Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is an epic fantasy role playing game in the style of 16 bit classics like Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. Featuring non-linear gameplay, choices that define the story and exciting turn based gameplay, Legionwood 2 is a love letter to yesteryear.
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Release Date: Feb 28, 2014
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December 19, 2014

Version 1.6.1 is live!

Hail, adventurers and well met.

Today the 1.6.1 patch for Legionwood 2 went online and it adds some cool new features to the game to increase replayability and address some player feedback.

The new features include:

    -Difficulty levels! You can now play the game on Casual, Normal or Purist mode, each of which has different enemy strengths and gold/EXP rates.
    -Enemy stats have been slightly tweaked throughout the game to scale with the difficulty levels better.
    -A rare bug causing a premature Game Over during the final boss fight has been fixed.
    -Slight tweaks to the morality system and endings to make it harder to be "locked into" a certain path.

This patch also adds some coding to the game that prepares completed game save files for export into the upcoming Legionwood 3, so you may experience a slight moment of lag when saving after viewing one of the game's endings.

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“A solid game that simultaneously challenges and delivers in both gameplay and story, Legionwood 2 exemplifies the most compelling parts of a traditional RPG.”
82% – RPGFan

“A casual RPG you'll enjoy if you want a deep, long story.”
3/5 – Gamerscape UK

About This Game

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is an epic fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) in the style of the classics of yesteryear. Playing as an elite imperial soldier trying to protect their homeland, you'll get to explore a massive, fully detailed medieval empire filled with daring adventures, outlandish treasures and dramatic conflicts. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the likes of political corruption, zombie hordes, the onset of war and a game world that changes depending on your choices and actions. Get ready to pick a side on the stage of history. Will you be the one who saves Legionwood, or will you be the one who dooms it to an age of darkness?

This game features:
  • 15+ hours of classic RPG gameplay.
  • Dozens of minigames and sidequests to discover.
  • Hundreds of different character configurations.
  • Over 80 intelligent and dangerous foes.
  • Non-linear game that makes your choices count.
  • Six different endings.

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel GMA series or better
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
    • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Corei3 2.3 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics series or better
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
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Posted: December 19, 2014
Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is an epic fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) in the classic style reminiscent of older RPG hits. Playing as an elite imperial soldier trying to protect their homeland, you'll get to explore a massive, fully detailed medieval empire filled with daring adventures, outlandish treasures and dramatic conflicts. Along the way, you'll have to contend with the likes of political corruption, zombie hordes, the onset of war and a game world that changes depending on your choices and actions. Get ready to pick a side on the stage of history. Will you be the one who saves Legionwood, or will you be the one who dooms it to an age of darkness?
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Posted: December 18, 2014
So far so good pretty balance fight and I think some of the battle gives a good challenge unlike the other rpgs
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Posted: January 2
As a fellow RPGMaker enthusiast I truly wanted to be able to give this game a favorable review. But for every enjoyable part, there seemed to be an unequally annoying part that made me forget it shortly after. I often felt that I was playing a contest entry NOT a published product.

Enjoyed: --------------------------------------------------
- The simple, but well thought class/job choices.
(One of my annoying list was slightly mitigated by the ability to sub-class everyone as a Cleric.)

- The availability of a multitude of items, with actual utility.
(making up for possible bad class choice in battle, and when out of mana.)

- A reasonably believable story line.
(Much less suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy it, unlike many JRPG stories.)

- Competent map making.
(A little boxy, but for RPGMakerXVA default tiles, the attention of variety is acceptable.)

- Market pricing.
(It is nice that the price of goods and acquisition of money are relatively painless, but not excessive.)

Annoyed: --------------------------------------------------
- Complete lack of any quest log.
(It's nearly impossible to keep track of side quests without writing them down on paper.)

- Painfully linear game play.
(Everything, including most over land map access is key-to-open, without any reason to return once completed.)

- Long winded and RAMBLING dialogue.
(To each their own, but after the third 500+ word story sequence, with dramatic pauses and area transitions to boot, I had to FORCE MYSELF to push through them without quitting. Your story is NOT bad, a little cliché but not bad. Do yourself a favor and try not to spell out every detail in WORDS. Leave some of it up to the reader to intuit from setting, animation, and music. It reduces the tedium of reading it, and respects their intelligence at the same time.)

