In a post-apocalyptic wasteland of diesel and dust, bandits and mobsters rule the last remaining cities, controlling all vital trade routes and destroying any hope of a return to a lawful world. It's up to you, as the driver of a heavy transportation truck, to blast through the mayhem and deliver needed supplies to desperate towns.
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リリース日: 2005年12月8日


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In a post-apocalyptic wasteland of diesel and dust, bandits and mobsters rule the last remaining cities, controlling all vital trade routes and destroying any hope of a return to a lawful world. It's up to you, as the driver of a heavy transportation truck, to blast through the mayhem and deliver needed supplies to desperate towns. Your life depends on being the ultimate offensive driver, while making sure to keep your truck in top operating and fighting condition. It's kill or be killed in the world of Hard Truck Apocalypse.


    • OS: XP Only
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 128 MB
    • Hard Drive: 2500 MB available space
    • OS: XP Only
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 3 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 256 MB
    • Hard Drive: 2500 MB available space
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記録時間: 7.0 時間
投稿日: 9月26日
I had fun playing this game.
That's reason enough for me to recommend it and this is what the game gave me. I bought it on sale and didn't expect too much but I was surprised. For me it's just one of those easy going, nothing too complicated and decide for yourself kind of game.

So a big thumbs up and I'm going to play some more right now!
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投稿日: 11月3日
There are a lot of games on Steam, but once in a while, you browse the catalogue and discover a little gem hiding somewhere in the deep ends of the underated section. Ex Machina is one of those games, but let me start off by saying that this game certainly isn't for everyone, it's genre is considered to be a very acquired taste, but I would say it's worth the buy anyway just for the sake of trying it. I didn't expect it to be anything amazing given it's lack of popularity, but I was wrong, this game is truly brilliant.
If by some coincidence you were attracted to this game because you are a fan of Takara's Road Trip Adventure or Seek & Destroy (otherwise known as the ChoroQ games) like me, then you definitely shouldn't miss out on this, it brings the best of both of those Worlds together!

Ex Machina is about the young protagonist searching for lots of answers & vengeance, depending on the story options you go along with, in a post apocalyptic representation of north America. You start off with one of the weaker vehicles in the game but are given the oportunity to work your way up the ladder by getting coins for doing jobs or selling loot and scrap to people and villages thus giving you the chance to buy new vehicles or upgrade your existing one. Sell the dropped weapons of the enemy, use the money to buy yourself a bigger, better one! The game starts off a little bit slow, but the pace picks up over the course of the game.
Not much else can be said without giving away spoilers, but the story can be very extensive depending on what choices you make during your experience, this is something I really enjoy about Ex Machina, that there isn't just one set plot but rather multiple different routes and storylines that can occur.

The game has it's quirks, in fact, it is a very quirky game, it also has some minor annoyances such as some spelling and grammatical mistakes (this is due to the original version of the game being Russian resulting in a bad translation). The voice acting leaves much to be desired and the dialog is sometimes far from brilliant, but this game really does a lot more things right than it does wrong. The open world, the long story with alternate endings and plots, tons of optional quests, upgrades and weapon variety are something many games in this day and age can learn from. It really is a shame that this game doesn't have a very large community because it really is wonderful, even if it has somewhat dated graphics. There is also no warp function, meaning you have to drive to everywhere you need to go rather than magically appearing there with the click of a button, this can sometimes be tedious but is also another great addition to this open world game.

If you've been watching this, I highly recommend giving it a go, I can't promise you will enjoy it because as I said above, it definitely isn't for everybody, but it is certainly something unique. Some of the reviews on here and the "expert" reviews on other sites seem to be by people who tried the game for all of 20 minutes and decided to stop playing for some reason or other as they never go into any detail as to why they gave negative reviews, so I think rather than thinking twice because of what those people had to say, you should just ultimately see for yourself. That's what I did, I have no regrets.

Please do read some reviews however as it seems that this game has some trouble functioning on certain systems. I am running Windows 8 and the game runs flawlessly.
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記録時間: 24.2 時間
投稿日: 7月13日
If you like car-based post-apocalypse and don't afraid of slightly old graphics - this game is for you! Customize your car, fight against road bandits, scavenge goods to sell it in the town shops - everything for the real Riad Warrior!
As the old game, it's pretty hardcore (but not really hard)- no chackpoints, health regen, fast trevel, or other casual (poser) stuff! Damaged in battle - repeir for money, died - load game. But you can save in evevery game moment, even in the middle of a fight!
Fun gemeplay and It also has a pretty good story.
The second one ("rise of clans") is good too - it's pretty mutch the same, but with some improvements (more cars, customizations, and so).

