Close Combat: Gateway to Caen is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, and the final release of the current game engine. Gateway to Caen focuses on the largest, concentrated British offensive since the Normandy landings in an attempt to penetrate the German lines west of Caen and cross the Odon River to get...
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Release Date: Jun 6, 2014

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About This Game

Close Combat: Gateway to Caen is the latest release in the critically-acclaimed Close Combat series, and the final release of the current game engine. Gateway to Caen focuses on the largest, concentrated British offensive since the Normandy landings in an attempt to penetrate the German lines west of Caen and cross the Odon River to get the stalled advance moving again.

With Close Combat: Gateway to Caen you can play at the strategic and tactical level, putting yourself in the boots of both the generals and the platoon commanders. You can move or combine your battlegroups on the strategic level and decide the outcome of battles on the tactical level. You will command squads in close combat situations, using small arms, mortars, machine guns, armored cars, and tanks to triumph against the enemy. You command artillery and mortar barrages and even air strikes. You will get to know individual solders, platoons, battalions, and the larger brigades and battle groups which they comprise.

Players can experience the desperate situation of the outnumbered, but well-armed Panzergrenadiers, or the daunting offensive mission of the fully-supported British infantry advancing across the treacherous Odon Valley. At your command are Churchill, Cromwell, Firefly, Sherman, Stuart tanks and more. Panther, Tiger, Stug, and Mk.IV tanks will arrive to support German Panzergrenadiers as they try to hold the line against a concerted British attack.

The historic scope of Operation Epsom is captured in single battles, operations, and the grand campaign. The strategic battlefield offers over two dozen individual battlefields with over three dozen accurately portrayed German and British battle groups. British infantry regimental history is reflected in name among the various battalions. You can deploy your battalions as they actually fought in the struggle for the Odon. The game includes all new maps and a range of upgraded effects.


  • Completely revised graphics that elevate battle effects, units, and maps to a new, detailed level in the Close Combat Series.
  • Thirty new battlefield maps accurately reflect the Odon Valley west of Caen, France.
  • 65 vehicles, 36 infantry units, 77 weapons.
  • New vehicles and guns including Churchill, Cromwell, M-10 Achilles, and Firefly tanks; 17-pdr AT guns, Loyd Carriers, and more.
  • Improved graphics and effects and new soldier voices.
  • Revised terrain files that represent the specific conditions of the Odon battlefield: tall cornfields and hindered, muddy movement during rainy weather.
  • New features including Rolling barrages and dug-in/camouflaged tanks and anti-tank guns.
  • Historic regimental names and battalion organization.
  • Mount troops or guns on vehicles.
  • Integrated multi-player lobby and match-making forums.
  • Enhanced Scenario Editor - Create your own "what if" Scenarios.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP2+ / Vista / 7/8
    • Processor: 800 MHz CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: DirectX 9 compatible and capable of 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
    • OS: Windows XP SP2+ / Vista / 7/8
    • Processor: 1.5GHz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: DirectX 9 compatible and capable of 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
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202 of 231 people (87%) found this review helpful
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8.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
I promise anyone who looks beyond the seemingly dated graphics will find an unrivalled strategy game.
Each and every soldier on the battlefield has a limited supply of ammo, and each situation your men face during battle will affect their stamina, morale and emotion...

Stick with it and you will love it.

Even better against human opponents!

The only con is the price.
Don't expect any major price reductions as Matrix Games titles have always been a bit steep in my opinion.
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133 of 156 people (85%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
126.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 7, 2014
i have not played a CC game since a bridge too far(1997) which was one of my all time favorite games. i was happy, suprised and a little disapointed to see that not much has changed in that time. game play is good but not much different from 7 years ago, altho the campaign mode is a little more refined than the last CC game i played in 1997. if you have liked the game series in the past you will like this one also. the graphics are a little better than 7 years ago, but no where close to the level they should be.
if this game was $20 i would give it 9/10, but at $40 i will give it 5/10. way to expensive a game that is in essence a slight improvement from 7 years ago. if you are a die hard fan of the series i am sure you will like it, or if you are new to the series it might be worth the money. i can not recomend it for the current price.
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98 of 115 people (85%) found this review helpful
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8.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 7, 2014
Brought me back to playing CC2: A bridge too far. I love the close combat series and this does not dissapoint for me. May look a bit dated but the gameplay is what it's all about and I can't think of anything that matches it. A thinking man's strategy game.
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83 of 96 people (86%) found this review helpful
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74.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 5, 2015
A more up-to-date version of the CC classics.
I will edit this review later, but first off I want to say something immediately.

