Pimp up your mobility scooter and take on the Grim Reaper and his Zombie army in a race for your soul. Armed with a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets, battle your way through 13 unique & exhilarating tracks. Can you survive the retirement village?
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Release Date: Jul 8, 2015

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July 29

Coffin Dodgers VR - Free demo DLC is here

Jump on your mobility scooter and immerse yourself into the open 3D world of Coffin Dodgers VR in this free DLC. (Content requires ownership of the base game Coffin Dodgers on Steam in order to play).

Download the DLC here:

This single track demo allows the player to experience the fast paced kart racer in first person with this immersive VR experience. Take on the Grim Reaper and battle your opponents using a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets and get closer to the action than ever before.

Coffin Dodgers VR should automatically detect your VR headset and enter VR mode.

If you run into any trouble or find any bugs in Coffin Dodgers VR, please report them in the dedicated Coffin Dodgers VR forum here:

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About This Game

Coffin Dodgers sees you take on the role of saving one of seven quirky retirement village residents, each racing for their soul in "pimped up" mobility scooters against none other than the Grim Reaper himself. Our old heroes are armed with a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets to take on anything the Grim Reaper and his Zombie army may throw at them. Can you survive the retirement village?

Players must battle it out against The Grim Reaper and other competitors over a 13 race Championship, where only the most skilled racer will survive. There are 4 distinct areas within the Sunny Pines Retirement Community, each featuring it's own mini tournament in which your rank against other competitors will ensure you progress to the next stage; however finish bottom of the pile and the Reaper gets to take your soul. The final race takes place over each of the 4 areas in a straight shoot out between you and the Grim Reaper.

As the game progresses the game environment becomes more and more apocalyptic as Grim's shadow slowly engulfs Sunny Pines. Look out for Grim's retinue of fiendish friends as they try and halt your progress.

Key Features:

• Race & Battle the Grim Reaper and his army of zombies.
• Save one of the 7 quirky retirement village residents
• Customise and modify your mobility scooter
• Player to player combat & rag doll physics
• 3D open world game environment
• 13 unique race tracks
• Single player Story and Time Trail modes
• Online Multiplayer race mode
• 3D Open world single & online multiplayer game modes
• Local multiplayer versus race mode (2-4 players)
• Full controller & keyboard support
• Steam Trading Cards and Achievements

Welcome to a suburban retirement village where all is not as it seems…

After settling down to recover from the responsibilities of working life, the residents of Sunny Pines have been idling away the days, life could not be more tranquil.

However, a creepy new resident, Mr Grim Reaper, looks set to turn retirement on its head. After years trawling the earth for souls to harvest, Mr Grim Reaper concludes Sunny Pines is where he’ll lay his hat, where he can harvest souls from the comfort of his rocking chair. However, seven of the sprightliest senior citizens have other ideas and set out to prove that life for Grim in Sunny Pines definitely won't be like shooting fish in a barrel.

The stately seven decide to strike a deal with the Grim Reaper; a mobility scooter racing championship to the death. If they can prove themselves to be fast and full of life, surviving and ultimately winning the championship, then he will allow them to live. However, too slow and they will be condemned to the retirement village in the sky.

What the Reaper doesn’t tell the folk of Sunny Pines is that once he takes your soul he can bring you back as one of his army of the living dead; mobility scooter racing zombies that are hell bent on making sure that nobody wins, by any means possible.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.2 dual core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with around 256mb memory (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570, Nvidia Quadro fx 3450)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access. Don't currently support Intel Onboard graphics
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz or AMD FX 4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX GPU 2GB GDDR5
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access. Don't currently support Intel Onboard graphics
    • OS: OSX Lion 10.7.5
    • Processor: i5 1.4 ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 256mb
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor: 2.2 dual core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with around 256mb memory (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570, Nvidia Quadro fx 3450)
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access.
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz or AMD FX 4.0 GHz
    • Memory: 4 MB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX GPU 2GB GDDR5
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Spec will be revised continually during Early Access.
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
18.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 23
This is an interesting game from a certain point of view. I enjoyed playing it, does have a special graphic and great game mechanics, the overall sound is good. Keeps you entertained and satisfied.
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140 of 182 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: April 14, 2015
[EDIT: Game has been released out of Early Access, this is my updated review, having played a few more hours, you can read the OLD REVIEW below this]