I recommend both of these games - it's worth money!
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記録時間: 33.7 時間
投稿日: 7月17日
Amazing trucking game that combines RPG and car combat together. Open world, lots of quests, loot stuff, buy new trucks.. Long story with optional sidequests, different ways to do the quests and I believe there are two endings you can get too.

Just want to say that remember to save often and save on multiple slots so you can load your old saves. There was one quest that is bugged and if I didn't have old saves I would have been stuck in the game because I couldn't complete the misssion without loading the game. Also when you die there is no respawn, you must load your old save.

I recommend this game for everyone. This game should have been more popular!!
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記録時間: 3.4 時間
投稿日: 12月3日
If you can make game work on windows 7 it has good fight, don't play in english.
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記録時間: 66.5 時間
投稿日: 11月28日
Great way to kill time, Recommended.
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記録時間: 0.3 時間
投稿日: 6月29日
I beat this game in about 10 hours. My playtime doesn't show because I had to get a patched .exe (and a program to extract some compressed game assets) to get this to run without crashing. This game is a Russian open world car combat RPG from 2005. It is EXACTLY what you are expecting from this game, including the difficuly in getting it to run properly. It feels like it was made by robots. Dialog is stilted and very awkward, there are typos everywhere, missions are simple, the story is absolutely insane. The gameplay is fine, but the main draw of this game is Russian weirdness. A large chunk of it is driving from point A to B. If you're even looking at this page, you know what you're getting into, and it's a wonderful janktastic world waiting for you.
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記録時間: 0.2 時間
投稿日: 6月25日
Simple to play.
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記録時間: 24.0 時間
投稿日: 7月6日
Thats a good game if you don't mind drive a lot.
I have take several hours to end this game.
The good things about this is,like HTA ROC,the possibility to drive in a big map freely.
But,the problems are a little bigger than HTA ROC. The customization of the trucks is smaller and there less trucks than the other game,bad cutscenes and a weaker story

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記録時間: 58.3 時間
投稿日: 7月6日
Hard Truck Apocalypse (HTA) is a game that harkens back to Elite / Wing Commander: Privateer type game. You're a lone trucker, prowling the highways, moving freight, and killing enemies. You can be as good as as bad as you wish, but if you enrage a faction none of their towns will let you enter and their units will shoot you on sight, leading to further bloodshed. As you upgrade your truck wtih better weapons and better models, you will become an unstoppable force of the highways... As you search the world for the killer of your father, are you prepared for the truth? And perhaps, find what caused the apocalypse? And if given a chance, what will you do about it?

As the game was released almost a decade ago, the graphics are a bit dated, and out of the box (or fresh install) it has several bugs but all of that can be easily worked around with a few easy edits of config.cfg file. The game is not very stable. There are two notable bugs: 1) sometimes when game's loaded the key commands won't work. You may need to load a game multiple times to make the keys work, and sometimes going into town (not gas station) may resolve it. 2) the game often crashes when transiting between regions (about once very 4-6 transits). You should save or quicksave just before you exit the region.

Despite the simple graphics, the game is much deeper than one would suspect. There are trade goods from each town and prices drop as you brought more in, and prices rise as you buy more. Enemies often drop loot which you can sell for profit. Trucks can be customized with various models of "cabs" and "beds", of various qualities. Some cabs and beds have additional weapons hardpoints and enhancement hardpoints so you can customize your truck. With dozens of weapons, from little 5.45mm MGs all the way to 20mm quad cannons to plasma cannons, lasers, mortars, and so on, you can customize the vehicle into your personal killing machine.

Bad parts about the game? No "autopilot" or even "cruise control". You have to hold down "w" to move forward, and you can't lock the view to "front" for driving, as the game relies on mouse-look for aiming your weapons, which is independent from your driving. This makes some driving quite tedious, esp. at the beginning when you have a relatively slow vehicle. Also, the game is in essence, a FPS where you "circle-strafe" the opponent. Depending on the vehicle, there will be a point where most guns can point toward, and that is where you want the enemy to be. Also, the game's translated from Russian, so there are PLENTY of translation errors here and there, typos, even a few "missing references". The plot is also quite... cliche.

