Heileen 3 continues the story from the end of the second game and takes place in the Caribbean islands. Traveling side by side with Morgan the pirate, Heileen will search for her missing friends, hoping to reunite with all of them. But that's only the beginning, because the story continues!
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Release Date: Dec 12, 2012

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About This Game

Heileen 3 continues the story from the end of the second game and takes place in the Caribbean islands. Traveling side by side with Morgan the pirate, Heileen will search for her missing friends, hoping to reunite with all of them.

But that's only the beginning, because the story continues! You'll have a fixed amount of in-game time to unlock a romance or a profession ending! Do you have what it takes to make it?

The game plays like a raising/dating sim, in which you can learn several different skills and unlock advanced activities.

The Virtues/Sins system of the second game is present as well, making every decision you take in the game shape Heileen's personality.


  • Featuring a story much longer than the previous two titles combined together!
  • Four male romances: Morgan, John, Jonathan and the new face Sebastian
  • Four female romances: Marie, Lora, Ebele and the irascible Juliet!
  • Dating sim gameplay, with lots of unique skills to learn and "level up"
  • 14 different profession endings to unlock based on your skills and virtues/sins
  • Get the bonus content version with OST, wallpapers, chibi, and more

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • Storage: 80 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS 10.4
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 80 MB available space
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 80 MB available space
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Not Recommended
9.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 6
I just finished playing all three Heileen games in a row. I appreciate the fact that each one tries to do something different, and the fact that each one is bigger than the last. But that's where the positives end for me.

Heileen 3 has many irritating aspects.

* It carries over Heileen 2's virtue/sin system, which makes some vexing assumptions about certain aspects of morality. Heileen 3 tries to put this system to use by tying it to professions, but that doesn't help because...

* The bloated "sim" stat building is tedious and hardly motivating. You want to get back to the story instead of doing this mindless button clicking. But that too is a problem, because...

* What you think might be the main plot actually disappears right quick, and what's left is aimless. The writing slips too often into modern sensibilities, which is fine for an opinionated but lighthearted comedy with wacky character interactions. But those interactions are actually painful because...

* The characters are repellent. The MC is a birdbrain at least half the time. Almost everybody else is unappealing, sleazy, violent, needy, or dimwitted. And this is a problem in a game where you're supposed to fall in love with somebody. Then again, the romance system itself is a problem, because...

* You can't aim for someone as a romantic interest and expect a path tailored for that. All seven other contenders remain open to you. Any positive interaction always feeds their romance rather than, say, a friendship track. I suppose that's sensible for game flexibility, but it makes the story unsatisfying because...

* The romance you do pursue feels hollow as a result. It's already weird, story-wise, that so many people would be so fascinated with and attracted to this unappealing MC, all at the same time. (It's almost like the effect in Dragon Age II.)

I was relieved to reach an ending for this game, and I have no desire to slog through it again, even partway, for any other ending. I'm glad to have finished all three of these games just to see what stories they had to tell, but unfortunately those stories were not enjoyable.
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Not Recommended
5.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 1, 2014
All I say on this review can be applied as much to Heileen 2 as to 3, so I'm reviewing them together.

Once more a visual novel that disappoints. I was really excited about playing Heileen 3 (I got Heileen 2 afterwards from... somewhere, I forget, but it was free so I was like, whatever, cards!, and tried it for a while anyway in case it was good), even though I knew little about it. And then I played it and cried. :'(
No, I kid. XD I played it and rolled my eyes a lot, though.

It's a romance/dating sim/VN/princess maker type of game all mashed up into one, so basically the whole point of it is to end the game with one of the boy/girl options (or none, I guess, as I got none lol) plus with one major profession...
On the upside, you playing a girl who can actually date a girl is kinda cool, so there's that. The general idea of it being based with tarot cards and such is good, basically the underlying idea of the whole game is pretty decent, but the actual way it's been carried on is not.
There's a sort of story there in the back, something about ships, and shipwrecks, and making your way into the world, that in the end amounts to nothing because Heileen has ice cubes for brains and they melt in the heat.

