Redefining Strategy in RTS with Foresight. Win epic battles with wits, not dexterity. Foresight automates typical logistic chores for you reasonably so that you can focus on the battle instead. Create your armada and destroy your enemies with strategy!
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Release Date: Nov 28, 2014

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October 22

Patch V1.10 Update - 6 days left to patch deployment!

Hi all,

This should be our final update before the patch is released. A few more features have been added into the final version of the patch based on feedback and suggestions.

We've always taken suggestions and feedbacks seriously. Even if we didn't manage to implement it now, we might do so over time.

A few things to look forward to:
1) You can now know how much damage you're really doing per second. Due to the complex nature of every ships' weaponry, cooldowns and characteristics, the estimation may not be 100% accurate. The purpose is to give an idea.

Naturally, every ship will have an engagement radius and a maximum weapon range radius. Therefore, there'll be a minimum damage per second where only the ship's longest ranged weapon can damage the enemy. The maximum damage is also known as the maximum exposure damage where almost all turrets can be brought to bear upon the target.

2) You can also see how much damage you'll be taking lesser in percentage.

Do note that this applies after damage type calculations are done.

3) Camera, while rotating, can now change its elevation. Don't worry, there'll be a null-zone that is reasonable enough that elevation isn't changed at the slightest movement.

I wish I could elaborate more but I won't want to spoil your fun!

Thanks for your support and be assured that when the patch is released, there'll be a complete release note, and there'll be bug fixing patches should there be any problems in the future as well!

P.S. I'll try to put up more images in the next few days!


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October 17

Foresight Steam Cloud space increased

Dear all,

This is just a quick shout out to anyone who might have experienced saving multiple big games and it fails to get through into steam cloud.

We've done a new estimation of the saved game file size and have updated the steam cloud size accordingly.

We apologise for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your support!


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“Translated from German: Player-friendly real-time strategy game. However, expandable and also in English only.”
88/100 –

About This Game

Redefining Strategy in RTS games.

Foresight is an epic space-based RTS game that throws you, the player, into the thick of the battle as a commander. Lead huge fleets, armed with fighters and bombers across wormholes to fight it out with your enemy. Launch bombing missions, fighter patrols, plant observation posts or fire support base with reconnaissance units. Intelligence is key.

Recruit capable commanders as your fleet commanders; they'll not just obey your orders, they'll also talk to you, give you suggestions, raise requests and report on their progress. Fleets are semi-autonomous and therefore have their own command, which is separate from yours though they're under your command. This allows you to expand your forces beyond what you can control. They also progress alongside you, gaining experience and improving their abilities. As they get promoted in rank, so does your command; allow you to control more ships.

Foresight redefines the strategy component of RTS games by rewarding players for executing correct strategic decisions and not punishing players for a single mis-click or being less dexterous. Build order complexity is minimized to allow players to focus on what matters; building the right thing.

Need to arm a capital ship with fighters and bombers? No problem - simply make a request with that ship. Foresight's AI will automate the entire process - between picking the nearest shipyard with the lowest load and deployment to the designated ship.

So, what's your battle plan? Blitzkrieg? Flank attack? Even in space, such plans are possible because Foresight is built to deliver an reasonably accurate outcome. A large navy may not always win the day.

Finally, enjoy the epic battle as fighters dogfight each other, bombers performing bombing runs and ships firing all weapons in their full glory!

  • Foresight supports up to 8 players in single player battles or multiplayer skirmishes.
  • Create fleets with officers who will then talk to you and offer suggestions.
  • Form massive fleets quickly without a complicated build tree.
  • Reasonable automation eliminates the need to overly micro-manage RTS "chores", now you can focus on the battle more.
  • Tide of war can be tilted by intelligence gathering and positioning of ships, as well as having a healthy supply of fighters and bombers.
  • The largest army may not always win.
  • Every player is represented by an avatar character in game, making sneak attacks and assassinations worthwhile.
  • Most of the 36 Strategems applicable and is highly replicable in Foresight
  • Commanders and Advisors will level in their statistics gradually with action in combat and will unlock more innate abilities to aid you.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (Wolfdale) or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with Shader 2.0 support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectAudio 9 compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Video cards should always be updated with their latest drivers. A high-performance video card will make a difference.
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i5-2XXX (Sandy Bridge) or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with Shader 3.0 support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectAudio 9 compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Video cards should always be updated with their latest drivers. A high-performance video card will make a difference.
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109.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2014
When Foresight first launched I wouldn't have recommended it based on my first impression.

