Heileen soon discovers a deck of tarot cards representative of the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. The cards have the power to change both her dreams and her reality, and will help Heileen discover many hidden things from her past, and ultimately what she wants to be? A saint, or a sinner?
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Release Date: Dec 12, 2009

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About This Game

The game picks up directly after the end of the first game taking place on a mysterious Caribbean island where Heileen was shipwrecked with her friends.

Heileen soon discovers a deck of tarot cards representative of the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. The cards have the power to change both her dreams and her reality, and will help Heileen discover many hidden things from her past, and ultimately what she wants to be? A saint, or a sinner?

The game features 15 unique endings and an enhanced version of the original quest system in Heileen with 20 quests.

Try to solve them all to get the maximum score!

  • Lots of unique characters to interact with and fifteen different endings!
  • Quest system: get points when you discover new quests and when you solve them
  • The seven virtues and sins: what you will become: a Saint or a Sinner?
  • Discover many hidden things from Heileen's past!
  • High replayability plot with multiple branching points

If you missed the first episode, get Heileen 1: Sail Away here!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • Storage: 40 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS 10.4
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 14
Let me start this review by stating, that Heileen 2 is definitely better game than Haileen 1, which is a good (yet no hard to achieve) thing. Sadly, pretty much every aspect of this game has a downside.

I really enjoyed graphic, both in first game and here, but lack of character expressions, body poses and CGs give this game very stagnant, non-dynamic feeling. Although I can imagine this being suitable for some games, here we have adventure, characters are constantly moving and art should reflect that at least a little bit. Also, child version of Heileen looks like she was made in paint.

Music is barely worth mentioning. Often there is no music at all and when there is, you barely see the difference.

Voice acting is balancing between acceptable and terrible.

Tartot game mechanic is really interesting. It feels original (along with dreams) and I thought it could lead to something new and refreshing, but, sadly, it's disappointing and not well executed.

Story lacks realism, but still has some sense and it's better presented than in the first game. It has very bad pacing, it's either terribly slow or some stuff just happen suddenly without any preparation. Writing also improved a lot, especially in terms of dialogues, which seem more natural than before.

It tries to be something more, just like the first game and I can appreciate the effort. I get the feeling that creators wanted it to be more of interactive adventure story than just visual novel, hence the score counter, quests and map. Winter Wolves is a company known for "Planet Stronghold" and "Loren: The Amazon Princess" - in both of those games mixing up genres worked great, but here, sadly, it's just unpolished and out of place. I felt like map didn't serve any purpose at all. I didn't care about the score even for a second (didn't know how I get points and why is it important, since it doesn't impact story on any level). I'm not sure if there were any quests I failed at, since it never felt like I had any impact on them (it's not like in Loren, where you get to go into certain place or do certain tasks - you get something vague like "find food for Ebele", but it's not like you can just go around island and look for it, you need to wait for the opportunity within game, that just happens on its own).

Characters. Sadly, Haileen isn't game with the best cast of characters. Second part isn't any different, but if you got attached to Mary, John or Lora, you will interact with them only within the dreams and won't have any impact on your relationship. For the most part, you form relations only with Ebele and Robert - none of them is really interesting and although game lead you to believe that you form more intimate, romantic bond with one of them, it gets resolved in very disappointing way. If my choices lead to this, then I don't know how it happened, because although I spend the game being close with Ebele I ended up kissing Morgan, even though I never chosen anything that would suggest that my character is interested in him. Also, Morgan shows out of nowhere and his feelings for main character are completely out of blue..

I was wondering whether I should give this game thumbs up or thumbs down. It's surely an improvement, but the price is what pushed me to the negative side. 10€ is not huge amount of money, but it's definitely not worth the quality that this game has to offer. Still, if you enjoy Winter Wolves games, it may be worth to try this one.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
10.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 9, 2015
Come on Heileen...2 Electric Boogaloo

Ok, I won't reference that song. What I will say is that this is a bad game. That make you question why I recommended this game and I did for the simple fact that it was fun. The storyline is poop, the game play is dull and there is no romance endings at all save for one. It's a completely different game from the first installment in the series. However, I had fun and took quite a bit of screen shots because some of the dialogue was just so out there. It made me laugh.

