead got framed for upsetting an ancient ritual. And what better way is there to punish an unlucky first-year student, than to charge her with an impossible task on the worst night of the year? Re-create the Walpurgisnacht Brew, or be expelled, and with all manner of spooks taking over the school, expulsion is starting to sound better by the minute.

Inspired by games like Slightly Magic, Puff in Dragonland, and the Dizzy series, Mystik Belle is a hybrid of a classic point-and-click adventure and a modern metroidvania. While playing it you can expect to do some of the following:
  • Get hopelessly lost in the massive school building and its surrounding areas.
  • Find items and solve inventory puzzles. Or just clog up your pockets with useless junk.
  • Interact with other inhabitants of Hagmore. Learn clues, help them out, ruin their day with angry flies.
  • Fight through hallways infested by over 60 unique monster types.
  • Defeat 8 bosses.
  • Learn new magical and not-so-magical abilities.
  • Ogle at retina-burningly colorful pixel art.
  • Punch Cthulhu in the face.

Be warned though - Mystik Belle is NOT just a metroidvania - it's a true adventure game. You will not get far without having to solve inventory puzzles or talking to people.
Lastly, the game may contain some language not suitable for younger kids.

Due to middleware problems as of launch the game has the following issues:
  • OSx version of the game doesn't support the Steam features like the overlay, achievements and trading cards. I will look for a way to get this sorted out as soon as I can. You can still get the game's internal achievements which will transfer to your Steam achievements once this is fixed.
  • Linux version of the game appears to only reliably support the Xbox 360 controller. This is a known issue of all GameMaker Studio games. More information regarding it can be found here.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel Atom 230
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel 945 Express
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 25 MB available space
    • OS: OS X 10.9.5
    • Processor: Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 30 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor: Intel Atom 230
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel 945 Express
    • Storage: 25 MB available space
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Very Positive (79 reviews)
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Jinx Adnix
( 2.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 1
OK, not the worst game ever by any stretch, and I must say, I love the art.

The game play seemed OK at first, Metroidvania fun more on the Castlevania side with the platforms animies and levle ups but Metriod\'s item system. But as I played I saw the items where more like what you find in a point and click game which may have been OK if not for the fact you can only hold 5 at any time and have to go back and get what you need if you dropped it before.

I would have forgiven this if nor for the reeper chacing you after a bit which makes me feel the needs to ruch though wish isn\'t that good in a game like this as itś way to easy for him to block my path.

I see most of you seem to like it so maybe I am just missing something but really it\'s just not for me.
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( 9.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 26
So Kawai.

What else do you need?
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( 6.5 hrs on record )
Posted: April 11
Little Witch Metroidvania is a cute and fun game that will entertain any fans of either the metroid games or point and click adventure games. My only complaint is it seriously falls apart at the end, with the final boss being incredibly underwelming.
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( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: April 8
Cute Castlevania-equse continous world exploration platformer with an element of point and click adventure puzzles. It's got very floaty slow feeling jump, which initially put me. However the game has a very forgiving health system and contact damages both you and enemies which makes up a lot for the style of the controls.

Initially I was stuck because I wasn't expecting the inventory puzzles to work they way they did, but after you get the concept it seems to become much easier.

The developer clearly deeply cares about the characters and setting ad revelaed by the art dialouge, and some of the technical details (expanding dialog panels, multiple light source shadows) also show a real attention to detail.

Ultimately I was charmed by Belle, it's worth a look!
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( 4.7 hrs on record )
Posted: April 8
Nice Metroidvania style game with surprisingly happy 8-bit music, a neat art style and of course lots of nods to the classics. The game is more on the adventure side with the need of searching items and combining them to progress through it, and it may sometimes be a little confusing for that very reason. Overall it's pretty short (about 4-6 hours for a regular run) and not very hard when you understand how to defeat the enemies and bosses.
I recommend it to the fans of the genre who are looking for small titles to play through.
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( 5.6 hrs on record )
Posted: March 17
Short metroidvania like game with a story and gameplay that isn't long, but still enjoyable. I really don't mind throwing my 7.5 euros away for this game. It was worth it. Wish there was more to it though, it would've kept me playing longer.

