Steam Squad - a classical tactical wargame with honest physics simulation of battles set in an alternative universe during the First World War. Players acting for the 3 of the superpowers - the Holy Roman, British and Tianxian Empires complete 30 missions with squads of up to 8 units.
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Release Date: Jul 28, 2016

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October 11

Changelog v1.04

Dear brothers in arms please find below changelog v1.04:

  • Improved cursor metadata;
  • Added six new achievements;
  • Improved soldier sounds and voices;
  • Improved tutorial;
  • Improved levels - 9, 10 and 21;
  • improved range of zoom;
  • Improved briefings;
  • Improved in-game UI;
  • Fixed small bugs and typos;

See you at the battlefields,

Bretwalda Games

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September 23

Bleeding edge v1.04

Dear brothers in arms please find below changelog v1.04:

  • Improved cursor metadata;
  • Added six new achievements;
  • Improved soldier sounds and voices;
  • Improved tutorial;
  • Improved levels - 9, 10 and 21;
  • improved range of zoom;
  • Improved briefings;
  • Improved in-game UI;
  • Fixed small bugs and typos;

See you at the battlefields,

Bretwalda Games

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About This Game

Steam Squad - tactical wargame, where gameplay takes place at the alternative universe with steampunk details during the times of the Great War amongst colorful anime like settings as if drawn by Miyazaki himself. Game is posing a question what if? What if Tianxian Empire was able to colonize Siberia before Russia did and later had started war to extend its ownership over the rest of Europe and America?

Players acting for the 3 of the world superpowers - Britain, Tianxia and the Holy Roman Empires have teams of up to 8 units equipped with guns and machinery of the times of WWI in order to complete 30 tactical missions. For instance, you can be asked to capture an area, defend a lodgement or a person, attempt to sabotage, etc.

To succeed in the game, players must:

  • Equip their teams according to the chosen strategy - select the right units, ammunition and armory for the mission;
  • Read mission tactical maps;
  • Lead units in the smart way and accurately - they are so easily killed and you have only few of them;

Key Features

  • Realisticity and complexity - actions in the game are driven by solid physic based combat mechanics and this is what it makes to be similar to the classics of table games - Warhammer, Infinity the Game;
  • Possibility to use its own and take over enemy equipment - tanks, cannons and mortars;
  • Possibility to equip units according to the tasks of the missions and your preferences;
  • Original weaponry that is similar to the one used during the times of Great War;
  • Battlecam with a depth of field effect and nice color correction, that gives an old film feeling;
  • Beautiful settings as if drawn by Miyazaki himself;
  • Nice little perks like - destroyable environment, interactive fauna and melee weapons;

We sincerely want you to enjoy Steam Squad as we tried hard to make it interesting. Your support and feedback is vital for us as they help us to improve and make game even better.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVidia or ATI graphics card
    • Storage: 2250 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 2250 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: 1.7+ GHz or better
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 2250 MB available space
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14.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 3, 2014
Steam Squad.

What it is:
Squad based turn strategy game, with a Steam Punk, cartoonish WWI setting.

  • Solid game mechanics.
  • Easy to learn yet tactic gameplay.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Nice, interesting story and setting.
  • Great steam mechas (planes and tanks), that will be usable in the final release (according to developers)
  • Mele weapons! Bring out the pitchforks!!
  • The developer is VERY involved in the forums, and many of the bugs/fixes/changes adressed there have been taken care of.
  • The developer promised to work on a modding extension after the release.
  • Battlecam!! It has been implemented and works great, with a depth of field effect and nice color correction, that gives an old film feeling. Great!

  • Gameplay feels a little light, specially if you compare it to old school tbs games like Silent Storm, JA2 or Fallout tactics. Hopefully the tank play will compensate that.
  • In order to make the gameplay more fluid, prone/kneel/stand positions have been changed to a more fluid "kneel while standing still, stand while running/shooting for cover - no prone" mechanics. More fluid, but also lighter.

What I LIKE:

  • Setting.
  • Graphics and game concept.
  • Game mechanics.
  • Full ballistics engine.
  • Destroyable enviroment (promised by developers, not yet implemented).
  • Interactive fauna.
  • Graphical display of Action Points, both in the small valve like dial, and in the movement line, where it shows you in easy to read green-amber-red tones how far your character can move before running out of AP.
  • Part of the game is developed in Blender, which is Free and Open Source Software, and it's released for linux.
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8.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
What is Steam Squad?

