The story of Twin Sector takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the remains of mankind have been put to artificial sleep in cryogenic chambers deep under the contaminated surface of earth — until the planet becomes habitable again. You as the player must take the role of Ashley Simms, the protagonist of Twin Sector.
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Mostly Negative (192 reviews) - 39% of the 192 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 16, 2009

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About This Game

The story of Twin Sector takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the remains of mankind have been put to artificial sleep in cryogenic chambers deep under the contaminated surface of earth — until the planet becomes habitable again.
You as the player must take the role of Ashley Simms, the protagonist of Twin Sector. Suddenly awakened by the station's security A.I. system O.S.C.A.R., you face the imminent extinction of all other still sleeping survivors due to an unknown failure in the life support system. According to O.S.C.A.R., you are the only person who was able to be woken and therefore the only individual capable of saving mankind. Within the next ten hours you will need to repair the broken main generator of the subterranean bunker system in order to reestablish the station's functionality. But there are yet unknown forces trying to prevent you from succeeding at all costs!
Twin Sector is a thrilling physics-based action-adventure which allows players free interaction with their environment. Using the advantages of the powerful HAVOK®-Engine, innumerable puzzles, challenges and enemies await the players in a hostile and threatening futuristic environment. Featuring more than 15 missions alongside a thrilling story line unfolding over the course of action.
Key features:
  • More than 15 challenging missions
  • Thrilling and exciting storyline
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Physics-based action-adventure
  • Solve challenging puzzles in different ways

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp2
    • Processor: 2.4 ghz multicore recommended
    • Memory: 1.0 GB or more
    • Graphics: 256 MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600, NVidia 6600 or better, recommended Shader model 3.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3.5 GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible soundcard
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132 of 162 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 31, 2014
Twin Sector is a strange game. Not because it's bad, but because it's pretty underrated and pretty poorly done AT THE SAME TIME.
I will try to explain it.

The Story: I think that was actually a good point in this game. While i thought it was somewhat pretty generic, it had some hidden potential. But i really think the story is more conceptual than a thrilling exciting story. It follows the same pattern of Portal 1 (which i will be using as a main comparison for this game). But...Worse.
The voice acting is bad. I mean, BAD. Look, i can't ask good voices on a indie game but, at least, couldn't they put a little of EMOTION? I mean, the voices looks like robotic. And not robotic like GLaDOS or something. The characters just doesn't have any trace of personality or anything that make us feel attached to them. Not even the main antagonist or the general that tries to help us. And guess what? We have been following the machine instructions when we shouldn't. We should fight the machine and escape from its rage. Does that ring a bell? Yeah. Story was a good point because i see they tried to do something here with things like only putting talented people to sleep for years and about what future the humanity will face, but i just couldn't be bothered remembering the characters nor the story. At all.

Graphics: For an indie game, they are actually pretty well done. But since the texture variation is not present, you will see more white or grey rooms than anything (again, exactly like Portal). And i swear that i could see more focus on doing models like Turrets and "the balls of death" (as i call them) than anything else. And i have to admit that it's a bit strange when you look and see something is more textured than another. If feels a bit strange, but i can forgive that.

Music: Non-existent. Aside from the game's menu music, there's no music. They tried to follow Portal and put you in a linear path with an narrator, with no song. But as i said, since the characters have no personality whatsoever, it just feels empty. And even Portal 1 had music often. This game just doesn't have AT ALL.

Gameplay: Now, here's the big deal. The concept of Twin Sector is pretty simple: You have gloves that pull and throw. Pretty simple. You also have limited energy, so you have to make a fair use of your gloves to get through puzzles. In puzzles, you will have lasers, explosives, fire, turrets and etc. And that's where things gets pretty bad. This game is like "I Wanna Be The Guy" in 3D. You die from fall damage. You die if the "death ball" keeps touching you. You die from explosions if you are not too far away. And mostly important, YOU DIE FROM FALL DAMAGE. That was the worst thing they could've done to this game. Sometimes the falls are not THAT big and you die anyways. And that wouldn't be bad if the checkpoints weren't a mess. They're just too far away from one another. And there just like 3 or 4 checkpoints per stage. And that wouldn't be a problem if the design of the stages WEREN'T A HUGE PILE OF CLUSTER♥♥♥♥. Seriously. Dying in this game is WAY TOO EASY and FRUSTRATING. I can think why games like Binding Of Isaac or Super Meat Boy are frustrating too, but at least they are fun frustrating. This game is PAINFULLY FRUSTRATING.

