DRIVING THIS RECKLESS IS NO ACCIDENT! But you might want to cause a few. In these high-speed races, the more damage you inflict, the better. The ultimate in turbo-charged cars and the craziest competitor drivers are waiting to test your best destructive streak. Responsible drivers need not apply.
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Release Date: Aug 1, 2006

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About This Game


But you might want to cause a few. In these high-speed races, the more damage you inflict, the better. The ultimate in turbo-charged cars and the craziest competitor drivers are waiting to test your best destructive streak. Responsible drivers need not apply.

  • Thousands and thousands of objects to annihilate.
  • Mini games gone wild - hurl the driver in these 12 crazy challenges.
  • Wreck your way across parched deserts, massive storm drains and narrow city streets.
  • Ram your opponents' car and watch them fly through the air - you're here to win!

FlatOut 2 © 2006 Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. Game concept and development by Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. Empire, FlatOut and "E" are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Empire Interactive Europe Ltd. in the UK/Europe and/or other countries. All rights reserved. NVIDIA, the NVIDIA Logo, GeForce and "The Way It's Meant to be Played" Logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the United States and other countries. GameSpy and the "Powered by GameSpy" design are trademarks of GameSpy Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. a product of the e.u.

System Requirements

    Minimum: Windows XP/2000 XP SP2 / 2000 SP4, 256 MB RAM, 64 MB* video card, 2.0 GHz Pentium® 4 or AMD® 2000+ processor, DirectX compatible sound card, 3.5 GB free hard drive space, DirectX 9.0c, TCP/IP required for LAN play, 512kbs minimum, Broadband connection required

    FlatOut 2 supports gamepads. Gamepad with 8 buttons minimum (to support all configurable game commands) is recommended.
    * FlatOut 2 supports the following Chipsets, nVidia Geforce FX 5/6/7 series, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro/XT and above, ATI Radeon X200 and above. On-board/ integrated graphics cards and laptops not supported.

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Very Positive (2,877 reviews)
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1.0 hrs
Posted: September 18
Product received for free
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19.1 hrs
Posted: September 13
This game is simply Awesome...!!!!
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1.2 hrs
Posted: September 10
Going on a standard race, going different way, destroying all opponents..
..getting rich AF. Even richer than if I'd won the cup.
Oh, childhood, we meet again.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: September 9
it will not start for me
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1.5 hrs
Posted: September 6
Honestly surprised people arn't complaining about Nickelback music being ingame.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: August 27
Nice gsme!
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7.1 hrs
Posted: August 23
Whats better than laughing your a** off at the fact that you are forcibly sending your driver crashing through the windshield at un-human speeds just to enjoy a nice game of basketball...or baseball...or bowling...or football...or soccer... AS a matter of fact, this game goes beyond sports. You'll go from using the helpless body to play a keen game of poker, to sending him soaring through RINGS OF FIRE!!! Oh yeah, the game has actual races too for all you scallywags who cant handle the sheer awesomeness this game has to offer. WILL ALWAYS BE A CLASSIC! 10/10
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18.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 16
10/10, need for speed is for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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1.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
I like this game,it a retro game,i play this game when i 11 year old,now i 18 maybe?by the way,BUY THIS GAME EVERONE.
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30.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 6
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9.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2013
Very fun racing game! I used to have this years ago on my PS2, but I don't play that anymore. I finally decided to get it for my computer, and it's just like I remember: plenty of crashing and destruction!

It's better than FlatOut 1 in the fact that there are better/more cars to choose from, and the same with tracks, but not with free roam. In the first FlatOut, you were able to go backwards on tracks and drive around the area. You sadly cannot on this game, but the racing is still fun nonetheless.

As for the demolition derbies, they are also plenty of fun. It's nice when a game isn't too easy, so I do like the fact that there is a contact timer of about 44 seconds, meaning you have to smash into someone at some point. The AI is also certainly smarter than the first FlatOut, thus adding to the difficulty of derbies and races. It only has 3 more derby arenas than the first one, for a total of 6, so there certainly could have been a few more arenas.

Lastly, you can't forget the minigames! There are oddities such as Royal Flush, Baseball, Bowling, and a few others where you have to fling yourself out of the car. These are pretty entertaining, especially with friends. It can get slightly monotonous by yourself though.

All in all, this is still lots of fun for a game made in 2006!
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114 of 127 people (90%) found this review helpful
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29.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 12, 2014
This game is flatout the best crash'em up racing game of all time and still is period. The best part is now it will run at best possible settings on even the most modest of computers.