Steam Squad is a tactical, turn-based strategy game that places you in control of a squad. The game occurs in a world that is vastly different to the one we know today. The developers at Bretwalda Games have reached alternative conclusions to many of the outcomes that have shaped the modern world. These conclusions include:

  • The British never losing control over the United States
  • The Tianxian Empire colonizing Siberia before Russia
  • The Gao (Chinese) colonizing Australia instead of the British

It is because of these game setting decisions that I found myself deeply fascinated with it before I began to play.

Poor/Inconsistent AI

Arguably the biggest negative effecting Steam Squad is the unpredictability of the AI. More often than not I would argue that unpredictability is a key strength. However, in this instance, there are enemy soldiers who are able to kill you from the other side of the world. On the other hand, there are soldiers who would make the perfect candidates for hired the Empire to employ as Stormtroopers. I believe that this is a problem with the RNG.

This isn't simply a case of the AI getting better as the levels become more difficult. I could understand if it were a case of the game proclaiming you to be becoming too good for it and ramping up the difficulty. Unfortunately, it isn't and it appears to be this way throughout the game. And when you do replay a level it isn't the same enemy that has the same ability. As a result, I am left to conclude that randomization can be good is good but not if it comes at the cost of poor AI.

Streamlined Gameplay Mechanics

Steam Squad has a tendency to feel very streamlined as far as turn-based strategy games go. The classics seem to have much greater depth and variety to the gameplay. However, I wouldn't necessarily mark this as a negative against the game for everyone. If you've played the classics and want something a little less hardcore then this game would be very suitable for you. Likewise, if you are new to the genre and some of the older titles feel too daunting then this is the game for you. In other words, it has the potential to be a great gateway game. Consequently, I believe that it is sometimes games such as this that offer sufficient challenge but are not too full on that provide the gameplay that we need.

User Interface and Graphics

In my experience, I have found that some of the games that are too daunting are because of their user interface. In the case of Steam Squad the developers need to be applauded. This is because UI is very player friendly. It has been well thought out and ultimately implemented to perfection. Of particular note are the way in which action points are displayed. There are multiple points where this is displayed. The first is in the soldier's status which is located immediately below the soldier. The second is in the UI which is also where you can set the number of AP that you will use per move. I believe that if you set it to a higher amount accuracy will tail off slightly and increase if you set it to a lower number. Consequently, this has a significant impact on the strategy employed.

In other aspects of the game, I was both pleased and frustrated with the graphics. Perhaps cover is the most frustrating aspect of the graphical display. It can be frustrating to believe that you are in cover only to find out that you are not. As a result, I learned to err on the side of caution and to believe that my soldiers were not in cover. Sometimes they were and that was great but it wasn't always the case. I would recommend taking this strategy. Otherwise, the game is very pleasing on the eyes and accomplishes what it sets out to do.

Is it Steamified?

The developers have done their job in regards to making their game Steamified. They have added both trading cards and Steam achievements.


If you're a fan of alternative world histories and strategy games then Steam Squad is the game for you. I believe that the developers are committed to correcting the issue with the AI. Everything else runs fine. The presentation is pretty and well presented. It's a solid game by a small indie studio and they should be proud of their effort.

For similar reviews and your chance to win great giveaways, including PC hardware, please visit Steamified
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Early Access Review
Posted: June 2, 2014
I disagree with many of the complaints being written here, because they forget this is not a complete. Its a beta, so don't expect all those features to be implemented just yet. When you expect a game in its Beta build to be fantastic, youll only end up disapointed.

Take Kenshi as an example. I've been following Kenshi for years, ever since version .2. It was a terrible game back then, with no base building, no crafting, just a bunch of dudes swinging swords. But I didnt not immediately dismiss it, saying the music was terrible (because there was no music), or the AI was the dumbest I had ever seen (because it was) or the fact the it was incredibly ugly (God was it ugly). No, because I did not expect a complete game. I liked what the premise of the game was, so I backed the developer so they could further expand the game into what they wanted it to be.

That being said, the game still needs to have a little bit of work done. But as it is in Beta .3, I can forgive many of the faults I find in it. The music is ok. Not great, but not terrible. The only major complaint I have had thus far is the damn whistleing. And when the biggest fault you can find in a game is the fact they sometimes whistle the begining of the Indian Jones theme song, It cant be that bad of a game.
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12 of 13 people (92%) found this review helpful
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 14
For a turn-based squad game there is enough for me to recommend it.

