Steam Squad is a tactical wargame set in the First World War period. The genre may be classified as steampunk. The storyline is based on an alternate history. The game is filled with tiny little, but important details such as letters, pictures, maps, which help to create a realistic setting.
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Release Date: May 15, 2014
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What the developers have to say:

“This is the most basic early access version - it contains seven single player missions and one hot-seat multiplayer level, but there is no character creation, progression or anything else yet - this will all come later.”
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July 31

Changelog 0.32 beta

Improved ingame UI
Improved brifings UI
Improved ingame camera behavior
Added brifing sounds
Other small fixes

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July 30

What are we doing and what's the plan?

Last month our main resource (a.k.a. Andrey Mishkinis) was working on the final polishing of the game logics core.

When we are done with this the game will be stuffed with the following important features:

- Tanks and cars that are driven by soldiers.

- Steel-and-concrete fortifications, stationary machine guns, anti-tank guns. - Soldiers are able to get out of trenches spending some of their action points.

- In a little while they will be able to overcome small obstacles such as fences. In contrast with the previous feature, we haven't finished the animation for this bit yet.

- Small objects can be destroyed.

Furthermore, we're modelling different weaponry now. In the release each of the nations will have a great variety of guns to choose from.

We keep on putting all the missions together (there are 30 of them excluding multiplayer arenas), which takes loads of time due to the high number of them.

What won't be included in the forthcoming upgrade, but will be presented in the release?

- You can choose and equip your soldiers before each mission.

- Multi-player

- Your soldier's skills slightly evolve in time, moreover you can name them and even see game statistics for each of your recruits. - Some large objects can be destroyed

Finally, right now we're about to upload a new build, which has much fewer bugs than the previous one. Fortunately, it will be available in the end of the week for all three main platforms.

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About This Game

Steam Squad is a tactical wargame set in the First World War period. The genre may be classified as steampunk. The storyline is based on an alternate history. The game produced by Bretwalda Games in 2014.

During the game you are to manage a squad in a battlefield to complete your current tactical task.
For instance, you can be asked to capture an area, defend a lodgement or a person, attempt to sabotage, etc.
Two main game modes are campaign and game against other users. There are six campaigns evenly distributed between three fighting forces (Tianxia, Britain and Holy Roman Empire). During missions a player will be asked to lead different types of squads and to make history, watch how it evolves with every battle won. Actually the player himself becomes the driving force of the history.

The game is filled with tiny little, but important details such as letters, pictures, maps, which help to create a realistic setting. Steam machinery and armour, steampunk styled architecture and realistic physical models for shooting and riding vehicles make the game more attractive and interesting.

The current build is an early access version. We haven't yet finished all the planned features and those we have done sometimes can still misbehave. Your comments always help us to improve the current version.
We sincerely want you to enjoy it as we tried hard to make an interesting game with a friendly interface. We want you to feel the excitement alike one you feel playing some strategic table games.
The AI is strong, tricky and as courageous that it even can choose suicide as the best option. We wish you'd try to play in Hotseat mode with your friends. We bet you'd just love it!

So now we work on:

- Military technology such as tanks, trucks, cars etc. Eventually it will be possible to ride any of them and even make turns in accordance with actual physics laws!

- Lots of new different weapons apart from casual guns. You'll be able to equip your soldiers in many different ways. The basic weapons are ready to try out right now.

- The landscape and landmarks maybe damaged, which yields the great variety of different strategies. Moreover the units will be able to overcome obstacles such as fences etc.
(At least we already have “realistic” bullets, which means that the underlying model is based on the ballistic laws. This small thing allows you to use landscape features and take benefits of the great variety right now.)

- Different multi-player modes: Hotseat, multiplayer, LAN, online, and even text mode (like in chess, this is made for those who want to play even on the go).

- Achievements manager, social networks support and the score table!

- One of the most important advantages comparing to other tactics games is its pace.
1) The time limit for each turn is set to be 2 mins, so you must think quickly! 2) If you
play along with your allies they do their turn in the same 2 mins.

6 campaigns with the common plot, 2 for each of the rivals.

- We plan to create a mobile version as well as adjustable quality settings to allow playing even on very old machines. Generally the game is friendly towards amateurs of old PCs.

- More sounds and voices.

We do our best to create something more than just a game, we want you to feel its atmosphere and every single day bit by bit we try to improve it and add as many interesting features as we can think of.
Thank you for your support!
Enjoy the game!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 1300 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1300 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1300 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Early Access Review
I disagree with many of the complaints being written here, because they forget this is not a complete. Its a beta, so don't expect all those features to be implemented just yet. When you expect a game in its Beta build to be fantastic, youll only end up disapointed.

Take Kenshi as an example. I've been following Kenshi for years, ever since version .2. It was a terrible game back then, with no base building, no crafting, just a bunch of dudes swinging swords. But I didnt not immediately dismiss it, saying the music was terrible (because there was no music), or the AI was the dumbest I had ever seen (because it was) or the fact the it was incredibly ugly (God was it ugly). No, because I did not expect a complete game. I liked what the premise of the game was, so I backed the developer so they could further expand the game into what they wanted it to be.

That being said, the game still needs to have a little bit of work done. But as it is in Beta .3, I can forgive many of the faults I find in it. The music is ok. Not great, but not terrible. The only major complaint I have had thus far is the damn whistleing. And when the biggest fault you can find in a game is the fact they sometimes whistle the begining of the Indian Jones theme song, It cant be that bad of a game.
Posted: June 2
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Early Access Review
Steam Squad.

