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Drieduizend jaar in de toekomst heeft de mensheid zich een bloedig pad naar dominantie op het gehele bekende universum gevochten. Als zelfbenoemd goddelijk en zijn gelijke niet kennend ras, zien mensen alle buitenaardse rassen als inferieur.
Releasedatum: 20 mrt 2007
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Genesis Rising kopen

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Drieduizend jaar in de toekomst heeft de mensheid zich een bloedig pad naar dominantie op het gehele bekende universum gevochten. Als zelfbenoemd goddelijk en zijn gelijke niet kennend ras, zien mensen alle buitenaardse rassen als inferieur. Met vele vloten, bestaande uit organische sterrenschepen die genetisch geperfectioneerd zijn voor de oorlog, vertrekt de mensheid op een reis om de laatste onafhankelijke Melkweg te veroveren, het Universele Hart.

Als Kapitein Iconah ben jij opgedragen om de locatie en functie van het Hart te ontdekken. Voer het bevel over een levende vloot, steeds weer het DNA van je schepen aanpassend om ze nieuwe en krachtige vaardigheden te verschaffen. De Universele Kruistocht begint!

  • Unieke realtime strategie spelervaring in de ruimte die je meevoert in een epische veroveringstocht met een rijk achtergrondverhaal.
  • Niet-lineaire eenpersoons campagne opgebouwd uit meer dan 30 vertakkende missies.
  • Aan te passen RTS spelbeleving: grondstof verzameling, onderzoek naar technologische verbeteringen en gevechten zijn aan te passen voor de grootste beginneling tot de meest ervaren RTS speler.
  • Coöperatieve modus laat twee spelers samenwerken in het besturen van een vloot!
  • Pas de meer dan 20 op genen gebaseerde organische schepen aan met meer dan 50 verschillende wapens en vaardigheden, die jou duizenden mogelijke combinaties geven om uit te kiezen bij het bouwen van een vloot.
  • Scheepsmodellen veranderen realtime wanneer genen worden geïmplementeerd, jouw keuzes reflecterend!
  • Sluit bondgenootschappen met de vele computergestuurde buitenaardse rassen om hun steun en technologie veilig te stellen - of ze van dit alles te beroven!
  • Breid je genetische mogelijkheden uit door vijandelijke schepen binnen te dringen, onbewaakte technologie te stelen en jouw genenpoel zo veel mogelijk uit te breiden.
  • Gamespy Multiplayer met ondersteuning tot 12 spelers en vele multiplayer speelvelden waarop jij je dominantie kan uiten!


    Minimum: Windows 2000/XP/XP 64/Vista, 1,5 GHz Intel- of vergelijkbare/snellere processor, 512 MB RAM, 2.5 GB hardeschijfruimte, DirectX 9.0c of hoger, 128 MB GeForce 4 4200 Ti/Radeon 9500, DirectSound-compatibele geluidskaart, toetsenbord en tweeknoppige muis met scrollwieltje, Multiplayer: LAN of 56K-internetverbinding

    Aanbevolen: Windows 2000/XP/XP 64/Vista, 2,5 GHz Intel of vergelijkbaar/sneller, 1 GB RAM, 2.5 GB hardeschijfruimte, 256 MB GeForce 6600/Radeon X1600, DirectX 9.0c, DirectSound-compatibele geluidskaart met 5.1-speakeruitvoer, toetsenbord en tweeknoppige muis met scrollwieltje

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5.1 uur in totaal
Here's a game that on the surface is quite interesting; first it's a rts in spaaaaaaace. Points right there,.

Ships are customizable, and the take on how the ships work (read - organic ships, with your main resource being 'blood') is certainly different.

But it all still falls flat; Its buggy - but not unforgivingly so, The cut scenes where juvenile to just plain boring. The ship combat was middling at best and restricted to a 2D plane and missions are nothing to write home about.

In the end the game has many problems easily forgivable on their own but this entire game is just one misstep after another. Get on special or not at all.
Geplaatst: 2 juni 2014
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0.6 uur in totaal
got this game thinking wow looks great... waited not long to install.. eager to try it out and BAM! dont bother buying until they fix it, I read each of the pages I found around the net, and on steam to fix it and it will not even work... it is a good job it was under £2 but despite that I still feel robbed... as could have put that money to something that actually works...

so please steam, fix it...

the folder system that is messed up doesn't fix the game when you manually add the folders, and nor does re-validating or removing and reinstalling... trust me I did that too many times now :(

save your cash buy something else....
Geplaatst: 29 januari 2014
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1.8 uur in totaal
avoid this at all costs, even free!!!!!!! developer disappeared and game broken.

love to meet one of the 'brass' from the company just once.
Geplaatst: 4 februari 2014
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it is not werking
Geplaatst: 31 januari 2014
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I feel this game can really be summed up in one sentence, but I'm needlessly verbose so I'll waffle on anyway, but for the sake of being concise, here's a tl;dr.

tl;dr, I woke up to find the person I was sleeping next to had soiled my bed, it was still less unpleasant than this game.

Boring, repetitive and cliche, the touted innovation in being able to morph your ships on the fly really isn't as cool as it sounds because in practice it comes down to the choice between being able to debuff your enemy with a laughably weak debuff, or equip extra rockets. The game functions, which is more than I can say for a lot of games but it's so boring, simplistic and bare that what's the point?

Also the unit variety is shameful, a worker shared between factions, a capital ship, light, medium and heavy cruisers respectively. So that's what... three actual combat ships you can make per side? There's a few mercenary ships, but they can't be upgraded with extra rocket launchers so they aren't relevant.

Basic maths aside, you probably shouldn't buy this game, it's a waste of money and if you desperately need to lose money then give it to a homeless person or buy a Freddo bar or something, anything but this.

Geplaatst: 2 juni 2014
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Let me start by saying that while I do recommend this game, the Steam version has given people some problems; some say they have had errors on trying to launch, which I have not had, and others have said they have had some in-game oddities such as ships not loading, which I did encounter and initially kept me from advancing past the 2nd map.

The steam version is missing a couple of folders. It is silly but adding these empty folders resolves some of the problems such as the ships not loading. Click Read More if needed to see the fix.

Go to your Steam directory.

In Steam\steamapps\common\Genesis Rising
Create three new folders called 'replay','temp', and 'save' (without quotes)

Then in Steam\steamapps\common\Genesis Rising\data
Create a new folder called 'scripts' (without quotes)
[Many thanks to Future2012 who originally posted this fix.]

Other than that I didn't get any errors on Win7 64-bit when launching it so I don't know if compatibility mode would help or if it is an OS or driver issue. When I did the above fix I have been able to play through several missions without incident.

All that said, the game itself is really good and has everything from voice acting to cutscenes and a story with some deep religious undertones if you care for that, and if not then you still get to blow lots of stuff up and capture enemy ships and bases. In fact there are countless decisions you get to make about how you want to set up your ships and even which ships you want to take. Moreover I pose that you have likely never played a space game quite like it, as it has elements of RTS thrown in and on top of that your ships are ALIVE and can be genetically modified to suit your desires, and changed on the fly to boot. Plus the music and visuals are quite appealing, so if you can get it to work then it is easily worth $5 or more. Good luck!
Geplaatst: 3 januari 2014
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