Hunt the largest and most ferocious animals known to man – the Dinosaurs!
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Release Date: May 27, 2015

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About This Game

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn is a first person hunting simulator where you hunt the largest and most dangerous creatures to ever exist – DINOSAURS.

This game is a sequel of the original classic dinosaur hunting video game, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. It’s an authentic hunting simulation where you track and stalk your prey. Careful and thoughtful consideration must be taken during the hunt; to survive you'll need to know your preys temperament and mannerisms, and just like in real hunting, you need to be aware of your surroundings (you don't want to be caught upwind of a T-Rex or you'll end being lunch). Remember you're not hunting deer, you're hunting dinosaurs.

You’ll visit huge, beautifully rendered and realistic 3D environments, each with their own unique Eco systems. There are pristine beaches, dense jungles, pine forests, muddy marshes, rocky plains and deserts to explore. Environments can be used to increase the odds of a successful hunt. Players can follow trails and track animal footprints. Awareness of wind direction is important since some dinosaurs can smell you. Using stealth and land elevation will give you a sound advantage over some of the more vicious dinosaurs.

Choose between a high caliber rifle, sniper rifle, a silent crossbow or tranquilizer gun, which puts your prey to sleep instead of killing it. You can also carry sidearms. Some of your equipment includes a handheld Gadget, which includes radar and GPS satellite positioning to make tracking the beasts easier, Cover Scent which masks your smell and numerous other goodies, which will prove indispensable for your hunting adventure.
There is a wide variety of different dinosaurs to hunt each with unique behaviors and intelligence. Every dinosaur in Carnivores has realistic, advanced AI logic, so from species to species , each will react differently to you. Some dinosaurs will flee if they see you, while others will become enraged and attack. During your adventure you'll experience everything from "pea-brained" dummies to cunning dinosaurs, with heightened senses of sight, hearing and smell. So be careful and stalk your prey intelligently, otherwise you might be the one being hunted.

key Features:

  • Hunt the largest and most ferocious animals known to man – the Dinosaurs!
  • Huge 3D Free-Roaming Open worlds.
  • Beautiful and realistic high definition graphics.
  • A multitude of different Dinosaurs, from Herbivorous (plant eating) to the Carnivorous (meat Eating).
  • Realistic AI – Dinosaurs react to sight, sound and smell, each with their own mannerisms and Behaviors.
  • Explore and hunt in different Eco-systems including jungles, forests, beaches and rolling Hills.
  • Equip camouflage and Cover Scent to even the odds.
  • A variety of weapons and equipment to choose from (from Sniper Rifle to Cross-bow).
  • Map and Radar to locate and track Dinosaurs.
  • Use tranquilizer darts instead of bullets (experience the thrill of the hunt without the killing).
  • Interactive Dinosaur Trophy Room.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.3 GHz or AMD Athlon 6000+
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 260
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Fun briefly but once you realize how limited in scope this game is odds are good you will put it down and never pick it up again.

Graphics are pleasant and the idea of hunting dinosaurs is an exciting one. First couple hunts you are tracking and sneaking through the jungle and thinking you may have stumbled on quite a gem of a game.

The limitations quickly reveal themselves. 3 guns in total and about 8 dinosaurs. The worlds feel off like there just isnt nearly enough variety of creatures in them. Exploring the maps feels meaningless, I have not found a single interesting location or point anywhere. Map variety means little other than visibility limitations on certain locations that always work against your favor.

If this had some serious effort put into it or was open to the steam workshop there would be some real potential here. If you got this in a bundle, give it a play, it may be entertaining for 1-4 hours. Paying for this game is not recommended.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
This game is really fun. When it works. I have tried to play it many times, and it only worked once for about a half an hour or so. While it was working I had a blast. It reminded me of Cabella's games with dinosaurs. It was really good. Unfortunately, I will have to not recommend this game due to the fact that for every minute I spent playing I spent 2 trying to get the game to work. I tried sending a message to the support email, and I just keep getting a message that says my message was delayed.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
129 of 138 people (93%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
3.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 27, 2015
As a throwback to the original Carnivores games, this does that series great justice in improving the graphics and overall game mechanics.

