Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a brutal take on one of the greatest turn based strategy games of all time. Regicide fuses multiple phases of gameplay with dynamic action. Maneuver your army into place and unleash a devastating array of tactical abilities to crush your enemies.
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Release Date: Sep 8, 2015

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July 17

UPDATE: Sale and Free Faction Week

Hey Imperial Citizens!

Just a heads up that users who log in over the next few days will receive White Scars totally free!

This is in celebration of our launch on yet another platform. We're excited to open up a whole new community of players for cross-platform multiplayer.

In this time, we'll also be at our lowest price on Steam, so there's no better time to pick up Regicide for your PC and mobile device.

Our most recent update ensures players can receive content like White Scars via broadcast, and can access multiplayer with players on Android devices.

Thanks for playing, see you on the Battlefield!

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June 29

Patch Notes 2.4.3

Hey all,

Just a heads up that we've made some updates after community feedback for all platforms. These are the currently implemented changes:

Improved Multiplayer Match Stability
Multiplayer match timer now resets correctly when players resume a stable connection
Increased local timeout grace period to 60 seconds
Fixed an issues where live matches would resume a connection with an opponents who left the match
Improved re-connection speeds and sensitivity to opponent disconnection

Campaign Fixes
All Campaign levels are now always accessible after an account has achieved the mission prerequisites
Captures should now award primary objectives on Da Green Tide mission: Da Wrecka
Secondary objectives should now be achievable when also achieving the primary objective in the same turn
Fixed mission and objective descriptions for Da Green Tide:
Da Wrecka
Thievin' Gits
Fist to Klaw
Green Is Best

Updated French, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Russian & Polish translations

Mobile Only:
Updated memory optimization
Fixed crashes on the iPad 4
Nerfed molten decay on unit death

If your issue is not resolved here, please feel free to send us a bug report to support@hammerfallpublishing.com

Thanks for playing!

Ally | Producer

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“This game has no right to be as good as it is”

“As brutal as you’d expect.”
PC Gamer

“Wonderfully vivid animations... It’s a mix that works”

About This Game

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

Regicide is a brutal take on one of the greatest turn based strategy games of all time. The game fuses multiple phases of combat with dynamic action. Manoeuvre your army into place and unleash a devastating array of tactical abilities to crush your enemies. The game offers two distinct modes:

Plan the attack and command your soldiers through two phases of combat. Open fire on your enemies, utilise tactical abilities and unleash psychic powers to crush your foes. Fight your way through violent single and multiplayer battles to destroy everything that stands between you and certain victory.

Sharpen your tactics in both single and multiplayer games based on traditional chess rules, executing brutally violent kills in dramatic battlefield terrains. Select your race and go to war online against opponents from all over the world in the fully cross-platform multiplayer mode.

  • 2 unique game modes: Play in both Classic chess and extended Regicide game modes.
  • Online and single player: Test yourself against our AI in both Campaign and Skirmish and bring your new skills to bear against opponents in multiple online game modes.
  • A cunning AI: Sharpen your skills verse 5 different AI difficulty settings in both Classic and Regicide.
  • Local multiplayer: Face off against live opponents in local hotseat matches.
  • Asynchronous gameplay: Take your game with you and challenge your friends to multiple asynchronous matches.
  • Competitive online leaderboards: Compete against your friends and the world with live Classic and Regicide Leaderboards.
  • 50 mission single-player campaign: Join Captain Dracomedes as he fights for Hethgar Prime with the Sons of Sanguinius in the 50 mission, fully-narrated campaign: The Angels of Death.
  • 2 unique races: Play as the indomitable Space Marines or blood thirsty Orks, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, abilities and strategies.
  • 11 unlockable Chapters and Clans: Requisition one of 11 iconic Space Marine Chapters or Ork Clans to field in multiplayer and skirmish matches
  • 36 exclusive models: Tailor your army's appearance by progressing through Campaign, Skirmish (VS AI) and Online Leaderboards.
  • 45 unique player and unit abilities: Unleash an overwhelming array of player and unit abilities to bring devastation to your enemies. Customise your ability loadouts to match your play style.
  • Localised in 8 different languages: Play in English, French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

This is only the beginning. The universe spans untold galaxies to conquer.
This is not just war. This is REGICIDE.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core (2.4 GHZ)
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    • Additional Notes: Broadband Internet Connection required for Multiplayer and User Account functionality. A Warhammer 40,000: Regicide User Account is required to use the game's online services. The game's single player Skirmish mode is playable in offline mode.
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Mostly Positive (1,276 reviews)
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Captain Kass
18.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 23
I hate to give this a negative review.
The visuals are wonderful. The VAs are (as with all 40k games) excellent.

