Steel Armor: Blaze of War is realistic tank simulator with tactical elements. The game models Soviet T-62 tank and US M60A1 tank in detail. Each tank has interactive cockpit with crew. Player controls a tank, and commands a tank platoon and attached forces in 4 large scale dynamic campaigns.
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Release Date: Mar 5, 2015

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“...Wow, that’s handy, I can get my units to auto-deploy in cover by clicking that icon. That one lets me see individual soldiers on the tac map. If I dab that one, my AFVs will attempt to use roads to reach their destination… The more comfortable you get with controls, the freer you’ll be to savour SABOW’s potent atmosphere and savage spectacle...”
Rock Paper Shotgun

About This Game

Steel Armor: Blaze of War is realistic tank simulator with tactical elements.

The game is composed of two equally important parts:
  • Operational: player can choose the battlefield area, supply and reinforce his units and repair his vehicles.
  • Tactical: player gets into actual battle, controls his tank and commands attached units.

The game has no fixed missions, player makes his own game which dramatically increases replayability. The goal is to win battles in any of the four operations by commanding tank units of either the Soviet, Iranian, Iraqi or Angolan army.

Each of the operations dictates its own strategies:
  • Afghanistan – first of all, destroy enemy fire points and support your motor-rife troops.
  • Iran – classic tank clashes with outnumbering enemy.
  • Angola – full-fledged mobile warfare involving all types of troops.

Depending on operation, player will have either Soviet medium tank T-62 or US main battle tank M60A1. Player can drive his tank from the driver’s station, fire from the gunner’s station, and command his tank crew and whole unit from the commander’s station. Each tank has interactive cockpit, where player can perform basic operations using a mouse: select sight, move between the crew stations, stowed position, work with the tank equipment and select the shell to load.

Player will be assigned variety of tasks:
  • Recon and attack enemy positions.
  • Defend own positions.
  • Occupy and defend settlements.
  • Support infantry.
  • Ambush, and break out of encirclements.

Player can complete tasks either by commanding a single tank (tank platoon) or by commanding other units in the Tactical Map mode. Each battle brings experience points and (probably) awards to player's crew and his forces after the battle. In the Statistics Mode player can view his results, see detailed report of his and other units’ firing performance, hits and damages.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: AMD/Intel 2GHz, 2 cores
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1
    • Processor: AMD/Intel 3GHz+, 4 cores
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
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Very Positive (112 reviews)
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97.1 hrs
Posted: August 10
I play for the bumpin music and cool hats.
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12.6 hrs
Posted: July 30
Detailed and realistic tank mechanics, detailed damage models
Tanks can be controlled from first person or tactical map, allied units can be player controlled making it sort of a RTS type experience if you are playing in such way.
Able to switch between different crew members to perform different tasks, AI controled crews are fairly capable and can be quite helpful

Terrible UI design making it very hard to find and change game settings or remapping controls.
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37.4 hrs
Posted: July 20
I have played tank games for as long as computers came out and i have found that this game is as close as it gets to the real thing . As for the controls ,yes it takes time to know what to do and how to use them and if you think it should be just jump in and fire. then you should try and run a real tank not that easy it will take time but it will be the best dam game when you do . Happy Hunting
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[SpatC] Knubinator
0.8 hrs
Posted: July 14
Just do yourself a favor and play Steel Beasts instead. This game is very unintuitive, and the controls are poor at best.
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Sae Kurosawa
15.8 hrs
Posted: July 4
An awesome tank sim. I highly recommend it. Not as good as Steel Fury or Steel Beasts but not far behind from those.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: June 26
No, just no.

I tried to like this, this, whatever you would call it. If you want something like this, get Arma 3.
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81.0 hrs
Posted: June 6
Steel armor blaze of war is a tank simulator featuring cold war combat scenarios, the game gives you two tanks to play in. The T-62 which brutally slaughtered enemies in Iraq-Iran war and the M60 which famously have been long used by the American military for 40 years+.

This game features tactical and stragetic elements, in which in campaigns you have to kill enemies and every move you did will affect their stragetic abilities, deciding who is the ultimate winner.

There's also tactical elements, which is accessible with F10 button and you can command tanks where to move, formation etc.

The game accurately the tanks' interior, optics and capabilities however many things are automated, you don't even have to press 10 buttons to start a engine or god-knows-what buttons. Miles ahead of what other games like World Of Tanks has to offer.

I recommend this game if you are into tanks, and like a stragetic, tactical game in which every move will affect the ultimate outcome, one by one but harsh.
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22.0 hrs
Posted: May 30
I will not recommand this to anyone.

