A city gone mad with violence and the mass murder of its people. In this interactive graphic-novel, your choices can either lead you to the ultimate destruction of this fallen metropolis, or the demise of a vicious butcher. Will you save this city as promised or will you fall prey to the killer within?
Дата выхода: 17 июл, 2014
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JUST IN! Vlad the Impaler Art Contest! Get Published in the Game!

15 сентября

Exciting News - We are holding an art contest and the winner will be published in an upcoming Vlad the Impaler release!!!

Entries begin today! Head on over to the Vlad the Impaler community discussions page for full details!

  • 1st Place – Artwork added to Vlad the Impaler / Artist credited as “Guest Artist” & Vlad the Impaler World Map signed art
  • 2nd & 3rd Place - Vlad the Impaler World Map signed art

Link: Click Here for the Contest!

Good luck everyone!

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Coming Soon: Updates to Gameplay, Player Stats, Quests and more!

11 сентября

Hello Steam Community!

Section Studios is excited to announce that we will be releasing an Vlad update at the end of September! The patch will feature gameplay improvements, more choices for the player, art updates and a stronger emphasis on stats.

Stay tuned for a full changelist.

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Об игре

Vlad is an interactive graphic-novel with RPG elements where your decisions shape the outcome of your story. Each playthrough offers a different experience and immersive story totalling two hours of content.


  • Three different classes to choose from.
  • A morality system that unlocks special classes based on your decisions.
  • The choices you make will make or break your stats, effecting how your story ends.
  • An engrossing, gritty art style that immerses you in the world of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Music by Kevin Riepl, composer for Gears of War and many other titles.
  • Over 50 unique illustrated stories.
  • Over 100 unique illustrations including weapons, characters, stories and more.


The scent of murder hangs in the air. It is the year 1452 and a city under siege is desperate. You receive a letter, bearing the king’s seal, begging for your help. A once beautiful, peaceful place is now a tormentor’s paradise; dark, bleak and heavy with fear.

You venture along the road to your destination, determined to solve the mystery terrorizing the citizens of Istanbul. Thousands of bodies line the roads, impaled on bloody poles, ravaged & torn, lying limp; faces contorted in anguish. If this is just the path to the city, what lies within its walls?

A gruesome scene welcomes you; hollow sockets live where eyes once saw their murderer coming for them. Torsos of young children ripped open, their bodies hung like criminals; blood filled pools in the Cistern house rotting bodies, throats cut, fingers missing. Dank Catacombs lined with broken bones containing new members, heads daggered, burn marks over eyes. Blood streaked Basilica walls, disembowelments and beheadings. The brutality is too much to bear. What – or who -is murdering the innocent lives of these people!? You hunt through the night, intent on finding your foe, bringing an end to the grisly massacre.

As the Explorer, you have knowledge of the land; you are fast, on target and adventurous. You leave no stone unturned in your pursuit. Will you be the enemy Spy or will you be the Emissary?

The Mage is skilled, wise and supernatural. Become the the high Priest who can be counted on to cast spells to protect the people of Istanbul or choose to be the Sorcerer and release your inner demon fueling your thirst for destruction.

The Soldier; fierce, strong, and none better with a blade. Protecting people is your Knightly duty, with your feminine intuition & compassionate heart leading you to do the right thing for the kingdom. But perhaps you would rather seek to unlock the dark side and become the Assassin. The choice is yours; will you seek justice or wickedness?

Each character unlocks unique levels and secret weapons. Feel the weight of your decisions and change the story of your game with each turn. Your actions will determine the future of your people, saving their souls or surrendering them to evil.

About the Developers

Section Studios brings you this action packed adventure, where your wits are just as important as your strength. We wanted to create an experience that combined a unique visual style with thoughtful narrative and game play. We chose a world and character that our team would feel passionate about reinventing with Vlad. By creating everything from story to artwork, we were allowed to let our imaginations run wild and create something we all felt connected to.

