Três mil anos no futuro, a humanidade cavou um caminho sangrento rumo à dominação do universo conhecido. Autoproclamados uma raça divina e livre de reprovação como uma espécie, eles veem todas as raças alienígenas como inferiores.
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Data de lançamento: 20/mar/2007

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Três mil anos no futuro, a humanidade cavou um caminho sangrento rumo à dominação do universo conhecido. Autoproclamados uma raça divina e livre de reprovação como uma espécie, eles veem todas as raças alienígenas como inferiores. Com frotas de naves orgânicas geneticamente modificadas para a guerra, a humanidade parte para a conquista da única galáxia ainda independente - O Coração do Universo.

Como o Capitão Iconah, você está encarregado de descobrir a localização e o propósito do Coração. Comande uma frota viva, alterando o DNA de sua nave em tempo real à medida que você consegue novas e poderosas habilidades. A Cruzada Universal mal começou!

  • Exclusiva jogabilidade de estratégia espacial em tempo real que coloca você em uma cruzada épica com uma rica história por trás.
  • Campanha não linear de um jogador composta de mais de 30 missões ramificadas.
  • Jogabilidade de estratégia em tempo real (RTS) adaptável: Coleta de recursos, aprimoramento de tecnologia e combate se adaptam para que até os jogadores de RTS mais inexperientes consigam jogar.
  • Modo cooperativo permite que dois jogadores trabalhem juntos e controlem uma frota!
  • Personalize todas as mais de 20 naves de base orgânica com mais de 50 armas e habilidades diferentes, dando a você milhares de combinações possíveis para escolher quando construir uma frota.
  • Modelos de nave transformados em tempo real conforme os genes são inseridos, refletindo as que você faz!
  • Faça alianças com os muitos personagens não jogáveis de raças alienígenas para assegurar seu apoio e sua tecnologia – ou limpar os seus recursos!
  • Expanda suas capacidades genéticas invadindo embarcações inimigas, roubando tecnologias desavisadas e maximizando a diversidade do seu banco de genes.
  • Multijogador Gamespy com suporte para 12 jogadores e muitos mapas multijogador para aquecer sua liderança!

Requisitos de sistema

    Minimum: Windows 2000/XP/XP 64/Vista, 1.5 GHz Intel or equivalent/faster processor, 512 MB of RAM, 2.5 GB of hard disk space, DirectX9.0c or higher, 128 MB GeForce 4 4200 Ti/Radeon 9500, DirectSound compatible sound card, Keyboard and two-button mouse with scroll wheel, Multiplayer: LAN or 56K Internet connection

    Recommended: Windows 2000/XP/XP 64/Vista, 2.5 GHz Intel or equivalent/faster, 1 GB RAM, 2.5 GB of free hard drive space, 256 MB GeForce 6600/Radeon X1600, DirectX 9.0c, DirectSound compatible sound card with 5.1 speaker output, Keyboard and two-button mouse with scroll wheel

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Ligeiramente negativas (99 análises)
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Publicada: 29 de abril
Using the fixes mentioned in the discussions section of the game I managed to get the main menu working, which allowed me to adjust the usual things located there such as graphics, sounds, etc. and look at the possible tutorial/campaign missions you should be able to play.

Sadly the slightest adjustment in the graphic options will result in a flurry of error messages (which I ignored while starting up the game) and trying to launch a tutorial, campaign or skirmish will promptly crash the game.