* It incorporates action points well
* The maps are interesting
* Units are role based rather then stat based
* It has freaking opportunity fire!
* The alt history makes the engagements interesting and fun

That said, the UI is a bit rough and lacks pollish. Graphically, it's a bit jarring, but completely serviceable. If you can get past those warts, the game has many gameplay delights to offer.
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27.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 8, 2014
This is a updated review as of 11-5-14

The UI "was" awful, Its much better now with new update. It still has poor sound that is very muffled. It now has better conveyance of who is firing or being fired on. The camera got a major overhaul. The pan smothing is much better now. When someone does get killed they just slump. This game does have potential and is getting better.

This is a updated review as of 11-5-14
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20.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 9, 2014
Steam squad is a very nice game with very interesting historic backend. How would have gone the history, if some historical events had not been like the ones which had taken place? What if the USA had still been a colony of Great Britain? For people who like me loves history it can be very attractive try to find out the answers to such questions. This game will try to answer some of them. And as soon as it tells us about the Great War we also will find a lot of new about this epoch.
Speaking about the gameplay. This game is a tactic game, I don't play a lot of games of such genre, but it took me a little time to understand the mechanics of Steam Squad, so I feel pleasure in it. As soon as this is an early access, there are still a lot of things, which one can improve. But the guys make a great progress from version to version, so I hope the release version could be great.
I liked the style of the game, the historical backend, the authenticity of the epoch, the game engine, the music.
The things I think the guys should work on is the AI. It could be better.
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
38.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
Turn based wargame set in altenative steam-punk WWI universe. Made with a great respect to the old-school games, while it's relatively simple on the first missions, it becomes harder as you advance. Gameplay became much better since EA version with introduction of user controlled vehicles and stationary weapons.
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19.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: October 24, 2014
-Recommended Title-

Steam Squad is a "Steampunk" Turn Based Strategy game, currently available as early access (in Beta - currently v0.371b)

Whilst the game is based on "The Great War", it's historical content does not include the Entente and Central Powers forces per se, but the British and "Exotic Asian" (Han) forces instead, this dynamic is interesting - and refreshing and sets a very plausible scene.

The main character in the story is a British Captain - Ken Whitehall, and his troop of "Gentlemen", whom are battling the "Han". The storyline follows Ken and his men, through different missions as they undertake the battle and stop the march of the Han.


The graphics in Steam Squad are still being developed, they are similar to Men of War in it's current state. The artwork is interesting and fun, with of course a steampunk look.

The Gameplay is the typical turn based type, where you get to move your troops into position, fire at the enemy and then end the turn,waiting for the enemy to make their move. As always, placement of the troops is important, as the Han are very good shooters!

Steam Squad will include tanks, artillery and other "steam" powered instuments of war ,which will be drivable. This increases the playability value - and turns this game from a typical strategy shooter. Destructable environments are currently not included, but will be at a later date.

There is no ability to control the camera - other than panning (zoom is not enabled), and the camera does not focus on the enemy when they take their turn. I believe that some camera tweaks are being worked on and will be released in a later version. The camera view is dimetric.

**Update v 0.371** The camera now follows the actions of the player and npcs. It also includes the zoom function. These improvements have made a big difference to gameplay.

The UI looks great, but again, some work needs to be done on this to make it more polished and easier to use. Having said that, it does not stop you being able to have an enjoyable game.

**Update v 0.371**
There have been tweaks made to the UI, both in the main menu, mission selection, and gameplay screens.

The music is ok, the background effects lack the atmosphere of explosions and gun fire. . more needs to be done with improving the audio emmersion.

Overall, Steam Squad performs very well, and is not a walk in the park to play. It's an early beta, so expect that there are going to be things that are missing, don't work, or need improvement. The developer - Bretwalda Games - is constantly working on Steam Squad with an further update v 0.371 just released.

I think that there is plenty of room for Great War era games such as this, in a overly populated Second World War gaming universe.

I recommend Steam Squad, even in it's current Beta build, it shows great potential, and whilst Bretwalda Games are a relatively new company on the scene, the quality of their work, and commitment to ensuring that the comunity voice is heard equates to what I hope is a very successful game.

Definately a strategy title to add to the collection at under $10 doleros, if you don't mind putting up with a few annoyances along the beta journey, until release. And help support smaller develop studio's.

