Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn't remember her anymore after a car accident! Will you be able to make him remember again? Or perhaps it's time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else? It's up to you to decide. Play this life simulation game with dating sim elements and shape Amy's destiny.
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Release Date: Apr 17, 2011

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"A very simple and sweet dating sim. 4 love interests and a cute MC who has to choose leaving true love behind or finding it in the future"
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About This Game

Amy is desperate! Her boyfriend Aaron doesn't remember her anymore after a car accident!

Will you be able to make him remember again?

Or perhaps it's time to move on. Maybe Amy will fall in love with someone else?

It's up to you to decide. Play this life simulation game with dating sim elements and shape Amy's destiny.

Featuring a very detailed life simulation game. Explore the town using the map, find what actions you can do on each location and at which day of the week and time of the day.

It's a real living world, where you must find the right strategy to raise the skill needed to win the heart of each of the four dateable boys: Aaron, Lawrence, Eddy and Hugh.


  • Detailed simulation: available actions change based on time of the day and place
  • Lots of stats: money, culture, creativity, discipline, romance, energy and morale
  • Relationship system: each character has a relationship value that affects gameplay
  • High replayability: normal and special ending for a total of 9 different endings!

Theme song composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Cristina Vee

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • OS: Mac OS 10.4
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
Helpful customer reviews
88 of 115 people (77%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
Eat, sleep, work, read your amnesian boyfriend books - repeat

This has to be the first Winter Wolves game which really annoys me.

For a Visual novel the story/characters are really thin, your progress through it is nearly non existant, which in the end makes a repetetive grind through the always same few stations you have in the game with always the same actions and nearly no story progress.
Mix to this a similiar annoying music background and you have a really bland gaming experience.

Short review, but there isn´t much more to this game.
Posted: April 23
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39 of 54 people (72%) found this review helpful
8.9 hrs on record
I am not gay but this game made me want to flirt boys.

If only they wore helmets while riding, this game will not happen for sure.
Posted: July 14
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10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
6.5 hrs on record
Always Remember me is the sequel to the ground-breaking AAA title Remember Me from Dontnod Entertainment published by Capcom...

Actually, Always Remember Me was made by Winter Wolves, a studio known for making exclusively Visual Novels.
I let you know my experience with VNs is rather thin, so your opinion may vary. Again, this is a fresh VNoob review, so keep that in mind.

So let's start.

The story. If this game was a first-person shooter or casual hack and slash, we wouldn't have to comment on that. However, this is a Visual NOVEL, so we definitely have to focus on this aspect. You play as Amy, a girl who has gone through despair after her boyfriend was diagnosed with amnesia, not remembering anything from their past relationship. As Amy you will be working part time, visiting Aaron, the aforementioned boyfriend, and trying to make him remember or worst case scenario: make him fall in love with you again. But is that really the best for both of you... ? Overall I found the story being full of cliches, however enjoyable nonetheless. With characters being well written and surprisingly deep.

The gameplay. You will be also doing various activities expanding one of four of your traits: Culture, Creativity, Romance and Discipline. These are also gained by interacting with one of your four potential love interests. Having maxed out the particular stat needed for the certain partner unlocks the 'special ending'. As you grow familiar with your partner more special events are unlocked, in which you are forced to make a choice that will either advance your relationship or do the opposite. You will find yourself awaiting these events with curiosity and excitement, partly because your daily routine will get boring eventually. The first playthrough may not wield results and you will probably do a second one. And that's okay, the replayability value here is surprisingly high. You may want to turn text and animation speed up, but you will still have fun exploring the other optio... I mean guys.

The visuals.
The artstyle is your typical anime stylization. However the proportions belong to the more realistic half of this particular artstyle. Overflowing with vibrant colors and interesting character choices your eyes will definitely not go dry. The animation and city map is nothing particularly impressive, but it fullfils it's purpose. All the work certainly went into the characters and backgrounds. The font is annoying, but typical for VNs, however there are many well stylized VNs out there. Overall, I wouldn't have played it for +5 hours if I was bothered by the visuals, so this is definitely a plus for the game.

The soundtrack.
A quite rare aspect in reviews, however I always like to mention them, especially in games such as these. They represent a major part of the narrative and usually expand the experience. Not here. More or less. It is catchy, don't get me wrong, it certainly is. I've been listening to the opening the whole time I wrote this review and I had no urge to turn it down whatsoever. The in-game music gives a very casual vibe, something you should grow familiar if watching sitcoms and other family-friendly shows. It just doesn't leave a mark in my memory (guess I will not Always Remember It, haha). Unlike the game itself it is enjoyable while it lasts, but once you're done you won't feel obligated to pick it up again. The bonus 'remix' of the main theme song is a fun gimmick and amusing, but it does not feel particularly memorable as well.

And now we got to the end of this review. The final question: Should you buy it or should you not? Well, strongly depends on your preferences. If you're looking for a dramatic heart-tearing ride, you won't find it here. It's a lighthearted and fairly casual experience and the story is pretty straightforward and linear. I don't think it needs heavy plot-twists anyways. You will enjoy this game as it is if you're looking for something fun to pick up and try. I myself had high expectations and wasn't dissapointed, but again, your mileage may vary.

It is certaily an enjoyable game and immensively fun if you can just ease yourself off after a hard day and want to kill time. I highly recommend this to you as a gateway visual novel if you want to get into this genre.
Posted: April 26
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18 of 26 people (69%) found this review helpful
8.1 hrs on record
It was interesting to see stats incorporated into a VN. I know a few titles that have done this before but I've never had the chance to try them out.

Unfortunately, a balance needs to be struck when this comes into play. The game is too repetitive seeing as the options to raise the 4 stats are very limited. I went for the Eddy special ending and I barely used the gym. It turned out that blogging had a higher success rate for raising 2 discipline instead of 1. By the second half of the playthrough, I was watching TV all day just to pass the time and get to the next day (to progress things with Eddy).

Something else which bothered me was how cookie-cutter the males were. Aaron bored me to death and Lawrence is a huge drama queen. This part is purely subjective but out of the ordinary characters would have made this game 3x better.

Posted: June 27
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13 of 19 people (68%) found this review helpful
4.5 hrs on record
I'll never forget you :D

Posted: June 3
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226 of 281 people (80%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
What if the person you planned to spend the rest of your life with suddenly, abruptly, really soon like, forgot who you are because of a car accident? Same here, I don’t have no money for doctor bills. It’s time to dump em’ and find a new squeeze.

You play as this red head chick who is hella randy and it is your job to make her experience “true love.” That’s right guys, no knockers, no hooters, no lady berries, and no love buttons. This chick keeps her shirt on the whole time and the guys don’t pressure her to put out. Not only does this take away from the realism (‘cause the libido of anime dudes IS real) but one potential love interest is a shy guy with glasses. THE SHY GUY WITH GLASSES DOES NOT GET FRIEND ZONED BY DEFAULT. I couldn’t believe it either. I did everything in my power to put this fool in his place, but then I… fell in love with him.

His long hair glistened in the sun and this was accentuated by his inability to shower because his hair retained its natural oils. When his baggy bloodshot eyes met mine I looked away of course. When I looked back to see if he was still staring at me, he was. It was like his eyes never left me. That he would never leave me.

This game completes me. 10/10
Posted: April 21
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