So, has my opinion changed at all? Short answer, no it hasn't; and here's why:
1. The Story is still the same length, so the game is still no longer than it was when I originally played it. Added acheivements is nice, but it's as though the devs added those just so you would play longer, and overlook the brevity of the game.
2. They have added a new mode - some Grandpa mode that I can't think of the name of (and the devs haven't even added this in their blurb about the game contents) - where you have to race around the map to collect items within a certainn time, with each item adding a small amount of time. That was fun, for all of about 10 minutes. *The devs have the potential to expand on this with all sorts of modes, but for me, it's too late now.*
3. I tried MULTIPLAYER for all of you guys out there, but here's the problem: it's dead. So, that's as far as I got - an empty lobby. I waited a good 10 mins waiting for players. Nothing.

Final Conclusion: more acheivements and an extra-limited gamemode, couple with dead multiplayer, makes this otherwise "had heaps of potential" game a major disappointment. Definitely still don't recommend the game at the price it is, because, while it is quite polished, it's more of a thin veneer over a mostly empty shell. I won't rate it, but I will give you a personal value of the game: $3. This is based not on how much time and effort the devs put into the game, but the bottom line of how many hours one would probably spend on the game to get most of the acheivements: ~3hrs (and that's playing story mode about THREE times, talk about tedious).

[End of updated review]

TL/DR: "A pretty fun game with lots of potential to be great if A LOT more content is added."

Curently what this game does is grab the elements of good kart games, adds a bit of it's own feel to it, and leaves you with a empty shell of a game. I say this because when I jumped into this game I expected a solid single-player game. What I got was less than 2 hours of gameplay - and it would have been much less than that had I not bothered so hard to upgrade my kart so early on, by repeating a few races. So let's break it down a bit, be a bit more constructive with our bashing of a game that has so much potential to be a good game.

  • Graphically, it's nice to look at - looks a lot like F1 Racestars or Costume Quest - simple, clean and easy on the eyes.
  • Sounds are also simple - didn't notice any annoying repetitiveness blaring away in my ears, it's all pretty good.
  • Gameplay is solid. Heck, these three points should make for a great game!
But, the Cons:
  • Story mode is super short. I reckon it would take me, if I could be bothered, just over an hour each to use each of the 7 characters in story mode. But really, WHY would I bother? I didn't see any other single-player modes, apart from re-hashing the story - Open World Practice and Time Trials anyone?
  • Wow, major OP karts once you have even half upgraded them. Made the 2nd half of the story mode too easy
  • I didn't play this for multiplayer. Maybe one day I'll play split screen, but even then it's limited to 12 tracks (plus 1?)

In conclusion, this game had me torn - it has so much potential (did I say that already?) But with the lack of SP content alone, I cannot recommend this game anywhere near the price it is.
If the devs overhaul the SP into something a LOT bigger - even with a 1/5 of the content of Sonic/Mario/F1Racestars/GasGuzzlers, then maybe we have a game on our hands. As it is, it just doesn't have enough going for it, the devs have a solid base, but they need to get out of the basement, and make this an apartment block. Till then I cannot recommend. Let's hope the devs read some of these reviews and act positively :)
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89 of 124 people (72%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
10.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 31, 2015
This game was reviewed using a code sent by the developer.

Coffin Dodgers is a kart racing type game that was released in July 2015 developed by Milky Tea Studios.

The gameplay in Coffin Dodgers is something which I found to be something of a strange one. The actual kart racing looks to be really fun from the screenshots and video trailer, but when you get into the game, it is just infuriating. I have played my fair share of kart racing games, and you expect to be screwed over at times by the rest of the players, but it is beyond a joke in this game. It is almost like you are better off being in last place until the last five seconds of the race because if you are anywhere near first place, you WILL get gimped on, and when you do, you will go right back down to last place due to the amount of people that will be aiming straight up your backside with rockets. People may think I am just ratting on the game because I am bad at it, you may think that, but I actually finished the game fairly quickly and on the harder difficulties. I then tried it on the lower settings and it is exactly the same; completely unfair advantage that the AI has over the player.

As with all other kart games, there are power ups for you to collect as you race; these consist of rockets, Uzis, speed boosts, defibrillators (these act as an area effect stun), shields, and oil puddles. On top of these power ups, you are able to upgrade your kart in the garage by using the gold you earn from taking part in the races. Quick tip, don't upgrade anything unless you can afford the highest upgrade for your engine, everything else is just pointless on the single player. You can upgrade things such as how well your kart handles, how many power ups you may carry at any one time, or how much damage you do to the other riders. For me the gameplay is really a level below all other kart games out there at the moment and I was a little disappointed with it.