What seemed like unfinished product with clunky ui proved to have more dept than I thought, being unrefined to modern tastes but not unfinished.

Ever since then game has improved weekly, problems that are posted are getting fixed and improvements that make gameplay clearer are being added.

I have reported numerous things about this game and I have noticed they all get fixed in matter of days.

Foresight team doesn't seem to be afraid to do major changes either to not just to make their game sell, but to make it really good.

While I write this review the game still ways to go, but it's the kind of game that grows on you when you give it a chance, improving along the way.

More about the setting :

Lets get this party started.

I have prepared three different secments : Interesting, meh and the " "why oh why" section.

First interesting stuff:

Fleet system with levelling commanders

Commanders gain passive abilities when their skills improve and they have their own AI personalities, such as defensive,competent, intelligent.

- You have fleet bars with information in them, allowing you to use all your number keys for buildings and scouts while focusing larger groups to fleet F-keys.

- Fleets ask for units and post suggestions: like " requesting five fighters or want to go sector x" , you can just double click to approve them.

- Killing fleet commanders hinders your control over them. You need either main hero or alive commander to control fleet.

- Ai controls fleets in combat automaticly hitting their strongest targets and based on commanders personality either flee like chickens or take it like a man.

- Commanders can die and will try to escape to other ships when they are losing.

Unique take to scouting.

- Every ship has limited detection range and larger attack range... because this game has detection units.

- Scouting is vital. Scouts allow you to shoot farther and recon new areas and secure sectors as beacons.

- Dormant mode allows wide area fleets scans. You know what I mean when you try it.

Weaponising resourses

- You can use stuff like gas clouds as minefields.


- UNC ( United Nations Confederation ) is an anti tecnology faction that uses " safe" tecnologies as railguns and missiles, being the " standard" faction. Asia based.

-SS ( Slavic Sirerians)"the aliens" : Use chemicals and bio weapons ( yes chemicals and bacteria in space.) Are mostly male and somewhat ....manly. Slavic based.

- NSAU ( North-South American Union) : Is high tec faction that uses beam weapons, shields and .. this one was new to me check it out : Portable power generators AND mobile resource harvest buildings. America based.

Zone based space travel

Fleets use wormholes to travel splitting all maps in to sectors enabling tactical attacks from multiple sides or really nasty choke points.

You should REALLY read the story about why there are wormholes close to earth:

Background story and progression

Background story itself is good, but its presentation..

- You live on humanity's own mess up pile, they nuked their own planet, messed up space travel in worm hole experiments and fight against each other in the progress.

- Read background story before you play the game, more of the stuff makes sence then. Voice acting being one of them.

MEH aspects.

How the story is told. Is a huge potential meh

Some of the charecter commendaries are confusing and then there is voice acting. There are tons of negative comments about it and it can "Sound" atrocious.. least till you bothered to read faction backstories from the web page.

- UCN is mostly asian based none of them have native english its just common language.
-Slavic Sirerians have intented slavic accent.
-NSAU , well they are english. If you want to hear english : check out NSAU

Voice acting actually was on most part design choise, also I heard from Jeremy that most of the voice actors were Volenteers, this is a small budget game after all. (update : He changed pug's voice now ! )

The Artificial intelligence

You really either hate or love this.

I got my ♥♥♥ kicked when I commanded everything myself. I had to learn to " let go" in mass fights and let the ai do its job. It's not clever enough to start entire sector wide campaings with blizzard level of magnificience but its good enough be left to handle mass fights IF you do not order them too much.

I have seen ai do stuff like
- Cautious AI commander abandonts its fleet and runs.
- Clever one focus fired enemy commanders down
- More ruthless one totally ignored defense positions and just blew generators to kingdom come.

Then again I also saw this : " Requesting attack to sector x" .. my OWN base was on that sector.

Music and sounds

Mostly background style music on neutral level, not something you'd want to burn on your harddrive and listen as separate ( As example age of wonder's sound track), don't expect that, and the music's and sounds are good.

Graphical presentation

Apparently game was made by choise somewhat simplistic, to allow larger fleet fight. This means there is not much eye candy.

Nor eastern eggs, nor cards. Stuff like that is on works.