Still, if you like Mad Max style games this will be right up your alley. Even if it's not, if you like the "lone wolf roam the world" genre you should give this game a try, esp. if you get it cheap.
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記録時間: 177.9 時間
投稿日: 7月7日
I have played this game for a week now, and after working through a bug with the video code I have become slightly addicted to the game. Once you get the basics of trading between the communities in the game you will have plenty of money for upgrades and new trucks, if you choose not to you will struggle as I found. I would recommend this game for people who enjoy large open maps, driving, adventure and small puzzles.
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記録時間: 34.2 時間
投稿日: 7月7日
I have played this game couple of years ago. I have spent so much time playing this game, and still i am surprised by the variety of the story line. This game is one of the best games I ever played along with Need For Speed Underground 2 and Euro Track Simulator 2. For me this game is better than Skyrim (I like guns more than swords). For me most of RPG games looks the same - swords, bows and magic, whereas this game is different. i rather fight with multiple guns (which can be used at once) and upgreating my truck with speed and horse power than with couple of possible guns walking around the world (Fallout3). It however requires some patience when making it work on windows seven, but it takes no more than 10 minutes to fix it with the guides on steam community site. I have to warn you that once you play that game you may never look at other rpg in the same way. Hard Truck Apocalypse among games is like 'Breaking Bad' among the tv series - you will never forget it.
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記録時間: 11.1 時間
投稿日: 7月20日
This is an actually fascinating game. I think it's open world enough that you can go around doing stuff without pressure from the main storyline - a tale of hopes dashed, possible betrayal (I just finished the very first part, okay?), and... stuff - and quite a lot to do and kill.

If you come here for something truly on the level of, say, Fallout 3, then you could be disappointed.

If you come to this game just wanting to drive around, mod cars, and blow up cars then this could be for you.

Just disregard the dialogue and the zombie-pallor characters.
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記録時間: 33.3 時間
投稿日: 8月12日
Great game sp far. Really enjoyingt it. Just delete the vid files in the game data folda to fix the Win7 issue. Mine wasn't a blank screen, but was hanging on loading screen. This fixes it.
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記録時間: 2.0 時間
投稿日: 8月12日
Mad Max on Fallout roaming out beyond Rage and a taste of Twisted Metal
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記録時間: 23.5 時間
投稿日: 8月15日
Game is playable. The concept is solid, but the execution is very bad. Do not buy it for more than $1.99.

The game has two major bugs, one won't let you start the game and the other locks you out of using several keys (like ESC to reach the menu) after you start the game up again.

Both can be worked around:

Bug 1:

Bug 2: Start the game up, and make a permanent save (not a quick save) at the first Town/City you reach (Sowth). Then continue playing normally, quicksave where you please. When you start the game again, instead of loading where you last left, load up that first save first, Enter the town, then exit. The bug should be gone and you should be able to load your last save and continue playing normally. Keep in mind this works with any city that has an enter/exit cinematic.

Should keep you busy for a few hours, if anything. Story won't blow your mind either, does have two endings.
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記録時間: 9.9 時間
投稿日: 3月15日

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記録時間: 55.1 時間
投稿日: 3月15日
Ok, I have to say that I really like this game. It's very similar to the Wing Commander : Privateer model of a golden path where you have an open world, horizontal gameplay and character development with a game story waiting for you to follow it.

There's trading, truck upgrades, modular weapons, towns, factions, and an open world map to boot. The graphics are 2006-ish but if you're looking for gameplay, you can look past that.

The vehicles themselves are based around chassis that have stats but each chassis also has multiple front and back body components which different turret / upgrade / cargo slots. Not all weapon slots are 360 degrees which adds a positional element to combat.

The game won't work out of the box for Windows 7. You have to delete the videos in your Steam\SteamApps\common\Hard Truck Apocalypse\data\video directory.
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投稿日: 3月14日
Fallout on wheels... and one of the best OST in game industry. Enjoy!
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投稿日: 3月14日
Hell it's about time...

Before you trolls B***h about poor voice acting and everything being too brown. you know what you guys just leave the room right now. They gone? Okay. Now if you ever wanted to be the freighter getting attacked by pirates only with buggys and you're driving a truck with optional shotgun turrets, heavy armor and no Tom Hanks. this is it.
In the end this game deserves to be on Steam. Enjoy.
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