It may be the best M-60/T-62 tank simulator on Steam, many aspects are even better than Steel Beasts Pro PE.

Why I don't recommand it:
1. Very poor tutorials. No interactive instructions, no manuals, just some pop-up texts and I know nothing to do.
2. Programe is not stable. While I am trying to read the pop-up-text tutorials, and do what it tells me to do, nothing works. And last time I play this, everything works. I don't know why.
3. Very miserable and confusing UI design. It's like back to the 90s and I'm playing some HD dos games.
4. Not very well optimized graphics. It makes GTX 970 howling while the fps only reachs to 40.

Despite the lack of reference manuals and poor UI design and programe bugs which drive me crazy, this is the best Cold War tanks simulator as far as I can see.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: May 28
I've been looking for a good and fun tank game for quite a while now, this one isn't it. Seeing snide comments from the Dev's to people asking questions doesn't help sell me on it either. I really tried hard to like it. Whill the game does have high reviews and what appears to be a loyal core following there are just to many little things for this game to work for me. Sorry for the lack of specifics, but it's one of those things where you don't care for something but you just can't seem to put it to words, so it is with me and this game. For me $30 not well spent...
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33.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 16
-Get conscripted into Soviet Army

-Get thrown into a T62 in Afghanistan

-See all my comrades get shot up in BTR's

-Initiate operation Remove Kebab

-Call in Mi24 Hinds and Artillery on the village

-Advance tank platoon, engage enemy with 115mm HE and MG fire

-seems like battle is over, Kebab Removed, GG boys

-Commander (open tank hatch) gets shot by lone kebab in house

-Proceed to drive over and crush EVERY REMAINING building of village in retaliation

10/10 would commit war crimes again.
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93 of 110 people (85%) found this review helpful
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
In a world of WWII or modern tank sims, this highly realistic title covers two vintage tanks that have never really been simulated in detail previously. So far, the realism and AI seem pretty top notch. In addition, exterior graphics such as tank models are very nicely modeled. Finally, the fact that this game features somewhat functional 3d tank interiors automatically puts this title above any other modern tank sims, that is of course because we haven't seen any interior tank models since Operation Flashpoint! (correct me if I'm wrong) Drawbacks? The interface navigation is a bit confusing and takes some getting used to. In addition, graphically the 3d interior models and land environment seem a bit dated to today's standards. Evidently, this game is not categorized as early access, but probably SHOULD be as it doesn't really feel like a finished product. Otherwise, if you like obscure vintage tanks in long forgotten conflict zones, (which I totally do!) this sim's for you!
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53 of 55 people (96%) found this review helpful
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2.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 10, 2015
*Disclaimer* Please disregard Hours played, I bought this from Gamersgate a couple of years ago and have clocked up at least 75 hours. Bought the Steam version in order to place this review and to support the developer.

Make no mistake this game is not easy to learn, there are literally hundreds of controls and commands to master, i still find myself referring to the manual mid game, however your efforts will be rewarded. The UI too is a little counter intuitive, it really takes some time getting to grips with it but once you understand it it makes sense. The tutorial is not great either, next to useless in fact but there are players around who can assist you and videos, wikis etc that will shed more light on things if you care to seek them out.

This game doubles as both a realistic Tank simulator and a Platoon level strategy sandbox, you get to design scenarios, deploy your units, set up your tactics and command your men from the comfort of a beautifully modelled tank.

You can occupy any of the tank crew positions, driver, gunner, commander or loader and switch between them, the interiors are beautifully and accurately modelled and no other game manages to recreate the sense of claustrophobia, the feelings of immense power and terrible vulnerability as experienced by real tank crews, in my humble opinion.

There are only two playable tanks but they have been modelled to an exceptionally high standard, it's a case of quality over quantity, the maps too are beautiful with great lighting and weather effects that really succeed in creating a believeable and atmospheric battlefield experience.

Realism is key to this game, ballistics are accurately modelled, as is the damage (or lack of it), shoot the wrong kind of round or even the right kind at a 45 degree thick armour plate and it'll glance off harmlessly into the sky, hit a weak spot square on with armour piercing and bingo! satisfying penetration, the game will accurately calculate whether or not the systems, munitions, fuel tanks or crew etc get damaged or are destroyed. After the fight you can review all the hits and any damage caused.

Tactics matter, the way you manoeuvre matters, unit positioning matters, coordinating your forces well will pay dividends and poor decisions are ruthlessly punished.

