Break through ceilings, rescue princesses and escape boiling lava as you slash your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower!
User reviews: Very Positive (283 reviews) - 92% of the 283 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jun 16, 2014

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"With a simple and easy to pick up control scheme and a smooth progression system, you'll find yourself easily melting away a few hours with this game. "
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“There are triple-A, $60 games that pale in comparison to the enjoyment we got from Knightmare Tower.”

“Knightmare Tower hooked me for over an hour, and I had to force myself to stop playing.”

“This is a great game and an easy recommendation to make.”

About This Game

Break through ceilings, rescue princesses and escape boiling lava as you slash your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower!

  • Campaign and Survival modes
  • 10 princesses to rescue, all daughters of the same King (yeah, even that last one)
  • Tons of upgrades, including visually changing armors, swords and boots
  • 1 epic boss battle
  • 70 quests to complete
  • 50+ different monsters to slice up
  • 3 legendary monsters that can be summoned with special horns
  • Giant bombs that blow apart every monsters around you
  • Potions that make you super strong
  • Rideable rockets
  • Soundtrack by HyperDuck Soundworks (Scrolls, Dust: An Elysian Tail)
  • More info on

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.8+
    • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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5.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 12
It's hard to review Knightmare Tower with a great deal of words (but that won't stop me from trying, I suppose).

The game is rather short (par for the course since it previously existed as a free Flash game and not much has been altered in its transition to PC) and once you've completed all it has to offer, you're not left with anything else beyond a sense of personal satisfaction.

The concept is a simple one - you take control of a knight and ascend a large monster-filled tower in order to rescue ten princesses in peril. No real story is fleshed out or explained at great length and quite frankly, it doesn't really need any. This is certainly a game that gets by on its charm alone and it does so with a humble air about it.

Controls, consisting of a basic three button input scheme, are responsive and allow the right amount of precision needed to succeed (or showcase multiple failures if you become overly anxious). The perfect setup for the type of game Knightmare Tower is, honestly.

The game's sense of progression comes in the form of a shop accessible at the end of each attempt to ascend the tower. Using available gold earned from previous tries, you're able to upgrade the knight in a number of areas. It's a welcomed touch that definitely helps with certain challenges, although it is entirely possible to finish the game's "story" mode without having fully upgraded each area.

Additional challenge comes in the form of quests issued as you attempt to reach the top of the tower. Some of these are relatively easy to accomplish with little effort (more so if you factor in the upgrade system) but are otherwise a welcomed distraction. Once you're done with the normal mode, you'll have access to the endless survival mode which also has its own set of quests to complete but also features an upgraded set of monsters to contend with. Like all endless modes, the fun factor available here is only limited to how long you can tolerate it before throwing in the towel.

The art style is a mix of quirky and cartoon-y, showcasing clean lines and (mostly) vibrant colors in an attempt to remain visually pleasing to the eyes.

The music, written and performed by Belfast duo HyperDuck SoundWorks, is well suited to the game. It's a synthesized orchestral sound that never becomes overbearing and doesn't feel like an afterthought, which is a considerable plus given that the nature of the game warrants hearing the same piece of music looped repeatedly much of the time.

Overall, there's enough content present in Knightmare Tower to warrant a purchase (especially if you're the type who often buys games on a budget) despite its overall short length.

The asking price may seem too steep for some (especially those who know the game's origin as a Flash title) but if you're able to get past that potential bias toward it, there's always the possibility of picking it up at a discounted price.
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Posted: July 28
Knightmare Tower is a game in where you embark on a quest to save the King's gorgeous princesses (especially last one) from the top of a tower. That's the whole story but I see no better motivation then that, so anymore would have been meaningless. Anywho, that's about the most sense it will make, since as soon as you enter the tower the only way up is through latching on to a medieval rocket ship and further propelling yourself upwards by slashing enemies. It is a very simple game and the only controls are move and attack. Your only attack is a downwards thrust to attack enemies below you which should not be spammed unless you want to miss the monster and fall. Falling is not the end of the world as the rocket ship will catch you but your momentum will be greatly decreased and with lava rapidly filling up the tower it is something you will want to avoid doing even if it causes you to take a hit. Enemies will also fight back by growing spikes on their back, shooting projectiles at you or fire beams at you.