The main character, Heileen, is one annoying, bratty little Mary Sue. For some reason she keeps thinking even the guy I have a 0 points "relationship" with is hot. Like, if I'm cultivating x and y relationships and not at all, z, why would you think z is hot? Ugh. I understand scripting a game is hard, but seriously, since you don't know what relationships people will cultivate, why would you hardcode that you think that really annoying guy is hot even at 0 points?

Heileen isn't the only one who suffers from being annoying. Almost every single character in this thing is. I only liked one of them, and he was still annoying to an extent.

The game contradicts itself constantly. Heileen 2 particularly seems to suffer from odd inverted choices. By which I mean logic will tell you answer x is virtuous and y is greedy, and yet when you choose answer x was greed and y virtue, and totally illogical.
Which, on a side rant, totally reminds me of that point in Shaolin school over in Age of Wushu, when I was given the choice between poisoning a betrayer to find out something or "being kind", whereas being "kind" turned out to be to beat him up to a pulp. lol? Okay... if you call that kinder... moving along...

The options we're given on Heileen 3 are ridiculous (not that it wasn't to be expected from a group of pirates that not only save these random people and not lock them up, but are actually nice to them, give them things for free, help them, and deliberately avoid going after ships as is their livelyhood because gasp, Heileen might be offended/surprised/think badly of a bunch of pirates). Seriously. Did I mention these guys are supposed to be pirates? How are they supposed to make their living? ::)

Someone over at steam reviewed Heileen 3 and said 3 of 4 of the guys on it are jerks: I totally agree. And the 4th one seems to be completely undecided on whether he wants to be a jerk or normal, because at times he's one, at times the other.
Even tho I usually don't go for girl on girl, I tried to cultivate one girl and one guy relationship because all other guys were creeeeepyyyyyyy.

Out of the girl characters the one that annoyed me the most (after Heileen herself, that is) was the 'dancer', because she was also very pushy and got super disappointed whenever she didn't get her way. If you want to find anything good to the game is that they have ridiculously skimpy outfits every now and again, but they aren't even that exciting. Sorry guys. :P

The professions are ridiculous. How come lust + dancing = dancer? Why do I have to be lusty to be a dancer? Just because the dancer girl is? No thanks.

The attributes modify nothing in my relationship attempts and only give boosts if I actually try to do something with the person.... but only gives boost to the attribute if I choose the right person, and unless there's an event, I get no boost to the relationship. You'd think spending time together would +1 the relationship, or +0.5 it at least.
Not to mention you don't have that much time to do things with others since you keep needing to level up basic skills too much.

Basically I finished only Heileen 3, abandoned 2 after I realized it was somehow worse than 3, and I only played to one ending of 3 because I just couldn't care less for anything or anyone in it...

Why yes, I do judge VNs at a completely higher standard than other games, because they're supposed to entertain with their story, not want to make you jump off a bridge.
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22.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 25, 2014
The culmination of the Heileen series, Heileen 3: New Horizons has the heroine of the series, Heileen, rescued from a shipwreck by a band of oddly sympathetic pirates. This game follows her journey as she tries to locate her other friends and relatives, while having the freedom to have a say in her future, whether it is pursue a romance from one of 8 possible people, or whether she finds contentment in a future career.

For how the game runs, it is reminiscent of visual novels (which the first two of this series actually was) with some dating sim mechanics thrown in. I appreciated actually having more of a say in my character.

I liked the game, but there are some caveats. First thing many people comment on is the price. This is on the higher end of the spectrum, but the Steam version contains both the GirlxBoy romances, and the GirlxGirl romances (which can be bought singly on the developer's website.) However, the developer does run several sales through the year if price is a concern.

Before purchasing, I highly recommend trying the demo (from the Dev's website as well). This style of game is certainly not for everyone, but the demo definitely gives a good idea what to expect.

Additionally, I would be remiss not to mention the job skills. It gets really grindy to raise those levels; additionally to unlock the final job endings, there is a Sin/Virtue system in game which must be met as well.
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13 of 14 people (93%) found this review helpful
69.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 17, 2015
This game is definitely filled with pros and cons. While I did think it was an improvement from the first two games, there's definitely some issues to be taken with it.

