Space Colony: Steam Edition is a remaster of the real-time base builder and strategy game from Firefly Studios, creators of the Stronghold series. In Space Colony you colonize to survive, designing intergalactic bases that keep your crew productive, happy and defended against hostile alien threats.
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Release Date: Apr 30, 2015

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February 25

New Update

Size - 2.1MB

We have just released a small update fixing a pair of achievements.

Bug Fixes
  • Galactic Overlord - Fixed an issue where the game was not tracking completed missions properly.
  • Academia Nut - Fixed an issue where level four skills were not being tracked properly.

Thanks to the achievement hunters who reported these issues!

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February 11

Lunar Map Pack

Now Available on Steam Workshop

To celebrate the Lunar New Year Sale we've created four new maps for Space Colony! Accessible via Steam Workshop, each map was created by a different team member to present a unique challenge:

Four New Maps
  • Intrepid - VL-537 attracted many colonists in the early years due to its green landscapes, beautiful canyons and Earth-like ability to provide for settlers. Unfortunately recent rumors of colonists disappearing and entirely unrelated budget cuts mean that we can't offer much financial support. Given the circumstances all we ask is that you read the guide book and follow standard procedure. We just hope the planet lets you...

  • Desert Loners - Welcome to Desert Loners! The bad news is that your ship has crash-landed on a strange moon. You are struggling to survive and a nearby asteroid belt, along with your history of gambling debts, means rescue is highly unlikely. The good news? Both you and your team of misfits are still breathing! If you do manage to beat the odds and survive there may a future among the stars for your motley crew.

  • Be Brave - Destined to be the most important 'red planet' in the known universe, this new discovery is filled with precious resources and ample colony-friendly vegetation. Less friendly are the local extraterrestrial inhabitants, fiercely protective of their nest. A successful colonist is a breathing colonist, so build defenses and erect laser towers before venturing out into the unknown. Patiently explore the planet and you might just return both rich and alive!

  • Subjugate - It has been several decades now since our company last discovered an Earth-type planet with the required ecological balance to sustain life without any terraforming. A recent report from your scouting team suggests they have pinpointed the location of a new Class-M habitable planet. We know that communication has since fallen silent, but believe this is simply due to interference caused by debris in the planet's upper atmosphere. We also know what you're thinking, however there is no evidence to suggest hostile a alien threat. So get your team on site and take control of the situation before our rivals do!

We hope you enjoy the new maps and the rest of the Steam Sale!

Please Note - These new maps are not included in the base game and must be downloaded separately via Steam Workshop using the links above.

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“Space Colony: Steam Edition brings a classic game into the present with a great deal of polish”
8/10 – TheSixthAxis

“Space Colony has the retro flavour of a well-made and judged remaster”
8/10 – Eurogamer Italy

“Offers a fresh experience that blends proper city-building with managing the needs of your crew”
4/5 – Softpedia

Special Edition

Our new Steam Edition of the beloved sci-fi base builder Space Colony is now live! While the Steam Edition includes several new features one of the most requested was Workshop support, which is now available. Workshop provides you with the official means to share and rate custom missions and maps, stringing these together to create whole intergalactic campaigns! For everyone else it's a treasure trove of maps, missions, exotic worlds and alien hives just waiting to be downloaded and explored by spacefaring players.

We already have added a few choice maps from the archives of our biggest fan site, which are available to download direct from the Steam Workshop page. Upload classic designs from 2003, campaigns created in the years since or create something completely new for the community to enjoy.

About This Game

Half way across the galaxy with limited resources, a mega corporation looking over your shoulder and a ragtag crew expecting a pay cheque, it's up to you to survive and turn a profit. You have a base to build and hostile alien threats to neutralise, but ignore your crew and the colony is doomed. Each colonist has a mind of their own, so keeping them safe, happy and alive is no easy feat. Nurture your crew and they’ll team up to protect your intergalactic empire, forget to pay them and you’d better post a guard at the reactor!

As a commander of military and commercial installations on Earth, Blackwater Industries wants to see how you handle the rest of the galaxy. In Space Colony your career is in the hands of an unruly crew, all looking to escape life back on Earth. Choosing from more than 100 different buildings, it’s up to you to design and build a colony that meets their needs. Before you shell out your credits on iron extraction and lucrative space chicken production remember that without laser defences, a sauna and a half-decent restaurant nobody is going to want to work for you.