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13.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 26
Product received for free
This review is for the beta branch for the game, currently on version 1.03

Steam Squad is a turn-based RPG, set in an alternate history of World War I that puts heavy emphasis on role and AP management. With it’s beautiful steampunk aesthetic and intriguing “What if?” scenario, this little game is able to caught my attention. It’s a fun little game (albeit a little too light) with an active development. With that in mind, I have to change my review to be a more feedback-like than usual.


Steam Squad is one of the most visually pleasant turn-based strategy game I’ve ever played for quite some time, it might not have the highest model poly count, but the beautiful steampunk aesthetic, and clean and user friendly UI is really nice to look at. It’s a perfect balance of realism and a steampunk universe, which fits perfectly with its plot and theme. UI puts emphasize on Action Point-related info, and most if not all important info shows on various cursor metadata, like remaining AP, accuracy, and cover (only in beta branch, for the time being).

There’s one noticeable flaw in term of graphic, and that will be the animation, it’s weird, robotic, and clunky. It’s fine when you look it from its standard tactical view, but things got funny when it switch to close-up action cam.


Interesting and intriguing so far. What if the British never lose control of the U.S? What if the Holly Roman Empire is still standing until World War I? Narrative told through letters, news articles, and operation map, which is a really good choice.


While it’s kinda lacking in quantity when it comes to sound and music, it sounds pretty good when there is one. Great music, fitting ambient, and the highlight are the sound of weapons and vehicles. They really nail the chosen universe with this one, well. How do I put it? If you’re familiar with a steampunk fiction, the loud machinery and guns that doesn’t sound too powerful, but at the same time sound like they are giving a really good punch.

Now the flaw, sort of.. While I don’t mind the quantity of voice in this game, it will be nice to have more of it, especially the soldiers. Like XCOM where it feels like they communicate with each other in battle, getting fired, suppressing, moving, or they are not in an optimal cover, it helps brings the battle livelier.


Steam Squad, like its name implies, is a squad/role-based strategy game rather than stats based. Simple yet solid mechanic that works pretty well. It focused on role assignment, AP management, and unit positioning. Accuracy is based on viewing angle and the optimal weapon range. AP plays a big part where your accuracy (and perhaps damage) is based on how much you put an AP on your attack, and you will be put on overwatch mode if you still have a sufficient amount of AP. Steam Squad offers a freedom of movement, unlike most turn based game that use tile-based mechanic, that works well with the accuracy and damage modifier of this game.

The map layout is pretty well thought, you will be sent into a bunch of missions with various style, terrain, landscape, and overall feel. The size of the map is “just right”, not insanely huge, and not too small and cramped either, making every battle feels tight and intense. And the maps itself are filled with tanks, Anti-tank guns, and machine gun bunkers, which add some depth to the core gameplay.

The mechanic is not without a flaw though. First thing is the lack of unit variety. There is only 3 units, infantry, machine gunner, and mortar gunner, while it works just fine at the current state, it’ll be nice to have some more units like scout/recon, medic, and sniper for instance, to compensate for the absence of perks system. And the second one is… *drum roll* … RNG.. that somehow managed to be more infuriating than XCOM. Well.. do I need to explain more? Eh, I don’t think so. And do I mention it’s built on top of unpredictable AI? Well, at least the AI is seeing a noticeable improvement in this version. While this thing did contribute on tactical and careful play it can be frustrating and somewhat unfair at times.


Steam Squad is an “easy to learn, hard to master” kind of game with a really pleasing and defining art style, and intriguing story. With a simple yet solid mechanic and user friendly UI, its tutorial mission and the official manual is enough to learn the core and logic of the gameplay, while the real challenge is from the tactical gameplay, emphasizing on AP, role, and positioning that demands careful planning. The unpredictable AI should be a plus with a game, but coupled with the RNG, it can be frustrating at times. As for replay value, it’s yet unseen for me, Steam Squad do have a really varied maps, with its own carefully crafted layout, but the lack of unit type somewhat dampens the experience. If you like games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Silent Storm, and to an extent Valkyria Chronicles, I say give this game a go, it has a lot of potential, and the fact that it’s still on active development, it’ll get better as time goes.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 21
First Impression Video:

Steam Squad is a fun turn-based strategy game set in an alternate history World War I. That being said, it does have its issues.

So, if you've ever played XCom you know the basis of Steam Squad. You have your squad, the enemy has theirs and it's a firefight from there on out. The controls are mostly run by the mouse with left click executing most commands and right click over-watching. It's pretty easy to pick up once you've done the tutorial and the first few missions are easy enough for you to get a hang of them.

