In a post-apocalyptic wasteland of diesel and dust, bandits and mobsters rule the last remaining cities, controlling all vital trade routes and destroying any hope of a return to a lawful world. It's up to you, as the driver of a heavy transportation truck, to blast through the mayhem and deliver needed supplies to desperate towns.
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Date de parution: 8 déc 2005

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"TPW (elite-like) game with non-nuclear post-apocalypse and a lot of big trucks with big guns."

À propos de ce jeu

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland of diesel and dust, bandits and mobsters rule the last remaining cities, controlling all vital trade routes and destroying any hope of a return to a lawful world. It's up to you, as the driver of a heavy transportation truck, to blast through the mayhem and deliver needed supplies to desperate towns. Your life depends on being the ultimate offensive driver, while making sure to keep your truck in top operating and fighting condition. It's kill or be killed in the world of Hard Truck Apocalypse.

Configuration requise

    • OS: XP Only
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 128 MB
    • Hard Drive: 2500 MB available space
    • OS: XP Only
    • Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 3 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX compatible 256 MB
    • Hard Drive: 2500 MB available space
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Posté le : 29 décembre 2014
If anyone knows other games that are like this, please share. I'd love this kind of game.

I can see I'll be getting deep into this. Its the kind of fun i like. Open world, quests, vehicle upgrades.
I have already experienced the 2 known bugs (on Win 7) but some has posted the solutions and they worked just fine.
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Posté le : 29 décembre 2014
Cute madmax feeling :3 and hey it starts to feel like YOU'RE IN A STORY and it does FEEL LIKE AN ADVENTURE ! shapes of cars are like cold-war futuristic, or some 'old way futuristic' if can say so :3 even i 99% only buy the best graphics games only, this is damn must experience. This one stands out also because game markets have very little anything near the old classic INTERSTATE '76 . It does start slow in the very beginning, but its long content and long game, so, if you don't allways feel like everything has to be ADHD-level fast, and have some time you want relaxed with wild story, -buy it, you will love it .
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Posté le : 31 janvier
Hard Truck Apocalypse is the first Elite-type trading game I really had fun with. Because it is endearingly simple. (Space) trading games usually come with a billion of planets, try to awe you with a world full of "possibilities". I, personally, find these cold worlds intimidating, their space stations and gas clouds and futuristic ores. And their six axis control terror. I'm not made for dogfights.

HTA, on the other hand, is a sandy game of browns and yellows and the main music whilst driving is a cute little country tune. (Which gets old fast, but anyway.) And the map is more neat than huge. But that's okay!

So there's a story about people that look like really cool, anaemic 3D puppets, but mostly you drive from A to B, deliver stuff and "bandits" will attack you inbetween and you gun them away with WASD and a mouse-controlled baby turret on your truck. Which is fully customizable. It all works alright.

I think that's the game. It doesn't need more.

Yeah, sometimes, the colour palette is a little too friendly, there's nothing obviously "gritty" here. In a way, that's pretty realistic. If you lived in a world like this, this is what it would feel like, you wouldn't have a high contrast filter on your eyes or vignetted sight.

Playing Hard Truck Apocalypse is like driving through the German federal states of Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where the apocalypse is alreading taking place these days - abandoned villages, peaceful lakes, people doing odd jobs for nothing.
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Posté le : 3 décembre 2014
If you can make game work on windows 7 it has good fight, don't play in english.
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Posté le : 28 novembre 2014
Great way to kill time, Recommended.
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Posté le : 19 février
If you can see past the dated graphics and stilted english then this game is an absolute gem! I must admit I love cruising around in my modded truck blowing the absolute **** out of bandits. It takes a little while to get going but once you get to at least your third class of truck, things get really fun.

- Awesome soundtrack
- Loads of mods and weapons to chose from
- Decent trading system between towns
- Large maps to explore
- Loads of side quests
- Funny dialogue

- Funny dialogue and stilted mission/story
- Invisible barriers on mountains
- No auto-save
- Some long back and forth missions

You can get the general gist of what is going on, but the poor conversion to english (which can be quite funny at times) can detract from the experience. Otherwise this is a solid game that is fun with an awesome soundtrack. I would definately buy this game again if they were to ever improve the graphics and perhaps throw in a few more truck classes.
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Posté le : 25 novembre 2014
for me, i have mixed feelings, mainly good. the control scheme is wonky as hell and the graphics are maybe up to par with late ps2 or XBOX BUT. i like the idea of a post apocalyptic truck game and it's feeling to me a bit like fallout with vehicles. i like it personally and if you want something different this game is for you but don't go into it expecting the UBER best. it's great for what it is however and i would definately recommend it, i wish it had a multiplayer funtion too as the game feels a bit large and desolate. but yes. a good game all in all :D
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Posté le : 3 février
great video game,I recommend ,developing a great game where you move your car
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Posté le : 13 août 2014
Bon le jeu en lui même est assez ingrat au niveau des graphismes mais le peu que j'ai réussi à faire est intéressant et donne envie d'y revenir.