- WTF Difficulty curve!?!
(I realize that you added a difficulty slider to the options menu, and it works, but the difficulty goes from laughable on CASUAL, to randomly deadly on NORMAL, to survival? ROFLCOPTER! on PURIST. It seems that you are using a random troop member replacement script for battles, and that results in some battles where you MUST escape, or die. Period. And if you aren't using a random replacement script, you must enjoy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ off your customers. -- While I can accept this in a scenario where battles are visible, and I have at least a chance to 'chose' them, the default random battle mechanic makes it downright infuriating at times. Ex: The difficulty spike, in NORMAL, inside the second dungeon/cave was enough to finely make me rage quit for the day.)

- What? That was a puzzle?!?
(At least a few times, I was left to assume that I was looking for an item to 'pass' an obstacle. Neither the obstacle itself, nor the item I found that allowed me to do so, had any indication, in its description or dialogue, of its actual purpose. I either randomly returned, or hoped I was right in back tracking, to discover how they related.)
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Posted: May 12
If you've ever played a typical RPG Maker game, you've already played this.
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Posted: June 1, 2014
Playing this game for roughly 1.5 hours now, and really I think the game is good considering the generation it's trying to capture. The nostalgic feeling of difficult games from the 1980s and 1990s, unforgiving and kind of grindy. This game takes more then a few hours of hitting the "Attack" button. It makes you consider your resources carefully.

Engaging in a battle, and just attacking while paying the minimum amount of attention will likely get you killed more often then not. It takes a little planning and some real thought on how to approach the groups of monsters. More then once have I delved into a cave full of monsters, earned a substantial amount of money, just to lose it all on resurrection costs and inn stays. Think about the fight and utilize your characters' abilities. For a while I was using Lionel primarily to First Aid allies that were getting crushed in battle. After a few levels, they easily best groups of enemies.

A lot of reviews make this game out to be bad and hard, and I just didn't think it was fair. By today's standards, yes it could be considered quite brutal at times, but that doesn't make it bad. It makes it challenging. The class system and morality system really make this something I could finish and immediately pick up again.\

Thanks for this game!
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Posted: June 25, 2014
This game makes me very irate. I'm less than two hours in, and here's what I have to complain about:

1. The dialogue has clearly never been read out loud before. It's awkward, long-winded and bad.
2. The battles at the beginning are infuriatingly long. Not so much difficult, but long. Also, dear god but the main character misses a lot.
3. The art for the first boss is out of place, blurry, covered in artifacts, and just plain awful. This game would have been better served by a stock RPGMaker enemy that at least fit the look of the rest of the game.
4. When you talk to the sleeping soldiers from different sides, they take on different sprites - an old man, a young girl. This is because the sprite sheet for "fallen" characters have sprites for every character, rather than different directions, because corpses don't turn to look at you. Preventing the fallen sprite from changing when you talk to it is as simple as checking the "Direction Fix" box in the event menu.

One click. ONE CLICK.

This is a lazy mistake, and just goes to show the lack of testing, and the overall rushedness of this game. It certianly doesn't bode well for the rest of it, but hey, if it wows me by the end of it, I'll update this review. I'm not holding my breath though.
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Posted: June 6, 2014
I'm a huge fan of the first Legionwood, which has a fantastic story, a memorable cast of characters, and very challenging battles. The game was so inspiring to me. If you haven't played Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords, I highly recommend it! Plus, if you do, you'll be familiar with the setting in this game.
However, that being said, to enjoy this game, one would not have to play through the First Legionwood.
I really do think it would enhance your experience though! There are some changes to how you develop your characters this time around, but the overall feeling is still there I think with the new class system. It's a blast. The battles are fast & fierce! Everything is so much smoother! I grew up playing RPGs and the Final Fantasy games as they were released in the US, and old school RPGs are what I crave these days. The story is great, and there are many nods to the events in the original. I find myself never bored at all, and quite honestly, I thought it would be hard to top the first game. But I feel as if Dark Gaia has achieved it! The script is phenomenal, the dialog is fresh, very well written, and the soundtrack for this game is breathtaking. Now over 13 hours in I can say this game is a masterpiece. This is such a unique way to continue the story from Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords, I found myself in awe. The characters in this game have real personalities, and characterization is a key for good storytelling. This game has it all. Do yourself a favor and give it a shot. Anyone who plays this game for at least a few hours will be completely enthralled.
If you are a fan of RPGs, you will love this.
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Posted: September 7, 2014
Yes it's rpg maker, but the fun factor is completely through the roof to the point where the engine does not matter. I love this game, with it's thrilling battles and challenging boss fights where you actually have to THINK. This reminds me of the good old days of the difficulty of ff6 and ff4j, the game will kick your butt if you don't think of a strategy even in random battles but it's very satisfying to make a class combo with your 4 character party and see the good synergy and get a well deserved win.