Game has an achievement to complete it under an hour so you CAN do it, so bear that in mind when you are buying it.
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: March 14
Gorgeous sprites, funny dialogue... and I can finally live my fantasy of being a woman and a wizard. 10/10
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( 1.9 hrs on record )
Posted: March 6
Nice platformer with charming graphics.
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( 7.1 hrs on record )
Posted: February 10
Metroid sidescroller with megaman combat, mixed in with an adventure game item collection mechanic.

I hadn't heard of this game before, but gave it a shot.

Ultimately, I like the game for what it is. The backgrounds are well-done and have varied design and lighting effects. The character designs are that charming pixel-art style. The combat is familiar shoot-em-up action.

If I'm being harsh, the main flaw of the game is obvious the second you kill something. There are no death animations. It seems like a small gripe, but, its very awkward to see everything just expand out and fade when you kill them.
It sticks out at you and gives the game this odd, unpolished feel.

Not sure if they didn't have the time or resources and did as much as they can elsewhere, because, again, everything else about the game seems sharp.

In any event, its a solid game that's fairly challenging (though, with the RPG system, you can just grind your way to being OP).
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
9.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 26
So Kawai.

What else do you need?
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34 of 41 people (83%) found this review helpful
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13.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 22, 2015
This game is pretty much what it describes itself as: a Metroidvania + Point & Click Adventure game. If you have a problem with either of these genres, you might not enjoy the game but I love both so this is great for me.

For the P&C half you will be rubbing together items and trying to use them on characters/objects until you find a combination that works. This is pretty much a staple of the genre so I always find it odd when people complain about this mechanic. Most of the puzzles I've come across so far are pretty straight-forward, though. You should be able to guess what will work and what won't. The game does let you pick up useless items but I also found a dumpster that lets you throw out said useless items so if you've got stuff filling up your inventory, take a trip to the dumpster and if the game lets you throw it out, you won't need it. A pretty decent system, if you ask me.

The Metroidvania half is pretty much what you would expect: RPG leveling, places/items you can see but can't get to yet, backtracking, etc. You have a fireball attack (rapid fire is present so feel free to spam the attack button), a melee attack (automatically gets used when you try to shoot a fireball when you're too close to an enemy) and jumping to start off with but with upgrades as you progress.

Overall, it's a great game so far with few complaints and those complaints are very minor:
1 - The default gamepad controls were awkward and while you can remap the keyboard keys you can't remap the gamepad buttons so expect to open your gamepad software and make a profile for this game if you want to use your gamepad. (EDIT: Has been fixed in a patch.)
2 - The game uses the same button to open/use inventory as it does talking to people or inspecting objects so when you're trying to rub items on things you have to stand on the person/object to talk to/inspect them and then take a step to the side to try to use items on them. It's slightly awkward but not anything that breaks gameplay. You get used to it. (EDIT: Has been fixed in a patch.)
3 - Sometimes when I try to use items it will exit out of the item menu without trying to use it. Weird. Make sure to pay attention for the SFX for an item being used. If there's no SFX it canceled so you'll have to try again. (EDIT: This only happened for a few hours of my first run and then the controls started working fine after that. Not sure what the issue was.)
4 - I have come across a couple very minor bugs. I have a thread on the forums describing them. Nothing game-breaking. The dev is also on top of fixing them.

As I said though, those are all fairly minor issues. The game runs well, looks good, the characters and aesthetic are charming and it has a decent length, taking me about 8-9 hours to beat it the first time and about 15 hours to 100% complete it. If you like Metroidvanias and Point & Click Adventures then you should check this game out.
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24 of 26 people (92%) found this review helpful
11.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 3, 2015
It’s a beautiful and cute game with great soundtrack and criminally low sales. You definitely should buy it, if you are into cute metroidvania-esque games with some quest elements.

You can call this game “cutelvania”: it’s cute and it’s metroidvania. You will explore a big magic school with paths blocked here and there, fight nicely designed but, sometimes, generic bosses and progress toward the end. The “True end” can feel a bit of anticlimactic, but I think that in it lies a twist and a lesson about how humanity evolved and became much stronger than SPOILERS.