This game has a simulation aspect blended into the visual novel experience. Each day, Heileen has to choose certain activities to do in order to increase stats for skills and advance skills. While I definitely don't have a problem with simulation aspects being put into visual novels, I must say this game's sim system is quite tedious. It took me several hours and several playthroughs just to get all of the achievements, because the simulation portion of the game takes far too long. Those who don't have a lot of patience would definitely dismiss the game quickly. Meanwhile, I almost developed carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking so rapidly and frequently. The basic concept for the activities and stat development isn't terrible though. That idea is fun, but I definitely wish they hadn't made it so tedious.

A lot of characters from the previous two games were brought back, with one new character being added as well. This third installment definitely tied up what happens to everyone. All together, there are four men and four women to choose from for romance options. While I'm glad they weren't heteronormative, I must say the choices aren't really that great. John, Jonathan, and Sebastian are all terrible people in their own way. Morgan's the best out of the whole bunch, but even he has some issues. Among the women, the best is probably Ebele, considering Lora's incredibly vain, Marie is annoying, and Juliet has some serious anger issues. This isn't to say that romantic interests shouldn't have flaws, but my biggest gripe is that very few of the choices are particularly appealing or even good people for that matter. Once you get past how some of these people are awful as human beings, the romance scenes were decently written at least.

My favorite part of this game (and the second game) is the virtues and sins theme. When making choices, a lot of the time people don't really think about how it could affect others or themselves. When people refuse to donate to a charity, they probably don't think "that was a greedy choice." When people remark on how they don't feel like doing something, they probably don't think "I'm being a bit of a sloth." Unfortunately, sometimes the choices are rather obvious about which virtue/sin it reflects. Some are not so obvious though.

On a technical level, the game seemed fine. I don't recall running into any errors or glitches. I don't think I saw many typos either; I think there might've been a couple though.

There was a bit of a pet-peeve I'd like to point out. There were two particular scenes that really bothered me in this game. Both involved Heileen being sexually harassed, and when choosing to defend herself, both actions were seen as "wrathful." Um, no, self-defense against men who literally refuse to take their hands off a woman's body when told to is not wrathful. Wrath is having uncalled-for anger. Self-defense isn't an uncalled-for action whatsoever.

Do I recommend this game? Yes and no. It can be fun and interesting. If you like visual novels and don't mind the tedious repetition of the simulation aspect of the game, then sure. It isn't half-bad for a visual novel. If you're not into any of that, then definitely don't play it. You'll hate it.
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
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14.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 25
This concluding part of the Heileen series feature a female protagonist Heileen who is picked up with Ebele and Robert by a pirate band led by Morgan and Juliet and has to work aboard the ship while Morgan sails between colonies in the New World. While on the ship, Heileen reunites and will interact with members of her previous ship's crew and passengers and new characters will also join Morgan's crew. Heileen has the option to reach a special romance ending with Morgan, the captain of the pirate band Heileen is currently in, John, a sailor working on Heileen's previous ship, Jonathan, an artist who is also John's brother, Sebastian who is a local rogue and spy, Juliet, the first mate and accountant of the pirate band, Ebele, a passenger from Heileen's previous ship who has accompanied Heileen throughout, Marie who is Heileen's childhood best friend or with Lora who is Heileen's aunt. Heileen also has the additional option to reach any of 14 profession endings based on a virtue or sin. The game has plenty of save slots to enable quicker replays to reach a different ending, a tell-all relationship meter with any of the main characters to reach a romance ending, a tell-all virtue/sin, basic skills and profession meter to reach any of the profession ending and the option to skip and fast-forward already read sections.

Soundtracks and overall game presentation in this game are the best among the three titles in the Heileen series with the addition of a main theme song with vocals and chibi artwork. Recommended when game and bonus content DLC (Deluxe edition) are at discount as all endings can be reached in between 10 and 20 hours.
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40.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 31
"Heileen 3: New Horizons" is final chapter in Heileen saga of visual novels by Winter Wolves. In short, it's telling the story of a young girl accompanying her rich uncle (who is pursuing the business in the New World) and eventually getting involved with pirates. It features all you can expect from a visual novel and it features elements of dating and raising sim. The game is running on Ren'Py engine and is not voiced (considering the number of characters, I actually see it as a sensible choice from the developer).