However, if you're going to compare this game to theHunter: Primal, which most people will do, then there are some things in this game done better and some things done worse. That will always be the case. This game plays MUCH easier than theHunter: Primal since you're not scavenging for weapons and ammo and not being eaten by an OP t.rex after 5 hours of playing. You can literally jump right in and start hunting - taking down dinosaurs with as little as a single hit. Arcade-like feel? The perks you can upgrade are much more limited than in Primal, but satisfyingly easy to get.

As far as graphics are concerned, this has a lot better shaders than I thought it would have had (from early screenshots and video), though the textures and models of dinosaurs and the terrain do need to be polished... a lot. Still not as bad as the stuff you see in a game like Beasts of Prey though. I also love the fact that you can visit different islands and areas to get different terrain, for example visiting a calm beach or a dense forest.

Overall, when it costs as little as it does compared to similar dinosaur hunting titles, you'll have fun with it.
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56 of 60 people (93%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
5.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 27, 2015
A great remake to a classic game.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn, does most things right, and only a few wrong.

Wide Variety of maps.
Easy to pick up.
Fun if you like dinosaurs.
Wish there were more dinosaurs, there are a few, but there could be more...
Game gets a little tedious at times, but not too bad.

A great remake of one of my favorite games. I'd even by DLC for more dinosaurs/maps/etc. (I rarely do this with most games)

I recommend this game completely.
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55 of 64 people (86%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
12.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 6
What can I say about Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn? Well having come from playing the first Carnivores back in 1998 a lot has changed.

The game looks great! The animations are well done, even though minimal, and the levels are vast open worlds with bits of lakes here or there that dinos like to hang around. Sometimes you find a mutated dino and it looks cool! That’s about it for the pros.

As for the cons of the game, let’s just start with the AI mapping. Seriously the dinos running away from you when you get spotted is hilarious! Not in a good way mind you. The dinos constantly running into trees and rock and random bits of debris can cause the hunting to slow down and it doesn’t happen just once. All the time. Especially when you are hunting the Mighty and Fierce T-REX!!! This would be scary if he didn’t bump into all the trees, rocks, and random bits of debris everywhere. You can also just jump on a rock, call in the T-rex, and snipe him with the .50 Cal. This is another problem I have. The weaponry. How is a crossbow more powerful than a .50 caliber rifle? How come when I max out the .50 Cal for max damage and hit a T-rex, or most dinosaurs for that part, in the heart they don’t always collapse instantly? How come I can’t hit the dino in the head and cause severe brain damage? Maybe I’m being too nitpicky here. Moving on. The Mutant Dinosaurs was a cool idea, but I feel it should have been implemented as a different level of danger and appearance. I shouldn’t look through my binoculars and not get a reading of what it is, because it looks slightly different. I shouldn’t call for it and it not respond to my call.

Let’s talk about the lack of content. Can we please get some different weapons? Can we please get more dinos? Can we please get more levels and not just 3 levels with different lighting and fog. If anything make the level with RNG fog and different times of the day or even let you pick when to start the hunt. What about a challenge mode? Anything to draw out the life of the game!

I think the game could have been so much more, but I honestly enjoy the first game way more. It was a challenge. T-rex could only be killed with a shot to the eye. And if you missed you didn’t get another chance. That is why they called it the big hunt. I also remember sitting forever calling in dinos getting them to come within sight and they would just run off if they caught your scent. That doesn’t happen in this game.