As a studio that originated in the world of video games, we know what our audience wants because we ARE the audience. Supernatural powers, an abundance of undead abominations and plenty of secret expeditions throughout the game, along with awesome, gothic graphics, illustrations & challenges are what made this game something we were proud to work on – and very excited to play.

Системные требования (ПК)

    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP or Later
    • Processor: Core i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB graphics memory and directx 9.0c compatible gpu
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space

Системные требования (MAC)

    • OS: Os X 10.7 or later
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space
    • OS: Os X 10.7 or later
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 512 MB available space
Полезные обзоры покупателей
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5.9 ч. в игре
Нет, скриншоты ничего не утаивают. Не ждите ураганного геймплея, Vlad the Impaler - это интерактивная новелла. Если пожелаете, богато иллюстрированный текстовый квест. Да, есть выбор из трех героев, а у каждого героя - такие привычные, милые сердцу характеристики (сила, выносливость, ловкость и далее по списку), но... нам не придется самолично крошить монстров и проверять зло на прочность тысячей кликов.
Все взаимодействие с историей здесь осуществляется за счет сюжетных выборов, ключевых и второстепенных. Много английского текста, мрачные черно-белые иллюстрации и музыка, пропитанная духом порочной Трансильвании - вот с чем придется иметь дело.
Но определенный шарм у игры есть, и если стены текста вас не пугают, то давайте продолжим.

История здесь - всё. Она хороша и явно старается соответствовать лучшим традициям темного фэнтези, когда не совсем понятно даже, как вообще человечество ухитряется выживать в таком водовороте смерти. Итак, на дворе середина пятнадцатого века, мир полон порчи и отчаяния, но еще пытается удержаться на краю бездны. В святой Стамбул приезжает наш герой, достаточно в себе уверенный, чтобы походя разделываться с каннибалами и тварями катакомб, отражать нападения убийц и шагать глубоко во тьму. Он сам подбирает остроумные ремарки и выигрывает в сражениях - без видимых усилий со стороны игрока.
Однако мы имеем над персонажем куда большую власть, чем может показаться. Механика "морали", представленная здесь, пускай и не позволит сделать из героя инфернальное чудовище, но ветки прохождения неплохо разнообразит. В каждой из небольших главок мы можем посетить три любых места в городе (а можно и одно несколько раз), повысив характеристики, пополнив незримый инвентарь и заведя важные знакомства. Со сменой глав происходит движение дальше по генеральному сценарию.

Вот так. На самом деле, как представитель жанра эта игра держится крепким середнячком. Озвучки текста нет, сопутствующих звуков и шумов - тоже, но кто-то скажет, что так даже и лучше (больше внимания достанется музыке). Тексту не хватает злых, изощренных, дьявольски закрученных описаний в духе Лавкрафта; однако так бы мог докладывать обстановку гейм-мастер в настольной ролевой сессии - доходчиво, с большим акцентом на действие и результат.
Дизайн выше всяких похвал, а небольшие фрагменты анимации всегда расставлены уместно и выигрышно. Иллюстрации с монстрами сделали бы честь любому бестиарию. Портрет героя меняется вслед за совершенными поступками, и видеть эти изменения тоже крайне приятно. Жалко, что не сделали парочку картинок для той сцены между женщиной-воином и вампирессой, но... кхм, чего это я.
А если серьезно - рекомендую оценить. Ночью и под кружечку чая идет не хуже, чем сборник страшных историй. Игра коротка, но заходов можно делать много - ради других персонажей и других развязок.
Опубликовано: 16 июля
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3.4 ч. в игре
Весьма скромная текстовая PRG по мотивам классических вампирских историй. Все повествование разделено на главы, в каждой главе вы можете посетить на выбор три места в городе (или одно место три раза). При этом вы попадаете на случайно-выбранное событие, в ходе которого вам нужно будет сделать один-единственный выбор, в результате которого вашему персонажу прибавят - или отнимут - определенные характеристики. События практически не связаны между собой и лишь в целом касаются общей темы истории.

