Evopollution is a business strategy game that incorporates the environment into the game.
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Data di rilascio: 23 apr 2014

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Informazioni sul gioco

Create oil drills and solar farms in the business strategy game Evopollution.
Your aim is to turn the money you start with into $1,000,000 out of the profits you earn from buildings like oil drills or gas plants.

Beware the pollution you create, if an area becomes too polluted it could summon meteors, lightning or even a giant worm creature that could destroy your hard work.
Maintain your world with trees and keep the pollution low, or even go green with solar panels and wind turbines.

Play on areas like the mountains or the snowy plains, earth not hard enough? Try Mars instead and terraform the planet back to its original state.

Game Features

  • 5 Randomly Generated Maps
  • Beautiful Pixel Art Graphics
  • Original Soundtrack

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M
    • Storage: 70 MB available space
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Pubblicata: 25 agosto 2015
The concept of Evopollution is nice, but it has boring gameplay, simplistic design, pointless goals and isnt fun.
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Pubblicata: 25 ottobre 2015
Evopollution tasks you with gaining one million dollars by setting up polluting and/ or clean energy sources: you'll have to keep your pollution levels under control or disasters such as lightning, comets and a big worm will destroy your assets.
Too bad the actual game is sadly marred by technical problems, weird design decisions and a truly dull gameplay, thus failing to live up to its interesting Store description.


-had an intriguing premise

-seeing pollution interact with the environment (with bushes and trees getting bare, then growing again if you purify the zone) was interesting


-soundtrack gets grating fast

-save game doesn't work, I tried several times on all levels but I'd never save my progress, forcing me to restart each time

-unbalanced gameplay, a polluting asset will damage its surrounding area in seconds, summoning all disasters in a quite wide area: you'll have to spend 3x the asset's cost in trees to balance it out and hope a random disaster doesn't destroy what you've built right away. The various energy sources also have skewed price/ profit values, with some being quite useless

-even when it works, the gameplay is simply dull and boils down to building a few assets then wait for a LONG time until you get enough cash to build more. There's no way to speed up time so your best bet is running it windowed and do something else

-weird controls, you can close certain menus with a click while others only react to you pressing Esc, the map only scrolls with the mouse etc..

-incomprehensible design choices, beginner mode is actually harder than normal mode due to the fact that you have to unlock assets yourself, certain buildings do nothing at all and only cost money and waste space on the small map


Evopollution's biggest sin is the fact it turns into a waiting game in a matter of minutes as you start up a game, spend your starting money and are then supposed to wait 10 to 30 minutes to get enough funds to build something else while starting blankly at the screen. This simply isn't fun and makes the game feel like one of those mobile apps you run in the background and check a few times a day.

Add to this its skewed pollution model, where most assets require you to waste several times their purchase price and land space to counteract their environmental damage, unrealistic objectives (one million $ will take ages), extremely low production values and a broken save feature: you'll quickly realize why Evopollution feels like a badly programmed flash game at best, one that'd not be worth playing even if it was free.

The only reason you'd start up the game is to get its cards if, like me, you got it on a bundle: everyone else can safely skip this one.
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5.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 20 ottobre 2015
Evopollution is like a mobile game you have to leave open to pass the time to collect resources.

That isn't a good idea on mobile it's not a good idea on PC.
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Pubblicata: 24 agosto 2015
Gameplay is short and limited.
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Pubblicata: 23 aprile 2014
[For the lazy ones: Skip the text for pros and cons.]

Well, this game really looked interesting to me so I bought it. Unfortunately it's not quite as good as it looks. Why? Let's see.

You are thrown onto that map with a chosen ammount of money and you buy stuff to produce energy and earn money for you. Nice start.

Some of the buildings affect the pollution of the map, like gas plants or oil refineries and some don't, like solar panels. But clean energy takes forever to produce money. Does it even produce money? I get a little "3" on my oil drills to tell my something happens, but my clean energy just keeps looking fine... however.

If you earned too much pollution accidents start to happen, like lightning, meteors or a giant worm randomly popping out of the ground destroying everything in range. When any of these desasters destroy your building the pollution stops and... yes, that's it. You rebuild it, pollution starts again, and hello Mr. Worm!

You are able to clean the pollution by planting trees, but I was not able to see any difference so far. So I'm not sure how or whether these trees affect the pollution...

So in fact you could just build a lot of solar panels and hope you reach the goal. Oh, "what's the goal?" you might ask. Well, there's a little "?" in the top left corner to tell you: "To win you must make 1.000.000 Dollars". Oh my. And all that with a solar plant that... I don't know, does it work at all!?

Besides that the interface is minimalistic. Building menu, money and that nice little "?" top left. It would be great at least to know how much pollution my buildings produce just to plan how many trees I need to plant. But nope.

Next thing very annoying is the lacking possibility of erasing the enviroment. There are trees everywhere on the map, mostly in positions that block nice building grounds. And you have a wonderfull bulldozer-tool. But guess what? You cannot erase trees you did not plant by yourself. That's somehow nature-friendly, but come on... Don't cut my choices where I want my trees! At least they got different colors for map-trees and self-made-trees. Makes it easier to remember which ones to cut down...

What else? Graphics itself are really nice, I like this retro-Pokémon-look. On the other hand the music sucks. It's like a cat walking across a keyboard. With a lot of reverberation. And a bit of rhythm. Annoying to me. Well, at least you can turn the volume down from the options. That's one of three things you can do there. Sound and music volume and fullscreen-toggle. Wish there were at least some more graphics options. Or the scroll speed toggle. It's sooooo slow, jesus!

The last thing is the lack of progress in the game. Yes, you can unlock new buildings, but the world itself doesn't change (except when you have problems with leaking oil... :s ). Also it would be great if you could upgrade your buildings with better filters to produce less pollution, but that simply isn't possible. In fact you can't do much more than build things. This game is called EVOPOLLUTION, but all I get is POLLUTION, where's the EVO?

Guess that's it so far.

- great idea
- many building possibilities
- making money. Who doesn't like making money?
- cute worm-monster
- nice retro graphics

- repetitive
- hard on every setting
- no feedback on what you do (how does that tree affect my world?)
- no instructions
- always the same goal (reach 1.000.000 Dollars)
- cannot bulldoze any map enviroment (like trees, seriously?)
- annoying music
- no growth (besides the new buildings you unlock)
- would be somehow catchy, if it wasn't that hard ("Yai, I build a gas plant! ... Oh, the worm destroyed it..." YOU JUST CAN'T STOP THAT THING!)
- lack of options (sound and music volume and full screen on/off)
- incredibly slow scrolling

I gave it a chance and it just didn't convince me. All in all it's a nice idea, but not much more than that. This game needs a lot more work to make it an enjoyable game you would play and also re-play. So far it's mostly frustrating. But maybe we get an update, that would be great!

Until now it's a no, I do not recommend that.
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