-2/7 Not enough sci-fi space battles
[INFBD] yodayblack
( 1.0 horas registradas )
Publicada: 23 de março
Just stopped workign one day. No matter what i do. Says my video card is no longer supported....
( 0.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 20 de dezembro de 2015
so the screenshots in steam are pretty damn cool and it is the first of those games that i know where you are supposed to be playing the "hunters", but actually i don´t now this, because the game isn´t playable. it shows a millions of errors and then you can´t see the gui and the ship textures are missing too... at least it seems to be like this since i just saw the tutorial and then i stopped playing it
( 1.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 12 de novembro de 2015
( 1.1 horas registradas )
Publicada: 4 de novembro de 2015
Very lame game....
Crying Seraphim
( 0.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 28 de outubro de 2015
I don't quite understand the hate. Back in the days this game brought me hours and hours of fun. I really enjoyed it. The idea of biological spaceships and everything.
( 44.3 horas registradas )
Publicada: 22 de setembro de 2015
Well, I completed it!

It's a graphically pleasing game and I enjoyed the genes configuring of the ships and stations to suite whatever mission purpose. Interesting approach to fleet building.

I did experience bugs - Memory low and a few other CTDs - setting graphics to medium may have lessened these crashes alot. I owned this originally on DVD years back and the same errors happened on that one too.

Characters are ok, same with voice acting. Nothing out of the ordinary on the missions. Religious rule backed by military based plot so expected something along what Star Trek V gave us. Even including a high-jacking too!

Its fine if you want a game in the Homeworld style vein don’t expect it to exceed that in any way that as that truly a masterpiece.

As others have said get it on a sale – Its ok. There’s worse things to spend a few quid on here.
( 0.4 horas registradas )
Publicada: 18 de julho de 2015
Doesn't work on Intel Graphics,
( 0.5 horas registradas )
Publicada: 14 de julho de 2015
Meh. I keep buying these space sims, expecting something that actually attempts to simulate a spaceship. This is really a naval combat game without the water. It's 2-dimensional (the graphics are 3D but the actually playing field is not; you can only move in 2 dimensions). Say what you want about Homeworld not NEEDING a 3rd dimension; at least it had one.

Having said that, this is a pretty unique naval RTS. When you kill another ship, you get to harvest it for both health and abilities for your own ships. I've only played the first couple missions but the mechanics seem solid and the ship customization is very intuitive. Once you've killed a few enemies, it's very easy to customize your identical ships into specialized individuals.

For example: on the second tutorial mission, I loaded all my beams onto one ship, all my short-range projectiles onto the second and all my long-range missiles onto a third. What started out as three ships with two pea-shooters each quickly became a useful unit with very distinct roles.

Haven't played far enough to say how the story or mission variation is but just based on the core gameplay elements, I recommend Genesis Rising.
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0.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 27 de janeiro de 2014
Error on Launch: Cannot obtain Procedure...I believe that this error may damage the system
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8.4 horas registradas
Publicada: 3 de janeiro de 2014
Let me start by saying that while I do recommend this game, the Steam version has given people some problems; some say they have had errors on trying to launch, which I have not had, and others have said they have had some in-game oddities such as ships not loading, which I did encounter and initially kept me from advancing past the 2nd map.

The steam version is missing a couple of folders. It is silly but adding these empty folders resolves some of the problems such as the ships not loading. Click Read More if needed to see the fix.

Go to your Steam directory.

In Steam\steamapps\common\Genesis Rising
Create three new folders called 'replay','temp', and 'save' (without quotes)

Then in Steam\steamapps\common\Genesis Rising\data
Create a new folder called 'scripts' (without quotes)
[Many thanks to Future2012 who originally posted this fix.]

Other than that I didn't get any errors on Win7 64-bit when launching it so I don't know if compatibility mode would help or if it is an OS or driver issue. When I did the above fix I have been able to play through several missions without incident.