Created exclusively for Steam, this remastered version of Space Colony features a new Galaxy mode 'Obar' mini-campaign, Steam Workshop support, achievements, trading cards and Steam Cloud for saved games. Space Colony: Steam Edition is the definitive version of the sci-fi base builder for fans of the original, the builder genre and the Stronghold series, with which it shares DNA in both gameplay and an irreverent sense of humour.

Also supported are settings for HD graphics unavailable in the original version, allowing players to view their entire base on a single screen! Detect alien life forms early and counter-attack before they get near your crew, keep an eye on all workers at once or harvest resources off-base while making sure everyone visits the colony psychologist.

  • Remastered for Steam - New 'Obar' mini-campaign, Achievements, Trading Cards, Steam Workshop, Steam Cloud support and a re-balanced Easy Mode.
  • Construct a Colony - Design a base for cosmic warfare or interplanetary tourism with military and civilian campaigns.
  • Defend Your Crew - Protect your colonists from alien life forms with Hovermines, laser turrets and the fearsome Dogbot.
  • Train Specialists - Select your crew from a cast of 20 unique characters and train them in cybernetics, mining, lasers and more.
  • Explore the Planet - Increase your wealth and standing with Blackwater Industries by mining minerals and expanding your colony with over 100 different structures.
  • HD Upgrade - High resolution graphics allow you to view your entire colony on a single screen.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Mostly Positive (133 reviews)
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( 0.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 22
This is the second-most disappointing game I've bought on Steam. It's a stripped-down micromanagement-heavy primitive version of The Sims in space. The tutorial demonstrates how much of a snore-fest the game is - the tutorial text is more itneresting than the gameplay it describes.

Avoid this one.
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( 212.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 18
A fun sim-like game set in space with both peaceful and military campaigns to complete. Enjoyed the humor and quirky characters. Firefly Studios, a sequel is more than overdue!
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Salty Sailor
( 1.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 18
The Sims in space
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( 1.6 hrs on record )
Posted: July 17
I first played this game years ago, and enjoyed it so much that I would play all the way from the first planet through the last planet on the civilian path in one go (which took hours). I then ended up buying three CDs because the first ones were destroyed by a variety of accidents (one was chewed on by a dog, another stepped on by a family member), then got the HD version from the Firefly Studios website. Now, I've also bought it here on Steam, so I can play it on any computer that I have Steam on and don't have to worry about the disc being destroyed. The controls are intuitive for anyone used to using a keyboard or panning with a mouse, and if anyone has any questions regarding the buildings or aliens or even the background of the various colonists (or, for example, the hotkeys), all they have to do is read the manual that is included with the Steam Edition under the Space Colony directory. Definitely one of my favorite strategy games.
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( 1.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 16
I really want to like this game.
The graphics are nice, characters are fun and the gameplay itself isn't bad. However what makes this game unenjoyable are the interface and the controls. There are no tooltips whatsoever, basic concepts like Power, Oxygen etc aren't properly explained, moving and assigning characters can be a pain, managing their needs and relationships even more so.
This COULD have been a great game, but the lackluster interface (no tooltips, every piece of valuable information hidden in sub-menus etc) and controls that make the micro-managament a pain (and there's a lot of mm in this game, which isn't a bad thing with better controls/interface) make the game more of a chore than an enjoyable experience for me. A real shame, because again, it could have been a great game otherwise!
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( 13.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 19
Considering the time this game got out, this is a great game. It has not aged well however as it is obvious it was made before UI control standards emerged. It take a while to get used to cancelling everything with the right mouse button instead of the opposite and to the fact the space bar is not the pause button... Once you get past this awkward experience this game turn into a funny satyre based on the original The Sims game... In space(tm)!

I definitely recommend for fans of base building management games. This is one game you probably never heard of and which is worth playing at least once in your life.
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( 2.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 24
Going to post a review for Space Colony and Planetbase in the same review, as the games are very similar, yet at the same time very different.