The story itself is quite good and engaging, with the laid back approach - but not entirely avoiding the mature themes (infidelity, prostitution, incest) under the cute anime-style visuals. For the most part, it feels like a family Caribbean trip, but the real life problems are still there and surfacting from time to time. And this style fits well the narrative, as the main female protagonist is a rich, spoiled child of a wealthy merchant, who is just learning about life. After the previous experienes, in "Heileen 3" our heroine's goal is to discover her own path in life (learning skills to unlock the 14 profession endings) and to find true love (8 romance endings).

The most original part of the game is the mechanic of virtues and sins, which are represented by (beautifully designed) cards. While the mystery and magic surrounding the cards are not present here to the same extent as in "Heileen 2" (where the cards were the main focus), their implementation is smoother, and the choice-consequence system is clear and logical.

Romances are well written, and pursuing some of the characters (my favorite being Juliet) is fun. To set the record straight from the beginning: there is no real nudity there, and the sexual references are mild. Following different paths, you start to see the same events from a perspective of a different character, and it's nice to discover, that a guy/girl that you saw as a complete jerk, actually had some reasons to behave the way he/she did. Unclocking all 22 endings however, turns the game into inevitable clickfest. This is especially the case with the "profession" endings: stats building is a painful grind, while the epilogues are not as rewarding as the final romance scenes. This is the biggest, and in my opinion, the only real flaw of the game. The good news is, the option of skipping the previously read scenes works as it should.

This is, by the large margin, the biggest and most refined entry in the series, and it's a sheer pleasure to see how the developer improved the experience with each entry, making the finale a satisfying and solid conclusion to the story started in "Sail Away" and continued in "The Hands Of Fate".To get the most of the game, it is highly recommended to play through the whole series, to get familiar with the characters and preceeding events. In my opinion, skipping the first two games (even if theoretically possible) would lessen your experience considerably. You have to keep in mind, though, that first two games (especially the first one) are shorter and limited in comparison, but they are still worth it for the complete experience.

To conclude this review, "Heileen 3: New Horizons" is a charming, uplifting, well-writen visual novel with a beautiful art. If you are into visual novels, I highly recommend getting the whole series on sale (and checking the other games from Winter Wolves; there are free demo versions available).

+ well-written story with (mostly) charming characters
+ 8 romances (4 male, 4 female)
+ game lenght (your mileage can vary, but 10 hours is a safe assumption when trying multiple endings)
+ very good visuals and audio

- stats building can become tedious
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11.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 29

Heileen 3 is the third part of a trilogy of visual novels telling the story of Heileen, a sheltered noble girl who embarks on a journey to the Caribbeans with her wealthy merchant on an uncle and ends up shipwrecked, stranded on an insland and then rescued and taken in by pirates. (note: the previous spoiler is only a spoiler for Heileen and Heileen 2 as those events take place before the start of Heileen 3).
Heileen is a straightforward visual novel with no extra gameplay element.
Heileen 2 adds a vice/virtue system and is less linear than the first.
Heileen 3 is a Princess Maker-like, a dating simulation where you choose activities to raise the stats of the protagonist. It has a lot more endings (you can choose to end up with a romance ending or with a profession ending, provided you meet the requirements).

While I do not think it is strictly necessary to play the first two games before the third, it would certainly help you get a sense of who the characters are.

  • 4 otome (GxB) romances and 4 yuri (GxG) romances with enough variety that most people should find something to their taste.
  • Technically impeccable visuals (of course you should see for yourself on screeshots whether the art style itself appeals to you).
  • Good writing with each character having their own story and quirks (though no storyline has very susprising twists).

  • Useless delay in the activities that can only be skipped via click, making the game a bit of a clickfest, especially if you're replaying to get different endings.
  • Extremely basic job system that will not appeal to most fans of the dating sim genre.


Going through the game for the umpteenth time to get all the achievements was a painful slog... but I keep fond memories of my first playthroughs, when I was still avidly reading and enjoying the story.
If you've played and liked Heileen and/or Heileen 2, there is no reason you wouldn't enjoy Heileen 3.
If you're new to the series, but you love visual novels (or you don't know whether you like them), I suggest you try the demos first (they are available straight from the Winter Wolves website).
If you dislike visual novels, or enjoy dating sim mechanics more than reading a novel, stay away from all three games.

