From the world renowned visual novel studio Key, the highly rated story of CLANNAD is now available on Steam! Improved visuals, achievement integration, and Dangopedia make this the best version of CLANNAD to date.
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リリース日: 2015年11月23日


日本語 はサポートされていません


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CLANNAD Anthology Manga and 10th Anniversary Artbook

Originally exclusive to Kickstarter Backers, the CLANNAD Anthology Manga and 10th Anniversary Artbook are now available to everyone!

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Also CLANNAD Steam cards are now enabled!

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CLANNAD build 20170212-1626524

Release Notes

This is a minor patch release for the Steam version.

Updated this build
- Updated engine to version
- When playing the game with fonts not supporting the Japanese character set, the game will now automatically display such characters using a bundled Japanese font
- The "Steam/Local" button in the Achievements menu has been replaced with a toggle button
- The Achievements menu no longer displays the Steam user's nickname
- The Achievements menu no longer crashes if the Steam user's nickname contains multi-byte characters

Additional notes for Steam players
- Game saves from the previous versions are expected to continue to function in this version with no issues.
- A new 'safe-20160108' branch is available in the Steam game properties menu. If the game is crashing with an older save file and you do not want to start a new game right away, please switch to this branch. We recommend switching back to the default branch as soon as you have completed the current route and returned to the title screen.

Existing Known Issues - Steam version
- Playing the game fullscreen and at 100% window size in Steam will cause notifications and the Steam Overlay to not display
- Alt-tabbing out of the game will cause a temporary system lockup and potential game crash

Known Issues - Both versions
- For some configurations with the setting "Language for non-Unicode programs" set to "Japanese," the game will fail to launch and create multiple processes of itself

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After the death of his mother, Tomoya Okazaki—a guarded delinquent student at Hikarizaka High School—struggles to not only make sense of the abusive relationship he has with his alcoholic father, but also find meaning in his life. While on his way to class one morning, he meets a mystifying girl named Nagisa. She is a delinquent like him, but only because she is repeating her senior year, unlike the perpetually tardy Okazaki. From their brief encounter, Nagisa decides they should be friends, and enlists Tomoya's help to revive the school drama club. Not being busy in any way, he decides to join in. Along the way, the two make friends with many other students and try to find both solace and belonging in their endeavors.

New Features

HD Upgrade
All visuals have been upgraded to 1280x960 for the Steam release of CLANNAD.

Exclusive to the English version of CLANNAD is the term encyclopedia, Dangopedia! It's a handy reference tool for understanding aspects of Japanese tradition and pop culture.

Steam achievements are supported! There's also an in-game menu to review your progress.


    • OS: Windows Vista or higher
    • プロセッサー: 1.2Ghz
    • メモリー: 1 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: 640x480
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • ストレージ: 7 GB 利用可能
    • サウンドカード: DirectSound 100%互換サウンドカード
    • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
    • プロセッサー: 1.2Ghz
    • メモリー: 2 GB RAM
    • グラフィック: 1280x960
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • ストレージ: 7 GB 利用可能
    • サウンドカード: DirectSound 100%互換サウンドカード


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