Graphically, Coffin Dogers is actually a really aesthetically pleasing game. It has the cartoon art style which looks like it’s come straight out of Simpsons or Family Guy and it actually fits in well with the theme, the game does not take it self seriously at all. The graphics side of the game do actually redeem itself a bit here.

Like I said above, this is a pretty difficult game to play on single player - the AI clearly has an unfair advantage over the player and it shows on a nearly minute basis as you get blown up time and time again. The game has varying levels of difficulty but even then, the easy settings still punish the player phenomenally.

Coffin Dodgers actually has a fair amount of replay ability in it - the single player story/campaign mode took me about four hours to complete, there are about 5 stages, and each stage has 3 sub racers for you to take part in, you do however really need to be winning every race for you to get the biggest gold reward at the end of it all allowing you to upgrade your kart in order to keep up with the rest of the pack. Where I got the most enjoyment and playability was in the game's local multiplayer function. The game allows split screen up to four people and it does it really well. Being able to play with your friends on the couch for a few racers is really where this game shines - my friends and me have played this game for about five hours just on the multiplayer split screen. You don't mind getting shot in the back when you are playing with friends, since you can all have a joke about it, it is a bit different when it’s the AI though...

All of the race locations are really well designed. Granted one or two are the same map but just done in a reverse direction, but there is a nice amount of shortcuts you can find in order to get a slight advantage over anyone else. Whilst there are a small amount of locations where you can pick up the power ups, it would make it a lot more hectic if there were a few more points to get them from. Some of the levels are quite large and you can be going quite a while before running into the next power up at points.

I did have a few technical problems with Coffin Dodgers sadly; firstly, the game does not work with the Steam controller at all, but has no problems with the Xbox controller. I wouldn't recommend playing the game with a keyboard, it'll just get messy. I also noticed a few bugs in the game too; for instance, there are a few power up strips located throughout some of the maps, it seems as if these do the exact opposite if you ride over them - you get a bit of a stuttering effect when using them, so it got to the point where I needed to avoid these all together. I also had this same problem when going up any sort of ramp, you'll be slowed down to the point where you are almost stationary, but your opponents do not get the problem.

The last problem I had was a bit of a strange one. Even though my frame rate counters were all showing me at 60+ FPS, the gameplay still seemed to look as if it was being run at 30 fps. I couldn't work out what was causing it, but it did eventually sort itself out with no interaction by me. The game can also be run at 4k resolutions which is a nice plus too.

In conclusion, I am not going to recommend Coffin Dodgers, purely because the gameplay is really not good. There are better kart racing games out there. The only enjoyment I got out of the game was the local multiplayer, but I wouldn't recommend it just on that. If you are into the kart racing genre, you may want to check it out, but even then, I think £8, 99 is a bit much.

Tom's Score Card
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2) Not Recommended
3) Only recommended when on sale
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6) This is a must play

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47 of 61 people (77%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2015
Coffin Dodgers is one of the better Mario Kart, Crash Tag Team Racing/Nitro Kart style clones made for PC but with that said I still can not recommend this game. It is fun for a while then becomes really repetitive and annoying and is full of things that I'd have expected to be smoothed out better. With that said, I'll list my pros and cons below.

♦ Great funny/quirky game concept (What's better than old people on mobility scooters whacking people with walking sticks?)
♦ Great number of character skins (They are only skins as each character doesn't do anything unique from the other)
♦ Awesome initial storyline (See cons for why I say initial)
♦ Amazing artwork/graphics
♦ Nice number of modes
♦ Customizable controls that work
♦ Good integration of controller and keyboard
♦ Maps look stunning
♦ Helpful Tutorial