If you've played Heileen 1: Sail Away then you'll know what there was a ship wreck at the end. This game makes all the endings in that game null and void as you are left alone with Robert, Ebele and Black. You're with them, alone for 75% of the game. All you do is wander the island, it's insanely dull. I went for the Kindness ending first since it took a bit of work to get it right, after that I gone through about half of the text so the next play through I could skip a lot, which made things better.

There are fifteen endings in the game; seven are virtues, seven are sins and one is where you just do nothing at all. There is no need for so many endings, most of them are barely different at all. The story at its core is about you and your friends traveling across the island to find help and then trying to get the pirates to aid you, that's it. Everything else is fluff and it drags out the game insanely.

Part of the fluff involves dreaming. Using the tarot cards Heileen has found she can dream and her actions in the dreams effect the real world. It's also the only place where Heileen can understand Black the cat talking, who by the way is the smartest character in the game. However, most of the dreams don't matter. There a few that drastically direct the flow of the game but most just affect your interactions with Robert and Ebele, which don't matter unless you want the Kindness ending.

Aside from your friends and the pirates you only ever interact with people in your dreams. Some are actual memories, some not so much. As such the characters in the dreams barely matter. Lora still acts like Lora, a kind but flirty seductress. Otto is still your gruff uncle, Marie is still your poor but lively best friend and John is still a jerk. You also meet Marcus, a childhood friend and Magdalena another friend, as well learn about what happened to your parents via the dreams. The dreams are helpful for completing quests, which also have no bearing on what ending you get aside from Kindness and two that deal with the pirates.

I have to spend a special moment to discuss the voice acting. When I played the first Heileen game I mused to myself how it would be nice if there was voice acting in this. This game has since made me retract that idea. The voice acting in this game is horrible, utterly horrible. Only three of the voice actors seemed to have any skills though one couldn't really make her voice different for the three characters she played. John/Jonathon's voice is horrible, which I hate to say because I know the person. Marie can't figure out if she has an Irish accent or not, Adam/Elias/Marco are voice by someone with a bad microphone and Ebele and Robert have a stereotypical "savage" accent. For any good that a couple of VAs did, everyone else dragged the game down. I recommend you play with this feature off.

Overall, bad game. But if you played the first one and are invested in the series then grab this on sale. Especially if you're in the mood for a good laugh.

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23 of 33 people (70%) found this review helpful
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 11, 2014
First off my time is short becasue I played the game a couple years ago and just reninstalled it to unlock the steam achievements. When I played it the game was not voiced, and I have not played Heileen 1 or Heileen 3. I have both, but I was waiting for them to get on Steam.
Honestly this is not the best game out by WinterWolves (see Loren Amazon Princess or Planet Stronghold), but I like o support English Visual Novels. I didn't play Heileen 1 so I do not know how the two games connect. Just from playing the second one it seems almost as if Heileen 2 is more of a set up for Heileen 3. The art is good and the background music was good. This one is not a dating sim. It is more about your relationship with Robert and Ebele (? I can't remember the girls name). There is some background on Heileen through various events. The game also has a sin and virtue system, so there is a ending for each virtue, each sin, and a limbo ending. Each ending is very different and they range from getting stuck on the island to becoming a pirate. Pretty close to the end of the game you are inroduced to the pirates, Morgan, Juliet, and their crew, who are featured in the next game. Overall the game is okay, and I would get it if you like the Heileen series or WinterWolves games in general.
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 12
This second part of the Heileen series feature a female protagonist Heileen who is shipwrecked on an island with two of her ship's passengers Ebele and Robert which her uncle and aunt brought along on the trip to the New World. While on the island, Heileen will interact with Ebele and Robert, a mysterious set of cards that feature seven different virtues and sins and reveal more on Heileen's past as well as with the characters featured in the first part of the series and possibly with Morgan and Juliet after leaving the island. Achievements involve reaching a different ending in the island or out of the island with a band of pirates. The game has plenty of save slots to enable quicker replays to reach a different ending and the option to skip and fast-forward already read sections.