Текст в игре сопровождается ненавязчивой атмосферной музыкой, больше никаких звуков в игре нет.

Для игры доступны три героя, каждый из которых может измениться в один из двух подклассов, в зависимости от сделанного выбора в ходе приключений.

Из минусов:

- Шрифт весьма своеобразный, при некоторых разрешениях экрана он становится практически нечитаемым.
- Есть места с явными пробелами в тексте... Уж не знаю, техническая это ошибка, или так задумано создателями.
- Периодически возникает баг, при котором играть становится невозможно, пропадает текст. Лечится перезапуском.
- Игра короткая. Можно, конечно, специально вылавливать все истории и все варианты развития событий, но это уже метагейминг, и он просто ломает атмосферу начисто.

И плюсов:

- Довольно простой английский. Несложная структура предложений, небольшой словарный запас. С адекватным курсом школьного английского и словарем у вас не должно быть каких-то проблем с пониманием текста.
- Все-таки игра честно создает "стокеровскую" атмосферу, в которую приятно погрузиться дождливым вечером дома с кружкой кофе.
- Игра нетребовательна к ресурсам компьютера. :)

Если вы поклонник классический вампирской тематики и в чтении предпочитаете короткие жанры, эта игра впоне способна вам понравиться. Ну, и английский можете заодно подтянуть.
Опубликовано: 17 июля
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0.1 ч. в игре
Спасибо поблевал. Это первый раз, когда мне жаль отданые за игру в стиме деньги. Если бы я сделал такое, то постыдился бы просить за это деньги. Сие творение есть группа слабо связанных между собой текстовых квестов, со значимым выбором из двух! вариантов, в конце каждого. Выбор все время есть хороший и плохой, от него зависит карма, и полученные характеристики, вот в общем то и все. Что зависит от характеристик остается загадкой. Венчает это великолепие сносный арт, и в целом терпимый саундтрек из трех треков, записанных на мобильный телефон.
Опубликовано: 27 августа
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1.2 ч. в игре
First Impression Video

Vlad the Impaler - Full Review
This game is a bit of an odd one, on it’s launch day there was nothing to indicate what type of game it might be. Just this snippet:
“A city gone mad with violence and the mass murder of its people. Your choices can either lead you to the ultimate destruction of this fallen metropolis, or the demise of a vicious butcher. Will you save this city as promised or will you fall prey to the killer within?”
Along with the system requirements.

Rather baffling I tried looking up the Developer website, only to find that they have no site. Next I tried the Publisher. They didn’t even list the game, so I emailed them just to confirm the game is from them.

As it turns out Vlad the Impaler is a choose your own adventure graphic novel with some light RPG elements. A rather interesting concept to say the least, and instantly made me think of the old Goosebumps horror books I read as a child.

Determined to get into the think of it and create a powerful character I was surprised to find that you only have three classes to choose from, and you’re unable to really customise them in anyway.
You have the explorer, essentially a rogue, the warrior, and mage. A rather standard trio in RPG games. Sadly you’re unable to mix and match them or even their attribute points. Which can only be altered in gameplay due to dialogue choices and events.

The main mechanic is choosing your own adventure by being presented with several areas to wander in, and occasionally have two choices to choose from. Yes, only two. A rather tiny amount for a game that so heavily relies on user choice as its core mechanic.

Even so the game and story is riddled with inconsistencies, and ultimately your choices have little to no true bearing on the game or its conclusion.
I’ve often finished a chapter without realising simply by exploring an area, as the each chapter has a set amount of ‘turns’ or clicks you can make. Thereby shooing you along further into the game while feeling unsatisfied and wanting more of the game world. This is where the inconsistencies hit you quicker and harder than jumping in front of a bullet train. As I entered the palace’s kitchen a man apparently thanked me for saving his son. “I’m sorry, who are you and when did I ever encounter your son or you?”. That’s what I would have asked, if even given the option, but no the game carries on giving you but two options. Either drink the stew he offers as a reward, or don’t.
I don’t ever remember any of the mentioned events, and this could only have happened less than 20 minutes ago in the previous chapter.

