Kick Some Brick in I through VI Play through all six Star Wars movies in one videogame! Adding new characters, new levels, new features and for the first time ever, the chance to build and battle your way through a fun Star Wars galaxy on your PC! New Gameplay Features with enhanced Force Powers, new power-ups and new Challenge Modes.
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发行日期: 2009年11月12日


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Kick Some Brick in I through VI
Play through all six Star Wars movies in one videogame! Adding new characters, new levels, new features and for the first time ever, the chance to build and battle your way through a fun Star Wars galaxy on your PC!
  • New Gameplay Features with enhanced Force Powers, new power-ups and new Challenge Modes.
  • Solve Puzzles through the use of creative thinking, teamwork and unique building situations.
  • Over 120 playable characters, and new characters like Watto, Zam Wessell, Boss Nass and more!
  • Upgraded Character Customizer allowing millions of possibilities. With character parts from all 6 movies, create cross-Trilogy mash-up characters like Han Windu and Lando Amidala.
  • Redesigned levels like the "Mos Espa Podrace" and "Gunship Cavalry" to take advantage of the the open vehicle gameplay of LEGO Star Wars II.
  • Bonus levels and missions allow you to take 10 additional Bounty Hunter missions from Jabba the Hutt in the prequel trilogy.
  • Two Player Local Co-Op lets friends and families play together.


    • OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista
    • Processor: Intel P3 1.0GHz or AMD Athlon XP or higher
    • Memory: 156MB of RAM, 512MB required for Vista
    • Graphics: 128MB Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 Capability
    • Hard Drive: 5GB of free space
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Nostalgia: The Experience
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A generally fun game to play with younger kids. There are no "lives" so you can trial and error your way through all combat scenarios. Some frustrating jumping puzzles and boss fights might impede progress of some. Also, if you need a game that has about a billion unlockables and collectables this one might do it for you. The Lego treatment of the starwars stories is well written and entertaining.
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This gave me a huge rush of Nostalgia 10/10
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It's Star Wars. It's LEGO. It'll run on your grandmother's PC from 2005 she never used. Plus, Gungan killing.

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LEGO games are always fun! This one is no different. If you're a huge fan of Star Wars, you should grab this. It has comedy, action and iconic scenes from the Star Wars saga.
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it took 51.6 hours for me to get 50% on this game...
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Lego Star Wars, the compelte saga. If I were to describe perfection to somebody, I would simply respond with Lego Star Wars.

This game without a doubt is a 10/10. It brings back a beautiful, heartwarming sense of nostalgia and memories. Ranging from the ability to play many characters, to the intriguing missions, this is a game that people of any age will enjoy.

At first glance, I thought this was a game from the future juding purely by the graphics. Each individual misson accurately represents the parts out of the movie. It is as if you were to be in the movie, in the midst of the action the whole way through.

I would recommend this game to absolutely any human being on the planet. This game is the saviour of or world, our people and life as we know it.

Straight up 10/10

Better than sex.
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This game is just great!
I used to play episodes I-III on my ps2 years ago
now I got the complete saga, and its awesome :).
there are allot of bonus levels, and other extras.
I like episode I-III more then IV-VI but maybe thats just me, I like all of them :D.
its only a shame it never gets on sale :/
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When the first LEGO Star Wars game came out in 2005 my dad bought me a PS2 and the game. My 6 year old self was extremely happy that my favorite toy and my all time favorite movie series were packed into a well made video game! When the second game was released the next year, I asked my dad to get it for me and we went to Gamestop and bought it. My dad lives out of the country now so I don't get to see him much but these games really brought my dad and I together and playing them now gives me the feels :P. I highly recommend this game for anyone who loves LEGO, Star Wars, or just wants a great game to pass the time with until Half Life 3 comes out!
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This game is almost impossible not to love. It follows the storyline (not completly but very very very close) and it has lightsabers and blasters and everything. I rather play as jedi's because ...why not right?
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Anybody remember this gem? *BREATHE* SO MUCH NOSTALGIA
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By far my favorite lego game ive played to this oint im trying the lego movie and the hobbit next
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Probably the best star wars game to date, because of the relevance to the movies, it's extremely accurate.

Yeah, its lego, there's a few *Comedy* tries in here.
not funny enough to make you laugh but maybe a slight smile

Anyway, it contains episodes I-VI

In my opinion, episode IV is where it gets good.

So buy it and get playing.
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I used to really love LEGO and Star Wars, because the sight of them just make me feel like a child again.
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It's LEGO! It's Star Wars! What more do you need to know?

(It's also fairly easy, there are a ton of collectables, and the story is told in a really silly way through LEGO minifigs. It all comes together to make for an enjoyable game.)
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31.5 小时(记录在案的)
Brings back those epic, fun old school memories from when this first came out and I was so young playing it. Seems like forever but now I have it to keep!
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20.6 小时(记录在案的)
This is a great game!
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8.7 小时(记录在案的)
One of the games of my childhood basically, I would recommend to all.
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24.5 小时(记录在案的)
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This game is an epic nostalgic rollercoaster ride for me. I've played LEGO games since I was a kid. I bought this game a few weeks ago and now I want to buy more LEGO games, I realised how amazing they were/are. They're great fun. They provide so much nostalgia and that is honestly the best feeling you can get when playing a game. This one provides quite a few hours of gameplay. If you own a controller, I would advice you to use it to it's potential, it's really relaxing to just sit back and play the game. This game is totally worth it's price and I absolutely loved every second I played.
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