Design, construct and command a fleet of unique vehicles, as you battle your way to victory across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds, in a quest for glory and profit.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (153 reviews)
Release Date: Feb 6, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Our goal is to involve our player community as much as possible in the evolution of the game, and we think the best way to achieve that is to get the game in the hands of players as early as possible. We intend to maintain a good quality of experience throughout the Early Access phase, while we build new gameplay and expand the library of building blocks. We invite the community to follow our progress in details and share their thoughts and suggestions on the progress of the game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We expect about 10-12 months. This depends on many factors, and we will only bring the game out of Early Access when we feel it has reached the right level of quality and completeness. We intend for TerraTech to be a living product, so even after Early Access the game will continue to evolve and grow as long as we are able to support it!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We are aiming for the following key additions:
  • Synchronous multiplayer modes
  • New corporations
  • More blocks for existing corporations
  • New in-game challenges
  • New features like water and a day/night cycle
  • Gamepad controller support
  • Additional languages supported

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The following is a list of the key content in the Early Access version:
  • Drag-and-drop building and scavenging of blocks
  • Ability to build land vehicles, fixed turrets, hovercraft, rockets and aeroplanes
  • Multiple block types belonging to 3 distinct corporations
  • Modular refining/crafting system using special production blocks
  • Scripted encounters with AI enemies
  • Control multiple vehicles using AI
  • Share vehicle designs via Twitter
  • Asynchronous multiplayer features, using AI-controlled shared vehicle designs
  • 7 separate challenge modes; 4 racing, 2 flying and Sumo Showdown
  • User profiles
  • Language support for English and German.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“It's our intention to keep the pricing consistent.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We aim to release Early Access updates approximately every 2 weeks, with an optional Experimental preview pack add-on for players who want to test very latest experimental content. We encourage players to share their thoughts via the Steam forums - discussions between players and our team will help to shape the game that TerraTech becomes.”
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"With unlimited possibilites to what your imagination can achieve, Create vehicles, Aircrafts and much more with this beautiful sandbox game."
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Recent updates View all (40)

May 12

Early Access Release Notes - Version 0.5.1

New features / content / improvements:

  • Added Italian to the language select options (many thanks to Thomas “Tamaster” Di Angelis)
  • Added lots of community Techs into the population that were previously rejected because they were overloaded and could not move at all, as recent changes now allow them to move slowly whilst overloaded.
  • Added lots of legacy Community Techs to the population (200 approximately).
  • Performance optimisations on spawning Techs and general gameplay.
  • Added GSO Shield charging visual effect.

Game Design Tweaks:
  • Balanced the Full Compression Friction of all wheels so that even when overloaded, wheels can still move slowly.
  • Tweaked the Venture Wheels to be fast, but still reasonably controllable.
  • Re-arranged the Terra Firma checkpoint track slightly to avoid some scenery elements.
  • Reduced the weight of the GSO drills to help the starting Techs to balance.
  • Increased the weight of GeoCorp Cabs up to expected weight.
  • Increased the top speed of all GeoCorp Wheels.
  • Increased the carry strength of GSO Wheels and the Smaller Venture Wheel a little bit.
  • Increased the health of all EXP Half Blocks to act as suitable armour.
  • Reduced the weight of all resource chunks, as they now exert opposing force upon Techs whilst being carried.
  • Increased X axis rotation speed of GSO ZK-47, Venture Hail Fire Rifle and added rotation for EXP Oozee.
  • Increased the Y axis movement of all guns, except the Megaton which is slightly decreased.
  • Decreased rotation speed of GSO 3-Pound Cannon and EXP Megaton Cannon
  • Increased HP of GeoCorp armour.
  • Reduced kickback on GSO ZK-47 Machine Gun.
  • Reduced damage dealt by the GSO Mini Drill, GSO Rock Drill and increased the damage of the GeoCorp Triple Bore.
  • Slightly increased the initial revs of all GeoCorp Wheels.
  • Moved the Resource Givers in the Test Chamber away from the ramp.
  • Batteries are now more expensive, weigh more and will explode when destroyed.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Cabs acting as AI modules.
  • Improved holding-beam physics & reduced item bobbing.
  • Solar generator no longer infinitely powers a bubble shield.
  • Fixed changed recipes showing in the fabricator and refinery menus.
  • Pressing spacebar no longer fires the gun while naming snapshots.
  • Can no longer drag a single resource across 2 fabricator slots.

