Crush monsters and get loots in the classic turn-based style of deep dungeons and high adventure! Grow the Dungeonmans Academy, a bastion of learning that expands as you play. Serious gameplay with a light-hearted atmosphere, combining the feel of history's great RPGs and dice-slinging adventures around the tabletop.
User reviews: Very Positive (287 reviews) - 92% of the 287 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 9, 2014

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September 25, 2015

Dungeonmans Fightamin D Patch: Achievements, New Gear and Dungeons, Trading Cards!

Achievements, Trading Cards, Steam-based Hooplah
Dungeonmans now contains a wide collection of Achievements to achieve, as well as a full compliment of Trading Cards to collect, Backgrounds and Badges to barter, and Emoticons to FEEL. Earn them by playing your favorite Dungeonmans themed game.

New Gear!
New variants on weapons and shields have entered the game, as well as a collection of new legendary weapons.

  • Shortbows: Bows with reduced firing range but increased damage. Probably OP.
  • Piercing Polearms: Polearms that do reduced damage to adjacent enemies but extra bonus damage to enemies farther away.
  • Defensive Staffs: Wizard Staff weapons with reduced spellpower bonuses but a flat reduction to damage taken.
  • Elemental Resist Shields: Shields with reduced block and armor but increased resistance to magic damage.
  • 7 new rings.
  • 6 new pieces of Legendary gear.
  • Souldrinking Bolster scrolls, guaranteed to drop from Crypt bosses, give powerful enchantments to your weapons at the cost of your very own Stremf!

New Dungeon Type: Fallen Castles
Lost in distant forests, one might find once mighty castles that have crumbled and been reclaimed by both nature, and villains of the world desperate to find shelter. These outdoor ruins are excellent sources of Purloined Inventory and Blueprints, as well as densely packed with the monsters you love to crush.

Updates and Fixes
  • Pools are interesting finally! Newer, longer-lasting enchantments, more variety, and the occasional monster filled surprise.
  • The Academy Armorer now lets you melt down unlocked gear that can't be Psychotossed.
  • Brigand Cryoduchesses do less bleed damage with Outlaw Shank and also fire the Shank slightly less often.
  • Mid level bosses no longer have health in the 18k range, but they remain tough and damage output has not been nerfed.
  • Weapon and Armor racks now toss loot around like treasure chests do.
  • UI Fixes including dialog boxes not working properly with the mouse.
  • Fallen Dungeonmens Pyres are appearing again for heroes level 10 and higher.
  • Fixed a crash with Necromanser poisons and level transitions.
  • Invisible monsters shouldn't draw on the map any longer.

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“Dungeonmans is a proper roguelike, the kind filled with turn-based fighting, scrolls and horrible death... Knowing my next character will potentially level up faster and hit harder on his way just make me want to keep playing until I can trounce everything in sight.”

“I had such a good time with Dungeonmans that I found myself bumping games off of my top 5 list for 2014 in order to make room for its last-minute inclusion.”

“If I had actual time to play games, that's the kinda game I would love to spend time with.”

About This Game

Crush monsters and get loots in the classic turn-based style of deep dungeons and high adventure! Serious gameplay surrounded by a light-hearted atmosphere, designed to evoke the feel of history's great RPGs and dice-slinging adventures around the tabletop.

  • True roguelike adventure: turn-based, tough but fair, countless combat options.
  • More than 75 unique player abilities.
  • 12 different styles of Dungeons and Battlefields with more on the way.
  • Six class archetypes to mix and match.
  • 50+ enemies, including the fearsome Triger!
  • The Dungeonmans Academy, your home base that grows with each play.
  • A world-class soundtrack brimming with music straight from the era of RPG classics.

In an untamed wilderness, where civilization lives in the shadow of fearsome beasts and lawless villainy, the only light against the darkness are the courageous Dungeonmens! With cunning minds, mighty thews and iron wills, these great heroes and heroines are dedicated toward exploring the unknown, taming the wild, and crushing the fiercest of beasts.