On account of all the fond memories I have of pursuing Marie through all three games with increasing amounts of success, I give this game a thumbs up. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Not Recommended
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 25, 2014
A so-idiotic-it-becomes-offensive game you shouldn't approach with a very-very long stick. Never. It's so idiotic, I just HAD to keep going on, to see where the nightmare would end. If it ever ended. It did. Abruptly. But more about this, in a moment. First, a commercial.

Did you ever wonder how life on the high seas would be, with your semi-dead parrot on your shoulder, with your fellow pirates waiting for the first chance to disembowel you, while ghost ships and giant squids roamed the la... er... the waters? Well, keep wondering. This ain't that kind of fantasy.

Heileen is a total idiot as a character, the very stereotype of the dumb american teenager you can find in typical american "reality TV" or 3rd grade dramas that never made it past their first season. She's "the kind of girl" that thinks that nice clothing is one of the most important factors in our relationships, as seen in a tear-inducing (ha-ha, no, not really) "scene" of the game where she pleads to the ah-what-a-coincidentally-quite-handsome-master-pirate captain of the ship that saved her to give some clothes to her two friends. 'Cause the other pirates treat them differently, badly, since they don't have nice clothes. Like the ones they gave her. To go with her blue eyes and long blond hair.

(...smash head on desk... ...smash head on desk... ...smash head on desk...)

And since its own protagonist is a dumb whiny teenager with one-digit IQ, would you expect the game to be smartly designed so as to show off its awesome characters, scenario and / or action? Har-har-har. Ah, young grasshopper, how much there is to learn...

The game pretends to be a romance simulator, and it may be, I dunno for I haven't ever played one. If they're like this, thank the almighty Baal for not having fell on one up to now. What this culminates to is this:

View a still image of Heileen superimposed over an average background, joined by one or two still images of the other characters of her story. Each and every one dumber than the other.

Keep pressing enter while reading the mind-numbing hundreds of lines of moronic text, pausing to select from different "options" that will take the story to "a different path" (where, I guess, stuff gets even more idiotic). "Options" like:

A. Give your hungry friend part of your meal.
B. Eat it for yourself ignoring she's dying of starvation, since by now you know that in the very next frame she'll be again all smiles and happiness, for this is what happens in the world of pirates.

Then more text, then moire "choices", then "upgrades", in RPG style, that didn't seem to affect the "action" in any meaningful way. With "action" I mean what I've explained up to now, and not some kind - any kind - of other action. Or animation.

The "upgrades" offered by the game are quite interesting and diverse, offering a roster of choices unlike any found in any other game. I mean, where else could you increase your "skills" in "Read Books", "Accountant" and "Kitchen Girl" at the same time?

I have to confess that, during my playthrough, I decided that since the game and its characters treat each and everyone as some kind of bad stereotype, I'd "stereotype" Heileen as well in the worst possible way for her: I "upgraded" only and constantly her "skills" in "Kitchen Girl" and "Cooking".

She deserved it.
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5.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 30, 2014
I don't really have a whole lot to say about this game, really. It's a visual novel/dating sim. I don't have a lot of experience with the genre, but this just felt meh all over.

You're Heileen, the potentially most vapid and shallow woman you'll ever meet (then again her Lust and Pride values were high), as she tries to be useful aboard Captain Morgan's vessel while at the same time getting a date with just about any character that looks half-decent, because eye-candy. You don't get to pick your character, you're always Heileen, but she's bi, so there's your choice there.

There are many characters, both potential romantic interests or not, and each romance equals to a different ending. You're not obligated to smooching anyone up though, as this game also provides you with profession endings, given a high enough value in either a Virtue or a Sin, and the high enough skill level in the needed jobs to end the game that way (example would be you finishing as a captain, so you'd need high leadership and maxed out Pride).