Working with what we have I would rate this game a 5/10. The elements are there, but needs a lot better execution.
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34 of 40 people (85%) found this review helpful
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38.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 29, 2015
it's a must have for any long time fan of carivores and dinosaurs in general

~huge maps
~good phaphics
~realistic bullet physics
~great sound quality
~intense and addictive gameplay
~you get to stare at dinosaurs while they sleep "like a weird person"
~the occasional glitch and bug
~low variety of weps and dinos "FOR NOW"
~your reading this when you could be hunting
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35 of 42 people (83%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 27, 2015
The Good:
Easy hunting game play
A good assortment of weapons and unlocks
Nice diverse enviroments
EDIT: Rare Mutant Dinosaurs that add more challenge and incentive to keep hunting.

The meh:
Not enough dinosaur species (Raptors are weirdly absent)

The scary:
Still need to shoot T-Rex in the eye -.-

Overall the game is well worth its 15 dollar asking price.

EDIT: Comparing to Carnivores 2, not theHunter: Primal.
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45 of 63 people (71%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
12.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 28, 2015
Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Ice Age was the first games I got on my PC back in the day, and I played them to death. I even got my original copies somewhere...
I even got mobile versions of both games on my android phone and play them from time to time. Those versions are actually superior to PC, since they both run extremely well and got some new creatures thrown in for free (18 in mobile version as of time of writing this review compared to PCs 9).
So how does this hold up?

P.S. For short version, see TL;DR/ Conclusion at the end
P.P.S. Many people will probably compare this to theHunter: Primal, but I haven't played that so only comprarison you'll see here will be with previous games in Carnivores series.

Starting with positives:
Even though it's a port of PS3 version, it runs well on PC. I tried it on both a hi tech Alienware PC at my friends house and my 6 year old scrapheap, and didn't experience anything wrong with this game whatsoever. Settings are a little bit limited, but decreasing LOD and turning off advanced grass will make it run even on laptop without any hickups.
Graphics, while nothing amazing like Skyrim or Witcher, still look pretty well, even on lower settings. There are some neat effects here and there, and if you're observant you can even track a dino by following his footsteps and blood trails, which is awesome.
Sound design is pretty good. There are some great ambient sounds and one time, I almost started swatting at a fly which I thought was flying close to my ear even though it was in game. Believe me, it was that realistic.
Dinos also make different growls and sounds and even though Stegosaurus sounds like a bear, which I personally find a little bit silly, it works when you are trying to locate a specific dino by sound.
Animations on dinosaurs are pretty good and their movement feels natural. Watching Ankylosaurus in his defensive position, stomping and hitting his tail club on the ground was extremely awesome.
Speaking of dinosaurs, they look way better and are more "up to date" compared to mobile and and prequel counterparts. Don't get me wrong, those dinos weren't plain bad, but a lot of things has changed in the field of paleontology and some things like size and looks are a bit outdated. Ceratosaurus for example, is bigger than Spinosaurus, which is just plain wrong.
Devs probably didn't do their research properly or got something of it wrong, but they sure did it right this time, and it shows.
There is a "progression" system of sorts, where you can spend diamonds on upgrading your guns, player and Gadget. I say "progression" since upgrades are not permanent, and points can be taken away from one upgrade and be used on something else instead at any time or liking.
Shooting mechanics have been improved, and now, if you're skilled or lucky enough you can one shot dinosaurs if you aim at their weak spots, which will award you with more diamonds and better rating. Weak spots vary but with a little practice or with a help of one specific perk, you'll be be on top of things very quickly.
This game is also pretty cheap, NOT in early access, and support with more dinosaurs is already planned which is always nice.