Adventure begins at the Dungeonmans Academy, an ever-growing bastion of learning that expands and evolves based on the efforts of its graduates. As heroes return from their journeys burdened by giant piles of precious loot and ancient wisdom, the Academy grows and future graduates are able to take advantage of this knowledge, starting with a leg up on their quest to avenge the bold graduates who fell in previous battles.

The vast overworld teems with adventure! There are indeed dungeons deep and plentiful, but also dripping swamps, deathless crypts, huddled warrens, forest camps of bandits and highwaymen, ancient towers ruled by powerful despots, and even more terrible dangers waiting in the darkest shadows. A Dungeonmans rises to the challenge with a healthy mix of Skills and Masteries, fighting up close, at range, with steel and spell alike. Unfettered by "class restrictions", a Dungeonmans chooses the right tools for the battles ahead.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
44 of 46 people (96%) found this review helpful
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105.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 6, 2015
For a while now I've considered myself a fan of the rogue-like/rogue-lite genres. I've played more than a dozen of both the free and paid varieties over the years and I'm sure that number will only grow. Despite the breadth of the rogue-like/rogue-lite genres and the sheer variety of games and game mechanics contained in those terms, Dungeonmans is among my favorites. But to understand why I love this game, you first have to understand what it is not.

  • Dungeonmans is not a story-based experience in the slightest. If that's what you want, look elsewhere.
  • Dungeonmans is not the sort of rogue-like where starvation is a constant threat--there is no hunger mechanic whatsoever.
  • Dungeonmans is not a rogue-lite. You will not find the twin stick shooter chaos of Binding of Isaac. You will not find the platforming of Spelunky. You will not find the music-based gameplay of Crypt of the Necrodancer. You will not find the castlevania stylings of Rogue Legacy. All of those games are good, but they are not what you will find in Dungeonmans.

What you WILL find in Dungeonmans:
  • A skill system that rewards patience and emphasizes maneuvering above all else.
  • Several classes, from the conventional warrior/mage/archer archetypes to the less common like polearm specialists who can create area of effect zones to bolster their power/debuff their enemies and berserkers with a penchant for dressing with class and drinking tea.
  • The ability to ignore the preset classes and tinker with hybrid builds as you see fit. Wizard/necromancer? Done. Archer with plate armor? Fair enough. Some dude who picks and chooses from several classes at once and potentially sucks at all of them? Rather likely in the short term while you figure things out.
  • Dungeons to delve and monsters to slay, from slimes and evil wizards to pseudo-British bomb throwing anarchists.
  • A system of progression that allows you to build off the successes of previous characters through things like auto-identified potions and scrolls, better starting gear, or more stats to go around. Or, if you feel like it, none of that at all.
  • An overworld map teeming with dungeons to explore, towns to sell excess loot, and occasional bandit camps.
  • The roguelike staple of potentially cursed gear.
  • Hidden shops staffed entirely by talking bees.

It's not a perfect game, as no such game exists. The progression system inevitably bothers rogue-like purists, even though it can be almost entirely ignored or opted-out of. The game's sense of humor can and does rub some people the wrong way. The flexibility of the skill system can leave some players lost, or others annoyed that it isn't as complicated as say, Tales of Maj Eyal. Yet looked at strictly on its own merits, Dungeonmans is what many rogue-likes strive to be: a rewarding adventure where the risk of death comes primarily from player carelessness, where mechanics are simple enough to learn but deep enough to experiment with, and there are always more foes lying in wait to slay. Give it a shot.
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81.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 20, 2015
Once you get all the achievements, you pretty much have to write a review, am I right? I mean, I want to be a good mans to the developer, who totally rocked it with this one.

Anyway, Dungeonmans is a great roguelike with a good sense of humor that I found quite charming. The name of the game is used as a point of humor throughout, so basically any phrase that would end in "man" or "men" becomes "mans" instead (Mans-at-Arms, Lizardmans, Necromanser, Lady Dungeonmans, etc). Also on the subject of humor, one of the pictures on the store page shows the "Beeholder" enemy, which fights like a D&D Beholder but spawns bee-type enemies to fight you when it dies.