In a nutshell - this is a labour of love made by a developer that is passionate about armoured warfare and it shows, get through the tricky first few hours and you'll see just what a great tank sim this is. If you don't mind a steep learning curve and are up for a challenge this game will pay you back in spades.
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58 of 63 people (92%) found this review helpful
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253.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2015
First off.. I am biased. But I am going to give a bit O brutal review. Not really that brutal.

1st off. This is a "remastered" SABOW that was released back in 2011. It had a borked release with publishers that where borderline stupid. The game was released in a state with game braking bugs. This had nothing to do with the dev. In fact they released a series of unofficial patches to fix the issues. They however, where not allowed to officially fix the game. However, the rights just returned to the dev's. Where all that unofficial content was made official and many fixes and improvements where added in.

There are 2 choices for realistic tank games out there that are newish. This being one and the other being Steel Beasts Pro. Both have their ups and downs. But this one is a lot cheaper. And frankly its campaign system is better than SBpro. Both are most certainly worth owning for a tread head.

The vehicle models have always been a strong point in this game. And they have aged quite well. They looked good 4 years ago and still look pretty darn good. The textures for the interiors of models have been improved and are ok. But they do not look as good as they could be by 2015 standards. But they are better than they where on the 2011 release.

Some aspects have not aged super well. Buildings and some trees/bushes are showing their age. Not going to suger coat that. But they do the job. I guess as a side bonus it means it will run well enough on older vid cards =)

The campaign's are pretty dynamic. they never play out the same way twice. In them you have the option usually (campaign depending) of letting the ai control none playable tanks or taking that on yourself and ordering every friendly unit around on the map. Which I totally LOVE. Boss guys around, call in arty strikes, air strikes, and fight your tank.

You have realistic ballistics. Realistic damage model. Realistic shell types with realistic effects. the more important components of the tank you can interact with the mouse. Set angle for the gun when on slopes with the level gauge. On the M60a1 use the realistically modeled coincidence range finder and mechanical ballistic computer. However, for some reason you do not have player control over lights, the near infrared search lights, and unlike a previous game from Graviteam, you can not stall out your tank if in the wrong gear as driver. I miss that. =(

If your a tanker at heart...or in my case a Cav Scout out to pasture I do recommend.

I like this game to much.... It like being on some sort of retro FTX without the bad cold bad food, little sleep, being filthy, and endless maintance issues.

Edit... Oct. 2015

Since this review things have changed for the better. Now you have training missions to ease into your tank commander role. You now do have control over lights, a choice of manual gear shifting and engine throttlle settings. This last means you can drive stupid and stall the tank, throw a track, or over heat the engine. Which is a nifty optional feature. Tank interior has been greatly improved since I wrote this review. And it looks like some bushes look better now. The T62 can now lay smoke screens! I was, ya that's nice. After using such I use it quite alot to stay alive now.

The Basra 86 DLC is pretty excellant as well. Great map! Looks sort of like places I have been too in the mid east. While I of course never went to where this battle took place, I did get to around out skirts of Basra. What more can I say about that?

Last thought. This sim is pretty much what it always should have been now. There are some rough edges and there is larger than normal learning curve, but crap, its a legit tank sim in the old school sence. You want real without taking a heat round and having your clothes set on fire with massive flashburns, this is for you.
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26.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 6, 2015
As a long time player of tank sims, M1TP 1&2, i44, Panzer Commander, SBPro, etc. Graviteam has presented us treadheads with another excellent armor simulator. Starting with the modest T-72 Balkans on Fire, then the WW2 classic Steel Fury;Kharkov 1942 and now Steel Armor Blaze of War. The campaign theaters are unique as are the main combatants, the M60a1 and T-62. I'm most impressed by the M60a1 in SABoW, a tank that was the backbone of the U.S. ARMY for over three decades. It is well modeled and detailed in this simulator. Graviteams unique blend of an armored simulator coupled with their award winning tactical simulator engine from Actung Panzer: Operation Star gives the player the options to control as much or as little of the battlefield they wish. No matter how you play your rarely if ever going to experiance the same outcome twice. The Tactic's part of SABoW is not super easy to learn but not impossible and believe me if you take the time to learn it your experiance with SABoW will be nothing short of amazing that a game can have this much depth. Even if the tactics part of SABoW isn't your thing, SABoW still offers much even if you prefer to keep it lite, the QMB will give you hours of playability alone. Just a closing note, my hours playing SABoW here on STEAM is not much but I have owned SABoW since 2011 when the publisher was UIG. I can tell you now that since Graviteam has reaquired the rights to SABoW it is a much better game, so much better that when Graviteam put it up here on STEAM I repurchased it, it's that good.
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30.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 1, 2015
One of the top dogs in armored combat simulation, up there with steel beasts.
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2.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 8, 2015
A summary and list of Pros and Cons (previous Gamersgate player since 2012), review status March 2015:

A hardcore tank simulator with many options, variety in maps, settings and assets, not much variety in controllable vehicles and a very steep learning curve. I suggest it for people that want a hardcore game and that do not shy away from spending some hours into getting used to the game and its interface. I do not recommend it for people that just want to drive around blowing stuff up, because the realistic engagement ranges and punishing difficulty make this kind of playstyle very hard to achieve.

-Detailed simulation of vehicular warfare
-Detailed and realistic maps, vehicles, driving and damage physics
-Lots of control over your AI squad or own tanks crew in either direct commander mode or through the map interface
-Dynamic campaign, giving plenty of replayability
-Customizable difficulty and realism levels
-Detailed Encyclopedia of the game content and its properties

-Decent messagebox tutorial that can be turned on or off with an interface button
-Graphics are aged, but still detailled. Texture quality has suffered somewhat though
-Slow paced gameplay is rewarded, because your tank is quite fragile when hit with anti tank weaponry
-After Action Reports give a detailed view what hit a tank, from where and what damage has been done, allowing for improving ones playstyle in the future

-Very hard to learn controls, due to somewhat unintuitive keyboard shortcuts/layout
-Interface is a bit cluttered to allow every action to be done with the mouse
-Hard to learn game, steep learning curve and very punishing in case of strategic or tactical failure
-Texture quality is considered low now and makes some assets unpleasant to look at
-Eyestrain might be caused by using the rangefinder that overlays two images to the player. You have to find the non-blurry version of the object you want to shoot at to dial in the correct range (gunning/rangefinding can be done by the AI though)

Some more detailed comments:
Steel Armor: Blaze of War is a game that has been out for quite some time. It was released late 2011 and unfortunately had a rough launch with lots of dispute between the developer and publisher. Now that these things have been moved to the past, the developer has aquired the rights back to his own game and implemented all the fixes that they have been released so far inofficially as the official new version of the game in hope to be able to support and release more content, now that they own their IP.
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32.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 5, 2015
brings back memories of all the good times I had with Microprose Tank Simulations back in the late 1990's, this tank sim is amazing so far, graphics maxed out on my GTX 970 and 980 running at 1000fps :), combat/gameplay is awesome! love it, thank you devs.
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25 of 26 people (96%) found this review helpful
6.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 26, 2015
This is an excellent tank simulation game, easily among the best available. It is not to be mistaken with any tank action game of any sort, so don't expect arcade gameplay. This game is about learning how to operate (either as commander, driver, gunner or loader) an American M60A1 and a Russian T-62 main battle tank, both cold war era machinery. The developers practically crawled into both of these I've been told, this in order to create the cockpit and internal layout as accurate as possible, this is the real deal.

The cockpit or inside experience of these tanks are no small part in this game. Every little detail is present and the crew is fully represented and accurately animated. When firing a short you can witness the loader to pickup another around of ammunition and load it up the cannon. You can easily switch roles are you see fit, playing the gunner for example and receiving orders from the A.I. commander on your targets, distance and whatnot. Very impressive.

As an interesting addition the developers decided to also implement an operational part to the game, elements they carried over from their excellent Graviteam Operation Star strategy game. Here you can command platoons of tanks, infantry and motorized vehicles. So while operating your tank commanding your, excellent graphically represented, crew to battle victory, you can also issue orders and command an entire tank platoon. This by way of communicating orders and/or tactical map of the entire battlefield.

The Ukrainian developers have pored a lot of love into this one and it does show. Like I said earlier, this is really for the simulation loving crowd, not the 'World of Tank' player seeking instant action. This game requires thought, learning and researching, but offers a virtual dive into how it must have felt to operate these metal beasts...
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7.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 7, 2015
This is a fantastic game. The graphics are amazing, the details will blow your mind, and the historical accuracy is spot on. The physics, for a tank simulator, are quite nice. They may be even more realistic than my knowledge. This game is a great simulator, especially for those who enjoy a slow paced fighting game. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes simulators. It's just that good.

P.S; the graphics for the environment are spectacular. The dust, bushes, shrubs, rivers, and desert all add to the spice. And the best part is: if you run over a bush, it'll fall.
10/10, best game.
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