Right off the bat, I don't think the choice of armies was the best. In terms of fluff, you have a chapter of 1000 super soldiers facing off against a force so large it's called "The Green Tide". You'll lose over a dozen of these prized soldiers in a single battle. I'm sure GW wanted their Space Marines instead of IG, but it really just doesn't make sense.

Second, I find that (in my opinion) the Regicide Orks are overpowered compared to the Space Marines. SM have a lot of skills focusing on defense and maintaining the line, while Orks are very agressive.
For example: Space Marines have abilities that...allow units in a 3x3 to shoot more accuratley, another that regains armor, and one that grants extra toughness when an enemy is nearby.
Orks, on the other hand have abilities that allow them to regain health on attack, shoot twice in a single round, and they have several units that increase critical hit chances.

My problem is that (assuming every hit is successful) it takes 4 snapshots from SM pawns to take down a single Ork pawn. Orks can take down an SM king (non-assault) in 2 turns (or less) through a mixture of snapshot and more dakka (Emperor help you if they get a critical). Orks are aggressive to the point where all you can really do as SM is create a wall of bodies to hide behind.
Space Marines do have more armor and can hunker down better than orks, but it doesn't really matter in the campaign mode.
Additionally, Orks are oriented toward assault (melee) combat while SM have more shooty bonuses. Problem is that on an 8x8 game board, units will more often than not end up adjacent to eachother, which is ideal for Orks. I could see this working as 3 dimensional chess (perhaps with 40k style buildings instead of just barriers), but as it stands it feels like the Space Marines are simply outgunned at every opportunity and forced to agressively use defense bonuses in the campaign.

Finally, there's cosmetics. You may notice in the promotional video on Regicide's Steam page that one of the cosmetics is an Ultramarines Captain (with a big Roman crest). Yeah. That isn't in the game. You just get a reskinned SM King. About the most advanced cosmetic in the game is either that Dark Angels terminators are bone colored or that Blood Axes have camoflauge. So why have promotional videos with content that is not in the game?

So although I enjoy the game and will continue playing it, I really can't recommend it to others.
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22.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 21
Regicide is entertaining from a conceptual standpoint, and the gameplay is enjoyable. The main drawback (and it is a significant drawback) is that the level design is repetitive and sometimes poor. For example, some levels feature maps that quickly reach a drawn position, and the game then continues perpetually until the player quits, or tries something brave and loses. Note to the developer: If you incorporate the rules of chess, make sure the position is playable with all available piece combinations.
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1.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 18
Need more armies.
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37.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 16
Warhammer 40k + chess. Absurdly stupid idea, I said.

I read about, it sounded stupid, and it dropped off my radar.

Much later, I bought on sale and figured if it could give me a few days of enjoyment, it'd be worth it.

It's 3 weeks later, and I'm still playing it.

1. The campaign, by itself, will take anywhere from 40-50 hours to complete, especially if you buy Ork campaign for 99 cents. There is something like 60 missions plus another 40 in Ork campaign. Although hard, I really enjoyed each mission, as it plays out completely differently and is like a challenging puzzle. I'm sure many people never finished the campaign because they got "stuck", but I really enjoyed figuring out how to win each one AND get the secondary objective.

2. The abilities and the chess merges very well together, once you get the hang of it. It's not like 2 seperate games, but actually a deep strategy game that is more about positioning than piece trading like in chess.

3. Overall, the flavor is excellent, and despite the "chessboard", it really does feel very 40k. The animations and abilities really help a lot, and it's not like playing chess, but a turned based Warhammer 40k game.

4. Balance. Really well done, especially between the different factions of Space Marines and Orks. Each one plays differently, but none feel strictly "better" than the other. SM and Orks are balanced too, although I'd say the Orks are a bit too strong, and need nerfing.

1. The game's gameplay and graphics are very polished, but there are mistakes in the text. Some objectives are just plain wrong. In about 100 missions, there's maybe 2-3 missions with incorrectly marked objectives, so it's not too bad.