And now the "why oh why"

User interface

I will first state that this is on rework apparently next patch. Currently its complex.

- Makers made the keybindings based on their own localisation, this resulted some farts like: repair key being altgr + 8 for eu player .

- Creating fleets and assigning advisors is clumsy.

- It's hard to remove units from fleets and to add them to other fleets.

-Fleet view at times doesn't view fleets but instead your main commanders face.

And small stuff like that.

I want my skip button

While they already added options to skip things there is no way to skip in game cutschenes yet, and seeing them half dozen times on retries can be a pain.

You can't skip end and defeat score screen either.

Steam ui hates this game

Standalone game works fine, but run it in steam you have issues like game crashing on alt tab.

Multiplayer needs work

Multiplayer is somewhat complex and well, de syncing on large games.

Simple design makes game bland

Not much to explore in this game, it focuses on execution and battles so the space is just full of small stars, not much debris asteroids or things like that.

Polish in clarity needed

Some things are hard to pick at, fleet locations, ally locations, you have to access minimap manually instead seeing it all the time but this is on works.

Tutorial sucks

But can be skipped !

Summary :

Foresight is a space game placed on era where humans have nuked earth and ruined space travel with wormhole experiements, telling story of Thomas Locke UNC commander who will see quite a bit duing the game.

Game is simple on the eye with decent sound score and good but optional backstory accessable from webside along with three fairly different factions and playstyles, that relies on semi ai controlled fleets that can be used to fullest in zone based combat areas.

While having lot of potential, it currently suffers from few ui optimisation issues as well as background based voice acting.

The game itself doesn't have fatal bugs.

As the game is now I'd give it 67/100 but it has potential to be 75-80 game and it will be, the dev's are very active, contact players and discuss their ideas openly. Give it a chance, I did and I don't regret it.
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48.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 21, 2015
It reminds me very much of star trek armada and star wars empire at war, which in my books is a good thing as they were and are still my top 1st and 2nd space rts games!

Highly recommended
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21 of 27 people (78%) found this review helpful
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 4, 2014
From what I heard, the developers are taking in the negative comments and fixing them in the upcoming patch.
To be honest, the gameplay is OK, and yes, it looks like an indie title through and through, but there is a certain charm to indie games.

Btw, the cutscene artwork is fantastic.

One thing the developers did wrong though - they should have launched this as a work in progress. That would have avoided the tons of negative flak.
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7.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 24, 2015
It's a very fun RTS, my friends and I have played around with this game a bit and I've talked a lot with the developer and he has seemed good about hearing his communities requests for bug fixes, updates etc... So I'm going to strongly recommend this game, not only is it very playable right now, but the developer is very active and has made the game something worth playing and will continue to improve it over time.
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5.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 5
Product received for free
Public Review on behalf of the Opium Pulses Steam group

Disclaimer: The copy of this game was provided by the developer for review purposes, yet it doesn't affect my review in any way.

Few words about the game
Foresight is a RTS where you can lead your fleets into an epic battles in space. You're playing as a commander with a mission to recruit other commanders, that will help you both, forces and advice in battles. It's totally up to you how you will manage your resources!

  • - Pleasant background music and sounds
  • - Nicely written dialogues
  • - Awesome artwork in cutscenes, makes pretty good wallpapers
  • - Storyline seems quite interesting
  • - Retro graphics design is very likeable
  • - After one and a half year after release of the game, devs are fully active and game is often improved with pathes and fixes
  • - Thorough and clear tutorial to introduce RTS simpletons like myself into the game mechanics

  • - Voice acting needs an improvement in my opinion
  • - Minimizing the game / restarting the mission leads to stutters and even crashes
  • - A.I. can't really cope alone at all, it requires constant control to be somehow useful

Full disclosure - I am not a real-time strategy games player, I played only few strategy games in my whole life and it's not my type of a game, but I'm trying to be reliable and objective in here as I possibly can.

First of all, at the first sight you can easily tell that devs love what they're doing. This might not be some great AAA top title on steam, but they're obviously trying their best in here (Look at all those news, patches, upgrades and even their responses to reviews). Their love towards their game is a huge advantage for game itself!