If dying in a random battle is enough to frustrate you instead of make you grin and say to yourself, "next time!!" then this game is not for you. And check out the first legionwood, its fun. It's FREE!
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Posted: July 4, 2014
I wrote a review for Legionwood 2 about a week ago based on my experiences in the first 2-3 hours into the game. Although I was able to analyse the battle mechanics and world design to quite some depth, I also pointed out weaknesses in the character development, and how information about the world was conveyed to the player. Thankfully, as I played further into the game I found that these problems were addressed, and I felt it would be necessary to re-write my review, and hopefully help the developer in the process. I will avoid all spoilers beyond the first two hours of this game.

If, like me, you have never played a Legionwood game before, you may wish to brace yourself for the first few hours of the game. The player is assaulted with world information and lore over the first few hours, and I found it very difficult to actually understand what was going on. Naturally it was difficult to become invested in the events of the game at that point. The character development showed similar problems - the main party members were able to supply the player with large quantities of information to keep the story moving, but showed little personality (I was convinced that some characters lacked any personality traits whatsoever - Felix frequently made snide comments or light jokes, and Lionel showed some signs of mourning for Clara, but Aelia and later Marcus showed no detectable emotions or character). Thankfully, as the player progresses further into the story, some of these characters have their background explored, and their personality expanded upon. The story itself becomes easier to follow, too, as characters start to respond to recent events instead of bringing up pieces of lore that the player feels little relation to. The player is able to undertake many side-quests as they progress further in the story, which offer opportunites to improve your party, better pace the events of the main quest, and learn more about specific corners of the world. It's a shame that all of this only picks up after a few (5?) hours of gameplay, but what is present is very well-written, and a definite strength of the game.

The meat of the game, the battles, are both challenging and satisfying. It is rare to find an RPG with such enjoyable battles, and I'm not just talking about RPG Maker titles. Bear in mind that they do have a high level of difficulty from the start, so if you have never completed a Final Fantasy game, you may want to steer clear from this one to avoid frustration. Personally, I really appreciated the difficulty, and it forced me to think tactically whenever I encountered a strong opponent. The battles are viewed from a side-on perspective (a big plus for me!) with a conditional turn-based system similar to that of Final Fantasy X. This lends a lot to the strategy, as you must consider not only strength and weakness, but also timing and order of the moves you execute. Characters may be assigned classes (think of the jobs systems of the earlier Final Fantasies) that roughly describes what functions they may serve in battle. And since you are unlikely to win all your battles by just repeatedly attacking, there is real value in choosing classes that inflict status conditions, or reduce enemy statistics, or have a higher critical hit ratio, etc. Although I may be asking a bit much, it could have been fun to see the characters develop within their chosen classes and not just as a whole, but the system is fine as it is and I would not wish it to become unbalanced.

The graphics and sounds are pleasant but not outstanding. The developer has achieved much using the resources supplied with RPG Maker VX, and this is in no way a criticism. The environments are richly detailed - moss growing on cavern walls, tufts of grass amid the odd flower on bright mountain paths, broken furniture and bones littering grey halls in untouched ruins (but who ever heard of doors rotting shut?) The only criticisms I do have are minor, and refer to graphical elements added by the developer: face portraits generally look a little odd, but such should be expected when using the in-built editor, and some components of the user inferface when in a battle are a little difficult to work with (highlights could be a little difficult to see, and icons in the CTB gauge do not specify which enemy they may represent). I find it easy to overlook such ♥♥♥♥les, though, as the rest of the game world is presented very well.