Gameplay: it is your metroidvania: you explore the school; you find bosses; you defeat bosses; you gain abilities to progress through previously blocked paths. Some path requires you to solve puzzles just like old point and click adventures: here, have a bunch of items, now try to think how to combine them. Sadly, Belle’s inventory is limited, so you need to think what you will carry around and what will you leave near the portal. Jumping and moving are kinda slow and “floaty” which leads to frustration at some sections (mostly, with bosses). Hitboxes are big, unfair and make me sad.

Story: it’s cute and nice. No betrayals, no backstabbing, no evil plans — find ingredients for potions and enjoy colorful levels and enemies. I would surely play this game with my daughter (if I had one)

Characters: My teacher loves to unwind at nightclubs. Which is lovely.

P.S. For more awesome hidden gems, follow the steam CRIMINALLY Low Sales curator.
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24 of 27 people (89%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
7.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2015
<Disclaimer – This game was provided free for review purposes>

Mystik Belle is not your typical platformer. It manages to beautifully mash-up elements of Metroidvanian exploration and progression with logic based item puzzles typical of point and click adventure games. Throw in a handful of colourful characters, challenging boss fights and more raw oozing charm than you can shake a broomstick at, and the result is a fresh experience that remains enjoyable and satisfying all the way through.

In this game, you play as the Eponymous Belle McFae, a smart alecky, foul-mouthed witch in training who has just been framed for the destruction of the annual Walpurgisnact brew. After a thorough chewing out by her teachers, she is instructed to find three rare ingredients to make a new brew before sunrise. The initial story on offer in Mystik Belle is serviceable, and becomes more intricate as you progress, but what really fleshes out the world and makes you invested in the game, are the characters that Belle will encounter on her mission. The writing manages at all times to be entertaining and full of charm – each character has their own unique personality and Belle’s interactions with them are definitely a high-point of the game. The attention to detail shown by the developer is fantastic, with many characters having unique dialogue lines and interactions for each item presented to them. Be it a hint on how to use it, or just a really meta nod to the player, these conversations between Belle and her friends were a real treat and while they added very little to the actual gameplay, still had me going back with each new item I found.

As stated, the gameplay is divided between platforming/combat and item puzzles. These puzzles should be familiar to anyone who has ever played a point and click adventure game – they consist of finding an item, and figuring out where to use it, or what other item to combine it with. Generally I found it enjoyable trying out different item combinations, as even when using the wrong item, Belle chimes in with a witty one-liner. The main problem I felt that this area of the gameplay suffered from was the inventory limit. Belle can only hold so many items before having to drop one, and towards the start of the game you are just collecting items with no idea what to do with them, additionally, the map only indicates where an item has been left, not what it is. This results in a lot of unnecessary backtracking and head scratching trying to remember where you left a specific item. I appreciate that metroidvanias often involve a lot of backtracking but this felt a little forced as though it was included simply to create the need to backtrack. Overall though, I felt that the adventure aspects on offer were solid, and were a lot of fun to experiment with.

As for combat, Belle begins simply with the ability to jump and shoot fireballs, but, in true Metroidvanian fashion, as you progress and level up, your arsenal of magical powers will expand to enhance both your combat abilities and means of traversal. The controls in Mystik Belle are certainly not as tight as I would have liked, resulting in a lot of cheap hits from foes. This is compounded by the sheer amount of enemy fire on screen, and the erratic patterns of flying enemies. Often I would lose a large chunk of health on the way to a boss and be forced to farm hearts for a few minutes. Thankfully, when enemies enter melee range, you can smack them with your broom, killing most small foes outright. I would have liked this melee attack to have greater application, such as deflecting enemy fire, this would have made combatting bosses much more enjoyable and enhance the combat system by forcing you to decide when to attack and when to defend. For better or worse, the combat remains very simplistic, with the unlockable charge shot being the weapon of choice for most encounters. Levelling up does improve your standard fireball attack considerably, but some involvement in the level up system would have been appreciated, as opposed to an automatic process.

