Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a brutal take on one of the greatest turn based strategy games of all time. Regicide fuses multiple phases of gameplay with dynamic action. Maneuver your army into place and unleash a devastating array of tactical abilities to crush your enemies.
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Release Date: Sep 8, 2015

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May 19

UPDATE: 19.5.16

Hey guys!

Today's the big day! Our massive multi-platform update is live, along with our iOS game over on the App Store. We're also on sale here on Steam for our lowest price ever! Under $5 USD.

First off, if you download them in the next 12 days you'll be able to secure all of our new DLC totally free. This includes the Imperial Garrison environment, the Blood Axe Ork Clan and a 20 mission prequel campaign.

As for overall updates, Regicide now features asynchronous matches, cross-platform play, random board rotation AND unique faction rules. These are totally game changing updates, and we're so excited for you to check them out!

If you'd like to read a more in-depth look into these features, please check out our recent dev blogs about the changes: http://www.warhammer40kregicide.com/blog

If you're picking up Regicide on mobile, it's important to know that we have a universal account system which will allow you to bring your progress with you no matter what platform you're playing on.

See you on the battlefield!

Ally | Producer

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May 17

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Strategy Tips

Check out our Top 5 Tips to Master Warhammer 40,000: Regicide with Junglist!

Are you going to try out any of Junglist's tips?
Do you have any tips to share on how to dominate in Regicide?

Keep an eye out on our social media for more info!

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“This game has no right to be as good as it is”

“As brutal as you’d expect.”
PC Gamer

“Wonderfully vivid animations... It’s a mix that works”

About This Game

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

Regicide is a brutal take on one of the greatest turn based strategy games of all time. The game fuses multiple phases of combat with dynamic action. Manoeuvre your army into place and unleash a devastating array of tactical abilities to crush your enemies. The game offers two distinct modes:

Plan the attack and command your soldiers through two phases of combat. Open fire on your enemies, utilise tactical abilities and unleash psychic powers to crush your foes. Fight your way through violent single and multiplayer battles to destroy everything that stands between you and certain victory.

Sharpen your tactics in both single and multiplayer games based on traditional chess rules, executing brutally violent kills in dramatic battlefield terrains. Select your race and go to war online against opponents from all over the world in the fully cross-platform multiplayer mode.

  • 2 unique game modes: Play in both Classic chess and extended Regicide game modes.
  • Online and single player: Test yourself against our AI in both Campaign and Skirmish and bring your new skills to bear against opponents in multiple online game modes.
  • A cunning AI: Sharpen your skills verse 5 different AI difficulty settings in both Classic and Regicide.
  • Local multiplayer: Face off against live opponents in local hotseat matches.
  • Asynchronous gameplay: Take your game with you and challenge your friends to multiple asynchronous matches.
  • Competitive online leaderboards: Compete against your friends and the world with live Classic and Regicide Leaderboards.
  • 50 mission single-player campaign: Join Captain Dracomedes as he fights for Hethgar Prime with the Sons of Sanguinius in the 50 mission, fully-narrated campaign: The Angels of Death.
  • 2 unique races: Play as the indomitable Space Marines or blood thirsty Orks, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, abilities and strategies.
  • 11 unlockable Chapters and Clans: Requisition one of 11 iconic Space Marine Chapters or Ork Clans to field in multiplayer and skirmish matches
  • 36 exclusive models: Tailor your army's appearance by progressing through Campaign, Skirmish (VS AI) and Online Leaderboards.
  • 45 unique player and unit abilities: Unleash an overwhelming array of player and unit abilities to bring devastation to your enemies. Customise your ability loadouts to match your play style.
  • Localised in 8 different languages: Play in English, French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

This is only the beginning. The universe spans untold galaxies to conquer.
This is not just war. This is REGICIDE.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core (2.4 GHZ)
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    • Additional Notes: Broadband Internet Connection required for Multiplayer and User Account functionality. A Warhammer 40,000: Regicide User Account is required to use the game's online services. The game's single player Skirmish mode is playable in offline mode.
Customer reviews
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Mixed (58 reviews)
Mostly Positive (1,211 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 2.5 hrs on record )
Posted: June 27
Chess where the pieces brutally murder each other in glorious flurries of blood? What more could you ask for!
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Playing this game I realized how bad at chess I was.
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( 0.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
Only if you like chess kind of games..but even like that it doesnt have good features that allows the gamer to enjoy it.
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( 5.4 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
This game is like that one picture of a banana, I really really really like it.
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( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
it's ♥♥♥♥in chess! but with Warhammer 40k related ♥♥♥♥! and you can like attack and stuff it's great! let me give you a quick skinny, young grasshopper. you have regicide mode, which i have yet to mess with much yet. though it seems like chess matches with specific pieces in certain starting positions, with "cover" which pretty much makes a space unusable during the match(interesting twist IMO, would personally like to see the chess version have a mode with random spawning cover. in a best 2 out of 3 style of course). then you just gotta kick ♥♥♥. but here's the kicker. even if you can't jump a piece, you can still blast his punk ♥♥♥ from a few spaces away! depending on the amount of spare points you have in order to do so. ALTHOUGH, in your inital movment phase, if your piece could jump an enemy piece......it's a nice insatkill (as it should be). and you can even follow up with another attack.