I see people claiming to be CC "fans", give it thumbs down, and post stuff like "you can't pause the game".
Guess what, you can.. just hit the "pause" key on your keyboard. Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? And if you truly had played any of the predecessors, you'd realize that this version works just in the exact same way.

By the way, you can press spacebar to activate range info (I have command influence range as standard). There's a comprehensive list of keybindings in the manual.

Now, off to the game. CC is a top down, real-time action WWII strategy game, with roots as far back as 1996. CC is legendary for those beknownst to it. It continues the style of a few other games in the series with a grand-campaign-style strategic map. This strategic map will progress on a turn basis, with battles occuring after a movement phase. Battles will take place one by one, where two battlegroups clash on the grand map. Available at some points on the strategic map are also air support and artillery (to inderdict). When you battle, you will get loaded onto the proper map for the region you're in on the Strategic map, and the real-time action starts. The battles are realistic and intricate, with morale, cover, angle of attack, suppression, ammunition and range all being important factors to the outcome.

Of course, you can scale the difficulty yourself, do skirmishes instead of a grand campaign, and set up your own battles, or even campaign if I recall correctly. Last time I checked there was also a functional multiplayer. And I guess this would be really fun to play with (against) friends.

As for the price, I had to get it, not nescessarily because it's fairly priced (although I don't find it that steep) but because I want to support the making of anything CC, since the series are one of the few classics that stand out with great quality, which in my opinion should get all the support it could get. We have enough throwaway games today published by companies that care for nothing but money, with employees that have no passion for it whatsoever.
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100 of 126 people (79%) found this review helpful
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9.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
Don't let the old school graphics fool you, this is one of the best tactical war games to come out in a long time. If you have never tried a Close Combat game before, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. You won't regret it!
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79 of 98 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
16.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 30, 2015
I am sorry to all the Close Combat fans like myself that have devoted COUNTLESS hours to this series. This game is a disappointment to the franchise/company of Close Combat. To Pay $40 is outrageous for a game that is subpar in almost every dynamic since Close Combat I. Even then Close Combat I has some advantages to this game. I am severly disappointed about #1 The Opening Graphics (I feel like I am going back to 1991 when I first CHOOSE my mission). #2 The movement of troops and tanks are ABSOLUTELY horrible. #3 You are no longer able to change specific Units like you were able to in the past 2 Close Combats (granted this gives it more historical basis but when you are the Nazi's it is almost a sure loss.) There are more errors in this game than what I have reported, but this is what I have seen in the reviews that not many people/nobody has brought up. Like I said I have been a die hard Close Combat fan and I have love the way it has progressed up to this point. This game is a failure and insult to the Close Combat Series.
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84 of 106 people (79%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
26.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 10, 2015
I like this game Its so much more realistic then most strategy games based around the same time period. However a few things really irritate me. One is the price! its utterly ridiculous and greedy by the developers they haven’t added nearly enough in the way of improvements or balancing to the game to warrant that price tag. This isn’t a HD remake or anything to that regard its just the same game engine with the same ai and a few tweaks. The Second is the games lack of support after launch. Where’s the patches? Literally where’s any attempt to improve the game or fix some of hit detection issues or ai bugs. The game has a terrible UI it really does , its so awkward you have to learn a fair few hotkeys to get anything done. I want to like this game more I really do its something so different and simulation esc but at the same time I cant stand the lack of support after release instead relying on fans to make the patches? Its scandalous. I feel sorry for diehard fans because from what ive read there’s better games in the Close Combat series its just this one is on steam so of course people will buy it. I mean I did the same with Age of Empires two … the fool
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78 of 97 people (80%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 24, 2015
Its a very good game, that hasnt changed at all, so when you like the older cc's you will like this one. I love remakes of old games and i like the 2d style a lot. But 40€ for a remake that bassicly just updates the explosions and minor other things is a bit too much. I cant understand why they are so greedy at this part i would easily recommend this at 20€ also a lot of more people would give it a try i think. But 40€ looks like a cash grab to me, i would'nt have bought it myself if i would'nt have found it for 20€ on ebay.

So veterans of the previous games will buy this anyway, cause its the game you love.
But for newcomers i can only recommend to wait until its cheaper.
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77 of 99 people (78%) found this review helpful
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23.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2014
Good Game, just not worth full price
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68 of 86 people (79%) found this review helpful
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15.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
Best Close Combat game Ive played. One of the best Tactical games out there. There isnt much like this on steam right now, not for children or the faint of heart. I HIGHLY encourage anyone who like stratagy or tactical games to play this. 2D grafix, BUT they are beautifly hand drawn.
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Recently Posted
31.5 hrs
Posted: September 4
There is "low" content.
But its Close Combat in Steam.