Soundtracks and overall game presentation are decent. Also recommended when game is at discount or in a bundle offer as all endings can be reached and game can be completed in less than 10 hours.
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15 of 25 people (60%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
3.3 hrs on record
Posted: August 22, 2014
This game is rather full of contradictions.

I get the feeling that whom'ever wrote the story didnt proof read it at all, and there are many obvious good anwsers that get turned on their head and become bad ones in this game.
The english is also rather scurvy side, one exaple of this is one of locations descriptions, they wrote: "in an Island" not "on an Island", "on the red mark" (in the middle of the water) not "Near the red mark"

Also i question the morals of whom'ever wrote this: I just went trough a Charity/greed event, with 2 choises do nothing or warn your uncle about the impending theft.
I naturally chose to warn my uncle as someone how knows that it is wrong to steal, and the game promtly awarded me with the Greed outcome. I my mind that had nothing to do with greed, Untill the game decided to tell me that there was a large diamond in my uncles posession, wich came after you chose your response.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 24, 2015
I enjoyed this more than the first Heileen installment, but I still cannot recommend it.

The Tarot cards brought some more choices into the mix, but personally I would not want to replay to get all the endings. The voice acting is pretty bad, after two lines of it I switched the voice over audio off.
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10 of 16 people (63%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
6.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2014
Really enjoy my time with this game have unlock all the endings but 5. In my opinion is a lot better story then Heileen 1 and really don't have to play 1 unless you want more background on some of the characters. My favorite character has to be Black. He's a cat that accompanies Heileen in most of the journey. The endings are mostly good some are extremely close to another but all of them by right feels different. Going to try get the rest of the endings still enjoying the story it's a nice pick up but wouldn't reccomend the first one unless like I said you want a start but I feel didn't add really anything to the second part
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
19.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 20, 2015
A considerable improvement over the first entry in the series, with some interesting enhancements to gameplay, Heileen 2 is still...not that great. Oh, it's not unbearable by any means, but it's got some definite weak points, even though it shows promise. I wish I could give it points for effort but I'm afraid the rating system here on Steam, where one is limited to recommend/don't recommend, isn't the best place for that sort of thing.

Like the first game in the series, Heileen 2 mostly suffers in the writing. That isn't a good thing for a VN, but it's not quite as clumsy as the previous Heileen game, so...hoorah! That said, there are some problems.

*A lot of the plot depends on you stirring ♥♥♥♥ to make drama happen, and even then the drama that does occur is wildly out of proportion for the ♥♥♥♥ you stir. It feels very inorganic. Your character's two main companions throughout the storyline have little tiffs either with you or each other on at least a daily basis, regularly getting into snits and storming off, and it's almost always about something utterly ridiculous and irrational. In this respect, the writing would be more at home in a game about middle schoolers, not adults.

*Heileen 1 had some less than glowing things to say about sexual promiscuity and sex work, Heileen 2 unfortunately takes that up to eleven and beats it into the ground.

*The main character is threatened with sexual assault a few times, in dreams/hallucinations, and once in reality, and in most cases it's just an utterly bizarre event and makes little narrative sense.

*The art is extremely repetative, which is forgivable for an indie game company with limited resources, but it still gets visually boring after awhile. Here's Heileen lying in bed; here's Heileen lying in bed in the same position crying; now there's a tray on the bed but she still hasn't moved.

*The voiceover isn't the best, but thankfully that can be remedied with a press of the mute button.

*Racism. It's latent, not really in-your-face offensive, but it's still cringeworthy if you're sensitive to it. Your companions speak in broken English that noticably deteriorated between the first game and this one, and another character makes several offhanded, racially motivated comments about them that are insensitive to say the least. This is a historical game, so I guess it gets a little leeway there, and on several occasions the main character thinks about how wrong racism is, and how wrong she was to ever feel negatively toward anyone because of their race, so points for at least acknowledging that, but it's still rather unpleasant and feels a bit unnecessary as it doesn't really affect the plot.