2. Slow release schedule. Where is the 3rd faction?!

3. The secondary objectives are absurdly hard. Some of them may be nearly impossible (lose no units with 12+ units on each side?!). Still, it keeps you coming back to missions to try different things.
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1.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
All in all, this game takes a great game like chess, and ruins it with chance. 95% chance to hit a target one block away and misses. Orc has 40% chace and hits. This happens so regularly its uncanny. Really just leaves you frustrated.
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8.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 8
Fun and semi-addictive, a nice chess twist with warhammer and always loved the idea of actually fighting in chess. Campaign for non-chess players is hard and frustrating however!
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0.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 29
Probably the prettiest Unity game out there.

It is Chess, mixed with Warhammer. Similar in concept to the old battle chess series. With a bunch of gimmick modes as well.

If you like warhammer AND chess, it is a quite good acquisition. Especially for che
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28.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 25
The concept is great, the killing animations are beautiful, blah-blah-blah... Let's just agree that "WH40k meets chess" game is doomed to be good... at least, at first sight. But if you play it long enough the RNG responsible for hitting accuracy really becomes fokking ANNOYING! I mean, I know that is just the idea, just like in Space Hulk, but whatta hell, is it ok that genetically engineered supersoldiers can't hit sheet from less than 10 yards?!! And in the meantime, dumb-fokk greenskins shoot like they're goddam prized marksmen.

The achievement system is just one big-uss disappointment. Complete hell knows how many secondary objectives and then prepare uranus to get ripped by the slowpoke servers in multiplayer. BTW, the objectives are also a disappontment. For instance, SM campaign, act 2, mission 8. Primary objective says "Reach the enemy's objective zone, or eliminate enemy's Meganob." Secondary says "Eliminate all Ork's units." So, I captured or killled all orks, leaving the Meganob all alone. Logically, to complete both objectives I had to eliminate him too, right? I captured him with my assault marine and you know what? The mission was complete, but the primary objective was failed. WTF??!!

And one more thing. I fokking hate unskippable logos in the beginning. I mean, I hate them so much that even though I've seen them for about fifty times now, I still can't remember what the title of that sorry-uss developer studio is. So, if that was your point, you've failed miserably.

Starting to write this review, I was going to recommend the game nonetheless. But now, having written all that stuff, I've actually changed my mind. NOT RECOMMENDED, at least until all those fails are removed.
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Ravelord Nito
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 24
Hmmmmmm That's pretty goood
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9.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 24
I recommend this game at full or at sale price, because the core gameplay is well-thought-out and, the vast majority of the time, fun.

The game is also well-animated and attractive. Fixes for many bugs have been introduced, with the devs prioritising the bugs that make most sense to prioritise. They interact with the community and on the whole seem professional and somewhat amenable to receiving and acting on some amount of community feedback.

It succeeds in adding a new twist to chess. The battle system is fairly straightforward. The main feature that significantly affects gameplay is that it allows units which are close-up to deal high, reliable damage. In such an RNG-heavy game, high reliable damage up close generally results in more cautious, defensive play. Expect to see fewer flashy forks from Knights and fewer Devastating pins, because these will typically put your pieces at risk. Expect to see more small-scale ♥♥♥-for-tat exchanges, because these allow you to both swap a piece, dictate the opponent's next moves, and deliver an up-close assault, which gives your pieces a small edge.

In general, the most satisfying Chess moves are not viable, and the least satisfying moves are viable, and you can't plan far ahead in a tactical, precise manner - instead, you must focus on a more fluid general strategy. It is lucky that the 'game-feel' is spot on, making combat feel incredibly satisfying, and that the additional special moves add more than enough interest and nuance to make up for the lost tactical depth in the movement phase. Sapping potential threats of their strength before they can develop, suppressing units at key moments, lobbing Krak grenades, preserving Initiative points for use on a later turn, all these actions and more feel fun and impactful.

For these reasons, it is enjoyable for people who would consider themselves beginners, intermediates, or casual fans of chess (rule of thumb - if you can't remember a complete opening or haven't memorised the solutions to the most common endgame setups, you *probably* fall in this category). Slightly more advanced players might find the game frustrating in that it rewards a very different, less aggressive, more cautious playstyle. I currently fall in the former category, but in the past would have fallen in the latter, so I feel as though I can talk honestly about both. Actual advanced chess players may disagree on this point.