If there's one thing I can't stop thinking about this game, it's that it feels like a really well-designed experience. Some people may say it feels simplified, but this is definitely a "less is more" type of thing. I've played ToME and DCSS, and those are fun, but this game has a much tighter scope in my opinion. The graphics certainly don't hurt, either.

It's got a good system of turn-based movement and combat, pretty standard stuff in that regard. I felt like there was a good mix of single-target and AOE abilities that kept me using different skills almost constantly. A lot of games in this genre can fall apart once you find that one ability that trumps everything.

Also, it's fairly reasonable to think that if you play your mans well, you'll get at least decent gear and be able to really kick some butt. In all the hours I played, I never once felt like I got screwed because I needed a new weapon that just wouldn't drop, or had an enemy show up that my character wasn't at least capable of dealing with (I know, I shouldn't have gotten arrogant and bump-fought that scrolled monster party...)

For anyone put off by the mechanic where you can pass along boosts to later generations (it actually can get extremely overpowered if you plan ahead), I would like to state that there's an achievement for clearing the game with a single mans, so that's a good challenge for those looking for the traditional roguelike one-life-to-live experience. That was my first clear of the game, which is probably why I had so many hours logged before it happened.


Buy this game, it's super fun. If you do, maybe the developer will make more and I will appreciate you for contributing to that.
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21.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 23, 2015
I can almost give this game a thumbs up. It has a lot going for it. It has some dynamic classes you can make, and I like the persistence of the academy where you can get previous hero's gear, id potions and scrolls and a few other things. I also like the open nature of the world and the fact that you can customize your gear with enchants and stuff.

However, there is something that really pisses me off about this game and I consider terrible game design. I had several good runs just end because of total BS bosses. Really, the final one took the cake and just was beyond stupd and made me not want to play this game anymore.

Anyway, in general it goes something like this.
1. Open a door.
2. Die

1. Open door and enter room.
2. See some odd effect on a boss and wonder what it does.
3. Die.

When you are in a dungeon where most of the monsters, including champions don't even touch you, that the boss, while challenging, should not one shot you or wipe the floor with you as you desperatly get away. Unless you are stupid, you should not die like this. There is an escape scroll you can use, but it takes 20 rounds to activate. Plenty of time to die some of these BS bosses.

Now let me tell you about the last, total BS boss. It was not even a dungeon boss, just opened a door and there he was. I guess that makes him a champion and not a boss (even worse).

The first thing this boss does is steal my weapon. This has never happened before. I rummnage around my backpack and get another weapon and equip it. While I do this, he steals my armor. Again, this is beyond stupid. I also have a pet called a hateglacier which is fairly tough. He 2 shots the pet. I had close to 400 hp, and he drops me to 60 pts in one hit. I teleport away (after having lost my really good armor and weapon to this guy). I do through a scroll. BTW when he hit me, not only did he do a tun of damage, but he took away nearly all my stamina too. Then I try and run away, but he is really fast. I am sucking down potions and teleporting, buring all my consumables. It is no use. Game over.

I spent like 6 hours on this character and that kind of end just doesn't sit well to me. Difficulty should ramp up and scale somewhat evenly. It should not spike like a 1000 foot vertical wall.

All and all this game is somewhat repetitive (after having like 10 characters I was really bored of the first part of the game) and clearly needs some major balance. If you are in a dungeon and you are fairly "safe" from even the occasional champion, you should not open doors to things like this. Also stealing equipped items is just stupid (although, if he did not steal those items, I am sure he would have wiped the floor with me anyway).
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17.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 4
Just a fantastic roguelike with a lot of humor and ton of details. Once I got the hang of how combat worked and how to take advantage of the academy upgrades to benefit future runs I was hooked. An easy game to recommend if you enjoy tile turn based mayhem.

The dev did provide me with access to Dungeonman for streaming/review purposes. If I didn't like it I'd say so. :)
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118.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2015
Great game and great replayability. I actually like the inability to resuse names. Every one of my pets has been a character and the wifey got in on coming up with new names, It really makes you get a attached to some characters. I'll never forget when Mr. Poopy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ died... I was sad about it for a whole day until Mr. Poopy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ll was created. Oh, the adventures we had...
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