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Date de parution: 7 juil 2009

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Mac OS X
    • Interface : Windows XP / Vista
    • Processeur : 2.0 GHz + (3 GHz Pentium 4 ou équivalent rec.)
    • Mémoire : 512Mo (1Go rec.)
    • Graphismes : Carte vidéo 64Mo compatible DirectX 8.1 (128Mo rec.)
    • DirectX®: Version 9.0c ou meilleure
    • Son : matériel son compatible DirectX 8.1
    • Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.5 ou supérieur
    • Processeur : Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Mémoire vive : 256 Mo de RAM
    • Affichage : Non recommandé pour : ordinateurs Mac avec une carte graphique intégrée
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Posté le : 9 juillet
This game is a mixed bag of a few funny parts but the rest boring. I will review this from a perspective of a loyal Monkey Island fan that has played and owns the first three.

A. Story - The story from Telltale games is okay but is kind of stupid is some parts. It does not flow as well as the first three nor does it feel engaging.

B. Canon/Lore of Characters - Telltale creates characters that are like a spinoff and not true to their original personalities.
1) Guybrush is now some heroic pirate who is known all over the Caribbean. Guybrush normal goofy childish side seems to have been minimalized now. He is mean and cynical in some parts of the game which is not like the original Guybrush we knew.
2) Voodoo Lady is now some manipulator of the entire story. In the originals she was like a helper/advisor only.
3) Stan - The voice of Stan is totally different than the originals and personality is totally different. Stan usually was funny and tried to swindle some money out of people, with arms waving everywhere through any dialogue. In this game he is not funny.
4) Elaine - She is somewhat of watered down version than her former self. In previous games she was more independent and strong.
5) LeChuck - Turns into some nice guy through most chapters then becomes evil again. The concept of him being nice is so outlandishly stupid or odd, that it just doesn't seem like the LeChuck we knew.

C. Consistency - Telltale does not follow previous lore or rules that the first three games set. An example is the Voodoo Lady mentions "You cannot get rid of pure evil" in Curse of Monkey Island. Being able to kill LeChuck in the end of this game doesn't truly fit. Another example is the contradiction when Guybrush gets his hand chopped of in Ch. 1 but magically gets it back in the end. That makes no sense.

D. Graphics - Telltale invented a more 3D interface. This gets really confusing and annoying because you easily can miss things. The original pixelated or even the special edition allows for a better visual point and click interface because the screen is more 2d and flat. The 3D characters look kind of ugly. The special edition of 1 & 2 and cartoon look of Curse of Monkey Island fit the characters and the story great. The 3D view of these characters makes them look odd.

E. Dialogue - Numerous times you are given a choice on dialogues and which to click, BUT frequently Guybrush will not say what you click. This only happened a couple of times in the first three because the dialogue would have been super rude or inappropriate. In the 5 chapters here, it happens way too frequently so the choice you have on what you want Guybrush to say is already programmed in the game to say something else.

F. Interface - The first three games had choices like a) push b) pull c) pick up d) use e) talk etc. etc. This game you only just click on an item. You click an item and it automatically picks it up. It's like a toddler could play the game almost. This takes away from the game making it less engaging. There are a few actions in your inventory but the amount of actions is reduced.

Overall, it depends on your expectations. I played the original Monkey Island 1, 2, & 3 over and over numerous of times in my childhood and introduced them to my wife. She likes 1, 2, & 3 but for both of us Telltale Tales of Monkey Island does not feel like the original characters and story we enjoyed. I would not recommend it at full price nor do I like it. If you want to purchase it, I would suggest do it only when it is on sale like we did during the summer sale. For us this was just disappointing and felt like a new artificial story that was not consistent with the original series.
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Posté le : 18 juin
in 2009, telltale and lucasarts crafted a fitting conclusion to the monkey island series with Tales of Monkey Island and i personally think that if there is never another MI game ever made, Tales is a good way to end things on a high note. while the first two episodes are kinda hit or miss, the season starts to pick up steam with episode 3 and continues forth into a pretty great (and auctally pretty dark) conclusion with episode 5.

some of the jokes might be a bit dated in 2015 (OH I GET IT. YOUTUBE) but corny humor has always been a hallmark of the series, and at least it's nowhere near as bad as EMI's *relentless* references to 2000's pop culture.

if you like the monkey island series and want to see what Guybrush and crew are up to lately, i highly recommand it.
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Posté le : 19 juin
Brings back old memories! I miss the point-and-click adventure days!
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Posté le : 24 novembre
Monkey Island is back :D

Nice looking graphics
Great Voice acting
Funny dialogue
Good humour
Simple gameplay and easy to use interface
Lots of action :D

Cons: There arent any >:D

Overall a great game!! :D A must have
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Posté le : 21 septembre 2014
Sans doute les meilleurs jeux d'aventure, dont j'ai eu le plaisir de jouer.
Un jeu bourré d’humour. Une histoire à bien ficelé. Des personnages à exploser de rire.
De plus même si vous n’êtes pas familier avec les jeux d’aventure, il y possibilité de modifier la difficulté (du jamais vu dans ce genre de jeux). De plus les énigmes sont biens conçus ni trop compliqués, ni trop simples.

Bref un jeu absolument excellent. N’hésitez pas à y jeter un coup d’œil
Guybrush Threepwood <3
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