I bought Space Colony first, expecting the game to play like Planetbase. While both games involve planet exploration, and creating a base, and surviving and thriving, eventually making a profit, that's where the similarity ends. Both games play alot alike in those aspects. And both are quite fun with the "base" demands of the game. As they both play like Space City sims. If you like games like Banished, or maybe even Cities:Skylines (A bit of a stretch) you would probably enjoy both games.

Now for the huge differences. Planetbase plays alot like a simulator. The base game is a bit more difficult, as you need more juggling to keep your base alive, as more colonists arrive, you need to balance alot of aspects such as food production, Oxygen production, Electricity production, water ect. Even though the new colonists are a welcome sign to your base, they are also a detriment. Your colonists themselves handle as you would expect them to. They work to the best of their abilities, but need the basics including some relaxation to keep from losing morale. The lower their morale, or the more injuries they have, the slower they will work. But they are astronauts, and know what their job is. They also aren't afraid to share beds, or other equipment. You also have to grow food for your astronauts, or create bio meat for your team to survive

Space Colony on the other hand is more like Planetbase if it was on the Jerry Springer show. The astronauts all have their own set of skills, and likes and dislikes. The base game seems easier, but you have to deal with clashing personalities, and each astronaut has a very flamboyant personality. And part of the job in the game is to get your astronauts to go talk to each other on couches, to help them gain friendships. Some you get to fall in love with each other, and they all need separate assigned beds or they won't sleep. You also have to deal with what seems like constant spawning of aliens, which will destroy your equipment in your rooms. As far as food production, in this game, you build a mower, and you need to find plants growing on the planet and the mower turns the plants into green space juice.

Personally I find Planetbase to be the much more enjoyable game of the 2.

Space Colony 5/10
Planetbase 9/10
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( 10.8 hrs on record )
Posted: May 10
Classic space sim game. If you're a fan of other Firefly titles like 'Stronghold' you might like this game. The game is older, but still plays pretty well. It is exciting and full of content if you like the more 'peaceful' sim type games. You build your colony, and manage the varies tasks and resources while seeking a baseline objective. Most are simple but take time.
I was a previous fan of this game and just recently bought it for my collection.

If you're into tasks/resource management, and a focus on people/team management, you might like this game.
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Mrs Gir
( 1.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 7
So.... as someone that's never played any other versions of the games created by these people I have pro's and con's.

Pros: The game is pretty awesome and interesting. It's pretty realistic as to what probably would happen if this was real life, with people's needs, salaries, etc.

Cons: The game is pretty unstable. Every time you tab out of it for anything, it crashes and sometimes freezes your entire steam up. I tested this out on my laptop AND my desktop PC, both of which have this issues. There is also no window mode, despite there being different options for the size of the game, it's all in "full screen" mode no matter what you do, and there aren't any files you can alter in the folder to make it windowed either.

Despite how good the game COULD be, with the pure fact that you can't even tab out of it without crashing, makes it almost not enjoyable. Maybe if they ever decide to at least stabilize the game, I'll change it to recommended, other than that... don't bother.
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Bronamena Diane
( 4.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 5
Not a bad game, but it is plain and tedious.

Warning: this game contains no excitement.

Maybe it is just I am not a big fan of simulation games, so I only recommend this game for those who are really into them.
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Not Recommended
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 16
I really want to like this game.
The graphics are nice, characters are fun and the gameplay itself isn't bad. However what makes this game unenjoyable are the interface and the controls. There are no tooltips whatsoever, basic concepts like Power, Oxygen etc aren't properly explained, moving and assigning characters can be a pain, managing their needs and relationships even more so.
This COULD have been a great game, but the lackluster interface (no tooltips, every piece of valuable information hidden in sub-menus etc) and controls that make the micro-managament a pain (and there's a lot of mm in this game, which isn't a bad thing with better controls/interface) make the game more of a chore than an enjoyable experience for me. A real shame, because again, it could have been a great game otherwise!
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Posted: April 30, 2015
TL:DR? See Conclusion

Space Colony is the Steam release version a 2003 game with the same title. The game was developed and self-published by FireFly Studios whose most notable work includes the popular Stronghold franchise. The game draws heavy inspiration from the well-known 'The Sims' games, the 'Tycoon' series of games, and FireFly's own Stronghold titles which is reflected by the existence of a combat mechanic.