♦ Different Characters don't give a uniqueness to the game (This is annoying as there is no point playing one character over another as they are only skins and give no ingame unique difference such as special weapon or vehicle attribute etc)
♦ Hardly any campaign content (Only 15 races which took me around 2-3hours to complete)
♦ No Brakes (Pressing S instantly reverses which makes it really hard to slow down)
♦ Can hit someone and instantly get knocked off (This is annoying as you just have to tap someone and they can knock you off)
♦ Almost impossible to quickly/easily get unstuck on corners when stuck behind obsticles such as light posts and hay bails (Trying to get unstuck takes ages and hitting one can put you in eighth indefinitely no matter your current position)
♦ The ending storyline was terrible (Just seems to show a short scene with Grim and then randomly saying "The End". Could have been written way better)
♦ Voice Actors would have made it cooler
♦ XP gained seems 100% Pointless
♦ Can't replay a Campaign Level when you hit continue after finishing it (This is 100% stupid as an achievement is get gold on all levels and thus if you didn't get gold on your first play through, you have to keep re-trying until you do and if you accidentally hit continue, you can't go back. This is also annoying for replay value as you have to start a new campaign to replay levels).
♦ Multiplayer is laggy or unbalanced compared to campaign/single player (I was playing with 2 people online and the rest AI and I couldn't seem to get out of 8th place in both races I did whereas in single player, I almost always placed in the top 3 which didn't add up as I should've been vsing the same AI as in single player)
♦ Multiplayer Vehicle Upgrade Shop seemed Broken (I purchased all the upgrades in Campaign and went to Multiplayer and had to re-buy them. So I did this and yet it still wouldn't let me use them in Multiplayer. If upgrades don't work in Multiplayer, why have the option to buy them?)
♦ Multiplayer got stuck on loading track level (I Alt+Tabbed whilst the level loaded and came back and it just kept showing the track preview and I could hit escape or do anything, I'm not sure if someone quit before it had loaded but it was 100% stuck spinning on track preview)
♦ No voice chat for Multiplayer (This would make it more fun)
♦ Alt+Tab seems to causes errors sometimes (Once the game crashed saying it couldn't load graphics and the second error I got was sound glitched until I died, which was annoying)
♦ Achievements seem like an after thought (There are some nice achievements and some that are just silly try-hard to make you play the game just to get them, like win multiplayer every day of the week or on special days etc and the fact you can't replay campaign levels to gold them if you didn't without starting a new campaign to get the gold all level achievements is stupid)
♦ No way to quit multiplayer when I joined matchmaking (Found players and after each race, it just threw me back into another race and seemingly the only way to quit multiplayer was to quit the race once the race had to started. This is bad as quitting during a race ruins your rating).
♦ Can't restart a campaign race whilst in that race (This is 100% stupid as if you know you're not going to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd you can't restart and either have to quit back to main menu or finish the 4 laps to restart the race... which is way time consumer and annoying).

Overall, Coffin Dodgers isn't a terrible game and is one of the best Mario Kart/Crash Tag Team Racing/Nitro Kart clones for PC I've seen in a long time. However, unfortunetly there are more cons than pro's meaning I can't recommend this game in it's current state. If there was more campaign content with a story that had so much potential not just randomly ending, you could actually break so you crashed less, could get out of stuck situations easier/quicker so you didn't definitely come last everytime you crash and didn't reverse every time you wanted to slow down and if multiplayer was less buggy/glitchy/laggy it would be a 100% game.
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20 of 22 people (91%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
17.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 14
Race For Your Life!

In Coffin Dodgers, the Grim Reaper is in town and he’s not leaving until he has some souls. The town’s seniors decide that the best way to sort out who gets to live and who dies is by having a racing event where the losers are quietly swooped away by the Reaper, while the winners get to live…at least a little bit longer.

After choosing to play as one of a handful of seniors, players partake in races that take place in the town and surrounding countryside. Powerups litter the track, giving players the ability to, among other things, shoot submachine guns, rockets, or create oil slicks that slow down the other racers. Melee attacks can also be used to disrupt other racers, though these attacks obviously require close proximity to opponents.
Upgrades can be purchased using the rewards from the races, and players have the ability to customize their scooter to their heart’s content.

As is the case with these types of racers, they’re much more fun playing with a group of friends, than playing solo. The single-player experience is good fun, but racing against A.I. only entertains me for so long. The game’s multiplayer experience is a virtual ghost town, though, so I was unable to find a multiplayer match to join in on. Fortunately, local multiplayer options ensure that if you live with friends or host frequent parties, you’ll all be able to jump right into Coffin Dodgers for some silly racing experiences.

A ghost town of a multiplayer community isn’t uncommon for small-scale PC games. Luckily, Coffin Dodgers is a pretty fun game on its own, and I imagine is great fun to play with others through local multiplayer.
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29 of 43 people (67%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
3.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 6, 2015
I wanted to recommend this game a lot, but I can't. It just has so much charm. If you can get it in a bundle for for just a couple bucks, get it.