All that said, the game itself is really good and has everything from voice acting to cutscenes and a story with some deep religious undertones if you care for that, and if not then you still get to blow lots of stuff up and capture enemy ships and bases. In fact there are countless decisions you get to make about how you want to set up your ships and even which ships you want to take. Moreover I pose that you have likely never played a space game quite like it, as it has elements of RTS thrown in and on top of that your ships are ALIVE and can be genetically modified to suit your desires, and changed on the fly to boot. Plus the music and visuals are quite appealing, so if you can get it to work then it is easily worth $5 or more. Good luck!
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0.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 19 de janeiro de 2014
The game is broken. Millions of error messages when I load it up, then it dies. None of the fixes available worked for me. Don't bother buying it.
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Não recomendado
0.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 27 de janeiro de 2014
After I recieved a message from my supposed best friend of six years to buy this game, I was a little dismayed to find out it was in fact complete and utter rubbish and I would have been better placed to bet my money on the Queen's Head sunday league team winning the champions league.

First of all to make the game even playable you have to edit folders and such sorcery in the game's root directory. I do not want to be doing this. I'm one of those people that still believe computers are run by magic. I just want to play. Fortunatly for me, my 'friend' talked me through the set-up and his timeless advice of 'press ok until it works' when faced with error messages only four seconds into the game really displayed his numerous IT qualifications.

We both bought it with the intention of playing co-op, however I discovered after three minutes of sheer laughter down my microphone that online support had been withdrawn. Luckily for me the only option that I could access from the main menu was the credits.

I discovered during watching the credits that the game had four advisors. I Would have thought that the first advice would be to make sure it works. At the time of writing my ex-friend is showing on steam as playing this game, I am sad to say he is silent. Dumbstruck.

I'd like to end on a positive however as i know a lot of hard work goes into developing titles, The credits are lovely.
Well Done Advised Advisors. Well Done
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Não recomendado
5.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 2 de junho de 2014
Here's a game that on the surface is quite interesting; first it's a rts in spaaaaaaace. Points right there,.

Ships are customizable, and the take on how the ships work (read - organic ships, with your main resource being 'blood') is certainly different.

But it all still falls flat; Its buggy - but not unforgivingly so, The cut scenes where juvenile to just plain boring. The ship combat was middling at best and restricted to a 2D plane and missions are nothing to write home about.

In the end the game has many problems easily forgivable on their own but this entire game is just one misstep after another. Get on special or not at all.
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Não recomendado
4.1 horas registradas
Publicada: 15 de novembro de 2014
I do recommend this game, as it is very unique, even though the story is lacking any depth. I like the bioships, upgradable, custom builds, multiple endings.

Sadly I can´t give it a thumbs up, because the game crashes within the first few missions. I would gladly change my review if the developers would release a patch/working version.

I tried the fix proposed by Sparta (the review below mine), be warned: Does not the fix the issue of the game crashing (for me at least).
Tried again on a different machine, because I´d really like to play this game again. Sadly the same crash occurs at the same point.
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9.2 horas registradas
Publicada: 6 de novembro de 2014
for anyone that is looking to get this game be warned it is missing a few folders for the game. you need to add them in order to play the campaign properly otherwise you be stuck with just the tutrial to play with. i recomend going he here to solve this problem.

ootherwise the game looks neat but glitchy
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Não recomendado
1.6 horas registradas
Publicada: 1 de janeiro de 2014
After much looking at Youtube about this game, I broke down and bought it for the $2.50 on the Winter Holiday Sale. Unfortunately, on the very first mission my ship won't load which prevents me from finishing or even starting. I also have errors when I click the start button in my library. You can click through the 8+ errors and still launch but that never instills faith when starting a game. I would love to recommend Genesis Rising because of the concept, the music, and being able to enjoy the dying genre of space RTS but, when there isn't a feasible work-around to the bugs or errors you have to call it what it is. As of right now, the game is not playable.
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Não recomendado
11.4 horas registradas
Publicada: 27 de janeiro de 2014
Doesn't work
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4.5 horas registradas
Publicada: 26 de abril de 2015
I would recommend for those who are able and willing to overcome the bugs of the game ONLY.
If you desire for a working product, please pass--this is not the game you want!

Cool mechanics; nice meaty ship models; pompous in-game goals.

Pompous but extremely trite plot.

Critical cons:
Bugs and crashes; no support from the developer.
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