Parkan II is an original concept game that will allow you to feel as a pilot of a spacecraft lost somewhere in the universe. Become a pirate or mercenary, get money to buy the most powerful cruiser and show them all who is to be the new master of the galaxy. Unforgettable adventures in the Parkan II universe await you!
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Mixed (150 reviews) - 64% of the 150 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: May 11, 2007

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About This Game

Parkan II is an original concept game that will allow you to feel as a pilot of a spacecraft lost somewhere in the universe. The players are to explore hundreds of solar systems, take part in a series of fierce battles and meet a new enemy - a mysterious creature calling itself Gegemaunt. Become a pirate or mercenary, get money to buy the most powerful cruiser and show them all who is to be the new master of the galaxy. Unforgettable adventures in the Parkan II universe await you!

Key features:

  • Explore the awe-inspiring galaxy which evolves as you progress
  • Unique mix of several genres: action, RPG, strategy and space simulator
  • Huge game universe: more than 500 solar systems available for exploration
  • The player can choose any type of gameplay strategy, become a colonizer, pirate, trader or mercenary
  • Multiple diverse ways to modernize the spacecraft and battle suit
  • Wide freedom of action: battle in space and board enemy ships, explore planets, capture enemy bases and conquer solar system

    System Requirements

      • OS: Windows XP/7/8
      • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP
      • Memory: 1 GB RAM
      • DirectX: Version 9.0c
      • Storage: 4 GB available space
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    Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
    113 of 131 people (86%) found this review helpful
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    2.4 hrs on record
    Posted: April 16, 2014
    The game is quite good (I played it time ago), but the Steam Version crashes on landing on a planet. Let's hope this issue is solved and it doesn't add itself to the "forgotten old bones" Collection. NOTE: As I comment in my May 28 posting, all the bugs were promptly solved by the developers and the Game works fine now! :^)
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    71 of 76 people (93%) found this review helpful
    40.3 hrs on record
    Posted: May 6, 2014
    This is actually a pretty good game, kinda slow at the start and there is a learning curve, but if you stick with it the game is quite enjoyable. Though one thing that can be quite a pain is that at times the story can be a little hard to follow, but the log book can save the day there. There's quite a bit of space in this game, and the landing and moving about on the planets is quite unique (and quite well done to boot)! Let me say that I am a big fan of the X series (X Beyond the Frontier, X2, X3r, X3TC & X3 AP), and while is ain't X, nor is it ment to be, the fact remains that I find this game just about as interesting and enjoyable (and in some ways more maybe even).

    All in all this is an interesting take on a space sim. So, if your in to that, then you just might want to give this a try.
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    48 of 56 people (86%) found this review helpful
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    13.8 hrs on record
    Posted: April 17, 2014
    Very addictive game, great game concept! Fly the galaxy in a "ship", land on planets and take over outposts, board ships and plunder the loot, upgradeable combat suit and ship(s).

    Yes, the game crashed, once, and not once since. Easy (enough) to read displays. Decent graphics for its time (and for most indie-level games today), wide open play, great sandbox feel (after you play awhile, it opens up).
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    38 of 45 people (84%) found this review helpful
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    2.9 hrs on record
    Posted: September 15, 2014
    Parkan II is a 3D space simulator combined with first-person action. In the game players will get an opportunity to explore a vast universe, visit different planets, their satellites, huge space stations and immense space destroyers. Players can do this in the cockpit of a spaceship, inside a tank or just with a laser rifle in hand. Gamers will have to fight against multiple enemies in outer space, on planets' surface, inside military bases or even in the debris of some ancient civilizations.The first thing that you will immediately notice about Parkan II is that it is really quite easy on the eyes. Granted, there are titles that have engines capable of higher degrees of detail and flashier special effects, but Parkan II’s graphics have a high degree of cohesiveness overall, thanks to consistent art design. There will be a large variety of ships to choose from in Parkan II, ranging from small fighter craft, larger assault craft, freighter ships, all the way up to your capital ships. The universe of Parkan II is based on what is essentially a story-driven sandbox mode where you can follow the main storyline or wander off on your own whims and have fun that way. There are many factions in the title, and while no specifics are available, it was mentioned that doing missions for or attacking the property of a faction will raise or lower your rep with them accordingly. Parkan II effectively combines two genres into one game, and if the other features were more polished, the game would be a complete success. By themselves, the space or land combat would be disappointing, but together they produce a fairly entertaining game. Even though the missions are repetitive and the universe is not that dynamic, space adventure fans will find enough to keep them occupied in the game, especially for the lowered price.
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    23 of 28 people (82%) found this review helpful
    2.3 hrs on record
    Posted: January 13, 2015
    Parkan 2 tried to create a 3D space exploration game with planetery combat,space dogfights and political aspects. This is what I call a holy grail of space games if it can be done right .