Overall the system works out pretty well, but I do have some gripes with the game. I'll just list them out here:

Cover - This is my biggest issue with the game. There is clearly cover mechanics in the game, but the game gives no indication to the player of whether or not you've actually gotten into cover, or what is actually considered cover. Low sandbag walls and trenches? Obviously those are cover. That stump out in the field? I can't be certain. Have you poked your unit so far around the corner that he's not in cover anymore? It's hard to tell.

Units - There are only three types of units: soldiers, machine gunners, and grenadiers. This is fine, they all have their position and I've never really pined for any other units (outside of maybe a sniper).

Action Cams - As a lot of other players have stated, I don't like the action cams. There's not much to see and they just slow down the combat. Plus, when up close the units run really weirdly ( which, I'll admit, I quite enjoy watching them waddle around).

Despite these things, the game is fun to play. It uses an action point system that allows for more variety than something like "two actions per turn" (aka the XCom system). The scenarios can be challenging while not being so brutal you want to throw your computer out of the window (or wherever you want to throw it, I won't judge), and the aesthetic is quite nice.

Overall, this is a fun turn-based strategy. It seems mostly glitch free and is a game I will definitely play to completion in the future. If you love turn-based strategy games, you should check it out.
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Recently Posted
1.6 hrs
Posted: August 9
Feels like an early access game. The game has a lot of potential if they fix some things. I wanted to like this game, but I just found myself getting frustrated with it. If they do fix some of the issues I could see myself recommending this game, but I can't in it's current state.

- Minimap could use some work, you can't see the area that your camera is view on it.
- Cover is very frustrating for me. It's hard to know if you are in cover or not and what area you will be able to see from positions if you decide to move to that spot. I had one situation where I thought my guy was in cover behind a building. I could see that he was on overwatch in the direction I wanted with all of his action points available. Then on the enemy's turn some invisible guy was able to spot mine and kill him while my guy never saw him.
- It would be nice if I had some indication if my solder can fire on an enemy.
- Not colorblind friendly, it does ok, but there are no options to adjust the color at all.
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5.6 hrs
Posted: August 8
Product received for free
The action of the game takes place in a parallel reality in which familiar to us a world map redrawn beyond recognition and is divided between a maximum of 15-20 countries. Game begins in 1914 after the events that are similar to those that marked the beginning of the WW1. You can find more info about the world in the special paragraph in the menu.

The genre of the game is turn-based shooter. Unlike "XCom" the levels here haven't cells for movement and another type of movement points is implemented. Here you can spend different quantity of the points for single shot: more points you spend - more chances to kill you have. But lack of fixed places for movement leads to many troubles with choice of the right position behind the covers.
Game is hard, you can lose all your squad during one turn.

+ alternate story with a lof of references to actual history
+ nice surroundings

+/- unpredictable AI which can kill you from 9000 metres or can miss from 5m

- long loading of the opponent's turn
- fixed camera which can't be rotated
- no info about the protectable qualities of your current cover
- clumsy animation

On the current stage game is pretty playable, but lack of detailed cover's system makes it not so good. But surroundings, music and history are counterbalancing this situation.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: August 7
Product received for free
There is not tha much games on Mac. The number of tactical wargames are counted on the fingers of one hand. I can remember only X-Com on the spot.
Back to the game it has impressive setting that starts from the nice before mission briefing and continues all through the gameplay. Really awaiting the hot-seat multiplayer and ipad version.
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1.0 hrs
Posted: July 30
Excellent tactical strategy from the Russian developers. The game takes place in an alternate universe the 1 st World War. At your disposal are combat troops up to 8 people and technology at the time, and you have to perform 30 exciting missions to figure out which side is stronger. Colorful graphics and excellent musical accompaniment leave only positive impressions about the game.
+Trading Cards

The price of the game is obviously overestimated, I advise to take only at a discount, but if you're a fan of strategy is possible and without it.
I recommend!
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4.6 hrs
Posted: July 30
Step-by-step strategy in the style of steampunk. Of course the topic of war, I do not much like it, but this game fascinated by its atmosphere, very beautiful and thought out an interesting plot. Even despite the fact that the game has no multiplayer to play it interesting. (unfortunately I know very few indie games, where there is adequate multiplayer, so as to make it very difficult.) I have no complaints to this game, I played it on early access, and accept its such what it is. I think you will like it.
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