Now finally about the game itself, yay! Graphics looks old, indeed. But here it's not about graphics but about gameplay, so I like to think about them not as "bad" but as "retro". Music is not wonderful either but it's nice listen. I didn't got far enough into the game to fully explore its possibilities, but I clearly see all the potential in it and I will surely play more of it in future. Missions and battles themselves are highly rewarding, building up your fleets, preparing to battle and standing over destroyed ships of your enemies is awesome!

I'd love to compare this game to some other RTS titles, but as I've said before, my experience with them is quite limited. But there's one thing I've noticed in here and what is not that common from what I know. I'm talking about how tactical this game is. It's not about how big and heavy your fleet will be, it's about how you will manage to lead it. For example, commander ships can only shoot forward and it takes time for them to turn around. Without those ships, bombers and fighters become useless and if you're using little and fast battleships to flank commander ship, you're gaining a huge advantage. I might be a bit too into this game...

Yes, there are some cons to this game, but it's understandable and game is fully playable and totally enjoyable despite them. One thing that bothers me is why this game is not in early access? It's constantly updated and fixed for better and better AND it would avoid some negative reviews from people who review "fully out yet bugged" game. But I guess there's developers reason behind it.

So yeah, long story short, an exemplary game from an indie studio. Recommended for everyone, obligatory for RTS lovers to see its potential.

Personal score
8.5 / 10
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5.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 1, 2014
Taking in consideration that the Foresight was created by indie developers is quite obvious that the didn't have an big budget to use.

The game has 3 factions, each one has different units design and the factions way of playing/base building is different from one to another.
The narration is ok in my opinion I don't understand why the other people are complaining.
The graphics look old indeed but that's for you to judge if it's a bad thing, I personally like it. Old games are one of the best in the RTS genre. :)
The game doesn't necessarily bring so many new things to the RTS genre, it's however different but still alike with other Real Time Strategy games regarding the resource gathering, units battle, units production population etc...
The multiplayer sadly is not as I expected, you need to request the IP of your friend in order to play and if you don't have a friend, multiplayer is not an option for you.

I recommend this game if you look forward for diversity in the RTS genre but if you are looking for a game that offers a good story that makes your tears drop (like SC2 did for me), a good competitive level gameplay and intense multiplayer, you should go search for other games.
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A developer has responded on Feb 24, 2015 @ 1:29am
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3.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 5, 2015
This game looks decent. It accually reminds of the old good days of Sci-Fi RTS like some comment said.
And it keep updating and improving. I am glad to find this game and enjoy it. Hope it will be better and better.
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11.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 15, 2015
A great game by a great developer who is constantly taking Feedback from his customers and improving the experience in a manner I've never actually seen. Think a mix between Warcraft III's Solar Conquest Mod and Star Trek Armada II and a few other RTS's that combine to make Foresight! Plus you've got a fully fledged out campaign featuring a ludicrous amount of missions each more difficult than the last. I literally cannot wait to see what else comes from this dev!
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A developer has responded on Apr 15, 2015 @ 11:00pm
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33.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 12, 2015
Well about 20 hours in and still enjoying the missions so gotta recommend based off that alone.

But to go into alittle more detail Foresight is a fairly good Space RTS with base building and Fleet management like you would expect of any decent RTS. The Factions are fairly different from one another which is always good and the way fleets are handled by hiring commanders to.. well command them is an intresting change from what im use too. Plus the game does seem to be getting updates and bug fixes, updates that are indeed expanding and improving the game which is of course always a good thing as well.

So all in all i'd recommend Foresight to any fans of the RTS genre. Especially fans of Space RTS games.
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12 of 17 people (71%) found this review helpful
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 2, 2015
Actually a fairly decent game despite the clunky UI. Reminds me of the Star Trek Armada series. Has a fair amount of potential but does need some work. You don't have to really babysit your units in combat which is a good thing and the game itself is rather easy to pick up and play. Devs are really open to feedback as well which is always a good sign.

However for the current price? I could not recommend it, but if it is on sale at a lower price then I definitely recommend giving it a go.
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Recently Posted
3.6 hrs
Posted: September 15
Product received for free
Warning: MP is relatively dead! (Add me if you want to play because I'm always down for a game!)

Now that the warning (and the expression of needing friends for the game) is over with, let's move on to the actual review.

From what I played of the SP campaign (only a couple of missions) it's a really thought out game. Although it is a bit awkward since the main character and Jun talk about something in their past. It's very vague and confusing for me. (Maybe it's explained during the campaign, I just have to continue playing in order to find out!) The game feels like a dumbed down 4X game.

EXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate are all there with some dumbed down just enough to allow you to get into the action as quickly as you can. EXpand was dumbed down to the bare essentials, with a handful of buildings. The Command Center, a Refinery, a Shipyard, Energy Generators, Missile Defense Pads (I may be wrong on the name) and maybe one or two other buildings.

That being said, I know the game is more a space-based RTS than a 4X game, it doesn't hurt to compare the similarities. As the dev said in their response to the review, they since played down the 4X description. Of which I either didn't pay attention to when I added this to my wishlist, or didn't even know existed as part of it's original description. The game isn't true to the 4X genre and has abandoned a good deal of what makes up some of the elements in said genre.

And it did it well too, because makeing it more of a space-based RTS helped it bring a good level of strategy within itself. Due to the fact that the game is litteraly about strategy and thinking things through, which would not have worked out as well as it could have if it was 4X. I hope no one will think (or continue to think) I have the wrong impression. Because the impression of it being a sb RTS was always there.

Note: This review will update over time! Recomendation may or may not be altered in further edits of this review!
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A developer has responded on Sep 17 @ 12:32pm
(view response)
0.3 hrs
Posted: July 12
It will do
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1.3 hrs
Posted: June 29
Complete ♥♥♥♥, its a simple game yet meticulous as ♥♥♥♥. You have to constantly be checking different sectors and you can't build multiple buildings at once you have to let one finish before you can build another. The battles are boring and look like ♥♥♥♥. Mabye star wars empire at war and sins of a solar have spoiled me but this game isn't even worth 5.09 in my opinion.
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A developer has responded on Jun 30 @ 4:58am
(view response)
0.8 hrs
Posted: June 25
Foresight is a take on RTS space based indie game which deserves all the praises it gets. The story is of the human race in distant future when we (assuming the readers are human) have taken to the space and begun to colonize the space.The story is of a young commander who helps us fight off pirates and the likes. But before you read on be advised because I dont want to spoil the fun I am only going to give a brief outline.

So Earth has survived a nuclear armageddon and has survived, your job as a young commander is to colonize space, recruit commanders and build war ships to defend the base and all the natural resources available in space to us. In this way it's just like any other base building game.You travel through worm hgoles in this game. The difference is depth of story. Even though the story is linear, it is never monotonous or rigid, but instead in one word fun.

The gameplay is similar to all the classic RTS strategy games of the by gone era RTS games. The graphics are of the 80's sort. The music is fun but not overwhelming.But honestly once you get down to the dynamics of the game who cares even if it has no music. Because the game is fun to play, yet easily masterable.

There are many pros to this littile gem and relatively no cons, but to mention a few:-


1. Great tutorials
2. Good ingame music
3. Interesting storyline
4. Good graphics (80's)
5. Great level design and mechanics


1. You cant master the game without in depth knowledge of the game mechanics
2. Story is linear (But monotonous)

All in all this is a must buy for a RTS/ space based games fans. I rate it 7/ 10. Definitely a worthy buy if on sale.

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5.0 hrs
Posted: June 7
Product received for free
At first, this game reminded me of Starcraft. But as I played more, I realized this game is rather different than what I've expected. Foresight have a ton of personalized options for those who doesn't have a powerful computer, mine could run soothly without a problem with medium settings.

The artwork for the cutscenes are very well polished. The lines have been cleaned up very well and they're very pleasing to look at. It is quite easy to tell that a lot of time have spent into developing the artwork within the game, considering the final product.

The tutorial started off fresh and was easy to understand. It's quite alright for those who are new to RTS to pick up on the basics with the given tutorial. I really enjoyed playing as the cadet with the spacecraft, even though it wasn't as tanky as I assumed it to be. My ship has been destroyed many times out of the tutorial. The general difficulty might not be easy for RTS newbies, but it is not impossible to beat.

The game relies on a ranked system, sort of like levels in RPG games. The more experience you've obtained by participating in battles, the higher rank you are. Which in my opinion, it's very neat, considering how the game encourages me to get better by playing more battles to sharpen up my skills.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed my experience in Foresight. I'll try to improve more in the coming days :D
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[ᴸᴼᴳ]Metro Retro
8.6 hrs
Posted: June 4
Product received for free
Foresight was developed by Strides Interactive and published by KISS ltd. It is a Real Time Strategy game that focuses on creating a space fleet and destroying the enemies side. The game was published on the 28th November 2014 and is still having updates.