ANGRY. Angry is the definition of this. Your character is slow and it's easy to ♥♥♥♥ up. Puzzles are bad because the physics in this game is bad. 90% of times you will die because of bad physics. And the other 10% you will die from the enemies that had to be, like, the worst enemies ever. They kill you with 3 hits and only die with 3 hits too. Easy, right? WRONG! Hitting them with objects is painful. They have a "recovery time" and they recovery way too fast. And also, if you don't grab them in time to hit them a second time (which makes 6 total hits to kill them), you WILL get hit by them. They are just boring to fight and are a pain in the ♥♥♥ most of the time. Mostly because there are times when they are ENDLESS. YES! They keep spawning again and again...
Now, i think they wanted to give you a challenge. But then i ask: in Portal, did the turrets needed to be endless to make sure you die to them at least one time if you ♥♥♥♥ up? Couldn't them make the enemies like "if you ♥♥♥♥ up and don't play the game in the right way, you lose"? Because, the enemies are just something YOU CAN'T WIN. It's frustrating and keeps you away from getting past a mission, and so, from progressing the game. I never finished Twin Sector because it's way too hard from the half of the game on. I just can't win. Really. I gave up. I finished Super Meat Boy 100% but can't do the same with this game. I just can't win it...

But, remember: i said it's underrated and very unpolished. Why? Well. I liked how this game was supposed to work. The puzzles, enemies, and even the story. All of them could've worked better if they spent a bit more of time polishing it. It COULD'VE been a good game. But it just isn't.

Now: I like challenges. And for me, Twin Sector is a good challenge. It's like playing Spelunky from SNES all over again. And for me, it feels great. I like raging. I like failing. It means that i'm not perfect. But i'm almost sure that almost no one is like me. Believe that.

So, my final warning is: if you want to challenge yourself, buy this game.
If you want to find a good puzzle with a medium challenge and a great community and stuff to do, buy Portal 2.
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43 of 53 people (81%) found this review helpful
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18.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 2, 2015
This game might get bad reviews, but I really enjoy it and just finished my 2nd play-through of the game.
I think this illustrates that you shouldn't listen to reviews, and try games out for yourself if it looks interesting to you and/or an interesting setting/premise.

Specifically some thing I like about the game:

1) Setting and back story about the "surface going to hell" and humanity waiting it out in cryo tubes
2) Texture work, for 2008 the graphics are pretty nice really imo. People also normally complain about this and it being bland, but I think it fits the feeling, setting, and mood of the game
3) The voice acting, a lot of people give it crap, but I actually like it and think it makes things more believable since they sound like regular people not Hollywood heroes.
4) The characters, I really like Ashley, Kevin, and Oscar are all very well done

Sadly, preconceived notions probably ruin the game for many people, even if they give it a chance they are going into with the view that it will be a bad game, and then of course they self-fulfill that prophecy because of their negative attitude from the start...
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26 of 31 people (84%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 9
Twin Sector is an Indie Portal wannabe that took the very few bad things from Portal and based a game on those, while throwing away all the good things from Portal.

Twin Sector presents itself as a puzzle game, but it is not. The puzzles it offers are ludicrously easy to solve as an intellectual challenge, yet mindboggingly hard to pull off as far as physics are concerned. That is the fault of the way the game handles the physics, the slowness of the main character, the unresponsiveness of the game to input, and the fact that you have to be very precise in how long you press a mouse button without there being good feedback on that.

Twin Sector is a death simulator. You die. A LOT. You die several times on each JUMP. You die several times when confronted by each of the numerous turrets and tracers. You die every time you encounter another laser field. You die even when you jump off a platform that is three meters above the floor. That would still not be too bad if the game had a good autosave system and quick loads, but it loads terribly slowly and its autosaves are rare. You have a quicksave (not a regular save, unfortunately), but you should be very careful in using it because it is surprisingly easy to maneuver yourself into a position from which the game is unsolvable.

The voice acting is godawful, the animations are stiff, and the environments look like they were taken from a standard Unity library. The background story is not a bad idea to base a game on, but the background of the heroine is deploringly annoying ("Oh, Ashley, you are such a big hero, we all admire you so much." Bluergh). Those elements are all acceptable if the gameplay is good. Unfortunately, it is not. Twin Sector is a frustrating mess.

I cannot recommend Twin Sector. It is too bad, because a lot of effort of several reasonably talented people was invested in creating this game. However, none of these people seemed to have any insight in what makes a game fun. I played half of the game before giving up. I do not like to repeat over, and over, and OVER again section after section because I die constantly. If you have no problems with that and are not interested in puzzle solving anyway, you might like it, but there definitely are better things to play.
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28.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 16, 2013
Twin Sector is a true work of art, sadly it is also a very, very well hidden gem. It is highly reminiscent of Penumbra and Portal in how it plays, with it's highly intricate puzzle design and excellent horror setting. You will spend many hours working to solve the puzzles, just so you can reach the end of the thrilling storyline. At this low price you would be doing yourself a disservice not buying this game. I give this game a 10/10 for leading the entire medium forward.

I have even go so far as to provide you all with a personally recorded video supplement in case you find reading the review troublesome.
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Not Recommended
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 7, 2014
Post-Portal puzzle game that has an interesting core mechanic but poor design leads to frustrating and boring game.
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31 of 45 people (69%) found this review helpful
3.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2013
If there was a title field, I'd to call the review "Prepare to die.recurrent".
Despite some players considering this game a bad copy of Portal, it's not. You don't even have a portal gun! Well, definitely it's poor made. Looks like HL1 age game. With better textures.
It's good game if You like puzzler FPS. This game lacks of balance, and the chance of Your death occurance converge to 1 while You being progress to ending. Mobs will kill You, traps will kill You, You will kill Yourself. So, prepare to die. Make sure You have enough of savepoints. (Maybe this cause of my hand growing from pelvis, but You a definitely 'god' if You can beat it w/o any death from the start.)