I have yet to complete the game, but I have encountered a few bugs or small mistakes as I have played the game - they are almost always benign, thankfully.
* In certain cut-scenes, if Lionel has the wound status when other party members are removed, the game may cut to the Game Over screen and force the player to load their previous save.
* The CTB gauge occasionally gives incorrect information, in one of two ways: a character's turn might not start when it is stated to on the gauge, and enemies might take their turns earlier than suggested. These may be symptoms of the same problem, which I imagine is due to the way the CTB system is implemented.
* This might not be a bug, but upon learning a new spell when already knowing 8, Marcus forgot one of his previous spells. If this is not a bug, it would be nice to be prompted with a choice upon attempting to learn a move that will cause you to forget an existing one.
* Some skill descriptions differ when comparing the item form and the learned skill form (debilitating shot).
* Some of the metal chests appear to be closed after the player has opened them if they leave the screen and re-enter.
* Some of the sleeping characters change sprite when they are interacted with (they might need to have their direction fixed to prevent this?)
* Some speech contains spelling mistakes.
* Upon meeting one of the kings, he describes the Queen to be on his right. She is actually on his left. (I found it quite amusing to imagine him, with his eyes closed, gesturing to empty space while introducing her, and everyone in the room being too afraid to correct him!)
I stress that these bugs do not irritate me when playing the game - most are harmless, and I list them in the hope that they might aid the developer in identifying and fixing them in future updates.

In summary, I would recommend this game to anyone who has previously completed a Final Fantasy title and is prepared to play through the first few hours before they are able to connect with the world and its characters. Combat is very much enjoyable preciely because it presents a challenge and is well-balanced (when did you last play an RPG where you felt you had to stock up on potions when you left a village?), and there is a large amount of content available between crossing the land as part of the main quest and completing many side-quests along the way, with the occasional well-written cut-scene to break up the action. While I am not humming the tunes outside of the game they are certainly not boring to listen to and overall the world is well-presented. Previously I had criticised the game quite heavily for having so many good features that were not tied together well due to poor character and story development; now I find I am eating my words as I play further into the game. Well done, Dark Gaia.
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Posted: August 12, 2014
Good game, it's got a cute style and decent storyline.
Only complaints are that death ends the game, leaving you to restart completely or from your last save point.
It's good for ramping up the difficulty of the game, but saving in the wrong place at the wrong time can also completely ruin your file and trap you. [Had to restart twice due to doing this]
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Posted: July 29, 2014
This game is pretty good if you have never used RPG maker, but if you have, you would know how sloppy this is. Even the first town is one of the pre made ones, which seems REALLY lazy and sloppy. The dialogue is simple and unappealing, they didn't even bother to add faces to half the dialogue even though I know it is possible. If you don't care about this, by all means, go right ahead, but if you care about playing an RPG that is actually good and has a good story don't bother and buy something that isn't a waste of your money.

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Posted: November 3, 2014
The only problem I see with this game is that it's beginning doesn't give justice to what is coming to you afterwards. Yeah, some down characters are buggy (the sprite will change aspect depending on the direction you go. If you use rpg maker, remember kids : never forgt "direction fix" on downed sprites :) ). Yes, there is a bug with inventory in the very beginning (but not game breaking at all and you really have to do things an unusual way to fall on it so I guess testers can't be blamed for that , believe me, it's easily missed.).
But seriously, seriously , really, THIS GAME IS A GEM OF AN RPG.
If like me you're a nostalgic of old snes jrpg era you'll freaking LOVE IT. The customisation system of characters is good (you can chose their class and sub-class which allows many different strategies), difficulty so far (i'm at 4 hours of play, finished three bosses) is well balanced. Beware beginners though, it's challenging don't expect to be able to bash "attack attack attack heal attack attack heal" to win it requires more strategy to best your opponents. And this is GREAT.
The music....oh God the music is so delightful. It's like if Chrono Trigger's soundtrack met Secret of Mana and decided to go HD with real instruments.