    Unfortunetly clearly 1C did not have experience to pull this off . While all aspects of open world spacegame are present none of them are done in the right way.

    -Space travel and combat are very disorienting .
    -Ground combat is a basic shooter with few options not counting minor item customization.
    -Enviroments and planets look rather dull and it is hard to tell what you need to be doing.

    This game expects you to learn a lot of things and tutorial does not cover all of them but if you don't skip tips you should be ok .You will stumble here and there but with the game so ambitios I am not suprised that they failed to provide solid tutorial overall.

    Unlike 2D Space Rangers 2 this game is striped of all the style and atmosphere that made Space Rangers great . I just don't find visual and story elements of this game enjoyable .

    6/10 . I don't think its a bad game but you have to be willing to learn how to play it and overlook some flaws .
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    19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
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    2.7 hrs on record
    Posted: August 14, 2014
    When I first started playing Parkan I had no idea what the heck was going on. I started my first mission, landed on my first planet and still didn't know what was going on.

    After actually reading and listening to a bit of AI that speaks to you within the game, she gave me some good pointers to go look at my mission log book. The game is pretty cool, and reminds me of Star Trek Online way before it was even a thought. Parkan goes as follows, you have a ship that can be modified in many different ways. The suit you use when you transport to worlds can also be customized and weapons changed. The game is a FPS/RPG type game where you are able to build diplomatic ties with certain factions.

    The gameplay itself is first person in the ship and first person on the planet. The ship controls are done with the keyboard and mouse and provides for a decently rewarding firefight. This game provides it's own unique approach to FPS/RPG. It's not FULL OUT customization on the ship and suit (colors, decals... bla bla) but shooting rockets or lazers, go ahead and go nuts choose which one you'd like to shoot.

    Would give it an 8 if it was substantially different but due to it's age :

    RATING : 6.95/10

    Gameplay C+
    Story / Campaign B+
    Visuals / User Interface C+
    Sounds / Music C+
    Replay-ability C
    Overall C+
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    15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
    24.2 hrs on record
    Posted: October 25, 2015
    -Open world space flight
    -Faction system
    -Own your own planets, upgrade infrastructure
    -Space combat and first person combat
    -Buy ships, customize loadouts
    -Lots of content
    -Logbook keeps a record of every interaction, helping with several smaller frustrations

    -Repetitive on all fronts
    -Bad, bad voice acting
    -Can't steal the ships you board =(
    -Dated graphics
    -Poor storytelling and passable plotline
    -Learning curve

    Overall: Parkan 2 is a charming little game. It has a lot of issues. The voice acting is abysmally bad, and the game play gets very repetitive. Each planet has one of a few prerendered environments and some cloned base layouts. The game is open ended, but often it just feels like running in a hamster wheel, redoing some of the exact same things over and over. Additionally, there is a steep learning curve, and a wide array of little nitpicky aggravations that aren't worth really getting into. Despite this, the game is fun, really really fun. It manages to be challenging in the right ways, and comes together as a coherent whole, even if it doesn't do so with the most style. It won't win any awards, but you won't regret playing it.