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April 29

Early Access Release Notes - Version 0.5.0

New features / content / improvements:

  • Added lots of new community Techs to the population.
  • New weapon sounds added.
  • Added new GSO Mini Drill to the Game.
    • It is now given during the tutorial instead of the plough (as it is more useful than the plough).
    • It is available in the R&D Test Chamber (behind the older GSO Rock Drill.
    • The Mini Drill is purchasable from the Payload Terminal.
    • The Mini Drill can be crafted in a 2-Slot Fabricator with 1x Plumbia Ingot and 1x Titania Ingot.
  • The crafting recipe changes were made to allow room the new Mini Drill to fit into the 2-Slot Fabricator comfortably and with a logical recipe (hard metal thing plus normal metal thing) and to remove an exploit that allowed for Fulmenia to be yielded by scrapping Rock Drills (which were a bit too common for such a rare resource).
  • Added a warning for overloaded wheels.
  • Added animations to the GSO Solar generator folding out and folding away.
  • Re-ordered languages in language select dropdown menu to appear alphabetically

Game Design Tweaks:
  • Further weapon balancing:
    • GSO ZK-47 now does 108DPS, a slight decrease.
    • GSO COIL Laser still does 105DPS, but now fires faster with less damage per shot.
    • GSO 3-Pound Cannon nerfed back down to 133DPS.
    • GSO STUD Laser keeps 130DPS, but also becomes faster firing with less damage per shot.
    • VEN Hail Fire Rifle increased significantly to 222DPS, recoil increased.
    • GSO Mortar has a tiny buff to 235DPS.
    • EXP Oozee significant buff to 421DPS.
    • EXP Megaton Cannon tuned down to 450DPS.
  • The GSO ZK-47 Machine Gun has had it’s recoil reduced to ensure the starting Tech is more stable with the drill attached.
  • The GSO Plough is now craftable by combining 2x Titania Ingots in a 2-Slot Fabricator.
  • The GSO Rock Drill (older drill) has also had it’s recipe changed. It is now craftable with 1x Plumbia Ingot and 2x Titania Ingots in a 3-Slot Fabricator.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed ability to drop resources onto base refineries, fabricators and delivery cannon.

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About This Game

In TerraTech you design, construct and command a fleet of unique vehicles, as you battle your way to victory across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds, in a quest for glory and profit. In the distant future, Earth's natural resources have been depleted, and as an off-world prospector it's your job to travel to alien planets and scour them for valuable materials. These can be refined and shipped back to Earth in return for cash, or crafted into new components to augment your fleet. The rarest resources unlock the best equipment, so expand your territory and capture enemy bases, to secure your position on each planet.

Build crazy vehicles out of modular blocks! Hunt down enemies, shoot parts off them and scavenge the remains, to make your vehicle harder, better, stronger and faster.

Build anything you can imagine! Heavy battle tanks? Yes. Fast scout vehicles? Indeed. Flying carpet bombers? Why not?! Simply drag and snap new blocks onto your creation, and get straight back into the fray!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo T7600 @ 2.33GHz or AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 520M or Intel HD 4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Two-button mouse strongly recommended. Spec may be subject to revisions during Early Access.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5670
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Two-button mouse strongly recommended. Spec may be subject to revisions during Early Access.
    • OS: Snow Leopard
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo T7600 @ 2.33GHz or AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 520M or Intel HD 4000
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Two-button mouse strongly recommended. Spec may be subject to revisions during Early Access.
    • OS: Snow Leopard
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5670
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Two-button mouse strongly recommended. Spec may be subject to revisions during Early Access.
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Posted: May 9
Early Access Review
Overall, this game has a lot of potential and could be lots of fun. But, one game aspect completely destroys the gameplay. This aspect is that when you get hit or a block on you gets destroyed, it is permanently gone. This means that once you get into a battle with another robot, you have to manually rebuild yourself EVERY SINGLE TIME, which gets old after the first time you do it.

My recommendation to the consumer (if you would dislike the permanent destruction) is to add this game to your wishlist, and keep watch on it. Once it is announced that this issue has been fixed, consider buying the game then.