Malheureusement, il est trés buggué et instable, il est pour moi impossible de reprendre une sauvegarde, j'ai dû bidouiller dans le fichier config pour le faire fonctionner (c'est spécifié dans les forums) et je ne suis pas le seul...

Même à moins de 2€ il est inacceptable de vendre un produit qui ne se lance pas correctement...


Visitez et abonnez vous au curateur et au groupe "Vive les jeux vidéos Pc", vous y trouverez d'autres avis et recommandations en français !
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Posté le : 14 août 2014
ne fonctioone pas, même pour un jeu acheté, très déçus, acheter qq'chose et ne même pas en profiter c'est comme acheter de l'air, ça sert a rien
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Posté le : 15 mars 2014
Ok, I have to say that I really like this game. It's very similar to the Wing Commander : Privateer model of a golden path where you have an open world, horizontal gameplay and character development with a game story waiting for you to follow it.

There's trading, truck upgrades, modular weapons, towns, factions, and an open world map to boot. The graphics are 2006-ish but if you're looking for gameplay, you can look past that.

The vehicles themselves are based around chassis that have stats but each chassis also has multiple front and back body components which different turret / upgrade / cargo slots. Not all weapon slots are 360 degrees which adds a positional element to combat.

The game won't work out of the box for Windows 7. You have to delete the videos in your Steam\SteamApps\common\Hard Truck Apocalypse\data\video directory.
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Posté le : 14 mars 2014
Fallout on wheels... and one of the best OST in game industry. Enjoy!
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Posté le : 14 mars 2014
Hell it's about time...

Before you trolls B***h about poor voice acting and everything being too brown. you know what you guys just leave the room right now. They gone? Okay. Now if you ever wanted to be the freighter getting attacked by pirates only with buggys and you're driving a truck with optional shotgun turrets, heavy armor and no Tom Hanks. this is it.
In the end this game deserves to be on Steam. Enjoy.
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Posté le : 18 mars 2014
Actually pretty good, especially at the price. Some minor bugs, and a few major ones, but good music and the gameplay is mostly solid. The localization is a bit flawed, but mostly understandable.
I say mostly a lot because there are a few things, but given the state of games released even today they are simply par for the course.

If you are playing in windows 7 or 8 check the forums as there is an issue with the intro videos playing and you need to delete them from within the game data folder.

Overall a sometimes frustrating but ultimatly enjoyable experience.
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Posté le : 3 novembre 2014
There are a lot of games on Steam, but once in a while, you browse the catalogue and discover a little gem hiding somewhere in the deep ends of the underated section. Ex Machina is one of those games, but let me start off by saying that this game certainly isn't for everyone, it's genre is considered to be a very acquired taste, but I would say it's worth the buy anyway just for the sake of trying it. I didn't expect it to be anything amazing given it's lack of popularity, but I was wrong, this game is truly brilliant.
If by some coincidence you were attracted to this game because you are a fan of Takara's Road Trip Adventure or Seek & Destroy (otherwise known as the ChoroQ games) like me, then you definitely shouldn't miss out on this, it brings the best of both of those Worlds together!

Ex Machina is about the young protagonist searching for lots of answers & vengeance, depending on the story options you go along with, in a post apocalyptic representation of north America. You start off with one of the weaker vehicles in the game but are given the oportunity to work your way up the ladder by getting coins for doing jobs or selling loot and scrap to people and villages thus giving you the chance to buy new vehicles or upgrade your existing one. Sell the dropped weapons of the enemy, use the money to buy yourself a bigger, better one! The game starts off a little bit slow, but the pace picks up over the course of the game.
Not much else can be said without giving away spoilers, but the story can be very extensive depending on what choices you make during your experience, this is something I really enjoy about Ex Machina, that there isn't just one set plot but rather multiple different routes and storylines that can occur.