Unfortunately this is where the positives end and facepalming begins:
First things first, there are only 6 dinosaurs to hunt...
Yes, you read it right, 6 dinosaurs. That was the biggest disappointment IMHO since, as I said before, mobile version has 18(!) completely different dinos to hunt. They really couldn't add more dinos?
There is also fewer weapons this time around.
Previous games had 6 (Pistol, 2 types of stotguns, 2 types of Rifles and Xbow) but this game only has 3 (4 counting Revolver sidearm perk). You could also carry all 6 if you could afford it, so why isn't it possible here? Your could go for a "realism" argument, but personally, I would like the option to be at least available.
AI on dinosaurs is pretty random as well, and feels like a downgrade compared to prequels.
When it works it looks great and all that, times when they manage to get stuck between 2 trees and rocks, are just... bad.
One time, this Stegosaurus I was hunting got stuck in a rock and when I got closer, managed to go through it and with some struggle, out on the other side. While I watched this "rebirth" my lower jaw almost hit the floor.
Sure, it doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it kinda ruins the immersion... COMPLETELY.
Their reaction to gunfire is also pretty random.
In prequels herbivores ran away like maniacs when they heard gunshots while carnivores looked at it like a dinner bell running up to you and chewing your face.
In this game however, Herbivores usually don't care if their mate is shot in front of them or close by, unless shot themselves. Carnivores are a little bit less relentless, which is a little bit disappointing.
Levels themselves while big, are still smaller and less varied compared to prequels. Some of them are also covered in this weird fog, which in turn makes hunting dinosaurs more frustrating than everything else, since you can't see them 90% of the time.
One thing that I also found annoying personally was that some maps doesn't feature all dinosaurs. For example, default map only features Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus and nothing else. Want to hunt ALL dinosaurs on your favourite map? Can't do that! Must choose last map available!
My only questing to this is WHY?! In previous games you could hunt any dinosaur on any map, so why this feature is unavailable in this game is just bizarre.

TL;DR and/or conclusion:
Recommending this game is hard. With every step it takes in the right direction, it also takes a step back and if feels disappointing.
I like the new visuals, updated dinosaurs, sounds, upgrades and other new features but unfortunately, mobile version has 3 times the dinosaurs, double the weapons and environments are more varied and interesting.
I was really looking forward to this release of the game, but after 6-7 hours in this game, I had basically unlocked and upgraded everything this game had on offer and hunted all the dinosaurs, which is kinda disappointing compared to amount of hours I used on completing mobile versions.

I'll probably recommend this games to the long time fans of the series, but new arrivals will probably be disappointed and bored fairly quickly with the amount of content available at the moment.
I'll update this review as the game gets updated with more content etc.
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25 of 30 people (83%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
7.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 11, 2015
Quick a dirty breakdown:
Followed suite with many of the characteristics of the original game. Very nostalgic.
Smooth gameplay, very little fps stutter.
Great gameplay mechanics as well as gunplay.
Very immerise and is more than capable of getting your adrenaline going.
Open world (while limited) leaves the player to make their own choices.

Periodical crashes, could be simply on my end.
Rather unoptimized, can be difficult to run for lower end computers. Not many graphic options.
Rather few choices considering gunplay. You either roll with an OP snper rifle or enjoy challening yourself.

I love this game. Absolutely reccomend to anybody who enjoyed previous installments in the series. I would love to see the addition of more dinosaurs (There's only 6 you can hunt in regards to a trophy. Kind of dissapoitning) and more weapons. Would absolutely spend more money to aquire that. It's sad that it was rather difficult to find a gem like this, as it deserves much more attention than it's given!
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19 of 20 people (95%) found this review helpful
14.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 22, 2015
Man, this game shocked me. Being a big and supporting fan of the carnivores series, ive played all the carnivores games, except this one for the PS3. I never saw this one, but wanted it sooooo badly. I had no idea what it was like, but then this appeared on steam and i was shocked. This game is brilliant, the great AI, superb optimization, stunning graphics and amazing models, sound effects and maps make this game the best carnivores game so far.
  • Dinosaurs
  • Optimization is too good to be true
  • Great Graphics
  • Amazing Maps
  • Sound effects are great
  • Wind, Sound, Smell, Sight for all Dinosaurs
  • Great Dino models and animations

  • Not many Dinosaurs
  • Not many weapons

    All in all, this game is stunning. All that i can say right now is more weapons should be added, along side more dinos, like raptors and large pterosaurs. And one more thing i forgot to metion, is carnivores ice age, still in the carnivores series, so i played it and loved it, so please, please make a Carnivores: Ice Age Hunter Reborn!

