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Release Date: Aug 6, 2014
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Posted: February 8
While you should probably just play the demo to decide wether or not to get this, and I have only played the demo, but I beleve it has horrible balace and design issues:
  • Tower upgreades are overpriced - You will often spend up to 5 times the price of one tower to upgreade it to one that doen't even have +40% damage and maybe +20% range.
  • Limited tower placement - There are only about a dozen locations(tops!) on a map for you to place towers. This wouldn't be a problem except for the above point and the one below:
  • There are no tool-tips for towers that aren't on the field - This means you could spend 750 on an upgreade for a 200 tower, only to learn too late that it was a support tower that heals heros instead of attacking. What tool-tips you do get arn't very helpful, giving you damage and health but not rate of fire or reload(which are aparently different stats), and they don't tell you if the 3 triangles represent resistance or weakness, or how a stat of "5" affects something that deals 700+ damage.
  • Heros are the key to your defense - This might sound like a purely personal grevance that the towers are to support your heros and not the other way around, but there are a few other points that make this a problem:
  • Heros need to be heavly upgraded to be useful - And the only place to do this is at the horably overpriced weapon store that really wants you to put real $ into paying to win.
  • Hero skills are not well balaced - While not bad per say, what you pay for them is ofen not equal to what you get: the engineer's tower boost ability, for instance, provides an 80% power boost at level one, but only increases by 5% all other levels; while the attack range upgreade might only increase your range by a few steps at the highest level.
  • No Hotkeys? - I know people have said this game has good hotkeys - I wouldn't know, since the game doesn't tell you what those keys are, and since it was made for IOS, it probably never had any to begin with. Given that hero abilities are vital to your success, this makes the game feel very clunky.
  • Incosistant AI - The same enemy type might stop and fight the towers, or go after the heros, or ignore them entirely and go after the base. This is especialy fustrating on maps with no paths for enemies, meaning there is no way for you to maze or otherwhise slow the enemy down, leaving you at the mercy of the Random Number God.

    I cannot recommend this game to Tower Defense addicts like myself - whatever interesting tower designs and bloody halarity are in this game are squandered by overpricing, constant micro-management at a glacial pace, and abusive pay-to-play systems.
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Posted: August 9, 2014
hmm where to start.......... OCTOPUS BIKERS! this is full of these wacky sorta foes the heros have plenty of sarky quotes for you the humor is just good.
mechanics wise ive only one gripe whilst on the map there is no description for the towers in the upgrade bubbles just images, if you want to know about the specific towers you need to have looked over the info in the log book so once youve done that you have a better idea what the towers do (gripe done).
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Posted: August 17, 2014
One of the best tower defence games i've played. A must have.
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Posted: August 16, 2014
Colorful and fun but hard TD. I gonna buy the full version.
Only one disadvantages - there is no description of upgrades
Recomended for strategy-fan.
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Posted: December 9, 2014
Filled with gore, violence, and humor (basically in that order). What's not to love?
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