Not too far into the story, Belle unlocks the dash ability, and this is easily the most painful part of the game. Dashing is performed by double tapping left or right and frequently activates by accident or more commonly, not at all. There is absolutely no need for dash to be assigned to the directional buttons. The triggers and bumpers on the gamepad aren’t even used for anything, and could have easily accommodated the dash ability. This seems like a strange oversight, and hopefully it can be patched by the developer, because not only is the dash unresponsive, it doesn’t feel as satisfying to perform as it should. This makes both getting around, and evading bosses harder and less enjoyable than they otherwise would be.

Despite one or two mechanical hiccups, Mystik Belle is still an exceptional game, and if there are two areas where it really shines, it’s in its sound, and graphical design. Mystik Belle is straight up gorgeous and looks as though it was designed for the Sega Megadrive (or Genesis for you yanks), and this is by no means a criticism. The pixel art and animations within Mytik Belle are truly impressive and reminded me of the Shantae series throughout. It also proudly boasts some of the nicest shadow effects I’ve ever seen in a 16-bit game, which combined with the often spooky atmosphere of Hagmore Academy result in a visually stunning, well realised game world. The soundtrack by Dan Rogers is another real treat. From the mysterious opening theme alone I could tell that this was going to be a good game. The frenetic, eerie chiptune tracks perfectly reflect the environs of the academy, and each is a joy to listen to. The tracks are diverse enough to not sound monotonous between areas, while retaining the same style throughout.

I greatly enjoyed the time I spent playing Mystik Belle, and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, old-school platformer game. For the work of a single man, Mystik Belle is a truly exceptional achievement, and I can’t wait to see what Andrew Bado, and LastDimension bring us next. The combat mechanics are a little rough around the edges, but the sense of exploration, progression and experimentation are as enjoyable and rewarding as many top shelf metroidvanias. If you want a game that’s oozing with style and charm from start to finish, look no further than Mystik Belle.

+Gorgeous Pixel Graphics
+Stellar Soundtrack
+Terrific writing
+Solid adventure aspects

-Combat is a little rough
-Dash mechanic


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20 of 23 people (87%) found this review helpful
8.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 23, 2015
For purposes of a numbered review: 7/10 (This is subject to change pending any possible future changes to the game that may or may not occur)

At the time of this review (5/24/15), I have had many hours of play, and I have managed to complete the game on the "True Ending". That being said, many of the issues that I had with my first hour of play, did not get better, and in some cases did in fact get worse. I will touch base on those later. What I want to address first, is why I believe the game is worth investing in.

This is actually a well planned out hybrid of point and click collection/puzzle solving, and action platforming. Like the genre it pulls gameplay from, you can expect to need to observe your surroundings, and visual ques that the game does in fact deliver, and read what the NPCs have to say, not only about events, but the items you have available in your inventory. As you collect new abilities you are granted more access to the school. As you progress through the school, you gather more items to use and combine to solve the various puzzles that are presented to you. These puzzles are not overly complicated.

The sprite work in the game is spectacular. The sprites are large and detailed. The levels are also masterfully detailed too. The soundtrack to the game is also pretty fun too. All of these features make for a great base for a game. And if you can look past some of the current flaws that the game has, you will get a pretty enjoyable, and fun title that can occupy a good three hours for your first playthrough.

The following information will be a few issues I currently have with the game, and suggestions to fix the problems:

1) The backtracking. While this issue does not necessarily bother me overall, I can definitely see where this games flavor of it can and may drive some players off. As it stands, the game only allows you to carry five items in your inventory at one time. The chore of the matter comes from the large variety of items that you can encounter at any time. Several periods of time in the game will have you working with six to ten items, some of which may, or may not be useful. The way the game is designed, you have to do alot of switching to figure out which ones are which.