The storyline is classic but well put together, characters are well written so far. The mapping is good too, you have much things to find out in every area, you don't have useless items or skills, YES , state inflicting skills for once are useful!

Definetely worth the few bucks required to give it a try. If you loved old Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire etc by any mean, BUY THIS. I sware you won't regret it.
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Posted: September 27, 2014
This game is good, well is good in many points, remember that is a RPG maker game.

This game make me feel like a kid when i played FF, the history is not bad, probably too long :/ but it have strong points too, is funny to play if u love <3 RPG tha habilities are good, and the point that u start on ur last savepoint is good ^^

It remembers me when i was a kid and thats why this game is awesome! :D
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Posted: July 7, 2014
I was enjoying this game and would have recommeded it to anyone looking for classic FF mixed with Dragon Warrior diffuculty and gameplay. That battles are hard, and not just click click click. You have to use defense and well as offensive spells for even the earliest of battles. It wont let me leave the mine to buy any health potions, or heal my dead character. Very bad design in not letting me leave the whole mine unless I kill the boss first. I am at level 9 and last save was when I was level 3. I am not starting over again. The developer contacted me yesterday and sent me a new save file, he also said that the next update would fix this problem. I can now get back to playing, and I am thankful to Steam and dark gaia for listening and fixing my dilemma.
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Posted: August 5, 2014
This is touted as an old school Final Fantasy homage, so be prepared to deal with exactly what that means. This game can be described as "status effects: the game". Most enemies will bind, blind, sleep, and generally annoy you in every fight. Your characters will counter with such fiercesome status effects as miss, evade, and no effect, all of which lead you to an untimely grave from the somewhat OP ability for enemies to lay out almost any character in a single turn. Honestly, this was what the designer intended judging by their other posts, and that is fine, some games aren't for everybody, I get that. The real reason that I am hanging up the playthrough for this is just that it seems to not generate fun for me. This game really requires the player to focus on turn order, defense strategies, and many other complex things that just don't seem to fit in to my particular playstyle. Aside from the mechanics, there are some real positive ideas that went into this design, including the ability to change your class whenever you choose without permanent losses, a dual class system to spice things up, and some sort of moral choice system that I cannot attest to because I'm throwing in the towel early. The nitpick things about this game are fairly comical from what I've see, they include the sprite possibly changing when you talk to an "idle" character, which another review indicated was a simple missed checkbox in RPGMaker. A few typos here and there that give a bit of a guffaw. The biggest detractor aside from the needlessly difficult fights, however, is that these characters suffer from "Dragon Age syndrome" in that they choose to expound the story by murdering your brain with text (says the guy with the long review). Honestly, after a few minutes into the story, I had no idea what was going on anymore because after my 9-5 I didn't want to read "War and Peace" to start, what is at its core, an RPGMaker game. To help out potential customers, I will say this: If you love difficult, strategic, thinking mans turn based combat, this should be a good time for you. If not, I would have to say steer clear.
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Posted: November 20, 2014
Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is a classic RPG game set in the expansive world of legionwood. It follows 1000 years after the first game Legionwood 1. Another problem arrises after 1000 years after Lann (Gaia) kills Castoth and it is up to you to save Legionwood once more.

Legionwood 2 is a very difficult game in which requires more planning and quick thinking than traditional RPG games. It offers extensive character customisation, allowing you to choose the class of each character given to you. Legionwood 2 offers non-linear gameplay and gives many optional side quests to explore and conquer as well.

Legionwood 2 has a morality system as well whether you will be hailed as a hero in the end or be dispised by many for your cunning acts. Apart from the morality system, certain actions and decisions and completion of quests would also contribute to the final ending. Simply saying, Legionwood 2 is not a 1 time affair. It has great replay value in that aspect.

It offers around 21+ hours of gameplay if you are to finish the game once through and it is a fully enjoyable 21 hours of gameplay. For those who would like a very challenging traditional RPG game, this is the game for you! (The battles are very difficult if you do not plan, you have been warned)
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Posted: May 20, 2014
This game is nothing more than a quick cash in. The gameplay is unengaging. The cast is uninteresting and the world lacks character. There is promise here with the morality system and job combinations, but a lot more development time is needed to reach it. As it stands, this game isn't worth the price they are asking for it, or any price for that matter. It should be free. If you want something made with RPG Maker that is worth your time and money get To The Moon, Deadly Sin 2, Aveyond, or Skyborn.
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Posted: June 1, 2014
I've only played the first half-hour of this game - but I've already seen enough.