More inconsistencies constantly surface, even in the final act of the game. Where you somehow have all the items you need to somehow combat your foes. Such as meeting three damsels in a castle and suddenly having wild roses, which you exclaim wards off and incapacities these vile creatures. Okay, yes. Magical flowers I somehow picked up somewhere. I don’t know where, nor did I ever do so.

There are gaps in the game, and it’s a shame. One would think that since choosing your own adventure is the core mechanic the game would be simply packed full of content and choices. Sadly it’s all rather lacking, with barely any content to sate any person’s gaming or reading appetite. It fails on both accounts.

There are different class and character attributes, strength, constitution, agility, magic, and charm. The latter being emphasised throughout the game, and always highlighted. Instantly alerting you to its significance. These ware all affected by in game choices, such as speaking with someone, or witnessing something. In the case of constitution, my character lost a point simply while having his lunch and witnessing a man being executed. This was a permanent loss of one point, rather annoying but nothing series.

As mentioned charm is highlighted, and turns out to be the most important, not for simply speaking to people you encounter, but also the final conflict with the stories antagonist. It matters little that my magic points were the same as my charm ones. I was unable to cast a single spell as a mage during this encounter, and simply overpowered and subdued the creature by appealing to their humanity. So, what’s the point in all the previous options for actions, or attributes?

What little there is to Vlad the Impaler was rather enjoyable, but sadly horribly marred by the serious lack of content, and depth beyond merely having a Yes or No option.
The ‘game’, simply rushes you through in about an hour, and despite claiming to have replayability due to user choice changing the story; it’s simply false.

The beautiful and dark art, and music is fantastic and I truly enjoyed seeing and listened to it. Still, I simply cannot recommend this ‘game’ to anyone. Whether they want a dark RPG, or a visual choose your own adventure book. There simply is not enough content to justify the price tag, and makes one wonder if this was not the reason for information and details regarding the game not surfacing on its Steam page until a day or two after launch.

A true waste of what could have been something dark and wonderful.
Опубликовано: 21 июля
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3.8 ч. в игре
First of all when you start the game you will be thrown into a world of confusion. There is no in-game manual, no forums or creator's website to check on, you will have no idea what each of the 8 stats do and how they affect the game. You will choose among the places opened to you to visit per chapter, and subsequent chapters open up more locations and these locations hold events that shape your adventure, and each time you visit a location you will get a random event from a pool created by the developers(you may get them randomly, but the events themselves are always the same), these events will usually ask you to make one of two choices, that will have the conclusion pertaining to your choice. You have to note that the characters that you picked are not you, they are your avatars with their own history, and during events I find that characters will use their hidden knowledge that players didn't even know they know or that they are qualified for, or using clues you've obtained which was never properly explained. Depending on the places you visit and the choices you make, you will be rewarded predetermined or penalize stats(in which you have no idea how the developers came to the conclusion that these are what you should profit or lose from the experience of the event). With this method, I find it defeats the purpose of making your own choices, since a player will see all the events via multiple play through(see the spoiler to why), then pick the most advantageous choices to maximize stat gain.

(Spoiler) At the end of the story you fight the boss(which is the only time these stats seem to have any use), and you choose from among the ambiguously named choices on the left panel(which are actually battle events that utilizes your stats to "fight" the boss). The higher your stats are, the better the story result for that option you picked, if you win in the story event against the boss he will take a strike, with 3 strikes on the boss you win, the opposite is true if the boss wins 3 battle events. In which case kills your character, ends the game and deletes the save pertaining to that play through.

It just feels to me like this game is made to be a quick cash grab. Contrary to the bit about the developers knowing what we want as a gamer, this game is far from complete, alpha stage at best.
Опубликовано: 16 июля
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