Virtues and Sins are gained and lost depending on your responses in the many conversations this game has, which is 40% of the game, the other 60% are just you grinding your skills for the profession endings, which is pointless if you want a romance ending anyway. I am told the Virtue and Sins levels do affect her personality, so you can make her more of a wench in her general dialogue or not (which is pretty cringeworthy at times, but I knew what I was getting into). Thankfully the characters are different to one another, they will like you more depending on who and what you actually do so the same process doesn't work for everyone.

This being a trilogy, I suppose I can't fault this game for bringing in tons of references from the previous two games I believe, since the first part of the game is just you looking for your friends. This happens naturally though, you don't get to choose where you want to go so while there are many different endings, the game's as linear as it gets.

You're wondering why I'm putting in a recommendation for this game. Well, it's short. And I didn't hate it enough, I mean there's nothing inherently wrong with it. There's not a whole lot to it in the end, but it is what it is. And if you're into this type of game, you'll probably enjoy it more than I did. Was very cheap in a recent bundle so, yeah, give it a try.
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Not Recommended
3.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 25, 2014
The game outright telling me I can go rug munching just made me think that the cost of getting these cards might be a tad too high if it climbs in 'time played' too high relative to real games that deserve to be played.

Also i just played the intro portion a bit and the game is just... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Heck if these characters where ciphers they would shine in charisma and character relative to the non entities that is the protagonist and every other anime stereotype in this 'visual novel'.
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Recently Posted
7.5 hrs
Posted: July 11
i have to say this was the worst one of the 3. i would not recommend it. not only did heileen not really change from the other 2 this vn as now evolved into a simulation game. some might like while some might not. it didn't bother me that badly but it was eh. i don't think this is even worth the price full. the one thing i really did like was the music.
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17.1 hrs
Posted: June 28
I'm literally in love with this game and the entire series its so worth it omg
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3.8 hrs
Posted: January 4
Uhg, how did this get into my Steam library?
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13.1 hrs
Posted: November 26, 2015
If not on sales it’s already $15 less here as it has all romances!

This sequel starts right from boarding the pirate ship.
You can focus on learning abilities and think of directing towards its virtue or sin for a profession. You can romance a man or a woman but you must finish the game with one or the other.
I’ve done male romances before steam so cool I’ll do female romances for free.

Each character represents a profession: Lora dancer, Otto is faith, Marie farming…each character will have a bonus/penalty/neutral effect on learning. There are great artworks for each profession screenshot ( click on trading cards to see character's ;) )
It’s interesting to read the text during lessons cut scenes. The romance speech is good too: seduction, cut scenes by a waterfall, on the beach with suggestive pictures to appreciate entirely. Sexual innuendo can be poetic or rude according to the character or ambiance.

Some stuff:
- An arm-wrestling between Sebastian and Morgan, a picky Juliet, a jealous Ebele, a flirty John & Jonathan, Black the cat
- An enchanting soundtrack.
- You’ll have made Heileen evolve in the end.

Notice which virtue/sin ability is applied to who to better progress in your endings. Do it on your own at first, this way you can see how a character react when you displease him.

Keep a game with a basic or advanced ability common to 2 persons you’ll flirt so as to gain some playing time, then you’ll reload from it and target the other person.
The drawback of this game is to play the full game for either a profession or a romance that’s why I recommend to have saves as shortcuts to cumulate a bit with 2 professions with the common ability for example.

Skipping text is very helpful for next playthrough to get faster to new scenes.
Unlocked endings can be seen again from the menu, you have a few silly jokes too.
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McClarke | YOGS
7.6 hrs
Posted: October 19, 2015
Got this game from my friend

Normaly, I'm not interested to play visual novels, but it has steam trading cards, so I download it, and at the first time, I was planning to idle my steam while "playing this game" , but after some minutes, I'm curious about this game, so I played it, at the first time, I was really enjoy it, about Heileen, her missing friends, Black the cat, and *cough* Juliet

Hey, just because I said "At the first time" it doesn't mean the rest of the game is bad
~Great Story that killin the time!
~Interesting Gameplay Mechanic
~Don't be afraid of your choises, you can save your game anytime you want!

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9.7 hrs
Posted: October 5, 2015
Colourful, mild BGM, hard to recommend this if you don't like the game with long story but its still good enough to kill your time.
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