The game has it's quirks, in fact, it is a very quirky game, it also has some minor annoyances such as some spelling and grammatical mistakes (this is due to the original version of the game being Russian resulting in a bad translation). The voice acting leaves much to be desired and the dialog is sometimes far from brilliant, but this game really does a lot more things right than it does wrong. The open world, the long story with alternate endings and plots, tons of optional quests, upgrades and weapon variety are something many games in this day and age can learn from. It really is a shame that this game doesn't have a very large community because it really is wonderful, even if it has somewhat dated graphics. There is also no warp function, meaning you have to drive to everywhere you need to go rather than magically appearing there with the click of a button, this can sometimes be tedious but is also another great addition to this open world game.

If you've been watching this, I highly recommend giving it a go, I can't promise you will enjoy it because as I said above, it definitely isn't for everybody, but it is certainly something unique. Some of the reviews on here and the "expert" reviews on other sites seem to be by people who tried the game for all of 20 minutes and decided to stop playing for some reason or other as they never go into any detail as to why they gave negative reviews, so I think rather than thinking twice because of what those people had to say, you should just ultimately see for yourself. That's what I did, I have no regrets.

Please do read some reviews however as it seems that this game has some trouble functioning on certain systems. I am running Windows 8 and the game runs flawlessly.
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Posté le : 23 mai 2014
Well, after long years of being a huge fan of this game, I finally finished it (I had an original Russian actual version released by Buka company).

My feelings are mixed. I'd like to point out some pros and cons for the game, and you guys will judge for yourself.

I solemnly swear to keep it spoiler-free for those who still hasn't finished it.

* A pseudo open world to explore. Due to some scripted restrictions you cannot simly go to, say, Vaterland from Krai. But it doens't mean that actual exploration is not fun and to some extent rewarding.
* A variety of trucks to choose from with a great deal of customization. I love all of them, except for maybe Belaz since I didin't touch it at all.
* A wide variety of weapons to satisfy anyone's taste, from machine guns to plasma cannons.
* Lovely soundtrack and visuals. A bit outdated, but the game is almost a decade old! Explosions and energy particles tho.
* The narrative in terms of lore. Just read the in-game books.

* Extremely poor narrative. Both from the point of telling a story and the story itself. I dunno, maybe it's just those Masks that make every character to look the same way? Or voice acting? Or the final which is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT?
* A dumb AI. More in a matter of path-finding than fighting. Extremely stupid! Sometimes a bunch of trucks cannot make it through a hill because instead of driving around they try to come over it.
* Not really much stuff to do aside from some interesting side quests now and then.
* The final boss battle. A huge disappointment also. No spoilers!
* Dialogue is just a stub. I understand that in such a mission there need to be less talk and more action but damn! I felt sorry for coming to Ben's place and leaving the same instance without even saying good bye. No love for the old guy.
* Restrictions on where to go and what to do. Try to cross that river in Vaterland. Just go and do it.
* Some things are just unnecessary. For example, some inter-regional shortcuts. I never used them and have a feeling that never will. Sad but true.

CONLUSION: This game has it's flaws, and narrative leaves a nasty touch on my tongue. But I still love this game. For the sense of freedom that it managed to give to me despite all those restrictions to go where I want. For the atmosphere of post-apocalyptic road to nowhere. You just go where the wind blows. I just wish I could dive into this world a bit more, leaving all that main storyline somewhere on the side. Actually, a sandbox open-world RPG in HTA setting would be much appreciated and would become a must-have in my collection. Maybe with some neat multiplayer like it was, say, in Freelancer? I don't know, and probably will never know.

Anyway, that's my review. Still love this game and recommend it to everyone interested. Give this game a try.
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Posté le : 26 septembre 2014
I had fun playing this game.
That's reason enough for me to recommend it and this is what the game gave me. I bought it on sale and didn't expect too much but I was surprised. For me it's just one of those easy going, nothing too complicated and decide for yourself kind of game.