Where it falls flat is the single-player level design and attention to detail, especially with respect to secondary objectives. Many secondary objectives are poorly described; others in the past suffered from significant bugs that make them unachievable (these are fixed when found & reported to the devs); others are so RNG dependent as to be incredibly dull to seek and achieve. The AI is poor, making bad decisions from both a Chess and a Regicide point of view - often it will make moves that lose it the game, but ruin the chance of a secondary objective. Needless to say, this adds to the feeling of frustration when going after these objectives. Equally often, it will exchange a high-health piece with a Shield for a low-health equivalent piece that would die to a scratch from a Shoota Boy, or try to retreat a low-health piece that will die anyway at the cost of a full-health piece that will now be taken the next turn. It will spread fire between multiple units, when concentrated fire could score a kill. It will move pieces into positions from which they will clearly be taken for no apparent reason, seemingly being confused by the way Knights move - which is expected from a beginner player but not so much from an AI.

However, the single-player campaign is not really the point. And the secondary objectives are not really the point of the single-player campaign. So the weakness of the AI and the poor design of the secondary objectives are not significant detractors from what is, on the whole, an enjoyable game.

What may actually sway your decision is that the Orks Campaign comes in the form of an additional premium DLC (Only about £1, far from a deal-breaker for me considering I'm a Total War fanboy), and you need a third party account in order to play. I haven't found these to be obstructions, and so far the third party account works fine and hasn't got in the way at all.

If you are swayed by these factors, you're missing out on a strategy romp that weirdly enough feels similar to Advance Wars with RNG added in. It's a great game for hitting a sweet spot between the ultra-precise requirements of tactics-heavy games like Desktop Dungeons or, uh, Chess I guess, and the RNG-heavy strategy of games like Faster Than Light, XCOM, or Darkest Dungeon. It feels somewhere between a casual and a core game, and as such I've been really enjoying it.

Typically the game has been receiving scores of around 7/10 in the press, and although scores are usually a bit arbitrary this is genuinely a good representation of the game - an enjoyable experience with minor flaws that don't detract from a solid game with committed, though not fanatic, developers.
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Not Recommended
1.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
All in all, this game takes a great game like chess, and ruins it with chance. 95% chance to hit a target one block away and misses. Orc has 40% chace and hits. This happens so regularly its uncanny. Really just leaves you frustrated.
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0.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 29
Probably the prettiest Unity game out there.

It is Chess, mixed with Warhammer. Similar in concept to the old battle chess series. With a bunch of gimmick modes as well.

If you like warhammer AND chess, it is a quite good acquisition. Especially for che
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4.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 12, 2015
Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a turn-based strategy chess game featuring Space Marines and Orks. Regicide has two main game modes in it as well as several ways to enjoy said game modes, I'll briefly explain those now. First off, we of course have classic chess, there's not much to say about this one as it's literally just chess with Warhammer pieces. The other 'game' is Regicide, Regicide is chess where you're allowed to use weapons and abilities on top of normal chess rules, making the game a more traditional TBS game, these weapons and abilities are used in a separate 'phase' to movement and everything costs action points so you have a limit to what you can do each turn. Regicide can be enjoyed in a Campaign mode as well as online and offline Skirmish battles while Chess is only available through online and offline Skirmish.

+It's a very nice looking game and the character models are all very detailed
+Both game modes are thoroughly enjoyable, I for one prefer the chess mode since I loved playing the regular game and haven't really been able to find a good alternative in the gaming world
+The pieces/characters are all well animated, particularly in the brutal mini-cutscenes that play when you take one of the opponent's pieces
+As well as providing you with some basic abilities for Regicide, you can unlock more by spending the experience points you earn by playing
+There are several different difficulty levels for the offline skirmish mode bots, particularly helpful if your chess skills are a bit rusty and you want to ease yourself back into the game
+The Regicide campaign provides some fun levels, usually with a small number of enemies and obstacles etc. The campaign does have a story to it but I didn't pay much attention to it
+The soundtrack is great and fits nicely with the game as a whole, particularly the main menu score
+As well as abilities, your experience points can be used to purchase cosmetic changes for your teams, e.g. different skins
+Excellent voice acting