In classic metroidvania fashion, you go one direciton toward a boss. Enroute to that boss, you may find some areas you cannot access. Defeat the boss then move to a different area of the school. Along the way find yet another area you simply cannot access. Gather abilities, rince repeat, gain access to more areas of teh school. This should be the only real reason you should have to backtrack and even successful metroidvania games get slammed some times for the rediculous amount of backtracking involved. This game does the player no favors by limiting the item inventory to five.

I personally believe this game does not need the limitation. The way the game runs at the time of this review, the limited inventory only serves to pad the length of the game in an annoying fashion as opposed to a constructive one. Personally, I don't mind the item management to much. I do however understand that other players may, and I will acknowledge that this feature of the game does in fact slow progress down. Considering the other half of the game is action platforming, the last thing you want to do in the game is provide reasons to drag down progress.

2) The action platforming elements. I found that the game has an issue registering double taps of any action that is NOT your attack button. I found that attack, responded 100% to every button press, where double tapping a direction to dash, or double jumping did not reliably work all the time. When portions of the game literally rely on accurate dashes and double jumps to gain ground and progress, it really hurts playability when these two actions do not work 100% of the time. I honestly don't know if this is a simple programming issue, or if there is something else wrong like unclear rule definitions (IE the limitations, and requirements to pull off the actual abilities. Timing and delay rules). There were countless incidents during my live Twitch streams where the Dash ability was not working, and the Double Jump ability did not respond when it should have.

I STRONGLY recommend adding an extra button that can be applied to the dash special ability. Performing the dash ability is single handedly the worst aspect of this game, and a total gameplay destroyer in my opinion. I found that the seemingly random activation of the dash ability was by far more annoying and infuriating than anything and everything else that the game has to offer. By applying the dash button to one key/button, it will help to constructively accomodate what is currently a broken dash system, by limiting the amount of times an accidental dash occurs. There were times when I hit left then right and ended up dashing. This issue sends me off ledges, or into shots and enemies that I would not have otherwise experienced. Like dashing in a chose direction, these accidental dashes seem to happen randomly, and only when I was franticly dodging enemies and their bullets.

I am not saying to remove the double tap all together. It would be more constructive to just simply add an option to turn double tapping on or off, and enable an actual dash button. In the end, I seriously found the dash to be one of the most detrimental elements that this game had on my enjoyment. Of all of the issues, (even the game breaking ones), this NEEDS to be fixed.

3) There were numerous occasions where I was unable to actually finish the game. Once, I had the science ninja fight end, and the science ninja ended up dropping the copper wire on the ceiling, preventing me from collecting an item nessesary for completion.

I also had an incident that happened twice (one with a happy ending). I finished a boss fight, and died due to the left over bullets during the bosses death throws. Before I was even able to learn the ability from the boss, I was teleported back to the council chamber, and denied the actual ability I was supposed to earn from the boss. This, as expected, left me unable to complete the game (the boss in question was the evil tree boss BTW) I had a similar incident occur during my live stream, but I did manage to get the ability.

All of these three issues taken into concideration, the game doesn't feel like it is an early access title (meaning it feels like a flawed full release that is waiting on patches to fix the launch issues.) I had alot of fun with the game, but think I will wait on my speedrun attempts until the dash/double jump issues are fixed. Given the price point, the game is worth a look. And should the three issues I have with the game be addressed, I would say that it is definitely worth a purchase.
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12.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 31, 2015
Very enjoyable hybrid of the "metroidvania" exploration platformer style with the inventory use creativity of point-and-click adventure games. Rather than simply gating features with specific items in a linear or otherwise hackneyed fashion, this game involves using the right items in the right places to further one's explorations, and occasionally combining multiple items.

Overall, the game is a pleasure to play. (There's one mechanic whose controls are a little annoying at times but it's still workable.) Bosses can be rather difficult, so it is important to know when to stay back and dodge and when (and how) to go all-in with one's attacks. The music, a chiptune soundtrack by Dan "Myoosic" Rogers, is enjoyable, too -- a little bit on the bright side at times, but it fits the sense of childish playfulness that this story exudes.

Most important and most impressive, however, are the script and the art. The art is gorgeously detailed, and the developer's skill at creating beautiful sprite art really shines through -- sometimes literally, as even the lighting effects show an attention to detail. The script, including numerous unique responses of characters to various items that you can show them, is similarly detailed and filled with great and often humorous characterization.