So a big thumbs up and I'm going to play some more right now!
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Posté le : 17 mars 2014
Okay i will start with the good things, Good selection of trucks (with a few cabs and body choices to make each unique), Weapons alot with many types in each size such as a 2x2 gun or lazer that can only be equipped in a 2x2 slot or a 3x4 cannon that belongs in a 3x4 slot, This game works well everything has a size and rearranging the inventory to fit enough loot to sell at the next town is easy to do. The voice acting is bad but in a good way. And the story is good and makes for a good reason to keep playing. The battles are fun even if the enimies seem to constantly come at you or just don't spawn for ages... But onto the bad things... Bugs, Crashes, Glitches, Graphics, Try to think of something bad... Yep this game has that i have windows 7 so i get the black screen at the start i got past it by hitting escape. Then after palying through the first area crash #1 so i deleted the videos in the local files. now the game works fine. The few crashes i have had since have been during loading screens so save before leaving areas. AND SAVE OFTEN. With many files so you can load back a few if needed.
Towards the end of the game some of the battles just got stupid i could shoot for ages and do so little and take heaps of damage at the same time. I love this type of game but the lack of info on the web the bugs and the fact steam seems like they never tested it makes it a wary buy. 6/10 includiing issues 9/10 gameplay wise.

EDIT: When i played through it the trading cards were not out now they are. Also about 2 weeks after i beat it i replayed made a different choice in a mission and the whole campaign was different. great game if you can get it to work. 10/10

EDIT: Well i have to go back thru and play for the cards now. I don't mind but i did just buy the other hard truck game. Still not a bad thing love the game. Hoping for a remake/sequal.
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Posté le : 18 juin 2014
Hard Truck: Apocalypse takes an interesting premise and strips away all but the most mundane elements, leaving you to drive down a long and unexciting road to nowhere.Most of the trucks ride like they should be carting oranges or vending-machine refills, instead of chasing bandits. Pushing them down the road with a keyboard ain't much fun—and driving eats up almost all of your playing time.The more interesting large-scale fire fights and planning truck upgrades provide some reasons to stick with it, along with nostalgia for dear old Interstate 76. If only Targem had concentrated on lending the missions more of the depth I76's sported, the other faults would be far more forgivable.The vast world with bandits and weapon-packed vehicles is an interesting idea, but being forced to meander back and forth across it just to earn a few scraps of cash makes the whole thing boring.Its gameplay isn't imaginative or original, but if you're looking for a quick fix of destructiveness, Apocalypse gets the job done. Overall 5/10.
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Posté le : 28 mai 2014
It sounds like such a simple question. "Do you recommend this game?" But every now and then a game comes along that makes you really have to think about that. This is one of those games.

It is a budget title. A game that is massively flawed, but functional. There are bugs, ranging from invisible walls in the middle of the map, floating grass, options such as reversing your mouse’s y-axis not saving when you exit the game, to the game not exiting properly, crashing, and not working on Windows 7 or higher without some tweaking. There are bugs. You will encounter them.

The game, originally Russian, has some problems in the translation. Voice acting for the main character is flat. He calls out things like “The roof is on fire!” when he spots enemies. There are several more non-sequiturs in the game. The story is fairly generic, limited. However, it does branch out, letting you choose different factions to support during the game.

The game is not polished. Your vehicle can climb mountains with ease, physics are described as ‘bouncy’. To explain why all the characters’ faces don’t move, the creators decreed that all the characters wear masks (and, yes, the graphics reflect that).

But the gameplay is there. You can drive around. You can enter combat, with a variety of weapons. Vehicles are done in a fairly strict upgrade process. One chassis is better than another, one cab is better in nearly all stats and slots than another, same with beds. Even with combat, some weapons are clearly better than nearly anything else in their slot (shotguns, particularly the medium shotgun, are fairly over powered compared to other available weapons).

You can raid, you can trade, haul cargo, complete quests. You can finish the game. It is not without flaws, but it is not without charm. There are problems with AI spawn rates, where enemies will attack in rapid succession outside of a town, leading you into a loop of defending yourself, looting the scraps, returning to sell and repair, and then being attacks again right away. Other times, you will not see an enemy for several maps if you run through them. Yet the game also contains some clever fights (and some generic ones).

The first map perfectly introduces you to how to play. The next string of maps seems to follow the trope of “they get worse as you go on, because fewer and fewer people will see them”, but began to improve again in time. You do eventually see different environments from what most of the early game looks like.

This is a game that doesn’t feel done, but does feel like the devs had a clear idea of what they were trying to achieve. And, gameplay wise, it is solid. And it is fun, if that’s what you want. So, in the end, do I recommend this game? Yes, I think I do, if that is the kind of game you’re looking for, and if you can look past its many flaws. But this game won’t appeal to everyone.
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