You'll see all there is to do in about half an hour, and that isn't worth the price it is. On top of that, there's just so little gameplay in this. It's a racing game with no rear camera or handbrake. It's a melee battler with one, charge-up move. It's a mario-kart clone with no reverse fire and non-interesting items. There's no defense beyond a shield item. You can get beat to death on the finish line, lap 4, in first place, and finish last. It's more annoying than fun.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
10.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2015
The kart racing genre was a staple of the 32-bit era. Every possible franchise you could imagine had an entry — even Mega Man and Final Fantasy. Some of these wound up being highly-forgettable due to their mediocrity, while top-shelf entries like Mario Kart 64 and Crash Team Racing raised the bar for the genre. Due to the glut of games, however, a lot of these franchises just had one and done entries and the genre wound up being downgraded in terms of the quantity of games, but increased in quality. The Mario Kart games kept things going, as did a scattered assortment of other games like Crash Nitro Kart while Sonic and Sega’s All-Star Racing franchise remains the third-party gold standard now.

With the console-centric entries in the genre keeping quality high, it’s led to an influx of kart racers on mobile platforms. Some have just been mobile variants on console games, like All-Star Racing Transformed, while others have gone with a 3D look like Shrek’s kart racer. The 3D games tend to look rather ugly and don’t do much to freshen things up. While Coffin Dodgers isn’t a pretty game and sadly continues that trend, it does freshen the genre up a bit with a unique premise.The Grim Reaper is coming for a slew of old people and it’s to whichever character you choose to play as to save the day for themselves.

Wins and losses actually have a sense of importance in the championship campaign since whoever comes in last place winds up dying. This means that they can’t make any progress in the story, but Death will revive them to get in your way. In a neat bit, Death actually takes part in the races too. I guess he’s really hands-on and wants to make sure that he takes care of all these codgers himself to at least try and ensure his job is done properly. Luckily, Death can be thwarted here thanks to some power-ups and your default melee attack. The control layout works fine and everything is responsive — not razor-sharp like Mario Kart 8, but still reasonably good.

Standard kart racing rules apply for the main game with the basic goal being to score in the top three to ensure progression throughout each set of championship-level races. The better you do in the standings and on the track, the easier time you’ll have making progress. Proper weapon use nets you a ton of XP, while wins get you cash. Cash allows you to upgrade your mobility scooter in a variety of ways. If you’re not happy with its handling, just focus on mobility upgrades.

Unlike a lot of kart racers that let you re-race tracks to get the best score, you can’t quite do that here. You’re free to retry as much as you want to right after a race, but can’t go through an earlier course with new gear to try and gain more money. It’s a bit of a shame, but it does allow things to be a bit more fair and not make any single player a demigod in the lineup. The game’s use of rubber banding is annoying, and can easily send you from first into the back of the pack with either a single mistake that sends you into the scenery or a weapon blast.

The core game offers up a lot of fun with a combination of a melee attack that can be charged up to do tons of damage in one shot and the usual array of power-ups. The combat evokes a bit of Road Rash by offering up some satisfying bonks to the head during a close race. Item pickups are fairly standard, with a boost, rockets, and homing rockets available. The biggest change is the inclusion of a sub-machine gun, which you certainly wouldn’t expect in a game like this.

Visually, Coffin Dodgers looks like a fairly old mobile game. Nothing about the graphics is all that eye-pleasing, and to say that they’re on-par with the PS2 would be an insult to the beauty showcased during that generation. The character models are simplistic, as are the environments and animations. The most impressive part of the graphics probably lies in the explosions from the rockets — and even those aren’t all that amazing, they’re just the best-looking things in an otherwise bad-looking game. Animations are nearly non-existent and every part of the world looks like a paint-by-numbers design. It’s a sloppy-looking game in every way.

The audio is worse than the visuals because at least there’s some variety there. Musically, you get very few tracks to listen to and they’re short and loop constantly. Sound effects are okay, but forgettable due to being bog-standard with what you’d expect. You get a basic thwack sound for melee, braking, acceleration, and power-up weapons like rockets. You can just imagine them and that’s what you’d hear — the game loses nothing being muted, and that’s never good. Sound design is such a crucial part of the puzzle and it’s just been forgotten here.