What it is:
Squad based turn strategy game, with a Steam Punk, cartoonish WWI setting.
STILL VERY BUGGY, remember it's a beta.

  • Solid game mechanics.
  • Easy to learn gameplay (might be too easy for old school gamers, less elaborated than Jagged Alliance 2)
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Nice, interesting story and setting.
  • Great steam mechas (planes and tanks), that will be usable in the final release (according to developers)

  • Awkward interface (hopefully this will be addressed)
  • Over-sensitive camera movement.
  • No zoom-rotate EDIT: developer answered in the forum that there might be zoom, but that rotate is out of the picture, since the models are isometric.
  • Gameplay feels a little light, specially if you compare it to old school tbs games like Silent Storm, JA2 or Fallout tactics.

    What I LIKE:

    • Setting.
    • Graphics and game concept.
    • Game mechanics.
    • Full ballistics engine.
    • Destroyable enviroment (promised by developers, not yet implemented).
    • Interactive fauna.
    • Although the game is cartoonish (which is not my cup of tea) the combat is very crude, and the troops can get killed very easily. I would appreciate a darker, more ironic feel to the game.
    • Graphical display of Action Points, both in the small valve like dial, and in the movement line, where it shows you in easy to read green-amber-red tones how far your character can move before running out of AP.
    • Part of the game is developed in Blender, which is Free and Open Source Software, and it's released for linux.

    What I would like to see:

    • Game mechanics beyond combat. Maybe to think of RPG mechanics or a Grand Strategy map is beyond the game concept, but ways to customize your troops and affect the battle in between battles would be very appreciated and give more depth to the game.
    • “Hero” characters. Maybe an officer corp (sergeants, lieutenants). The developers promised character creation and customization, so this might be coming.
    • The third side of the conflict (the developers spoke of 3 choosable sides, Chinese, Anglo-american and Holy Roman Empire)
    • I would LOVE to see a fourth side, particularly Ottomans or Persian (Iran) as a choosable side (think of how much WIN is in turkish steampunk technology, or persian steam Immortals). Maybe in a sequel or DLC.
    • Melee weapons. Specifically, I would like it if the rifle could be used as a melee weapon, either with bayonets or rifle buts. It would give riflemen more game options, and make mortar or machinegun troops open to such attacks. Melee weapons (bayonets, knifes, entrenching tools) where used widely in WWI.
    • Gas, not just steam. Gas warfare was widely used in WWI, and I would like to see it implemented in the final game, as well as gasmasks.
    • I really liked JA2 and other games where you can aim at the head, torso, arms or feet of the opponent. Maybe the scale (there being tanks and everything) of Steam Squad makes that cumbersome, but I would still like to see headshots (more damage or instant kill), leg shots (less movement, fall over) and hand shots (drop the weapon) as part of the game.
    • Easy modding-campaing design. Just make the game as open as possible.
    • Re-designed interfase. It bounces up and down like a MacOS dock, maybe it could be more of a steam machine animation.
    • More Steam! I'm really looking forward to the playable tanks and cars.
    Bottom Line:
    I just gout Marauder (which I can't play since I don't have a windoze machine, only GNU/Linux) and ARMA Tactics. ARMA Tactics was a great disappointment, as it was a linear, dull and way to easy game, so I was looking forward to a squad strategy game to suit my needs. I'm really into micromanagement (loved that part of the Brigade E5, 7.62 high calibre series), and that aspect does not seem to strong in Steam Squad (as far as the game is developed so far), but it being a different SCALE, including tanks and cars, that might not be an issue. I really liked the setting, even if it seems that the French Revolution didn't take place in this alternate reality, and the whole world is being ruled by crowned heads.
    The games seems a little to optimistic, but maybe that'll change as the game advances. The way I think of WWI is a sad, senseless war where no side was the “good” guys. It was dirt, trenches, gas and murder all the way. Steam Squad is way to “pretty”, and the letters talk about a way to optimist main character. I would like a more “All Quiet at the Western Front” attitude, but I really dig the steam machines too much to dislike the game for being over optimistic. The “pro english” terrorist group carring a Franz Ferdinand like assassination against the Chinese ambassador to Moskowia was a funny detail in the setting.
    The main thing about a squad strategy game is the gameplay, and I don't have any complaints in that department. It's solid, hard and I really like the ballistics. I really look forward to solders being upgradable trough “experience”, more weapons, and main character creation.
    Also, I don't think that japanese or american players are going to love the setting.
    All in all, after my disappointment with ARMA tactics, I really like where this game is going.
Posted: October 3
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Early Access Review
I just bought this game and oh boy I’m sorry I did. The UI is awful, with multi clicks to perform simple actions, poor sound is really muffled. Poor conveyance of who is firing or being fired on. The camera needs a major overhaul. The pan smothing is awful and frustrating It does not jump to who is moving or firing and when someone does get hit they just slump and only after the round you have to check who got killed. This game does have potential and I love TB squad tactics but this is just not ready for primetime yet
Posted: October 8
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1.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
I can't believe I paid money for this. The screen pan is really awful. Game play is far too slow. There's no way of telling whether you're damaging the enemy until a soldier dies. Remaining Action Points are virtually invisible, and there's no way to tell how many action points a move will take. the game is virtually unplayable at the moment.
Posted: September 7
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Early Access Review
The game is still very similar to what it was at the beginning. The slow motion of the game is slowly degrading its value even more.
Posted: August 19
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