The peaceful Realm of Dreams is about to be consumed by a terrible and maleficent nightmare. You must venture into the darkness and battle fearsome literary foes such as Hyde, the Headless Horseman and Dracula. Join Lily on a sugar-coated adventure about inner strength with a dark interior.
User reviews: Mixed (95 reviews) - 51% of the 95 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 16, 2014

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July 30

New Release! 『The Princess' Heart』

Hey everyone! Aaron here!
Exciting news: 『The Princess' Heart』 has been released on Steam today!

This brand new fantasy adventure is just a single click away. ★
Visit the Steam store or click on the trailer below.

With a style inspired by Earthbound and Final Fantasy 3, The Princess' Heart features up to 15 hours of epic fantasy gameplay. Follow Princess Aerin on a quest to defeat her demons, both literal and metaphorical, in this light-hearted tale of hope and love.

★ Spells have an Area of Effect, so you must choose your target wisely! 
★ 8 unique playable characters! 
★ Up to 15 hours of gameplay! 
★ Open exploration of the entire world. 
★ A beautiful soundtrack of sweeping melodies and exciting battle tracks. 
★ Customize your characters' spells and skills. 

Just $4.99 and 10% launch discount! Grab it now!!

Official Website — Facebook — Twitter — Steam

Thank you, you're amazing! ❤ 

Aaron van der Brugge
Founder of RosePortal Games

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May 26

Trading Cards have arrived!

Sweet Lily Dreams has been updated with Steam Trading Cards!
Collect them all & have fun! ːsldmugglesː

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“An absolutely wonderful game with graphics far better than recent RPGs.”
5/5 – Casual Game Guides

“A mesmerizing journey through a fairy tale-inspired world of horrors that you will not soon forget.”
81/100 – RPGFan

“Adding refreshing variety to the genre, this rose-tinted fairy tale is well worth playing.”
74/100 – Indie Game Magazine

About This Game

Prequel: Whisper of a Rose

The peaceful Realm of Dreams is about to be consumed by a dark and terrible nightmare. You must venture into the darkness and battle fearsome literary foes such as Hyde, the Headless Horseman and Dracula. Are you brave enough to face the most maleficent recesses of the human imagination? Join Lily on a sugar-coated adventure about inner strength and trust with a dark interior.

Sweet Lily Dreams is an epic RPG with a cute surface and dark, adult themes on the inside. Lily, along with her comrades Faith (a dog) and Curly Trick (a cat), journey into the Realm of Dreams and end up at the center of the battle between good and evil. All is not as it seems and sweet Lily is about to learn that books are safer than reality, that trust is not to be given lightly, and that good does not always triumph.

"What comes immediately to mind as a summation of the story's concept is the characters from preschool sing-along videos being thrown into Middle Earth and asked to defeat Lord Sauron by way of the horror shelf of your local DVD rental store."
- Indie Game Magazine

  • Explore a massive world of classic tales, folklore and dreams.
  • Numerous enemies to fight in fast-paced, turn-based battles.
  • Dozens of exciting Steam Achievements!
  • Craft magic, furniture and items of power.
  • Solve puzzles and play optional mini-games.
  • Build and furnish your own house!
  • Travel with a party of loveable and unforgettable characters.
  • Discover hidden caves of treasure.
  • Customizable mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Try to collect all coins and accessories in the game!
  • Get carried away by a beautiful soundtrack and atmosphere unique to each dream world.

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System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution
Helpful customer reviews
14 of 17 people (82%) found this review helpful
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14.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 24
I actually really love this game.

When it first caught my eye, i added it to my wishlist to remember for later, and when I had the chance to get it, i got a bit nervous at first because i actually took a closer look at the trailer and in-game photos and thought "oh my god what kind of furry adventure am i gon get myself into"

but it's actually really fun and a lot of popular characters from popular older novels. movies, fairy tales, etc have appearances in it.

When i first played it, i thought of Kingdom hearts for some reason, i want to say maybe if you think kingdom hearts is pretty neat, maybe you'd like this too?

i mean it though, i think it's worth a play!
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8 of 14 people (57%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 12
This game is quite mixed. Good things and bad things. But for sure not a ~10€ game, that is insane. I've seem free RPGMaker games way better than this.

The character design is great and horrible at the same time. Some of the monsters are quite original and would make a great addition to a bigger lore. Many characters are actually cringy.

The level design is good, but at the same time is infuriating how, for example, some rocks are lay out that prevent waking just to make a silly walk around of just a 4 or 5 squares.

The music is acceptable. But at technical level the game is horrible.

In general it feels like the game has a lot of placeholders and never got finished. Or if the people making the individual part of the games were doing a great job, but the director or the person putting everything together failed miserably.