Coffin Dodgers is a heavily flawed game that winds up being ever-so-slightly greater than the sum of its parts. On the surface, it shouldn’t be as fun as it is due how rough around the edges so many parts of it are. The core game is still fun to play even with its issues, though. The options are somewhat limited for PC kart racers and this one does have enough going for it gameplay-wise to be satisfying. Its graphics and sound fall far short of any standard set in the past 15 years, however, and it looks far sloppier than any kart racer we’ve seen on the market in many years. As a result, Coffin Dodgers comes with a very mild recommendation if you’ve played through every other kart racer out there and just want something to dink around with for a bit. Overall 5/10.
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2.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2015
I've eyed this game for a while as I've seen it on sale once or twice, but finally decided to give it a go when I felt the price was right. Felt like it was worth the purchase, but even so, it bugs me that there is no one online to play with after beating a mid-ranged story mode.

Coffin Dodgers feels like Mario Kart met up with Road Redemption while introducing it all with an interesting story line to say the least. The game is good, but it feels like it could have been a lot better with a few tweaks. Death one day decides to show up to the little town where there are numerous old folks. One by one, they will be taken away if they do not succeed in placing first in the race.

The game itself is enjoyable. In fact, the game feels quite right as no shortcuts or glitches seem to prop up. When I first started playing, the driving scheme didn't sit too well. It felt like Mario Kart turning initially but ended up as Sonic All Star Racing drift feel. I was slightly confused in knowing how much was too much going into a turn when it came to smashing the gas. After a bit of time, I familiarized myself with their control scheme and actually find it enjoyable. You can get through a track without using the brake by letting off on the gas to make sharp turns. There are times you will need to quickly let go, tap the brake, and hit the gas quickly to keep your head out in first. The carts you drive in themselves were also up for question before I bought this game. I figured how fast could one really go and make a scooter fun to drive. They, however, made it so. Besides the driving feeling right, they added power-ups within the game. Upgrading your scooter can allow you to hold two power-ups simultaneously as well change it's color and engine specification.

Power-ups come in many forms such as rockets, boosters, mac-10 automated pistol, and even oil slicks. My power of choice in this game is the ability to whack your opponents with your cane at any given moment. This is one of the great features in this game that many other games as Mario Kart lacks. I like games that consistently keep you on your toes, engaged, and force you to pay attention at all times. At any point of a race, you are able to charge up how hard you want to hit someone and are able to release that charge right through your cane into another racers face. Just because you don't have a power-up, doesn't mean you won't get knocked off your scooter/kart. In this sense, it follows Road Redemption but adds the extra umph once a power-up is picked up. This feature alone can make it worth while, and as seen in RR, can make the whole game. After each race, you are rewarded with coins and experience. There was an excellent balance between grinding for cash and earning rewards. Throughout the race, there may be random obstacles within the way or ways to get more XP or coins. A cop car or a regular car may come driving through, a pedestrian may be crossing, or zombies might be in the way. I also have to give the game huge props for doing multi/local player battle race extremely enjoyable and simple to access.

Graphics are absolutely appropriate for what they did. It feels like N64 graphics but with a 2015 update/mod/patch/fix to it. I love the sounds and the ambiance provided within the game. You will see your old timer as they are cruising through the map looking around and observing what's going on. It's small details like this that make games noticeable (but it's the big details like game play that make up a game)!

Though albeit the game for the most part is good, it could have been a lot better. Besides having one melee attack, why not add two? Or a variation to the swing? Small things like this take the game from simply having an ability, to extending the power of this ability that effects the entire game. It also gives me a different method of attack. I would have also liked to see different game modes. Sumo, battle, or maybe a mode to see who could blow up or whack the most zombies.

Because it is missing a little, but because it does have local, I think it's a well rounded score deserving a

Indie RATING : 7.8/10

Standalone RATING : 7.0/10

I would highly recommend playing this with friends as it's difficult to find people online. Also, for any future updates or DLC's to the game I would recommend a longer storyline with a bit more whackyness to the tracks. Towards the end (and especially the final track), things finally got overly creative that it was starting to become really fun to play. Playing a bit of local co-op I've noticed some players spend a lot of time on the floor. I noticed myself on story mode that I'd be licking pavement. I would make it slightly more of a challenge to knock someone off their scooter.