I recommend keeping your excess items -- anything you don't yet know what to do with -- in a warp room. You can just leave stuff there and it'll stay there, don't worry. The mini-map even tells you where items are, indicated by dots in the rooms. Characters who can help you identify the uses of items will be near warp rooms. In general, just remember to be observant of what characters say, which contains lots of clues.

(Disclosure: I acquired this game for backing the Kickstarter for the game Legend of Iya.)
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 17, 2015
I always say that Indie Games are like finding gems, you've got to get through the rough to find them first. Mystik Belle is a gem of an Indie game, deserving far more attention then it has gotten. From the art style, to the Metroidvania elements, everything in the game works well and cohesively. Playing Mystik Belle feels like catching up with an old friend, it just fits and feels right. Exploring a huge castle that slowly expands as you gain more spells and abilities. The game is fun, challenging, and does little to no hand holding whatsoever. This aspect is of particular of importance to note, given the games Point & Click features. Several moments in the game require you to combine or bring a correct item to a certain point in the game. The themes and music of Mystik Belle, are full of charm, and you can easily tell were a labor of love. Now that isn't to say that Mystik Belle is a perfect game. There are plenty of times in the game where you can feel overwhelmed and downright lost. The inventory system requires you to plan ahead and sometimes backtrack to complete a particular quest. However, the good vastly out weighs the bad in this game, long as you play smart. With 8 bosses, plenty of spells, and plenty to explore and find, Mystik Belle is going to give you plenty of bang for your buck. Throw on top of that some steam achievements, cards, controller support, and you've got a great game that deserves your attention.

I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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5.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 2, 2015
Mystik Belle is a very enjoyable hybrid between metroidvania and inventory based adventure games, similar to the old Dizzy games or the more recent Spud's Quest made in the same style. Compared to its predecessors, there's a bit more action to help round out the metroidvania half of the experience, much to the game's benefit. Both halves are well made and then combined together into a game that's greater than the sum of its parts.

As a metroidvania, the controls are responsive and the boss fights challenging. Exploration is fun and rewarding, with lots of unique items to pick up. Map exploration requires puzzle solving in addition to acquiring new abilities, lending a fresh feeling to the traditional metroidvania formula.

As an adventure game, the puzzles are sensible and there are ample hints to keep you moving instead of getting stuck for too long. Many items have amusing effects when used in different locations, so even being stuck can be fun in its own right. Leveling up takes the sting out of backtracking or wandering around while stuck, rewarding you with increased health and the occasional attack upgrade for your effort.

Simply put, Mystik Belle is a fun and well designed game that's easy to recommend to metroidvania and adventure fans alike (and especially to fans of both). It's all the more impressive that it was made mostly by one person.
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 23, 2015
Great little game!

It is "kinda" like a Metroidvania - but the game its most like is Dizzy (and its bajollion sequels) - What we used to call an "Arcade Adventure" (blooming kids, get off my lawn, etc) A Limited inventory, some puzzles, some platforming - Take Item A and Combine it with Item B to make Item C, take Item C to location D and so on, with the swine being if you take item A, you have to leave item Q behind...Is it important? , will I need it later? Will I remember where I left it...?

Its Old School in what I personally think, is a very refreshing way - I've not played a game like this since I was a kid :)

Beautiful pixel graphics, lovely chip-tune music, old school gameplay - Love it
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19.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 22, 2015
An awesome blend of some of my favorite games, or at least that's what I see when I play, and that is what matters. It may be a coincidence that the story is about a failed cauldron experiment, but I assure you this particular experiment was a success. A little bit of SOTN, a touch of Dizzy ( without the horrible controls ), throw in an artistic style that Wayforward would be more than proud to have called their own, and with a pinch of Popful Mail and a dash of Magical Pop'n, stir it all up and you get Mystik Belle. Cheers Enjoy!

P.S. If you do enjoy this gem you might want to give "Spud's Quest" a try, they appear to share a few inspirations
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