Únete a tres heroicos pilotos estelares en su viaje por el espacio exterior y realiza misiones para salvar el planeta de Naboo. El piloto novato de Naboo Rhys Dallows, la mercenaria Vana Sage y el pirata alienígena Nym forman una alianza poco usual, y juntos se preparan para realizar un inesperado asalto en este pacífico planeta.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 ene. 2002

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Acerca de este juego

Únete a tres heroicos pilotos estelares en su viaje por el espacio exterior y realiza misiones para salvar el planeta de Naboo. El piloto novato de Naboo Rhys Dallows, la mercenaria Vana Sage y el pirata alienígena Nym forman una alianza poco usual, y juntos se preparan para realizar un inesperado asalto en este pacífico planeta.
  • Pilota tres cazas estelares: el elegante caza estelar de Naboo, el ágil Guardian Mantis y el letal Havoc.
  • Toma parte en 14 misiones para salvar Naboo: batallas aéreas en el espacio exterior, ataques rápidos, misiones de escolta y mucho más.
  • Entornos inmensos que te sumergen en los mundos de Star Wars: desde las enormes llanuras de Naboo hasta los confines del espacio, pasando por los corredores interiores de la Nave de Control Droide.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistema operativo: Windows 2000, XP o Vista
    • Procesador: Pentium II a 350 MHz, serie Athlon o un ordenador equivalente
    • Memoria: Se requiere 64 MB de RAM. Se requiere 128 MB de RAM para Windows 2000 y XP
    • Gráficos: Tarjeta de vídeo PCI o AGP de 16 MB compatible con DirectX 8
    • DirectX®: DirectX 8.0 ó superior
    • Disco duro: 620 MB
    • Sonido: Tarjeta de sonido de 16 bits
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Publicado el 25 de marzo
I hate not reccomending this, as I used to love this game more than I did Starfox back in the day.

There is nothing wrong with the game...it's still the same awesome console game...but this is a very lazy port from a console to PC. the lack of being able to change controls, and whatever the heck is wrong with the intro and cutscenes is what makes the game a letdown.

I couldn't fix whatever causes my PC to shudder during cutscenes and I'm guessing its because the game is old...though I can load other older games just fine. I'll just blame that on George Lucas I guess. There's also a few fixes that may/may not work on inverting the axis and changing controls. Look to the forums for those fixes and best of luck.

I got the game in a bundle so I can't gripe too much. I can't play it, but it wasn't why I bought the bundle, so nothing lost, nothing gained. However I can't reccomend this to people planning to pay for it and play it, because they probably won't get the experience they were hoping for.
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Publicado el 26 de mayo
A flight simulator in the Star Wars universe. You just blow stuff up the whole time and try not to crash into the side of a mountain or other ships.
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Publicado el 13 de febrero
A half-donky port of a half-donky game. Yeah, that sounds mean, and probably is to the origional game (though not the Steam port).

Graphics were fairly good back when this was new, and are adequate (if dated) now. Art design doesn't stand out, but there's also nothing terrible, so on the whole a plus. The music is excellent, with various well done rearrangements (if not outright remixes) of John Williams also excellent work (eg: the bells in the Duel of the Fates variant in the final mission). Other sounds are generic, but recognizably Star Wars. Voices give reasonablish commentary initially, but if you pay attention, the throaway chatter quickly becomes repetitive and has little to do with the current situation.

Controls are good if and only if you have a gamepad. Keyboard and mouse are awkard. A joystick is less awkward, but correctly assigning axes is, uh, interesting. (Google for the roll issues with throttle for details) Get around that, and you still run into a sensitivity that's really aimed at thumbsticks. And of course, there's the fact that you can't remap controls in the game, so if you want to test out setups, you need to edit them in the launcher and then restart the game. The cutscenes in the intro are skippable, but you have to hit a button several times to reach the main menu because :effort:. Which leads into just how awkard navigating the menus is. The 'hints' are too generic to properly list the actual keys for things, and options that "should" allow y/n as well as enter/esc do not.

Actual gameplay has a (subjectively?) good core, even if some missions squander it. Arcade style shooting is quite fun, though there are times when the restricted environment size gets in the way. The limited targeting options made me wish for the more versatile system in the X-Wing/TIE Fighter games, but are usually adequate. The nature of enemy spawning seems to work well enough in space, though wanders towards annoying when near planets. Occasionally wingmen options or the variety of enemies give you some tactical options, but it's mainly about getting from point A to B fast and hitting hard. You get your choice of difficulty, which seems to mainly make your craft more fragile and not give any additional reward. Keep that in mind if you want to go for something like 100% completion.

