Valve 的经典二战游戏 - 现已支持 Mac。
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发行日期: 2010年7月12日


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"Day of Defeat offers intense online action gameplay set in Europe during WWII."


Day of Defeat 再现了第二次世界大战中欧洲战场上的火热豪情。 有步兵、狙击手或机枪手等多种角色设定。 DoD:S 借助 Valve 最新的引擎技术 Source,使游戏画面更加绚丽,音效更加震撼。


Mac OS X

    最低配置:1.7 GHz 处理器,512MB 内存,DirectX® 8 显卡,Windows® 7(32/64位)/Vista/XP,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接

    建议配置:Pentium 4 处理器(3.0GHz 或更高),1GB 内存,DirectX® 9 显卡,Windows® 7(32/64位)/Vista/XP,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接

    最低配置:OS X Leopard 版本 10.5.8,Snow Leopard 10.6.3,1GB 内存,NVIDIA GeForce 8 或更高,ATI X1600 或更高,或 Intel HD 3000 或更高,鼠标,键盘,互联网连接
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以第二次世界大战为背景的第一人称射击类型游戏。游戏是采用制作过《半条命2》的Source引擎。而游戏中玩家可以选择协助美国,也可以选择协助纳粹德国,但去除了上作的英国。 每个阵营都有6个兵种,分别为步枪兵、突击兵、补给兵、狙击手、机枪手、火箭兵。
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We set out in the morning, warily checking windows, corners, anywhere the Germans could spring a trap or an ambush.

Johannson was in the lead, Garand at the ready and bayonet fixed improperly. Rook was shadowing him, double checking each spot that Johannson had checked before. I was in the middle with Peters, helping him carry the M2 Browning. And Stewart was in the rear, covering our backs with his Thompson at the ready.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

The bridge we had set out to capture was undefended, and we quickly set up a defensive position in case a German patrol stumbled upon us.

The sound started as a low rumble. We looked around, at each other, confused as to why the ground was shaking. It got louder, and we could soon hear the sound of people yelling. We readied our weapons, getting ready for the enemy to throw a grenade or fire a Panzerschreck.

But nothing could prepare us for what happened next.

A giant tide of German soldiers, all carrying trench shovels and primed Steilhandgranates in their hands, came around the corner, rushing at us screaming at the top of their lungs.

We opened fire, but there were too many and we were quickly overrun.

Stewart was the first to go, having gotten overzealous with his Thompson. He had managed to push the wave of Germans back, when they surrounded him and began pummeling him to death with their shovels.

One of them, holding a grenade, charged Rook and Johannson from behind. They never saw it coming.

By now, it was only me and Peters, him firing his MG wildly at the advancing tide while I threw frag grenade after frag grenade. And then Peters started to run out of ammo.

Quickly, I rushed up to his position with a new box of ammunition, but by that time they were almost upon him. Peters quickly pulled out his M1911 and managed to squeeze off a few shots, but it wasn't long before he too was buried under the mass of grey and black.

I was cornered, back against a locked door while I blasted soldier after soldier back with my Sniper rifle. But it was no use. They descended upon me, swinging shovels indiscriminately at my already bruised and battered body. They were relentless, beating me until at last, I succumbed to the darkness.

As my vision blurred, they stopped screaming long enough for one of them to say something to me.

Something that would shock me to the core.

He said:

"lol noob get rushed fggt"
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经典的新Source引擎版本,画面是进步不少,玩法没什么太大的变化,可惜就是不论国内还是国外玩的人都不太多,甚至玩家数目还不如老版本的Day of Defeat,这点让我感到很不不解。喜欢胜利之日的原因是枪械的物理特性相对真实,这不是一个无脑冲的游戏,需要各兵种相互的战术配合才能葬送敌人,最终走向“胜利之日”!
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Its funny,but,where is the sequel?
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I only played this game a little, but it was fun.
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I tried Day of Defeat: Source again recently and was expecting it to be dead. After all, the game is almost a decade old now. However, I was still able to find several populated servers at all hours of the day or night. Old age hasn’t killed DOD:S.