+/-A lot of people have been complaining about the RNG in Regicide. Personally I thought it worked perfectly fine, those complaining probably just got very unlucky or aren't completely aware of how probability/percentages work

-Currently the game only has two races, Space Marines and Orks
-Currently there's no way to change the map layout. Why is this an issue? Playing Regicide with the board layout of regular chess feels like you're just playing a broken game of chess, there needs to be the option of having layouts such as the ones you find in the Campaign mode where units are more spread out and there's far less of them
-Regicide only has three maps. Admittedly they each have three variants (for different times of day), effectively making it nine maps but I'd still very much like to see more variation

Worth Mentioning:
  • You have to create an account to play the game and multiplayer is done through that account rather than through Steamworks.

Worth Purchasing.

If you're a fan of Chess, this game is an absolute no-brainer with its great graphics, RPG elements and its brutal execution animations. Even if you aren't a fan of Chess but you do like Warhammer 40k, chances are you'll enjoy the Regicide mode even if not the classic Chess mode.

No drama, Just Reviews.

El K.
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59.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 1, 2015
A right and proper game of strategizez where da ummies try to outthink our boys,but da gitz aint got da DAKKA to win!
What are you waitin' for?BUY IT!

But dont forget ya Squig ointment!

11/10 would WAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH again
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34.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 4, 2015
Warhammer 40,000 Regicide. Quite an interesting premise for a game: Warhammer 40k Chess! Yet it's much more than that!

There are two main modes for this game: Classic and Regicide mode. Classic is basically what it says on the tin: Chess with a 40k skin (and awesome killcams and animations.)

Regicide mode, however, pretty much only keeps the movement and "capturing" of pieces chess-like. In this mode you have abilities, unit actions along the lines of snapping off some shots at an enemy unit, throwing grenades, or going to ground. Also including amazing animations and badass killcams! (Watching the Librarian turn an enemy unit into a fine red mist never gets old.)

The graphics and audio are top-notch, each unit has it's own unique lines and actor and the models themselves look exceptional!

In all, I could probably continue rambling on an on, but, to sum it up? This game is incredibly fun, and I highly recommend it!
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11.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 10, 2015
This game includes two modes of chess: regicide & classic.

The regicide mode of chess is classic chess with a twist, and that twist is a complex of RNG (after moving, you're given the option to use abilities to damage opponent pieces or bolster your own), game board physical barriers (a wall or giant spikey fence on a square), 40k story elements (to arms, brothers!), and limited starting pieces (e.g., a game begins with three knights instead of the entire chess compliment). Chess classic is, well, the classic mode of chess.

I bought this game to play chess classic with neat looking 40k chess pieces, and I think it's a good game to play if you like chess. The AI is actually difficult to play against on higher difficulty settings. Most new to chess can probably start at intermediate. Regicide chess is an entertaining (and sometimes a RNG infuriating) bonus.

If you don't like chess, then you've not got any business buying this game. If you want a cheaper chess classic game without the bells and whistles Regicide provides, there's a free chess game on steam and a pretty good Amazon app called ChessGenius. So largely buy this if you enjoy 40k or want to play chess with a twist.
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2.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 15, 2015
You defeat the enemies of the emperor

Why wouldn't this be good

Are you a heretic?
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143.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 26, 2015
‘The King is Dead. Long Live the King’

‘Warhammer: Regicide’ is a gloriously bloody reimagining of one of the world’s oldest turn-based strategy games - Chess - set against the violent backdrop of the Warhammer:40K universe. Gorgeous visuals, tactically diverse gameplay and unapologetic violence elevate a classic board game to quite something else entirely.

Campaign: Act 1 - consisting of 10 playable missions - is currently active in Early Access. Act's 2 and 3 are to follow shortly. (This section will continue to be updated)