Back to the missions, you get a moderate seeming amount, but the wall clock time spent is remarkably low. The entire game can be beaten in <5 hours without any attempt at speedrunning! Somewhat more content is available if you poke around with the bonus missions and especially if you replay campaign missions in an attempt to unlock everything, but there's still the risk of getting close enough to 100% completion in less time than it takes to watch both trilogies. Or just one if all that replaying feels grindy. Which it probably will, given the pseudo-cuscene that runs when you attempt to abort a mission, and the repetitive dialog.

The plot is unspectacular, with seemingly nonsensical character arcs and overconfident stupid evil villians. The development of the heroes might have worked better in a longer game with more in or between mission development, but again :effort:. Obviously it's an excuse for the shooting, but the attempts at development and gravitas (especially at the end) feel off.

Only worth getting if very cheap to free (say, as part of a bundle with several games you actually want), and most likely only worth playing if you have a gamepad are are okay with it lasting about as long as a rental.
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Publicado el 19 de enero de 2014
It's not the best Star Wars title out there, but it is one that hits me at heart. I use to play this on the PS2 when I was younger, and it was the FIRST PS2 game I ever owned. Nostalgia hit me hard when I saw Steam had this and had no choice but to by and play. I don't regret it. It's a game I have had a lot of fin playing, and the only thing that could make it better is if Jedi Starfighter became available.

Basic concept of the game you play in three different ships running through various missions during the timeline of just before and during Episode I: The Pahntom Menace. You can win fairly easily, combat is okay but ONLY if you have a controller or joystick. It's difficult to manuever your hand as the game asks you to, since rolling left and right to keep yourself straight is the E and Q keys. Either have something on standby, or change the config before you tear your hair out trying to play the game.

I'd rank the game on a personal level of a 6 or 7. It's fun if you don't mind spending the money, just don't expect endless hours of replay value, maybe just a small handful. Still a decent game in my opinion for fans of flight simulators and or Star Wars.
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Publicado el 9 de noviembre de 2014
Are you looking for an arcade-y space combat game? Then yes, play this. In a world where space combat sims grew on trees, I might say this game was too mediocre to recommend, but in a world where this genre has been in hibernation for a decade, and Rogue Squadron doesn't work on any computer newer than Windows 98, it's hard to pass this one up.

You get to fly three different ships. One is a bomber, in which you'll do a lot of airstrikes and ground based targets. One is a dogfighting specialist, with totally awesome and totally OP homings lasers. The last is the N-1 as seen in Episode 1, a powerful all around fighter.

Mechanically, the game is solid, with one exception: the ridiculous camera shake whenever you get hit by anything. Which makes it almost impossible to react meaningfully if you're ever under attack, so you usually take several more hits as a consequence.

The game's biggest issues come from level design, though. Some missions are straightforward and fun. However sometimes the difficulty ramps up for what usually feels like ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ reasons, in most cases an over-abundance of tanks or turrets that are way too accurate, do way too much damage, and make your camera shake like a maraca. And then there are friendlies you have to escort that have no interest in their own survival. There's one mission towards the end that starts out positively frantic, then you spend the rest of the mission boredly waiting for NPCs slowly move down a path. Basically, the mission design is totally inconsistent in terms of fun and the difficulty curve is whack, which is a shame because you end up spending more time retrying the frustrating bits than you do enjoying the fun parts.

The story is shoddy, but serviceable. It's not well developed, and the dialog is lacking, but you can tell what they were going for, and it doesn't get in the way. Some parts rely on the movie to fill in what would be huge gaps. And yes, the plot is focused largely on the invasion of Naboo, so if you can't handle the stink of Episode 1, then don't bother, but that really shouldn't be the reason to avoid this game.

There are also some unlockable bonus missions, and mission medals to earn if you want more from the game. It's just the right amount of extras, IMO.

The graphics show their age, but there's nothing to complain about.

Like most games in this genre, you really want a joystick, but a console controller will do. Mouse and keyboard will NOT. Note: You can't rebind keys or change other options from in the game, but you can do it from the Windows game launcher that opens before the actual game starts up. Which is kind of annoying.

This review probably sounds pretty negative, but overall the game is fun. There's just not much to say about it aside from the complaints. You fly a spaceship and blow up other spaceships, what more do you want?
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