My recommendation to the developer is to add an inventory system and full repair system (if possible). By having an inventory system, you could build a main "blueprint" for your robot and the full repair system could fix the robot according to the blueprint you created.

Review version: 0.5.0
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4 people found this review funny
4.6 hrs on record
Posted: February 11
Early Access Review
A first impression of TerraTech: You begin life as a tiny car, with nothing more than a cab, a block, four wheels, and a machine gun.

You destroy a number of other vehicles and attach their remaining parts to upgrade and repair yours, as well as find AI and Cab blocks for allied vehicles and turrets, you may be able to build a larger base through this.

You may have realised by now that you are the Borg. You will add their technological distinctiveness to your own. They will be assimilated.
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87 of 105 people (83%) found this review helpful
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54.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 6
Early Access Review
Where to begin?

I have been playing and producing TerraTech videos since October 2014.

The moment I gazed at what Payload Studios had begun to materialize, it dawned on me that this could be the most innovative and creative game in the years to come. The only way to explain how far it has come is to look back at my original let's play videos, but this is not about looking back, it's about looking forward to what is, potentially, on the horizon for us.

Imagine an progressive open world vehicle and structure block building game with moving parts allowing you to build just about any vehicle or structure you can imagine and have it instantly functional WITHOUT the necessity of a "garage" or "build mode". Everything you do in TerraTech is "on the fly" and does not require you to stop playing so that you can build or customize your vehicles and structures. This feature alone makes this completely unique from any other vehicle combat game currently in existence. Include the ability to create flying vehicles, fully customize bases, harvest resources, and activate an army of AI controlled minions to do your bidding, TerraTech then has the potential to be the best combat based block building game ever.

The game is not finished obviously, and there is much to be done for it to accomplish all of the above really well, but it s still playable and fun. Even after messing around with the newest version, there is a number of things that need to get ironed out right away. So, if you are picking this up now, be aware that you will experience all manner of minor and major bugs. Not to mention, the sounds are still very 8-bit casual, and the soundtrack, although enjoyable, has only one track so far and it can become a little... repetitive.

Multiplayer is absent here, but it is a promised feature and I would not consider this a finish product until that becomes a reality, so I am crossing my fingers on that one. In the mean time there is a way to "invade" other people’s games with your creations via twitter, but it is not a directly interactive way to play with other players yet...

I would highly recommend picking up the Early Access version of TerraTech if you wish to support the development process. If you want all of those features now, perhaps wait a while, but I do believe in the Payload Studios team simply based on their passion and current rate of game development.

I am in no way affiliated with Payload Studios and I have not been given anything. I personally purchased the product in October 2014.

Thanks for reading!
Check out my channel for more videos.
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11.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 17
Early Access Review
I suggest you think before buying this, If you love sandbox games where you can build your own robot and battle with it and love to support developers on their journey, Otherwise i suggest you to think before buying this.
And this review will get updated as the game goes on ( will probably only update it with content thats worth telling)

TerraTech so far is doing good with its progress, The devs are diffidently working on the game, And the improvements so far are good.

However there isn't much content to go on with for now, There are about 7 challenges and they are really fun, Each is different from the other, a few examples being the race challenge create a vehicle and see how fast you can reach the checkpoints, Or flying challenge create an aircraft (or anything that can fly) and see how far can you go, they need some experience in building and just a few physics and there are more challenges and they are all fun.

There is no story, in the new game mode you spawn in a world and start killing robots to harvest their tech and build your baby up, And get a few objectives and things to do.
From what I saw you can get invaded by other players in an asynchronous type of way, So they are not actually there but their vehicles are just doing the work.
And keep on discovering more techs to add to your robot.

The creativity in this game thrives because it is only limited by your imagination, you can create whatever type of robot you want using the game's blocks and weapons and wheels and everything.

Also wanted to bring a point on the DLC, I have it and its really great, Basically an extra mode which is Sandbox with unlimited resources and you get access to the experimental things the devs are still working on, Its a huge white level with a few rams here and there to test your robot, And can build whatever you want .. just go nuts..

The music reminds me of bastion and borderlands in some sense they sound-alike ( to me at least ).
The AI is good and hard to kill they move in a clever way.

