ADR1FT is the story of an astronaut who wakes up floating silently in space amongst the debris of destroyed space station…the only survivor of a catastrophic event, left with no memory, a critically damaged EVA suit leaking oxygen and no way home.
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Mixed (609 reviews) - 61% of the 609 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 28, 2016

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September 30

ADR1FT On Sale for 50% Off!


Attention all Hardiman Aerospace cadets:

ADR1FT is on sale for 50% off today (9/30) through next Friday (10/7). Kick off your weekend by bringing Hardiman's own Alex Oshima back to Earth in one piece.

We're counting on you.

Hardiman Aerospace Command out.


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July 28

ADR1FT Vive Update Live


ADR1FT HTC Vive support is now available as a free patch for current ADR1FT Steam owners.

ADR1FT is also on sale today as a Steam Daily Deal for $9.99 (50% 0ff). The sale runs from 10am PST - 10am PST.

Vive Motion Control Support:

ADR1FT Vive will have it's own unique take on motion controls. We've assembled a hybrid gamepad/motion control setup onto the Vive Wands that really take ADR1FT to a brand new place. It's changed the game experience dramatically (and unexpectedly) into a new immersive and compelling EVA SIM:

- Movement, input-actions and menus are handled on the Vive Wands via pad and button input.

- Interaction with objects in the world are handled using motion control with the Vive Wands.

ADR1FT Vive Tips:

- A third launch option has been added to Steam to launch in Steam VR.

- ADR1FT Vive defaults to motion controls and is intended to be an expert EVA SIM VR experience.

- This experience requires a light touch and lots of gentle micro-adjusting (much like a flight SIM and much like space).

- For a casual experience, gamepad control can be accessed through the options menu.

- We highly recommend completing EVA TRAINING before starting the game. EVA TRAINING provides a safe environment to test and master movement and interaction with the new EVA control scheme.

- ADR1FT Vive utilizes an auto-lock feature with the Wands to easily highlight, attach, grab and interact with objects floating in the world. Simply dropping your Wand will disengage this system and allow you to interact with different objects within your reach.

- Activate EVA Reset often to ensure your camera and helmet positions are aligned properly.

- EVA Stabilize re-orients your position in the world and is a helpful tool during all types of EVA activity.

- EVA Scan highlights interactive objects in the world and objective waypoints. Scanning each new environment is important and recommended.

We hope you enjoy this new ADR1FT experience. For many of us on the team, it's our favorite way to play.

As always, we're listening to your feedback and will act on it where and when we can.

- Orthy

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“Adr1ft’s mix of tense gameplay and mature storytelling stays with you after the mission’s end”
8/10 – Game Informer

“A memorable game that’s hard not to like and recommend to others”
8/10 – Destructoid

“ADR1FT is evocative, chilling, tense, and unlike anything I’ve ever played, even if it isn’t for everyone”
8/10 – Forbes

About This Game

ADR1FT is an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that tells the story of an astronaut in peril. Floating silently amongst the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory and a severely damaged EVA suit slowly leaking oxygen, the only survivor struggles to determine the cause of the catastrophic event that took the lives of everyone on board. The player fights to stay alive by exploring the wreckage for precious resources, and overcomes the challenges of an unforgiving environment to repair the damaged EEV and safely return home.

"ADR1FT brings your childhood dream of being an astronaut to life"


"No floor, no ceiling, just cold open space"

"A gripping, tense experience"



"Deeply Personal"

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 64 bits
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 @ 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GPU: NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD7770 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6000 MB available space
    • OS: Windows 10 64 bits
    • Processor: Intel i5 4570 @ 3.2 GHz / AMD Phenom II 945 @ 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6000 MB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 29
Recommending this game is as easy as it is difficult. On the one hand it's utterly breathtaking in both VR and on a regular monitor. On the other I still have no idea where Orth and company were going with the story.

This is a stunning game. Period. The fully rendered Earth is constantly orbiting below you and giving the destoryed space station an amazing sense of wonder. The first hour or two is intense as you scramble for life saving air packs. These are the game's source of pressure and motivation so you don't just aimlessly float about space. It's a simple mechanic and it works well enough if a little tedious at times.