love that they made the factions different from each other on the field, but as a huge Warhammer fan, would have loved to see more races instead of just offshoot factions...i understand budgets and ♥♥♥♥ i do....just....idk....maybe in a future update? <3
8/10 if its on sale get it! if you like games like chess and turn based stuff in general, it may be up your alley for full price
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( 4.2 hrs on record )
Posted: June 23
- micro-payment
- 3rd party account bondage

+ good mixture of chess and warhammer gameplay
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( 77.7 hrs on record )
Posted: June 21
Bloody chess
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( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 20
A fun way to add a little fun to chess, but the gameplay elements do not really change the actual game. You still are almost always going to eliminate a unit by taking it chess style, and the plethora of actions between turns really slows the game down. Overall pretty good, but no excellent.
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✪ ExpoZed
( 5.9 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
Addictive version of Chess, at least it was for me. I don't really like the "Regicide" mode that much, but I still enjoy playing the game during loading screens or queue times.
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( 1.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 17
A weird chess-like game. It takes less than an hour to realise that the game will not offer you anything new after the first "mission".
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 30
A great game with brilliant aspects i struggle to find anything wrong with the game its always keeping me on my toes and i always enjoy playing it the only quarrel i have is that if i am offline i cannot acces da green tide campaign and my save file for the blood angelsa campaign does not carry over to online mode
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
44.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 31
Perspective: Don't think of it as Chess .. it's not.

It's chess, but it isn't (as the game notes indicate).

For the sale price on steam of $4.99, this game is fantastic.
Get it on sale, and play it. It's more than "chess" with cool pieces. You need to play it differently.

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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
58.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 9
Chess 41 millennium, the emperor approves!
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
Combines Chess with XCOM combat, and seems to work despite itself. Campaign is fairly easy due to dumb AI. Multiplayer seems like a bad idea, and would play out very slowly. The game has a slowness issues even in campaign. Animations seem to take much longer to play out than they should. Models and animations are very cool, though.

Recommended with some reservations.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 31
Well it's like Battle Chess from years ago except 40k and it is not like it :D. It can be played campaign or skirmish (AI or human player).

The campaign which can be tricky depending on difficulty, uses pre-arranged boards (some pieces missing and placed in strange starting positions) with obstacles and a generic space marine vs orc storyline.

In skirmish you can play classic mode which is chess or you can play regicide mode which adds some special abilities to your pieces that can be frustrating if you're expecting a clean chess game. Took me around 2 hours to utilize these abilities more wisely and stop getting stomped so hard. Important lesson: If you are playing marines, be aware that orks have a nasty assault ability that allows them to dish out heafty damage if adjecent to your piece. In many cases I found it wiser to hang back and just pepper them with bolters (snap shot) unless they opened themselves up to stupidity and checkmate. More replayability if you are really into chess and see yourself playing more games against randoms and skirmish AI.

If you dislike such games and are just looking for a 40k title, I'd ignore this game or wait till a sale. I consider myself not that grand a chess player but I love 40k and I do enjoy chess so I give it a 7/10. Would give it higher if it had different factions other than just orcs and space marines but it does the trick when the craving hits.

(Edit: It is worth noting that the different chapters/orc clans have different stats in regicide mode.)
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
9.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 6
Just when you thought normal chess couldn't get any better, Warhammer 40000 chess came along!
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
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58.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 3
Quite a long time ago (like in the Commodore age) my parents gave me this book with rather difficult chess puzzles and tutorials – so I wouldn’t waste my life away on them silly video games. Well, it finally paid off!

Warhammer 40K: Regicide is heavily based on chess but offers a variety of chance based skills and attack options after every regular move. And this extension works very well. The single-player campaigns alone make it worth your while, since they offer hours and hours of different chess problems (with the extended rules set).

The competitive multiplayer is fine too, but it does require more patience than regular online chess. Matches in Regicide tend to take even longer, partly because of the fancy move and kill animations. Also expect the ultra violence and over the top tone of any other WH40K video game, which is a good thing. Just by looks and style this game fits right into some niche between Dawn of War and Space Marine. So, yeah, it’s awesome too!
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
19.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
Great if you want to play chess and like 40k. The regicide rules are a bonus. That said I bought it on sale (66%).
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 6
Pretty good game so far. Would like a Imperial Guard race and or DLC.
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