The game is very colorful and the design is beautiful, the graphics and animations are also quite wonderful.
Also know that designing a robot is not easy, But its not too complicated just basic physics and logic and use your imagination with that to improve it more.

The R&D Mode ( Dlc ) you can spend a lot of time playing this the possibilities are endless to what you can create with it and have fun with it, also the challenges are great and needs thinking to get them perfect!

Now lets go to the other side.

I cant stress this enough, you will get disappointed if you want a fully finished game! know that they are still in their early stages but the work so far is good so have hope.
And saying it again, Dont buy unless you want to support the dev and get to play this game and love this type of stuff so much to the point where its ok to pay such price for this current content.

Also know that you would get killed a LOT at the beginning, Its hard at the beginning but you'll pick up on it after a few hours, But still the game is hard but hard in a good way, not in a bad frustrating way.

You can click 1 button to snapshot your robot, give it a name and click ( Share on twitter ) If you linked your game to twitter.
This feature for me is meh.. because I don't really like going that much into social media but I guess others would find it great, You can use it to share your designs with others and use theirs and they use yours, *Note* The game has yet to find its way to workshop so you cant use that, I don't know if they plan on doing it in the future Its not in their roadmap.
Will update it here if it ever got there.

So .. Pros :
1 - Lovely game design, Graphics, Animations and music .. all is good.
2 - Unlimited creativity that gets more content every now and then.
3 - Looks like it has a very bright feature and they are aiming for reasonable goals
4 - Complex creation, Counts on logic and physics and creativity.

Cons :
1 - I kinda feel that the price is a bit high and also with an early Dlc ( which is fun but still ) kinda made me a bit upset about it, but I still dont mind it, From each person the opinion changes.
2 - Cant really say that I found anything wrong with the game other than the fact that its still on its arly stages but its not a con if you already bought the game because you knew what you were buying, and I knew what I was getting myself into so I'm satisfied.
3 - one of the reviews mentioned this , when driving backwards the controls reverses ... unlike any driving game i'v ever played hopefully they fix this.

Like I said before, This is a very Early game, Watch some videos on youtube before deciding what you want to do.
The content for me is satisfying but we all have different opinions so take care.

Also if you are able consider the Dlc, its content is great.
And consider also supporting these devs, So far they are doing great and found nothing big to complain about.
( If you buy an early game and complain about it having no content yet that's your own fault )

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Posted: February 17
Early Access Review
Games should be reviewed in the state that they are sold and not the state that someone promises you it will be in 2 or 5 years if you hand over your money now.
EAG has proven that a big majority fail to give what was promised and there is not a single reason TerraTech should receive any other preconception. With how much of a failed experiment this EAG trend has become, we have to assume any EAG is bad, unfinished and not worth the price they ask.

That's why this game gets a negative review. If reviews could work with points I would give it 0.5/10 or 1/10.
The game is still bad, unfinished and not worth the price they ask at all. To make it even worse they have already added DLC to the game. DLC before the game is even released. thisissparta.jpg
Their reasoning for the DLC is to give people an option to feel part of the development by letting you test blocks before they put them in the testgame... Payload Studios we are already paying for that. That is what EAG is for. You're trying to sell a beta for the beta so we can beta test while we beta test. NO. NO NO NO NO NO.

And what's wrong with the game?
Imagine as a basis of comparison Spore the creature stage. But in TT there is no dancing, social activities, diverse biomes, helpful AI or any of the other things to do but fight.
Also after every fight (even if you win), you have to go back into the editor and rebuild your creature every time. Every freaking time. All the freaking time. Over and over and over and over and over again.
And after every fight having to use the editor also isn't a super user-friendly UI to do it in. There's a camera rotate and tons of small ancher points that make it impossible to place anything under or inside your structures without losing your sanity.

The fighting isn't interesting at all. It's steering your vehicle's weapons in the direction of the enemy and holding your space bar until either you or he explodes.
Talking about steering, after all this time they still have a game where cars reverse in the opposite direction. It's like not a single person at Payload Studios has ever driven a car before.