Game for 'fans', and for people who know what and why they are doing.
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21 of 29 people (72%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 27, 2014
There's a reason this game only gets a 49 on the Metascore board. The controls are bad, the dialogue can break glass, the lack of continue points (until WAY later in the game) combined with long intervals between deaths, the annoyingly unforgiving short height in which you can fall to your death, and many other things made this game feel more like a chore to play than an enjoyable experience. To be honest, I'd rather do work because I'd at least get paid for that. The idea of the game was what enticed me to get it; 2 gloves that control the enviornment by either pushing or pulling stuff or yourself around. But the idea only goes so far and most of the time, doesn't even work properly.

Seriously, a platformer game with fall damage. SERIOUSLY.
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24 of 36 people (67%) found this review helpful
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 3, 2014
It's copycat of "Portal" but not bad at all. It has a lot that resemble to Portal so if you feel like to play puzzle game this is what you are looking for. Ending of this game seems it will be sequel but I don't think developers can make it actually, considering about rating and reviews though.
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Not Recommended
0.8 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: December 18, 2013
What a waste of an interesting idea. I WANTED to like this game, and got excited to use my push/pull mechanics in creative ways for platforming, physics puzzles and all that good stuff. But the level design is awful, the physics are screwy, and the atmosphere is boring and unispired. Avoid this turd. Shameful.
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17.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 9, 2014
Rough around the edges and wearing its portal inspiration a little too obviously on its chest this game replaces portals with the power to manipulate push and pull objects and excert physics forces on the world around you.

The dialog is horrible and the low budget nature of the game shows however when the game is good it is good. The plot is ignorable and to be honest besides an AI called oscar i dont remember anything of it. The game shines through though with each sucessive level of the game introducing interesting puzzles and object manipulation potential which proved to keep me very entertained for my hours of play.

I particularly enjoyed the puzzles combining object manipulation and enviromental traversal using the power to pull my self Towards objects or pushing my self in order to cancel the momentum of a fall.
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Recently Posted
18.6 hrs
Posted: October 2
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0.5 hrs
Posted: September 10
its the worst attempt of making a portal esc puzzle game ive ever seen. if you want a good game with this sort of idea, go to red trigger. it tellls you where to go and makes you think you have a time limit. you rush through these unsolvable puzzles that are hardly fun and usually have really easy solutions where the narration makes it seem like you have to do the exact opposite. 0/10
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Shadow Ops
8.3 hrs
Posted: September 7
Twin Sector
fast game with modern day graphics with easy controls that moves from location A to B to C and so on.

good game.
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0.8 hrs
Posted: July 28
it wouldnt even work. couldnt move from the starting position. new game, redownload, nothing worked. I watched that unskippable 10 minute cut scene four times trying to play this
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Rejutka Lupex
0.4 hrs
Posted: May 28
I lack the patience to retry after the fifth time I died because I misjudged the perfect position to aim the attractor glove.

There seems to be no save system, so you get checkpoints.
And while her face is cute, I don't really want to see it for half a minute every 10 seconds because I'm unable to pinpoint the perfect spot to jump or aim.

What do you know, there IS a way to save. Quicksave/Load only, though. So if you look in the main menu for an entry "save/load" you won't find it, but the keys(F5/F9) are listed in the settings.
Doesn't make the loading time any less annoying, though. Or the re-trying things endlessly.
Makes it easier to try again from the same spot, though.

It looked interesting enough, so if you can get it cheap - go for it.

Note: german audio seems to be better than english - somehow the english voices don't fit the characters, IMO.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: April 1
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That One Potato Gamer
0.4 hrs
Posted: February 23

Positives: Nothing really

-Portal ripoff
-Action in this game
-Waddling back and fourth while doing puzzles is lame and dull
-Cutscenes didnt load for me
-Story is dull and uninteresting
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8.2 hrs
Posted: January 17
Want a game that is made with care and is bugless?

Want a game that is enjoyable to play and non-repetitive?

Want a good and peaceful life?
Then stay the fk away from this game....
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0.3 hrs
Posted: December 29, 2015
This game combines some good physics ideas (although poorly executed).

• This game looks horrible.
• Plays horribly
• Voice acting is so bad takes you far from the story andf makes the game very hard to get into.
• The story itself id pretty bad also.

I was only able to play this game for around 20 minutes as it is so badly made. It seems that every post-Portal physics-based strategy game is the same: there is a few cool physics elements which make the game look interesting, however the game(s) always fall far below the standard that Portal/Portal 2 have given us. To some up If you think this game would appeal to you by all means try it however you are probably better off buying Portal or Portal 2; if you have already tried these there are a few Community-made Portal mods that might appeal to you such as "Thinking with Time Machine" and "Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun testing initiative", the latter of which I haven't yet played (but it looks pretty good).

I would not recommend buying this game, not even if it's on sale.
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