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Recently Posted
3.6 hrs
Posted: September 18
Loved it and is the best game first 5 minutes. Everything is great, the graphics, for some reason my computer can handle, the dinosaurs animation, AI, and everything! Just the game consept is the best! Only one thing missing.

You bred NO raptors?
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17.7 hrs
Posted: September 16
So where to begin.... well, first off this game has been abandoned in the sense. The devs are apparently not working on this game anymore (check the steam forums more info), but don't let that turn you away just yet. Maybe if there are more sales they will return to it, but don't hold out for that. So here's how I rate the game:

Graphics - Are good. The game looks just as good as the pictures if not better. The enviroments are well detailed, with insects, plenty of plant life, and excellent textures. The Dinosaurs look pretty realistic, as well as the water, which looks amazing. The sky boxes are a little pixalated (at least on the higer res'), but look good.
Graphics: 5/5

Sound\Music - The sounds are.... well... a hit and miss to be honest. Carnivores, like the T-rex, sound really good, while others, like the Stegosaurus sound like grizzly bears. The Atmospheric sounds are good, and do a decent job of submersing the player in the game. There is some music in the game, both for the menu and during hunting. I have to say, it's pretty good stuff, being an interesting mix of mechanical and techno, so thumbs up for that.
Sound: 3/5
Music: 5/5

Gameplay - Gameplay is good - but glitchy. Even glitchier than Carnivores 2, which is what this game is based off of. The good bit of gameplay is pretty intense and fun. It's your typical hunting scenario (well, minus the whole alien world with dinosaurs thing), but unlike a lot of hunting sims you can track an animal by following it's footsteps. You can use calls to lure dinosaurs to you, or if your hunting a carnivore, you can shoot a herbivore to lure the carnivores over.

Dinosaurs will also have to drink, so camping around watering holes is also a good technique, if not a time consuming one. The few open world maps also feel pretty alive, with insects, smaller dinos, and of course the larger ones all living on the map, eating, drinking, and sleeping. All this is negated by all the bugs though. There's not too many, but the ones that are there are enough to kind of kill the "simulation" in hunting simulator. Dinosaurs often get stuck on rocks or trees, and a few of them, like the Ceratosaurus, have some movement issues, turning unrealistically fast. This doesn't ruin the game as a whole, but it's enough of an issue that I feel like it should be mentioned.
Gameplay: 4/5

Content - This is maybe an unfair way to judge the game, but I feel it's worth mentioning: there is not a lot of content to this game. It actually has less content than Carnivores 2. There are 3 maps (it may look like more, but it's the same three maps with different weather conditions), 6 large dinos and 3 smaller ones. There are also only 4 weapons: a sniper rifle, a bolt action rifle, a cross bow, and a pistol. I don't think this detracts anything from the game, but it does leaving you wanting more, especially wehen you've more or less completed the game.
Content 3/5