I fear TT will never reach the epicness that the idea of it contains.
Auto-rebuild your vehicles with the parts laying around you. A build mode that lets you seperate layers for better block placing. Friendly AI that you can select or program a series of action points and actions so they can harvest for you. Friendly AI that flies around you and that you can send to enemies like a drone army.
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22 of 28 people (79%) found this review helpful
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 16
Early Access Review
< Disclaimer!! I got this game for free for reviewing purposes >

Please take care before buying this game.
1 - It is on its early stages if you are looking for a polished finished game this is not the game you're looking for.
2 - If you are looking for a robotics sandbox game with on-going content and unlimited fun in designing your desired robot AND like to support devs Then this is the game you're looking for.

MEGA review update
The game is celebrating 1 year take off, And they reduced the game price to 19,99$ and the dlc to 9,99$, I think this is pretty great from the devs to do such thing, And hoping it would bring more buyers after they read this or other reviews

So now to the game.
I am satisfied with the content it has for now, Although the price is high and also with a VERY early Dlc ... I am still loving it.
The game so far is an open world mode, With enemies all over and a few objectives to complete and follow.
Kill the other robots to harvest their gear and tech or whatever, and to keep on upgrading yourself further and further, And you can use special techs to turn materials into money and other useful stuff.

Note worthy update 1# 3/31/2015
A few bugs were fixed among the journey, Added a few more content, and a few balances.
But it seems that the game still suffers from bad optimization, It seems that I keep getting fps drops every now and then.

7 Challenges, I like the flying challenge, you create an aircraft and see how long and high you can go, Keep beating highscores and try to reach for the highest rank.
And also a racing challenge which is fun and others.

I also own the dlc, And its really cool because it is a huge white room with unlimited techs to create WHATEVER you want, And also it gives you exclusive access to the experimental techs the devs are currently developing, And a few rams and stuff to test it on.

You can make your robot move by adding wheels, just thought i'd say this if you think you can give it legs and make it walk normally, This game reminds me so much of that battlebots combat competition where they create a small remote controlled robot and battle each other.

I have a lot of time spent on The dlc mode and the challenges over 5 hours on them alone but since my internet goes off a lot steam did not record it all but yeah you will spend a great deal of time if you like that type of thing.

Sharing my creations with People on Twitter is not really my cup of tea, but others might like it, you can load their creations and use it in the challenges or the Dlc mode and they can use yours.

Similar to dark souls you get invaded by other player's character's except they are not controlling it, its an asynchronous multiplayer type, so they are controller by AI, which brings me to the point of AI being very clever and tough in this game their movement are really good you cant drop your guard down next to them.

The world is really colorful the music is similar to bastion ( Just 1 soundtrack from bastion not all ), The animations and ointment are also great, I also have a feeling that with the more progress they go with the game will be a bit more demanding on your Pc ( Its not currently demanding at all , was able to run it at my corei5 4gb gt635m Laptop nicely)

Pros :
1 - An open world filled with colors and enemies, although its not that done yet but it is pretty great.
2 - Great music, animation, ai, design and all is looking good so far.
3 - Unlimited creativity to create what you please.
4 - Unlimited fun at the DLC and the challenges.
5 - Very promising roadmap not too big for them from what it seems, and once they reach it , the game will be soo good.

Cons :
1 - While driving in reverse the control changes a bit unlike any other driving game, I mean its no biggie but still.
2 - Though its still on its early stages, it already has a 16$ -> now its 9,99$ ] Dlc that should be included with the game itself because its actually fun.

You might expect me to write more cons thinking ( The game is still early )
Well yeah but please think of it this way, If you buy an early access game and get bothered with the little content it has thats your fault because you should know what you are getting before you get it, and this is the point of all my reviews, Is to help the buyer to see what they are getting themselves into to avoid the Buyer's Regret

Saying it again.
If you buy this game expecting a fully polished experienced you will get disappointed.
but if you are an early access type of guy and wants to support devs you'd like this game if you are into sandbox robot tech building, this game sure has it good on that side.

So recommending it for he/she who meets the requirements I just said.

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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
Where do I even start?

I have been supporting this game since late July 2014 after trying out the demo, way before even the closed and open beta, back during the kickstarter era of the game, and I have to say, this is the best, most promising game I have ever played. Not to mention that I've watched more TerraTech Livestreams than probably anyone in the community- the reason being I love the game, I love the community, and I have very little negative comments about this game.