What I really didn't get though was the games attempts at story. Told through emails in abandoned crew quarters, radio transmission ghosts lingering in the void, or random audio files stored all over the station. They seem to imply possible negligence on behalf of your character but never really go beyond vague allusions. The final cut scene dives into this and attempts to be emotional but with no clear connection to my character or the dead ones about the station it falls flat. Still it's a one of a kind experience and worth the price of admission on that alone.
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
3.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
I think ultimately it comes down to if you're a grinder who likes space. You move so slowly, with a dodgy map, and the game has been copy/pasted 3 or 4 times just to make it a few hours longer (even that's too long). So if you like both, you'll probably be fine.

I love space games and exploring these kinds of settings, but the novelty of inertia wears off and then that's it. Nothing happens, you just float from A to B and back then to C and back over and over and over again.

The graphics are nice, the vista is nice, but it's not enough today. X, Mass Effect, No Man's Sky and even Call of Duty, Killzone, Crysis, the space shtick, floating above a planet deal, is everywhere. We can get our 'ooo pretty space' kick from a huge pool of other games if the one we're playing isn't fun, the graphics don't compensate now.

Plot is predictable. I mean you're the sole surviving member of an accident that killed everyone, and you were in charge. What do you think happened? And in fact nothing happens throughout the game. It doesn't throw anything at you, no set pieces or drama or big finale. Think again if you think you might experience splashdown in VR. The guy who wrote this probably sees this more as art than a game, and he wrote it during a time of strife. It leaves a sour taste that the man who thinks himself a martyr is Adam Orth, the notorious bigot who took to Twitter to inform us all how stupid and poor we are, trying to use the Xbox One as a class divider.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Played with OR.
Recommended at €10 or below.
Gameplay gets repetitive, but it's a decent experience and fairly pretty.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
14.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
I have to say I really enjoyed this game. I think if I played it without VR I would not have enjoyed it as much and most likely not even finished it. Yes the game was pretty much rinse and repeat for everything you had to do as others have stated. Also it did have some bugs that where game breaking. I had to restart the game three times before I got through it due to waypoint glitches. Even with that, I would still recommend this game. If you love a slow paced game that you have to have a little patience to play but love space you will probably enjoy this. But if you don't have VR I am not sure it would be worth it. My wife has it on her Steam account and no VR and she didn't like it that much. I let her check it out with VR and she couldn't believe how much more engrossing it was.

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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
Was looking forward to playing this with my rift, so I bought it while on sale. All I can say is that I am sorely dissappointed. Game performs very badly with frames dipping well below 50fps constantly while outside and that is a big no no while in vr and thus making it very uncomfortable to play. I have a gtx 1080 and i7 6700k and it still runs like poo. And there is no graphical settings to be found. Hate to see what it runs like on a lower card.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 26
This game may be very fun, I don't know. I played it on my Vive for about 90 seconds before the constant uncontrollable rotating and moving made me very nauseous. Other people may be able to handle that, but not me. The motion sickness mode did not help at all.

I think it would have been better if you let me turn with my head, not with the touchpad on the controller.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 14
What a load of rubish. Really really hate this game. Floating about like a Tw**. There'as no gameplay involved. Total rip off. Do not buy this (IMHO). Trite.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
kinda stressy but chilled
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1 of 4 people (25%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
awful tutorial, just awful...
couldnt even get to the actual game because i almost threw up
think youre immune to VR sickness? thick youll never puke from a vr game?
try this...
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3 of 24 people (13%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Space floating sim.
Wake up not knowing what happened.
You look constantly for oxygen for your suit.
This can get annoying but it is a central mechanic of the game,

Visual Graphics
Original Theme
Tense adventure

Lack of content
Game play is repetious
Female Protagonist
No character creation or choice.


The game just needs alot more to it.
Like, puzzles, an actual hope of getting back to earth.
The more you do, like get power going to different parts
of the satalite, the more it seems you're not getting back.

This can get very frustrating and make for early rage quiting.
In stead of oxygen bottles maybe just stations that repair your
EVA and fill the oxygen tank .
This would relieve alot of stress this game creates, so you can focus.
The overall goal should be getting back to earth not just surviving,
to the next oxygen bottle. I can't stress that enough that this is the
reason I stopped playing the game.

The idea is great a space EVA sim. Just poor execution.
So, with that, if it goes on sale get it,for keyboard and mouse.

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Recently Posted
1.1 hrs
Posted: October 24
In my opinion(have in mind that i havent play it much)is good if you want to rest and see beautiful space.
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4.7 hrs
Posted: October 22
I played this game in VR with HTC Vive and aside from spending the first 15 minutes working out I need to point at things to pick them up rather than grab them I found the whole thing fun and enaging.
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