Gameplay | Graphics | Sound: Developed by ‘Hammerfall Publishing’ and released in May 2015, gameplay currently consists of two additional Modes beyond the main Campaign: 1. Classic and 2. Regicide. ‘Classic’ Mode: is simply traditional ‘Chess’ but one where your game pieces come to life and engage in brutal combat during movement and capture phases, much akin to the legendary ‘BattleChess’ of yesteryear. ‘Regicide’ Mode: is a different animal altogether - and while the game-board, pieces and traditional movement phases are unchanged from classic Chess - each move is subsequently followed by an ‘Initiative Phase’ where players can use a multitude of unit-and faction-specific weapons and powers (to include: Shields, Psychic Storms, Frag Grenades, Melee assaults, Life-Leeching Powers etc) to attack enemy pieces from range. This opens up a whole range of tactical gameplay options whereby players not only have to consider traditional points of focus such as ‘Protecting the King’, ‘Developing the Center’, ‘Point Values of Pieces’, ‘Combination Plays’ etc, but also contend with the realization that exposed pieces can be quickly cut down from distance. Losing your ‘Queen’ (from an uncaptureable chess position) to a barrage of ranged fire quickly reinforces the point that playing this mode as you might regular chess is suicide.

The game currently includes two playable factions – Imperial Space Marine’s and Orks (each with 3 Clans/Skins) - and each army is brought to life with richly detailed 3D models, varied and visceral battle animations, and atmospheric sound, making for some of the most satisfying and gloriously bloody battle sequences in recent memory. Additionally, 360-degree rotatable cameras, adjustable height settings and 5 ‘AI Difficulty’ levels (spanning ‘Novice’ to ‘Veteran Master’) allow for a user-customized and scalable experience. Finally, a serviceable Multiplayer component allows you to matchup with players from around the world or ‘Play a friend’ with local Hotseat functionality, and an 'XP'-based Armoury system allows players to ‘level up’ their game pieces, earn customized load-outs and bag unlockables through a progression system as well.

Flaws: While I am generally loathe to criticize such a well-refined and model ‘Early Access’ experience, featuring user-centric | responsive Dev’s as well as regular updates, it should be noted for purposes of informed choice that Act's 2 and 3 of the Campaign and 8 out of 12 (~70%) of the aforementioned Weapons | Powers, while in the works, are not active in the current build. Additionally, being restricted to only two playable factions and game boards | environments does dampen overall replayability. While much of the above will be addressed in forthcoming updates, a broader concern is the title’s overall focus on casual players – while largely ignoring both newcomers and experienced chess players. A side-by-side comparison with the standard bearer of chess titles, Ubisoft’s ‘Chessmaster’ or even the ‘Fritz Chess’ series, highlights the lack of both tutorial and learning options to wean in newer players, and progressive | varied AI | swappable chess engines, databases | analysis of classic games, strategies for openings, mid- and end-game, replay options etc that experienced players will look for to constantly improve. The inherent risk then is that without a broad userbase of enthusiastic newer players and a dedicated community of ‘pro’s’, the group in the middle will hit a ceiling and have nowhere to go.

Overall, ‘WH:Regicide’ is a fantastic update of a classic game and nearly 25 years on, and after many a charlatan and imposter, we have finally found the rightful heir to the ‘BattleChess’ throne - fans of Chess, Turn-based Strategy and/or theWarhammer:40K universe, will find a lot to love here. While the lack of tutorial and continuous learning capabilities do hold back its longevity, - stunning visuals, tactically-varied gameplay, an engrossing Campaign and multiple game modes make this a title you will find yourself returning to time and again. Very Well Recommended – Rated (8.7/10)

[Note:] Review based on WH:Regicide – (Early Access) Release Version 1.3 | Will be updated for major Updates
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 21, 2015
Play Chess. But do it FOR THE EMPEROR!
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6.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 16, 2015
Orcs versus Space Marines …. Meet Battle Chess?

Can this work at all? Surprisingly it works very well indeed!

Hammerfall Publishing managed to keep the Warhammer (Strategy) feeling and atmosphere, while using the basic rules of the game of kings.

The real plus though is, that they added another one and a half layers of gameplay, which enhances Regicide from just being another Battle Chess clone. So, you have a kind of second action phase, after the normal chess moving, where your units can execute different actions, which can have a great effect on your chess strategy (kinda sucks if the chess piece, with which you wanted to close your trap, get´s shot down by the orc boss and so forces you to quickly adapt).

The graphics, animations and sound/music are well done, while not necessarily impressive. There is also a nice single player campaigns with different scenarios, while of course many possibilities for multiplayer.

Conclusio: Warhammer 40,000: Regicide can offer fans of Battle Chess as well as Warhammer fans a nice variation of the genre.

Point Scale 6,5/10
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