The game features a lengthy single-player campaign where the player takes on the role of Venus Jones and her diverse team of space colonists working for Blackwater Industries, a company hell-bent to increase profit and productivity at the expense of its own employees. Travel to different worlds and follow one of the two branching storylines by either going through the military or civilian campaigns. Like a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, it also features a 'skirmish' mode along side the campaign. Likewise, the game also has a sandbox mode like a regular Sim/Management game.

+ Classical HD remake of the isometric view of old games with some enhancement on detail
+ Colorful and goofy characters with different personalities and traits
+ Story mode is fun and offers a variety of challenges (limited resources, colonists, etc.)
+ Interesting new idea to mix different game elements such as: simulation (relationships, needs etc.), real time strategy (combat, base defenses and resource gathering), and management (resource management, work efficiency and trade)...but (See CON #1 and #2)
+ Fully voice acted with decent voice acting and dialogue
+ Branching story mode to showcase the civilian and military aspects of the game
+ Upbeat techno soundtracks that fits the game very well
+ Map Editor to make your own scenario or maps
+ Steam Workshop support
+ Contains all other bonus packages for the game

- The RTS elements are basic: It lacks essential features that should be mandatory for proper implementation of an RTS aspect of a game such as but not limited to: Unit groups (ctrl+1 etc.), Attack move, patrol, or just a hotkey to Stop units would be nice.
- The 'Sim' aspect of the game is also lacking in its complexity when it comes to colonist relationships.
- The isometric graphics does not allow you to rotate the screen or objects.
- Lacking in option menu: Hotkeys cannot be rebound
- Speed setting is lacking with only pause, normal, or fast as the only options.
- Base construction follows the 'Sim style of creation' where items are available at anytime (unless you are in story mode). This is under CONS because they could have gone with the RTS style of base construction which would follow a technology tree system which unlocks specific options based on existing technology or structures. This, in my opinion, would have added to the game's complexity.

NICE GAME with a lot of POTENTIAL. The concept of mixing together the various aspects of Simulation, Real Time Strategy, and Management games is a great idea but only if the proper mechanics from each of those genres are implemented properly. Among other things for example, Space Colony severely lacks basic RTS controls such as unit grouping and waypoints which lead to some frustrating and clunky unit control. Another issue is with the Simulation aspect where the shallow relationship mechanics made for some boring relationship micromanagement and the lack of screen-rotation led to some mis-clicking accidents. If these issues are ironed out, the experience would have been much better.

Overall I still enjoyed my experience with Space Colony and I can RECOMMEND this game to anyone who's interested in this type of 'Frankenstein' genre. With its after-years graphics, this game is not system requirement heavy (unless your PC is powered by a potato) and can easily run even on netbook computers making this a nice game when you're on the move.

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Posted: May 1, 2015
Played this (a bit too much) as a kid, and was over the moon when I saw it coming onto steam. Thankfully they didn't 'improve' on it too much and kept all the story line and quirky humor the same. They have however improved on the graphics enough to bring it up to date and now that it's on steam it will be more fun to make custom maps and scenarios to share with other people on here...we just have to wait for someone to start doing that and I'll be getting on with mines shortly too :P

All in all, a great game to play for both new and returning players of Space Colony. Stig FTW :D
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Posted: May 31, 2015
Space Colony is a treasured part of my childhood.

It was revolutionary at its conception in 2003, a fully working blend of the most popular PC genres at the time.
12 years later, it retains its replayability by stepping into the modern age with improved graphics, higher resolutions, and endless potential workshop content; an entire universe of planets to colonize, available only through Steam.

The premise itself is quite simple: Direct a team of uniquely skilled operatives to completion of their group task on a strange planet. The operatives themselves being slaves to their bank, and the corporation running the galaxy, Blackwater Industries. Blackwater industries will not often provide you with much to complete this task, and chaos often ensues.

There are social aspects, as well as plenty of RTS combat. Luckily there is a pause button, you'll need it.
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5.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 2, 2015
Fun game to play but you need some patience every once in a while. The crew has needs to be tended to but that goes for the most part on auto pilot.

In this game you build up a corporate colony. Build resourcers, beds, chairs and laserturrets.
You can put a shower room right in the middle of the colony hub and not one single crew member will care. Sauna next to the prisson? Not a problem. Counseling bot next to the dance floor? That can be arranged.