Price is too high so if you want it wait for discount.
Started to play the Close Combat series in 1996.

Game engine is updated slightly over the years.
AI is not that smart nor it has ever been.

Pathfinding what has always been kinda bad especially for tanks still exists.

Overall i like the game but there are better releases from the past like Cross of Iron.
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7.1 hrs
Posted: August 25
I recommend this game for fans of the CC series. For other players I recommend buying A bridge too far and test that first. Now, even for fans, here is my +/- list.

General pros and cons.

Good strategy game (slow paced, realistic).
Typical top view RTS with overal good unit managment and control.
Good sound and explosion (visual) effects.
Pretty much the same gameplay as CC: Bridge too far (don't change what's not broken). Familiar to fans.

(feel limited and complex, no simple 'skirmish' setup (you need to read the manual and learn the editor setup and are bound to its rules.
(there are 6 or 7 campains (?) and some 20+ battles. As for campain-feeling (a -> b) goes i'm lost since none of them are locked and can be played whenever and in what order you fancy.)
Campain and battle gameplay
(There is this overview map that also pretty much requires you to read the manual to understand what it is about. Between campain maps you are turned back to this overview section but I have not managed to understand what battle that actually will start and if I can/ should do anything to my advantage on the overview section. Seem like a middle-type mini-game (like stratego), but rules? More reading in the manual...)
In the game, truce can be 'clicked' to offer cease fire (i.e end map and continue campain but not exit). Your opponent (the 'A.I') will do so when morale, possibly among other factors, is to low. If you click it however...all my units were dead down to a sniper. I had since long pressed TRUCE. 10 min of looking at the screen (7 tanks not moving), waiting for what I think is a hidden timer. That does suck for the games that you open up with heavy losses early on - beacuse 10-15 min wait.
Limited in-game help
(Have a question? Don't understand what that icon means in the editor? Wondering if that canon is AT or AP in-game? Read the manual...)

My rating(s)
6/10 (for non-fans)
7.5/10 (for fans - because Close Combat!)
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11.2 hrs
Posted: August 19
Not worth of anything. Old versions were better. This looks a bit same like earlier ones, but gameplay is like drinking tar.
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30.0 hrs
Posted: August 7
great game. Cant wait for a new one to come out.
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50.4 hrs
Posted: August 1
This installment of Close Combat is as good as I remember the old series from the 90s being.
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24.6 hrs
Posted: July 16
Mixed reviews?written in Red too,this should be changed to Green as almost 70%of voters have given this game a Positve review.anyways for me im real happy with my purchase,can also add it too matrix members Club!The noticeable changes for me are the sounds which i really like,the water splash as a shell/mortar hits is great plus all the new shot sounds ,snipers sounds great and i hit one german soldier with a smoke shell and couldnt stop laughing at his reaction!!More challenging playing as Allies too :) thumbs up here!.
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474.4 hrs
Posted: July 16
To be honest a bit of a dissapointment, i love a good military RTS and I thought id give getaway to caen a try. i ve logged quite a few hours. In a sentence, explosions look great, everything else could really use some work.
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210.6 hrs
Posted: July 1
I've played the Close Combat series online from CC2 up to CC5. This has to be worst Multiplayer experience so far :(
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21.3 hrs
Posted: June 19
rather good game, but the price tag are way to mutch for this kind of game
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10.1 hrs
Posted: June 11
I would hate for anyone new to pass this game series up just because of the mixed reviews. I started playing with the original game by Atomic back in the '90s and worked my way up to CCIII which just completely blew my mind. I then dropped out for about a decade and came back to the fold recently with this title and the remastered Cross of Iron. These are amazing tactical games. They offer a unique play experience that you can't find any place else. If you are into World War 2 as a historical subject and are interested in small unit tactics and tactical combat, you will enjoy these games on some level.

My recommendation does come with a couple qualifications. First, for series veterans, the newer games really do not do a lot different or new. Playing these later day Close Combat games feels more like playing a heavily modded original, or remastered expansion pack. The formula is the same, the limitations are the same, it's all just a little bit smoother and prettier. If you already have and enjoy other titles in the series and aren't especially interested in this conflict, it may not offer enough new content for you.

Now, for the new players, I would say that these games are awesome and you may well enjoy them, but they are dated in a number of ways and they're by no means perfect simulations either. If you're a casual gamer or someone looking for a more 'traditional' RTS experience or coming from sometihng like CoH, you may be frustrated with some of the game mechanics and the dated UI and graphics. That said, if you're someone with a serious interest in history or small unit tactics, this game might just hit what you're looking for. If you enjoy other games like the Steel Panthers series or Combat Mission, there's probably something you'll enjoy here. I certainly do not regret the purchase.
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