(I do find the broken English thing puzzling just from a writing perspective, given that the characters in question were raised from childhood in England by an Englishwoman. That's probably at least a decade of being in an English speaking country, with the benefit of learning the language from an early age, so they should probably be more fluent than they are here.)

Overall, Heileen 2 makes a lot of strides in being better than its predecessor in spite of these foibles. The Sins and Virtues system is an interesting game mechanic, the storyline tries for depth and variety even if it misses the mark, and since it's an improvement over the last entry in the series, I have high hopes that the third will be even better.

That said, I can't really recommend the game on its own. I'll say for Heileen 2 what I said for Heileen 1: if you get it in a bundle for cheap, it's a good intro to the characters and the universe, it bridges the gap between the game mechanics of the first and third games, and it's worth a playthrough on that basis. Otherwise, you can probably safely skip it.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
9.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 4
This game is definitely better than the first one, which I found atrocious. However, the whole “magical tarot cards” makes no sense, and it can be really annoying to get all the endings (it was a frustrating experience to me, not fun at all after 3 playthroughs). Heileen is one hell of an annoying Mary Sue, and I still want to beat her head with Marco’s pan until she stops making dumb expressions for no reason. She is probably the most annoying MC I’ve ever seen on a VN. Except on the Wrath ending tho, where I laughed but yet liked the fact that she became a pirate and tried to act all mighty and powerful.

The art style was okay, nothing amazing and nothing terrible. The VA was pretty bad in my opinion, I only liked Ebele and Robert VAs. BGM gets boring after a while too. Still, this is a “good” improvement since the first game. But I don’t like or recommend this VN. You can give it a try, but only get this game on a good sale if you're curious about this sequel; definitely not worth the full price.

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9 of 15 people (60%) found this review helpful
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 5, 2014
I really did enjoy the game. I know this isn't a game for everyone, but if you like a story driven game. It is for the most part a dating sim. I find it a well put together dating sim. However, this doesn't have the typical henti scenes from a dating sim.
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Recently Posted
3.7 hrs
Posted: October 2
Cannot recommend this game.
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5.8 hrs
Posted: April 18
i found the voices of most of the toons irritating. the cards were also badly implemented in my opinion. i mean you do a card then you get the item after the dream. it just makes it just dumb. oh look a rope now i have one in real life. the voices of ebele and robert were fine. they were done just right. but the story is all over the place. i couldn't be bothered to get the rest of the endings. there is 13 total.
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Mongoloid Mike
1.5 hrs
Posted: January 10
kill me
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7.1 hrs
Posted: January 6
A second game in the Heileen trilogy, which i have mixed feelings about. I mean, the game /is/ good, i like characters, art, and music, but at the same time im kinda ehh about the whole, hm, morality system? Some things that you got punished for seemed really unfair or silly. Sometimes it was also rather hard to maneuver around choices and stuff to get to certain end without closely following a walkthrough.
I liked both (as i dont have third one yet) Heileen games, but i feel theyre not really something special. Id say, give it a shot, but also dont expect too much, i guess?
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Carlos Danger
1.6 hrs
Posted: December 19, 2015
This is embarrassing
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1.6 hrs
Posted: November 23, 2015
All of humanity is lessened by the existence of this game
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4.2 hrs
Posted: November 22, 2015
Heileen washed up on a desert island with Robert and Ebele.
The game focuses on the relationship between the 3 and on the influence of cards. You’ll be able to either miss to signal to a ship or not and have a surprise of what kind of people they are.
Heileen discovers a tarot of cards. Each time you choose a virtue or a sin attitude in a dream, it will have consequences in the real world (bring you something useful, feel uneasy…). You have an ending to each virtue and sin.
You’ll find indigenous inhabitants and a funny way of getting out from them.
You’ll learn much more about Heileen and Marie’s childhood, how they met Marcus, who’s one of the characters as an adult!

From one side I found Ebele extremely jealous with Robert, but on the other side she seems to seduce Heileen. I loved Black the cat’s voice with an Italian accent. Robert’s voice is so deep.

Splendid artworks of the characters will provide cool screenshots.

It’s worthy to play to see how choices influence the unfolding of the story, which result is given according to your score and have a bit of morale lessons.
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