In the campain mode, you start off with a small colony which you have to expand. At first it looks like you can't scroll across the screen, but thats only because the area around the base hasn't been explored with lights yet.

After the first 5 or 6 mission you split off into two paths: a peaceful path and a war path.
The missions can be pretty severe and even the peace route can be pretty violent. The first time i tried the peace route, my base got overrun with aliens and my entire crew got killed. I was then congratulated by the corporation for killing off my crew without having a mutiny, they were impressed. Haven't tried the war path yet and i think my crew won't survive that one either.

- good ol' fashioned building construction.
- Shooting furry aliens
- Somewhat dark sense of humor
- Sims-light in space.
- During the campaign, your entire base will be carried over as long as you play missions on the same planet.

- Due to being an older game it has no zoom function. Can get irritating at times.
- Iff an important crew member dies, it's basicly game over for the campaign.
- Tammy

Rating. 7/10 Would shoot hordes of small furry aliens again.
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Not Recommended
15.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 7, 2015
I own several copies of this game. The latest, before buying this, was the HD version. In firefly's advertising they make claims about this steam version. A new single Player campaign? New missions and lots more. But this seems to be exactly the same as the HD version. Another former fan found it to be the same. He posted about it if you care to read it.

I didn't bother going to all that trouble. Verifying map files to see what was added. After buying the game I started playing and could not find any new campaign. Or anything else except for the launcher which is supposed to allow adding workshop items.

Apparently I'm a sucker. I feel cheated. Good job firefly.

The game itself is fun. But there is nothing new or worth while in the steam release.
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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 8, 2015
Space Colony was originally released in 2003 and then upgraded to HD in 2012. Steam Edition is now let loose in 2015 that adds all of the modern conveniences, including a brand new single-player campaign, achievements and both workshop and cloud support. Core of the game is focused on real-time strategy but it brings so much more. Great blend of Sims, Time Management, City-Building, Strategy and Tower Defense gameplay along with a distinct 90s space vibe.

Initially getting given options of playing through the campaign (including cut-scenes and stats that carryover between missions), galaxy mode (choose your own planets and pathway), sandbox mode (choose your own planets and given access to more equipment without upgrading) or loading user-created mods. Included are a bunch of community favorites but there is a huge selection to choose from. With the addition of a reasonably intuitive level editor and steam workshop support it would be very easy to spend many hours just playing custom games.

Thankfully even though upgraded, Space Colony has kept all of it's original charm. The tacky yet amusing banter between odd-couple characters, the combination of 70s disco and elevator music and the space creatures straight out of your favorite B horror movies. For fans of the genres I mentioned above this is a game not to be missed, more so if you never had a chance to play the originals because (imo) you are in for an absolute treat. Just make sure you have the spare time as it can be quite addictive.

Few small downsides, Inability to zoom your view (older engine) but the wonderfully detailed pixel art makes up for this and sometimes the UI can be a little clunky though more a matter of playing the game longer. Highly recommended game and one worth shortlisting. Cheers folks. :)


(first missions)
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Posted: May 1, 2015
Ah Space Colony, one of those games that was a guilty pleasure and ate up hours of my time, yet I would never admit to any of my gamer friends that I actually played this game.

It's great that an updated version has arrived on Steam. At the heart of it though is still the same game with the same flaws. You still can't rotate objects, you can't zoom in/out on the map, there's only two speeds (normal and turbo), and there's lots of actions to be done but none of it can be queued. The selection of buildings and decorations is rather basic and graphics are by today's standards, quite dated.

However, when you get right down to gameplay and working with this group of highly dysfunctional misfits, Space Colony really comes to life. Keeping them sane and happy is no small task, plus romance can spring up amongst colonists in the most unlikely of places.

It might be an older game, but I still recommend it.
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18.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 14, 2015
As someone who plays a lot of tycoon, sim and strategy games. I would recommend this game quite highly.

While it is kind of old, has the odd annoying feature, and is not really a giant in detail sim game. It is still a great game with plenty to do, as well as loads of interesting features. From mining resources to manufacture things with and trade, all the way up to trying to get members of your staff to have lesbian sex.

I'd give this one a 7.5 of 10, or 8.5 out of 10 if you want to take into account that it is a few years old.
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