The idea is something I have been looking for for years- building and battling on the go, build your own bases, even make a mobile battle fortress! I have the R&D DLC, and I can recommend this to absolutely anyone. This game can test you to the limits with it's building- what sort of beastly battle machine can you build? Or do you want light and fast? Even a flying machine! Send your vehicles into other people's world and attack their vehicle and base. Adapt to different scenarios, battle mini colonies. The sky is the limit!

Obviously, as an early access, you will find bugs, but as a Canary (what they call the bug testers), I've grown used to bugs. They are in most games, don't expect the game to be bug-free and complete. That's pretty much my only negative. Bugs, and the bugs aren't even game breaking.

Trust me on this one, this game is worth every penny, and if you want the best experience, attend the livestreams, and say ThunderCodes' review sent you, not that I won't be there! ;)
Livestream link:

So PLEASE, buy this game, and waste your life on it.

Trust me, I've played way more than 30.7 hours. I've played loads!

Do I recommend? No! (Just kidding, that's impossible. Massive YES!)
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42.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 5
Early Access Review
It's like Spore, but with vehicles.
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Posted: February 12
Early Access Review
If I had another opportunity I'd wait till it was 75-90% off, 19.99 at 35% off is too steep for an alpha game with very little and basic gameplay. First alpha I paid into that I've regretted, and I paid into M.A.V. which went dark for half a year /wrist.

-Steering doesn't inverse when you reverse like irl or with most game, minor nitpic there.
-Twitter is a requirement for build sharing and assumably multiplayer when/if it's added.
-When you explore too far out it the new terrain's texture goes cray cray to near siezure tier, huge seams appear that if you dare to collide with either send you into the sky or into the blue under.
-Unlocking blocks by defeating the Guardians doesn't work, either they're unlocked when you get there or they'll never unlock.
-Tutorial seems to be caught in a continuous loop, if you skip it the markers stay behind. Had to reload my save a bunch of times till this issue dissapated, then again when it randomly appeared again.
-Enemies spawn either on top of you or beside you randomly, making the radar block useless and it impossible to modify your build since build mode is in real time
-AI is minecraft wolf tier with sprinkles bad fps tactics, friendly AI constantly gets stuck on Any obstruction, it's always behind you so the second you need to back up in a skirmish you're either completely flipped or on your side since the friendly AI will attempt to drive through you to get at an enemy. Not to mention you have to back track constantly to find them when they've buggered off to do something else. With all the open source AI pathfinding coding out there, you'd think they could've found something better.
-The only way to reliably view the stats of a block is to pull it off your vehicle and leave your mouse over it for 5 seconds, which is made more annoying with the phsyics constantly fighting the wheel/map collision which makes the overbearing camera move taking your cursor with it.
-No enemy bases spawn after the single one from the tutorial, too bad that wasn't mentioned wasted a bit over an hour of driving in a straight line while panning the horizon.
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Posted: February 14
Early Access Review
idk why this game is so fun start with 3 blocks and three wheels and a llaser forward kill 25 different enemys cannablize there parts now your driving a 6x10x5 giant 20 wheeled terror machine with 27cannons not giving a ♥♥♥♥ awesome game great support as well
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85.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
I've played the game and made videos on it ever since the Humble Beta release in November. The game has amazing potential, and Payload Studios is the team to fulfill it.

They're extremely transparent with the development of the game, and keep in contact with the community all the time. For example, they stream the game's development every weekday on their Twitch channel.

TerraTech is also the first game I've ever seen to have asynchronous multiplayer content via Twitter. The idea is brilliant, and well-executed.

Tl,dr; game is worth it. Has some bugs and needs some improvements, but it's still worth it.
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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
Pro and Con are listed below..

What is it?:
I got this game through Kickstarter and was able to play it from the first day of the beta. While it did lack content and there were just a very few modules to build with initially, the Game has become quite playable already. There have been implemented 3 different "companys" (styles of components), the Mainbase, ressurce-management and Production. In Sandbox you start out assembling a very basic vehicle and have to fight your first opponent right away. After defeating him you can assimilate the Blocks of that destroyed vehicle and already improove your ride. After discovering your Base you are told how the Shild (Baseprotection) works and how to collect ressurces, how to make money and how to research/build new Parts to further improove your carthingy. While you collect away and improove your ride, the enemies also become increasingly complex and more challenging - yet providing new, better and FREE Parts for you. Lateron it will be possible to command a whole Fleet of fighting-thingies to do stuff.