Combat & grinding

Most of the fights in the introductory sequence were routine (and boring!). The exception was a set of spiders which seemed entirely luck-based. My chances of hitting them were low, while they could deal either half my healthbar... or about 10%, depending on mood. They also had an attack which would slow my characters to the point where they had 4 moves to my 1.

I didn't even manage to hit them until my third reset - that time they just died easily, as I had better luck.

From comments on the forums, this continues, and the only solution is to grind.

Poor programming & resets

I spent three minutes unable to progress because a guard had (randomly) walked into a 1-square-wide corridor and blocked it. Eventually I had to reset the game.

Dialogue & story

The story is potentially interesting, but is ruined by bad writing. I've already witnessed the (cliche) opening tragedy, but due to the writing, it had no impact at all.


I'm a fan of old-style RPGs, so I thought this game might be worth a try - now I'm glad I got it cheaply. If you're on the fence about this game, look elsewhere; or check a video first.
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Posted: June 3, 2014
I came to that game from Skyborn and Deadly Sin 2 and this game is not even as half as engaging as any of those two. Unlike in Skyborn you can't see the monsters - battles occur at random moment and unlike in Deadly Sin 2, you aren't able to 'turn off' monsters respawns, so any kind of walking and/or exploration is tedious as it is continously interrupted by fights. Combat isn't balanced well, at least not in starting areas (first farmland quest), where some of the enemies seem to have much higher abilities than you are.

Unlike in Skyborn or Deadly Sins 2, fight difficulty isn't adjustable at all, which, considering how unfair fights feel, is a big letdown. I don't care about 'old-school nostalgic hard difficulty', I want to be able to play a game as _I_ want it, so having an option of easy difficulty on fights would be much more fun to me. Alas, it is absent.

As debuffs are expiring so slowly out of combat and as I'm not sure if characters have any sort of health and SP regeneration over time, most of the times I was fighting well under full power and losing over and over again, which was just frustrating. With all battles occuring at random, it is just too much frustration in general with exploration and walking around.

And 300+ of money just to resurrect the character after yet another death, _in the city I've saved_, _on a quest_ on behalf of town? Just ridiculous, like those people don't have any sense of gratitude. And as I didn't notice any items that can help with resurrestion while in travels, every time the character is killed it is a track all way back to church - through random, out of blue battles - and all way back into dungeon. And there is no visible threat management, so monsters seem to attack party members in random.

The only interesting mechanic thing is a subclass system but it is such a minor detail in a big picture of frustration that I didn't feel it worth my time to shamble through bad unfair-looking combat.

I do appreciate the ability to skip intro, although vanity label with the name of the studio in the beginning of the game can also use some screentime trimming. Also, I don't know if it is a glitch of a feature, but sometimes when you 'talk' to sleeping characters their sprites flip to some other sprites, which would be fun if flipped sprites remained the same - sort of you like peek into their dreams; I found it very amusing. I also liked Aelia portrait (others are ok) but won't it kill developers to maybe make several different emoting portraits so characters won't have same stuck expression all the time?

As it is at first hour of the game, the writing seems to be uninspired at best (why Clara run to The Hero just to die at his arms when _he knows First Aid spell_ by default)? Although I like that barbarians were given some slight depth in Boudica, instead of 'just evil people out to kill us' label.

Considering all of this, personally can't recommend.
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Posted: May 18, 2014
I played a lot of RPG Maker Games but Legionwood showed me the bad sides of this genre.
It actually punched me right in the face.

Dont get me wrong, hard games are okey but i acutally like to have a choise.
This game forces you to grind in the first real area after the intro fights!

Story might by tempting but there a so many good games around, nope. Sorry. Not this time.
No grinding for me please

If you like games who come around hard from the beginning this might be a game for you, if not -> a lot of fish in the ocean.
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