Foresight is a true RTS space themed game, and the game proves that to us the more that you play through this game. The start of the game is obviously the tutorial, it helps you grasp the basic concepts of what you have to do to build ships, attack enemies ect in order to progress through the game. The tutorial is very helpful, I felt like the it didn't drag on very much and I felt like I knew what I was doing when I got into the actual first level because this game is fairly complex. It explains each of the mechanics very well and waits for you to complete that one task before they move onto the next part. If you are into these sort of games then this tutorial will be pretty easy to follow, but if you are more of casual player this might seem a bit difficult to get used to everything and learning everything at once.

Once you are in the levels you will find that the game isn't as easy as you thought it would be. The game doesn't really require you to be speedy at creating your ships, but more strategic to create the right sort of ships to defeat the enemy team. There is a interesting mechanic that is in the game, that is if you find a wormhole you will be teleported to another space on the map, this could give you a great advantage as you could be behind the enemy and ambush them. The story isn't all that much in-depth as the game focuses mainly upon the RTS side and not the story which isn't really considered a bad thing in most cases for RTS games.

The controls of the game are very well made and designed. For the casual players they will probably use the default controls that are in the game. But for the more 'hardcore' RTS fans there is a huge section for the hotkeys where you can assign pretty much everything for if you are that sort of person who likes to do that.

The game's graphics are very well designed, with all the ships having that sci-fi sort of look to them. they have all had the same amount of detail to them. The space background and the sort of detail that the cutscenes go into are a different sort of style to what the actual game is. The cutscenes are kind of weird compared to the style of the actual game, and for me doesn't really fit in very much.

+ Great tutorials
+ Great level design & mechanics
+ Simple and Advanced controls
+ Unique type of RTS
+ Steam Achievements and Cards

- For casual gamers might be a bit tricky to start off with, there is a lot that you need to learn
- Cutscene graphics are completely different from the gameplay graphics.

Result / Final Thoughts
Foresight is still a great RTS game, with the game being fairly complex it is great for both casual and hardcore RTS fans although casual gamers may have difficulty to play to start off with. The gameplay graphics are great, but the cutscene ones seem out of place. Overall a great RTS game

Rating: 6.8/10

For more reviews on a wide range of games, go and follow Yolo Army curator group here.
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Marrows da Ghost Gryphon
2.2 hrs
Posted: March 14
The game is great! But just an FYI, as of 3.14, if you have a gamepad/xbox controller plugged in, the mouse will not work. I spent an hour on the bug forms with a dev trying to figure out what was wrong. I honestly felt bad about wasting that nice persons time. Get this game!
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Dylveryn Maiteris
4.1 hrs
Posted: October 6, 2015
Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty cool game. I like the voice acting, the ship design (mostly) and the UI of the game, and I totally think you should play this is you even only kinda like RTS's. But there is one huge problem I have with this game, and its the camera controls. The control are made just so that you can never really look where you want to look fast enough, or see much of the map in your FoV.

The key mapping is super weird and is out of the way, but I couldn't seem to find an option to rebind them at all. Idk if you like slower camera controls, but it makes it almost unplayable for me. I put 4 hours into it to see if I could get past the camera issue, and I just couldn't. But I'm a cinematographer so I guess camera angles are more important to me that others. I didn't actually buy this game, I won it from watching Who's Gaming Now?! on Twitch, but I would have had to get a refund, no matter how hard it would be to give it up.

Pretty much if you like RTS's you'll like this. It doesn't really do anything new or innovative, but it's enjoyable nonetheless
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Lydia XIII
2.8 hrs
Posted: October 6, 2015
Well this game is a nice one, sure its not a graphical juggernaut, but its still a fairly interesting game. My main issue with it is that less than 3 hours in I had several bugs, my game crashed twice and at one point my main ship was frozen, couldn't move or anything during the 3rd mission when I tried to get it repaired at the allied shipyard before heading back to Earth, so yea its not perfect, the gameplay is nice enough, but the developers have to check out again for bugs, because its getting pretty annoying having issues and having to restart some missions all because it crashed or bugged. Still I'd recommend the game, in particular when nicely on sale, but otherwise I make a mention that saving often might be necessary until the issues it still have got corrected.
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