If anything age has worked in DOD:S’s favor. For example, it attracts an older and more mature crowd. I haven’t had to put up with as much drama or slurs from annoying prepubescent teammates as I do in more modern multiplayer shooters.

Another example of age helping the DOD:S experience is how “old school” it feels. Despite the WW2 setting, DOD:S plays more like an arena shooter from the 1990s than today’s super serious military shooters. Forget aiming down iron sights. Secondary fire for most weapons throws solid punch instead. Expect to spend a lot of time zipping about, shooting dudes with crosshairs, punching them for good measure, and laughing at the exaggerated ragdoll physics.

Day of Defeat: Source is not a masterpiece but it’s worth a look if you have a hankering for a shooter that isn’t too serious.
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Day Of Defeat...

Only 1 server with players -.-

*Gets on server*

*Goes rifleman - shoots enemy waiting outside spawn*

*Kicked by admin for shooting from inside spawn*


Goes Assault

*Throws grenade out of spawn to same enemy hiding below*

*Kicked by admin - using weapons when in spawn*


Goes Support

*Goes to other side of map*

*Shoots enemy that just came out of spawn*

*Enemy rages*

*Enemy is admin*

*Kicked for "shooting near enemy spawn*




Goes Sniper

*Teammate runs infront of you when sniping*

*Teammate dead*

*Typing in chat to apologise*

*Kicked for teamkilling and not apologising....*


Goes Machine Gunner

*Deploys bipod and mows down enemies*

*Kicked by admin for deploying bipod on a map which it is not permitted*


Goes Rocket

*Sees enemy near spawn*

*Lays down on spawn wall to avoid confrontation*

*Doesn't shoot*

*Kick by admin for proning on spawn wall*





ALT+F4 <3
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"Its like Counter-Strike: Source only WW2 and you dont get awped at the first second." - A Noob, 2015.
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Got banned by army reservists veterans and a "gamer girl"
10/0 was okay.
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Class-Based Units.
Multiple game Modes.
WWII Setting.
OverPowered Pistols.


Except... Not may players... Maybe a good 500 people.

Its still a fun game though.

8 / 10
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The only game where you can find a 12 y/o who is a Colonel in a Fiction internet platoon
10/10 Its alright
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Haven't played much of it, but I like it.
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Withouth steam family sharing I couldn't bully beginners and old people with my exceptional skill anymore. I get banned at least once a day for suspected cheating and need a lot of accounts to play on my favourite servers.

But I love this game because it's full of wasted people, some of them lisp, others just had a tough, depressing life and this game is their last chance of becoming a respected person, such as a major in a realism unit (haha). Then there are the weed-smoking younger people, who can learn everything about having a "great" adulthood from the grandpas in the game - perfect knowledge transfer. Then there are the arrogant pros, who will tell you how stupid you are, just because they are better than you. And they will even tell you how badly you play after you have achieved their skill. Then there is this one drunk individual who will join servers randomly and just say unidentifiable stuff all the time. Then there are some neonazis, a lot of nonworkers and drinkers. Then there are people who pretend to be a girl for whatever reason.

If you find one of the few normal players, who is not 40 years old and still plays this game, you are lucky and deserve a cookie!

And then there's me - an outstanding player who is just bored so he knocks down some idiots. After having played this game for 6 years and more than 5'000 hours it's just not demanding anymore. Withouth the MP40/Thompson ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ it would be the perfect game! But they always make me throw things against my screen if they give me a headshot from 100 feet. Oh, I'm not joking here btw!

To say it in the words of my favourite victim, who is an older german almost tourette idiot: "Unter den Blinden ist auch der Einäugige König." But I still have both of my eyes, he just doesn't know that.
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My MG42 had an erection.
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its alright.
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Killed a nazi and then killed by a nazi - 10/10
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fps fans this is for u .
i give to it 9/10
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