    Bottom Line: It's only $3.99, that's a small price for a fun game that will give you hours of fun.
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    28 of 41 people (68%) found this review helpful
    1.7 hrs on record
    Posted: May 4, 2014
    This is a great game. Sure it's a bit quirky, but it's got so much about it to love. If you like space gaming AT ALL, give this one a shot. Seriously, I say this as an expert. ;)
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    23 of 32 people (72%) found this review helpful
    1.4 hrs on record
    Posted: April 18, 2014
    I've played for about an hour and thought I would post a quick review because there isn't many so far. I'm running windows 7 with a decent system and haven't had a crash yet. I haven't gotten to the open world part yet so far its been pretty much guiding me along but its been a ton of fun.

    The story doesn't make a lot of sense so far. The movie seems sort of confusing but I think I got most of it. The voice acting while not great is horrible either. The little messages telling you want to do and explaining the game can be vague and sometimes you will get three or four of them right in the middle of a fire fight and don't have time to read them. Thankfully they save them all so you can go back and read them. All in all it did a pretty good job of teaching me how to play it a short amount of time. If you've played freespace or anything like it you should pick up the dog fighting quick.

    You start out fighint some pirates and then land to secure some data from a crashed ship and get your first taste of FPS combat. So far it seems passable. Nothing new or awesome but seems to do the job. There are ports that you will be able to take over and then defend agaist pirate attacks which seems like it could be cool.

    Your ship seems like it will be pretty upgradable. There is atleast four different systems you can change out also four gun spots and four missile spots. You can only have one gun spot and one missile spot active at a time but can switch between them at anytime.

    Also they have a energy system that I remember having fun with back in the x-wing/tie fighter days. You can switch power between your systems(shields, weapons, engines, and I think the last one was sensors).

    Over all I've had a lot of fun so far and will keep playing. I may or may not update this review based on how lazy I feel.
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    18 of 26 people (69%) found this review helpful
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    1.3 hrs on record
    Posted: March 1
    It's basically No Man's Sky but $56 cheaper.
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    Recently Posted
    0.6 hrs
    Posted: October 4
    Watched the intro 5 times after 4 crashes 10/10 great moive.
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    1.9 hrs
    Posted: September 27
    Better than No Man's Sky.
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    The Black Butcher
    0.8 hrs
    Posted: September 6
    What did I just play?
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    0.7 hrs
    Posted: September 6
    -Laughable story that I assume you need to have played the first game to appreciate
    -Enemies that take forever to die and lack variation
    -Ship and player combat are both janky and not particuarly engaging thanks to a lack of fundimental control options for the ship or interesting combat options overall.

    +It didn't crash. Counts as a positive I guess.
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    0.2 hrs
    Posted: August 10
    No Man's Sky v0.1
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    48.1 hrs
    Posted: July 12
    Great concept, poor execution... The game really tries to mix politics, space combat, shooter, colonisation, exploration and RPG together into one epic package. It actually more or less delivers in all espects - there are factions and some politics between them, you do fight in space, you can colonise planets, you do customise your ship and equipment, you can capture ships or planets in FPS game... But most of the puyyle pieces are of quite poor quality.

    Game was quite bugged on release, it was not possible to finish main quests.

    Still I do recommend a game, for a price it is quite an experience and there is definitely enjoyment worth 4 bucks in it. And you can dream of the game with the similar refreshing concept, yet much better execution.
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    2.7 hrs
    Posted: June 20
    Absolute BOWLOCKS. SImple as. Not even worth it for free!
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    3.5 hrs
    Posted: June 6
    Not sure how this got in my inventory but I sure hope I didn't pay money for it. XD
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    King Weeman
    1.4 hrs
    Posted: March 24
    Sale material only, IMO, and here's why:
    Instructions are not clear or more likely not right, whoever is instructing you tells you "Do this" you do just that, and sometimes nothing happens.I got stuck with the game in a mission where I had to clear the robots from a building(after another time I was stuck and googled a walkthrough cuz the instructions told me it should work but didn't) so I killed all the enemies, then proceeded to go through the building and search every spot of it 3 times only to find nothing(killed 2 robots at the exact same time maybe that stuck one of them marked as existent or idk) so I can't advance with the game.
    Besides that:
    Graphics are ♥♥♥♥(didn't get it for the graphics though)
    Voice acting is ♥♥♥♥(don't even get me started lmao)
    The game has good parts too, and the concept is nice.
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