Taking a hit causes you to lose a heart and starting off you have three. They are regained by random enemy drops and they occurred quite commonly. Common enough that dying by enemies wasn't really much of an issue. Go high enough and you will break through a ceiling which changes the ugly bland background to another color as well as makes enemies tougher and have better attacks. Each ceiling you break will net you a princess that will add something to the game like bombs, rare double health drops and a potion shop. Unfortunately it is impossible to win at first no matter how skilled you are. For one the top of the tower is locked until you complete every single “quest” which are things like killing a certain amount of enemy without taking damage or just collecting a certain amount of money. Another reason is this game is very much designed for phones so you will have to grind for money to be able to attack harder, move faster and to stand any chance of winning.

There is no surefire way to gain money, it just drops at random via enemies or you can hit a bubble with a floating black monster inside for massive rewards. You will gain next to nothing at the start though so I suggest immediately upgrading your “Luck” skill for better money pick ups. Another way to gain money is to hit a horn that is unlocked by rescuing a certain princess to summon a harmless enemy that will grant a huge reward if you manage to beat it. They are not difficult, just very damage spongy until you max out your sword to deal more damage. Having an item shop does give you an objective to keep progressing so it doesn't get too repetitive but it doesn't really feel like progress, just a “Oh great, now I can kill an enemy without spamming the attack button a dozen times.”. Without the item shop the game would get boring extremely fast so it is up to the reader's preferences to decide if that is a good thing or not.

Enemy variety is pretty decent. Most of the same enemies you meet at the start will still be there by the end but with a slight visual change and capable of taking a lot more damage. One of the selling points is “over 50 different monsters” but in truth most are the same as the last monster but can take a bit more damage and may fire a few more projectiles late game. It's not really a big deal though. Being able to tell an enemy from the other so you immediately know how they will attack is very important and something you will have no problem with no matter how far up the tower you go. There is an end to the tower and if you have not completed all the “quests” you will crash face first into a locked ceiling and lose immediately. Once you half-heartedly do finish all the quests you will be able to fight a surprisingly epic last boss. It is a dumb “meme” boss but the fight itself is pretty good. Once you beat that boss you will unlock a endless survival mode where you meet tougher enemies and can play until you inevitably die. Survival mode also introduces new quests but there is no real reason to do them unless you are low on cash. Once you get far enough into the tower the enemies get way too bullet spongy to the point of the game no longer being enjoyable.

Music is alright though a few more tracks would be appreciated it since it felt like I was listening to the same song for the entire game. Graphics are cutesy but you do cut enemies in half and guts come out so it may not be something you would be comfortable letting a child play. The humor is pretty funny from the few cutscenes there are. One small thing I noticed while playing which is neither a good or bad thing is that invincibility frames after getting hit last a very short while so after being hit you will likely get hit again and again unless you move out of the way. In the end of the day this is still a solid little title. I did get a few hours of enjoyment out of it and all the micro-transactions that were likely in it have been removed so once you buy it you get the complete experience. This is a good game to play when you are low on time or just in between breaks from larger games. Recommended to those that don't mind mandatory grinding and are fine with a short but overall enjoyable game.
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Posted: June 10
I'm fairly rubbish at this game, when im not in the mood for any thing to heavy this is the one! Simple game but super addictive. Dont even remember buying it, maybe it was a sale or a coupon who know!s? It's a sure shot tho...cant help but enjoy it. Your not ganna sit there and play it for hours on end, but in short bursts this game is awesome!!! Proabably a moblile game or for the tablet who the f*** knows just buy it...Or your a tramp gypsy tightass mf

would insult a large portion of the community for not buying this game again 8/10
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4.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 14
It's a little short, but it's fun, but at the same time you can still play it free online... soo, wait for a sale if you buy it!
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3.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 16, 2014
Played it for free on, here it does have more content making it more interesting. I gladly recommend because Juicy Beast is a lovely company and I like to support it + the game is awesome try for yourself for free and if you like come over!!!! ^^ 9/10 Would be 10/10 if it was a little bit longer :P
(Support for mouse control would be a very good ad, miss it so bad :C)
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