Overall, I recommend this game to either Carnivores fans, or those of you looking for a semi-realistic hunting game. If you can overlook the lack of content, and the bugs, it does provide a decent amout of fun. I'm not sure I would buy it for full price at this point, seeing how there's probably not going to be any more content added, but if you can get it for around $10, I'd say it's a good deal.
Final Rating: 5/10
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1.7 hrs
Posted: September 15
Good time-killing game, but need more variety of animals and weapons. recommend to play in free time, not for hardcore player
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Apparently Kid
2.9 hrs
Posted: September 12
Feels like bargain bin trash. No story, you just spawn on this wide open, samey looking empty island with like 15 bullets. At first theres no way to find dinosaurs besides walking around, hoping to run into one. Before you have any upgrades this means pumping 6-7 rounds into them. That means with the tiny ammo you're given you get to kill 2 guys, then you have to quit the level and respawn. Wanting to hunt more dinosaurs costs large amounts of gems. Getting ANY gun upgrades or new weapons requires 200-300 gems EACH, yet you net around 30 or so per hunt. Yes this means a single damage or ammo upgrade requires 10 runs of killing the same 2-3 dinosaurs and repeating. Then you get that SINGLE upgrade and have to do it all over again a bunch of times. Theres more islands with more dinosaurs, but the catch 22 is you can't go because they are too dangerous, meaning more grinding the same level with the same 2-3 dinosaurs endless times. If you accidentally run into a carnivorous dinosaur over a hill you had no idea was there, or if the dinosaur you are hunting that you have to get right next to (bc of tiny "weak spots" that are usually on the front side or under some armor) desides to attack you, you auto die. 1 hit kills you and theres no running or escaping. If this happens you lose all progress of that run, leading to even more repetition and mindless grinding.

I honestly can't believe such terrible design decisions were made with the upgrade system, hitboxes, lack of gun and enemy variety, the boring repetitive empty islands. Buy Turok from 1996, may look worse but is better in every way.

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62.6 hrs
Posted: September 7
Great game, we reccomend it to anyone who likes hunting games or Dinos
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0.3 hrs
Posted: September 7
Mobile port, runs absolutely shiddy on sufficient rigs. You kill dinosaurs (disgusting) for gems that I am sure were on sale for real money at some time. The "game" feels like grinding after 10 minutes. Gameplay mechanics are non existent... Shoot the dino until it dies...
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13.4 hrs
Posted: September 5
This game is what I hoped TheHunter:Primal would be. Where TheHunter had you collecting stuff before you could really hunt anything, in this game, they drop you off on an island ready to go. There is a money system, 'gems', that you use to buy upgrades in the game. It does get a bit grindy when you are mostly just killing things to get enough gems to progress, but this is to be expected. Who wants to have all the best stuff right out of the gate? So you start off hunting with no 'toys' and a standard gun. At some point you'll be able to buy a crossbow, which is better at taking down wampuses but has a lot of drop after you fire it. So you have to look at your distance to figure out where to shoot. Not too much after that I was able to buy the sniper rifle, which is pretty much where you aim you hit.
There are only a handful of dinosaurs, but the ones they picked are very well done. The one people might miss would be a Velociraptor, although there is a medium sized carnivore that chases you around to make up for that.
The environments are really well done. There are some islands in fog where you can't see where the dinos are very well, and this really adds to the tension. The final island is a big, rocky place where you can see the dinosaurs from far away and is maybe a bit too easy, but at this point you'll mostly be cleaning up the achievements you haven't got, so I thought that was OK.
Oh, and there's also 'mutant' dinosaurs, which are rare and give you another thing to go after. They are supposed to be extra dangerous I guess, but I never noticed much difference.
I think I got this in a bundle. I would say it's worth the $15 regular price though. As you can see, I've got over 13 hours on it to get all the achievements and pretty much do everything in the game once.
There may not be a whole lot to it, but if you're after a dinosaur hunting game, this does that really well and is fun, and that's what matters! I'll probably play it again sometime down the road.
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9.9 hrs
Posted: September 5
I recommend this game if you really just want to shoot some dinosaurs; it's totally not worth $15 though.

This game is fun but its more like a mini-game than a full-title.
There are only 4 weapons (pistol, rifle, crossbow, sniper rifle), 5 small maps, and 6 dinosaurs.

PROTIP: to one-shot a T-Rex, you need a sniper rifle, be within 150 yrds (unless you have the effective-range/damage upgrades, then its ~300 yrds) and you have to shoot it in the mouth (NOT the lungs/heart). If it has its mouth open, shoot near the throat/tongue. If its mouth is closed, you have to shoot it from the SIDE, not the front, near its teeth.
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