Don't get Flatout3!!! It is not made by the same people and it sucks.
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40.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 7, 2015
Because finishing a race with the car still in one piece is too mainstream.
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28.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 20, 2014
This game is sequel for original FlatOut, and this game is one god damn good example how to make sequel.
FlatOut was awesome or should i say "perfect" arcade racing game. Though, its from 2004 and still, its kickass game with good driving response system, good and challenging AI, awesome tracks, derby bowls and stunt tracks.
FlatOut 2 have all these same things, but it is made thousand times better!
There is three car classes: Derby class, race class and street class.

Derby cars are cheap and durable and meant for the first class of FlatOut racing. They can take a beating and deliver a powerful punch, but arent as fast as the rest of cars.

Race cars are powerful and they are from competitive price range offer the 'best bang for buck' in the though in second class.

Street cars are tuned up for the most competitive tier of FlatOut racing. Fastest of their kind, but a little less durable.

In total there is 34 cars in game.

Game race tracks are great. you can choose from many different enviroments to race and they are: Forest, Field, Desert, Canal, City and Race. In total there is 30 race tracks in game. There is also 9 special track events in game.

Stunt tracks are also fun to play. There is 12 different stunts to do and they are: High Jump, Bowling, Ski Jump, Curling, Stone-Skipping, Ring Of Fire, Field Goal, Royal Flush, Basketball, Darts, Baseball and Soccer.

Derby bowls is one of the best things in this game. Its all about earning wrecking points by dealing damage, destroying cars and ultimately surviving the challenge.

The ragdoll physics in the sequel have been greatly updated. During the race, the driver may be thrown out of the car if slammed into a wall at a high speed.

AI in this game is fine. You compete with seven bots in race at same time. They are challenging and fun, but they can be sometimes really cocky.

Soundtrack is awesome in this game, it contains rock and metal music from Nickelback, Megadeath, Papa Roach, Mötley crue and many more...

I dont know any bad sides on this game. Well, if you choose male character it looks like Paul Walker and it makes me sad sometimes to see it. But i dont think its bad thing, its just opinion.

Im forcing you to buy this game because its so awesome and its definitely worth of few bucks. Love this legendary game!

Sorry for my bad english!

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11.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 20, 2014
One of the best games ever made. So many memories. Still looks good after 7 years. <3
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16.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 9, 2014
FlatOut 2 came out just 2 years after its predecessor and was released in June 2006. That would make it around the time when I actually first played the game with my friends. Man, the game was good. Recently I have decided to try it out again, and to my surprise the game still rocks!
FlatOut 2 is by far the best racing game of it's kind that I have played. Long time has passed since the release, but everything about the game still seems really good from graphics to gameplay. Unfortunately there's no online but LAN via other software is possible. Do not fret though, single player is extremely fun. The AI is scripted very well. By the end of 2-3 cups you will understand how every individual AI drives. They don't always want to win now, some of them want to crash others players cars. It does not mean that it will always be you though. So expect some random stuff happen to you during the game. Never under estimate the opponent.
The soundtrack just blew my mind. I do like the type of music that this game has, but to think that I know almost all of the songs in the game just makes it so much better. This game has lots of big names like Rob Zombie, Wolfmother and .... Nickleback. But what's more important is that the car engine sound like a boss, the noise is so sexy, sometimes I just lower the music volume.
It been almost 9 years now, but the graphics will not hurt your eye, in fact this game probably eclipsed a ton of racing games which came out around the same time. Car details are very good, both brand new and half destroyed. The maps look just awesome, textures still look good to this day. Human ragdolls are a bit on the downside again, but you do not tend to fly out as often anymore. Overall, I am extremely happy about the graphics and how they are still so good even eight years after.
What else is important about the racing game for PC players, a game that was also realsead on consoles? The answer is controls. Finally, I played a game, where you can easily steer just by using your arrows on the keyboard. Game is very playable without a joystick. It also feels that the developers made it easier to control cars in the first place.
By now your thinking that there must be something bad about the game. Well, I am going to tell you that there are non big things that will off put you. There are minor things about interacting with physical objects, but that's about it guys, this game is almost perfect!
Replayabilty is massive, once you discover the LAN.
To conclude, this game deserves the price. If there's no sale then just buy it. You will not regret it. The game is so good, you will end up driving at least for the next 5 hours before taking a break.
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