Gameplay B
Story / Campaign B-
Visuals / User Interface C+
Sounds / Music B-
Replay-ability C+
Overall C+

ScreenShots :

The longer you hold the button down, the greater the charge you get

Just missed

The weapons are as fun and as whacky as the game is

If you get hit hard enough or hit a wall at the wrong angle, expect to go flying

You will encounter random obstacles throughout the races

Character selection screen

Some clipping going on in two player. Luckily, first player doesn't have to suffer


Winner/loser screen
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Not Recommended
3.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 6
TL;DR Good potential and features, but the game is too damn hard.

Trying to find a good cart game on PC is really hard. This game is probably one of the best I have played, however its plagued with small things which are infuriating.

The AI has zero rubberbanding that I have observed, if you get to last place during a race, its extremely unlikely you will be able to catch up. I'm not saying racing games need rubberbanding, but for this type of arcade racing, it would be nice.

The maps are unforgiving. Scattered all around the levels are objects on the sides. The AI never hit them, but if you do, you instantly stop, and are required to reverse to get around them. This can take you from 1st place, to an unrecoverable last place. The walls are sticky, if you tap or grind into them slightly in some places, you completely stop and get stuck, other times you just bounce off.

Upgrade system is too expensive. You can't replay levels to earn more money, modes other than story don't earn you money. You can buy paint for your cart... WHO would buy this?? Theres not enough money to upgrade the essentials let alone deciding to paint your cart.

Weapons, seem inconsistant. Sometimes they work, other times they don't. e.g missles in a straight line sometimes miss the AI players. AI don't seem to have this issue when shooting you.

Powerups are useless. The 'boost' doesn't seem to do anything, sure if makes you look like you are going faster, but AI have passed me while I've been 'boosting', and I rarely catch up to AI when using the boost.

The game has really good potential, but these issues need to be ironed out before its actually enjoyable. Was this game even play tested before being released? I've only played this game 2 hours and I've already found highly annoying things, surely testing would have found the same issues.
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Posted: October 4, 2015
This is a fun little game with an interesting premise.
Residents of a retirement community race Death in the mobility scooters.
A Mario Kart type game for your pc.
Not a long, challenging or innovative game, but fun.
If you can get it on sale it's a good buy.
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Recently Posted
GoodOlAndy [Linux]
1.6 hrs
Posted: September 29
Love this game even if I can not get past the first set of 3 races. Bought for a friend and he loved it so much that he actually played for almost 5 hours straight the first night.
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Oscarjames | PRIVATE BUYER
4.5 hrs
Posted: September 20
Highly recommended! :)
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3.4 hrs
Posted: September 18
It's a lot of fun but kinda easy and simple- not that's its really a *bad* thing. I think it had a lot more potential. Hopefully a sequel will help on this but either way it's fun to play and held me over while i was looking for a Mario Kart/CTR fix.

+Runs good/smooth
+Story is actually kinda interesting
+Controls well
+Fun tracks

-Music is kinda boring/bland
-Story mode kinda just goes on and on without introducing anything new or fresh.

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Hippie Gamer ☮
0.3 hrs
Posted: September 12
Product received for free
Extremely empty racing game. Luckily I got it for free, because it isn't worth a penny. Even split-screening with friends can't save it.
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The Antwonette Starqweisha
0.9 hrs
Posted: September 7
This game is fun
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Dragon Force
3.3 hrs
Posted: September 4
Coffin Dodgers is a fun and little cartoonish kart racing game, running around with old people in mobility scooters where the last runners are being caught by Reaper and then they run like zombies. During the game, you have the challenge of improving your vehicle with very funny visual upgrades.

The controls are simple, gameplay is simple, fun and addictive. It has lot's of playable mods from single to multiplayer, which allows a wide range of choice. Open-world explore is a good and interesting mode to play. Short game but very fun. While I played, I had fun a lot.

A note for the tutorial, simple and useful. New players will not have problems to start playing.

Do not understand the negative reviews that I read on the game page on Steam about this game. Seriously.

+original and super fun concept
+great variety of weapons, upgrades and playable mods
+quite good for playing in family/with friends
+really interesting graphic models and textures, reminding cartoon

Recommended game to buy on sale (as I did).
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2.1 hrs
Posted: August 24
Beat it in like 2 hours. The story mode is way to short and splitscreen uses the story tracks. Its fun to play, but super repetative. On a big sale at like 75% to 90% it might worth picking up, but at full price I do not recommend this game.
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3.6 hrs
Posted: August 23
Horrible game, broken achievements, no funny moments, but plot was interesting at the start.
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1.4 hrs
Posted: August 12
Great Laugh!
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