  • atractive graphics, that are fun to watch and "feel" good with the content they represent.
  • creative and interessting game concept
  • losts of different Building-components with more to come
  • also Planes
  • very determined and active Developers
  • a lot of ways to build your ride and even more aspects of how it will handle
  • has already some different game-modes including sandbox and challenges
  • huge potential for more features
  • seems to be pretty stable already, had not a single crash

  • Camera is a bit hard to handle/hard to get adjusted to
  • In my games I had a flood of enemy vehicles besiegening my Base, more than i could handle at some point.
  • tutorial seems to be repeating itself sometimes and leaves a good portion of the game "to be discovered"
  • needs more content for longer sessions and longer term motivation. But it isn't even early access yet
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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
Watched the trailer and bought this.

It is ok, but you can't do almost anything now that you see in the trailer.

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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
For TL;DR skip to bottom :)

I have followed the game since early alpha when it was via Humble and it is a fantastic concept and the Dev team are hard workers and always live streaming their new ideas.

The game does not have tons of content currently but will interest builders for several hours, this is a product you are buying for the future. I know this doesnt sit well with people nowadays but you have to give some devs a chance and these guys are great.

I'd recommend the challenges to those wanting to really test their bots and using Twitter you can face off other community robots.

New additions to the early access are the mobile bases and guardians and bear in mind this is very early alpha there is huge potential.

Overall I'd say if you have spare cash and want to support and follow its progress, buy the game, if your short on cash and just looking for a game to play right now you may want to add this to your wishlist and come back later when it's more fleshed out.


Graphics - Good and easy to use, not overly CPU intesive.
Content - Low to Medium in the storyline, but potential here for alot with the sandbox
Bugs - A few but so far no game breakers

Worth the money - Yes if you are going to come back a continue to follow and play, no if you want to play a full game now.

If you'd rather see it being played you can find a preview video of the early access (including R&D) here;
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Posted: February 7
Early Access Review
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Posted: February 15
Early Access Review
Way overpriced. Vehicle is hard to control because the steering goes the opposite direction when you reverse. The constant pulling apart of your vehicle after every battle gets old and tedious pretty quick. Not nearly as much fun as the videos made it seem.

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Posted: February 6
Early Access Review
Great fun, Nice music and still loads of content and features to be added!
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Posted: February 24
Early Access Review
in-land captin forever. No need to more explain
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Posted: August 23, 2014
Pre-Release Review
After my few minutes of gameplay, I can say this game shows good promise. It's a very interesting idea that captured my interest and I'll definitely be exploring all the possibilities.
I had fun building my vehicle and mining resources for my little base.
WIth the little time I played, I build my first little vehicle, fought a couple of vehicles I encountered on this planet and used their parts to upgrade my own vehicle into something more powerful.
It is easy to learn how to build and scavenge, so it is not a tough game to play. Even the controls and physics are nice and straight-forward. Not much complications to get in the way of your creativity.
Anyone can simply jump in and immediately have fun with it.

I am yet to try the multiplayer game modes...
We'll see where this project goes, but it earned my support for now.
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Posted: August 30, 2014
Pre-Release Review
If you've played Captain Forever, you've got a basic idea of how this game works. Roll around, kill enemies, snap their parts to your vehicle, rinse and repeat. The difference is that instead of a top-down, Asteroids style game, TerraTech is a 3D, physics based game, with some extra resource gathering and crafting elements.

You also have a base to protect, bring resources too, and craft from. Resources come in the form of trees, rocks, and various precious minerals, and you collect them by shooting at them, attatching drills or other tools to your vehicle, or even by just getting a big enough car to plow through them. Resources are not stored in any sort of inventory screen, but instead get added to a "stuff blob" that floats above tractor beams in your base or attatched to your car.

The game is still in fairly early development, and any problems I have with it at the moment have to do with the unfinished parts, which will be cleaned up as development progresses. I'm really excited to see where this game goes.

If you want to see the game in action, I've recorded a bit of it for my channel, which you can check out here:
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