What I would actually recommend is to reset everything. Get the story, some characters, and so on. Start over and make it right, because is a pity that this is not any better.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 21
I only actually played this for about 30 minutes. I couldn't take anymore.

The story was so boring, and the pacing so slow, that I felt like I was about to fall asleep.

Additionally, the tutorial seemed to think that players could somehow boot up the game without being familiar with idea of using a mouse, at all.
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65 of 74 people (88%) found this review helpful
12.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 25, 2014
Really nice and eclectic old-school RPG with a few highly unique features that make it stand out. First thing I should mention are the environments. This time we're playing Lily, a little girl traversing a variety of worlds within her dreams that contain many familiar characters from literature and films. There is a sense of unpredictability that is special here, as the settings run the gamut from cute to creepy, futuristic to fanciful, to more modern and down-to-earth. A variety of custom assets really set this apart from many other games made with this engine. There is hardly a medieval RPG cliche in sight, and the vast majority of backgrounds, scenery, bosses, character designs, and even the unusually over-sized sprites and animations give this game its own identity. The only unfortunate bit art-wise is the small number of portraits for the characters and the kind of amateurish approach in the few designs that are there. They clash with the often inspired environmental and boss designs.

The story is not heavy on cut-scenes or banter and the script is very comparable in longevity to SNES RPGs. There is a plot and quite light character development, but not a lot of time is spent extrapolating on either. What is here though is equally as unconventional as the presentation of the game. There is a mix of cute and charming aspects and darker, more sinister story elements. For example, the hub town is a magical wonderland of a place and Lily's three companions are mystical creatures befitting a child's storybook. But there are other ominous figures milling about, hinting at a more ambitious overarching plotline. Forces both good and evil seem invested in her journey, and the intentions of any characters are questionable.

While the battle system is very old-school in execution, there are many notable editions to the overall gameplay. Crafting becomes possible early in, and involves creating your own spells and customizing character abilities and elemental affinities. You collect incredients for spells as spoils from fallen enemies and from treasure chests. You can also craft many items and furniture (more about that shortly) There are also a multitude of accessories to collect and/or earn from completing quests in the game. But perhaps the largest side endeavor is the ability to decorate your own house and place numerous items either earned from crafting or purchased with points scattered around the dungeons. I was surprised by how detailed this mini-game of sorts is, and that it ties into the rest of the game by giving bonus elemental and stat benefits. Finally, each new area offers puzzles to be solved, some are mini-games while others involve environmental manipulation and mazes to navigate through. There is a lot of care put into differentiating each of the levels. At about 10 hours through I've completed perhaps 60-70% of the game, and there is apparently an alternate mode (New Dream+) that adds more replayability. The inclusion of 38 achievements is a nice bonus, and some of these are fulfilling secrets that unlock in-game bonuses.

Now for some of the downsides- my main issue with the game is how long it takes for battles to pick up speed and be more engaging. At the beginning, playing on normal at least, enemies have some powerful status effects at their disposal. The first two areas are rife with enemies who seem to have high evasion plus the ability to add a blind status effect to the party, lengthening battles by a large degree. What makes this frustrating is that it takes a few hours of leveling before characters learn the more interesting of their innate or learnable abilities, so much of the strategy options are limited. I think it's important for games to put their best foot forward when it comes to introducing a game, I could see many people becoming disenchanted by this title before it even begins to show promise. Just having a few more strategic options and introducing the variety of the battle party as quickly as possible can make a big difference, I feel, and would mesh better with the high ambitions of the rest of the game.

There are already so many unusual features and for a game as combat-heavy as this, more resources should have been allocated to adding more variance to the battle system. If you're not already sold by the old-school turn-based battle systems of the NES-SNES era, this one is probably not going to change your mind. Those who have a lot of patience with or already enjoy that approach; however, will likely enjoy all the facets of this title. So overall, Sweet Lily Dreams takes a while to get going, but is interesting and recommendable.
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57 of 71 people (80%) found this review helpful
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Posted: December 15, 2014
You know what really grinds my gears? The way RPGMaker game review threads are full of people who give the game a thumbs-down BECAUSE IT'S AN RPGMAKER GAME. You're an idiot for playing a game you knew you wouldn't like, and your review wastes my time and yours.
This game is beautiful and original, going well beyond the stock resources available in RPGMaker and common DLCs. The developer has gone inside the guts of the game and tinkered with the Ruby script to great effect. The characters are sweet and endearing and the world is mesmerizing and subtly horrifying. The overall atmosphere is dreamlike, almost psychadelic, and yet childlike in the best possible way.
IF YOU LIKE RPGMAKER GAMES or develop them yourself I highly recommend playing this gem, if just to see the power a creative mind and heart and some Ruby skills can bring to genre.
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