Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut brings hair-whipping, belly-dancing to your PC! Play one of the most critically acclaimed handheld series of all time, now with brand new features!
User reviews: Very Positive (434 reviews)
Release Date: Jul 15, 2014

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"A favourite of mine on the Nintendo DS, it's now available on Steam and it delivers a perfectly crafted metroidvania experience in a huge vibrant world!"
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“...very seldom have we encountered a game that features this level of polish and refinement in virtually every facet...there's really not a single area of the game that won't wow you...quite possibly the best (money) you'll ever spend on a video game”
10/10 – Nintendo Life

“We should count ourselves lucky to have games like this...Buy this game and fall in love with that adorable little half genie as (we) have.”
9.5/10 – Destructoid

“'d be making a huge mistake by skipping over this excellent and ambitious action platformer”
9/10 – IGN

About This Game

By popular demand, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut is now available on Steam for Windows PC! This brand new version combines all of the award-winning content from previous releases – and adds even more! The pixel-based masterpiece remains intact, newly augmented with HD portrait artwork and extra challenge. New illustrations, Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, Emoticons, Controller Support, fully configurable controls, and an unlockable Magic Mode with alternate costume round out the package. This Director’s Cut also introduces a re-imagined Warp System, perfect for speed runners and returning players alike! Play one of the most critically acclaimed handheld series of all time, now on your PC!

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut is a powder keg of high octane, hair-whipping, hip shaking action, now available on Steam! Features thousands of frames of animation, huge multi-sprite bosses, and a quest so big it’s bursting at the seams. Guide “half-genie” Shantae through haunted wastes, burning deserts, enchanted forests, dripping caverns and deadly labyrinths. Discover magical attacks, brew zombie coffee, save golden babies, and master the art of belly-dancing to transform Shantae into more powerful creatures. Use your powers to foil the lady pirate Risky Boots and save Sequin Land from certain doom! With its infectious characters, flirtatious humor and deliciously outlandish action, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge offers up all the hair-whipping, belly-dancing action you can handle!

  • MetaCritic: Highest Rated Portable Game of the Year*
  • IGN Editor’s Choice
  • IGN Best Visuals*
  • IGN Best Game of the Year*
  • Nintendo Power Game of the Year*
  • Nintendo Power Best Graphics*
  • Nintendojo Editors' Choice
  • iTunes Editor’s Choice
*(awards for various platforms)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows®XP™ SP2, Windows®Vista™ or Windows®7
    • Processor: Intel™ Pentium 4 2.4 ghz with Hyper Threading
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® Geforce 9600GT, AMD® Radeon™ HD 3870 or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of display memory
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows®XP™ SP2, Windows®Vista™ or Windows®7
    • Processor: Intel™ Core 2 Duo / AMD™ Athlon 64 X2 or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce™ 200 series or higher, AMD® Radeon™ HD5000 series or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of display memory.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
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Posted: January 10
Lemme start off by saying that this is gonna be a long review and mostly about the series in the context of gaming as a woman, so for people who don't give a ♥♥♥♥, Shantae is a 9/10 metroidvania platformer (complete with time- and completion-based end pics) that's a bit on the short side but a ton of fun and has decent replay value.

Okay, here's the rest of what I wanted to say.

As a woman, you get used to seeing your gender treated like sexy furniture in video games for the most part (realistic simulation of life in the real world). You might not like it, but if you enjoy playing games as I do, you sorta learn to ignore it, I guess, or at least not be mad about it every time it happens, or you'd never stop being mad, and that's exhausting.

Sometimes, a game will let you choose your sex at the start of the game, and usually that's an indication that your character's sex is meaningless as far as the story is concerned, which isn't quite the same thing as celebrating or embracing women... or men, let's be fair. Are there any complex video game epics about the difficulties of What It Is To Be A Man? nah. But as a girl I wanna talk about girl problems, not guy problems. Anyway, there are very, very few games that have even tried to include things about the feminine experience in there, and even fewer that get it right. There's a thing I like to call "Joss Whedon feminism", where you take the "virgin/♥♥♥♥♥" point of view, but word-replace "virgin" with "Amazon" and call it good. What this means is shown pretty well by the recent Tomb Raider remake.

In that game, Lara isn't especially female per se, apart from her boobs existing. She's tough and grr and she overcomes challenges etc. By the end of that game, yes she's a stone badass and that's cool, but it's not really an exploration of femininity so much as it is an exploration of survivor trauma and effective coping. Which is fine. But it's not Shantae. I also wanna note that people ♥♥♥♥ on Tomb Raider for being exploitative when it comes to Lara, but honestly, it doesn't feel that bad to me, playing it. Granted, the camera is definitely controlled by a dude, but not an especially horny dude, if that makes any sense. And the game very quickly progresses from Lara being a helpless bunny getting kicked to the one doing the kicking, comin up outta pools of blood like Rambo and ♥♥♥♥. It's pretty cool, actually. It's a really fun game, I'm not doggin on the gameplay, I loved Tomb Raider. Just sayin.

Super Princess Peach also comes to mind. This is a bit closer to a game about womanhood, but it still errs in a weird, sort of naive way. I wanna make clear that I absolutely don't think the team that made this game really had bad intentions when they made it, and hell, it even comes pretty close to the mark. What I mean is that it acknowledges that intense emotions are part of the feminine experience, and in fact makes those emotions powerful! They're how Peach interacts with her world and progresses through it, what's more empowering than that? A big part of being a woman is learning to handle this very intense, very rich inner life that comes with having emotions try to drown you. Becoming mature as a woman is in large part figuring out how to handle them. So, to make it so a female character uses her emotions in a constructive way, that's pretty cool! Problem is, the level design demands rapid switching of emotions, and they're portrayed as really heightened and exaggerated. Peach comes across as going through puberty or just unstable. With emotions like anger, it's weaponized. Peach stomps around through enemies, literally on fire. Now, was it like that for me when I was younger? Yeah, absolutely. But it's not the mark of a mature woman to swing around that wildly or to let your emotions drive you to that degree.

The other example I hear is Bayonetta. I'll give her this: she definitely owns her sexuality, which is something people usually cite as a good thing. Problem is, it's not a healthy sexuality. Look at how she treats Cheshire, for instance. I mean, you can make your arguments for BDSM and all that, and that's fine, but she definitely holds men in a kind of distant disdain, which real loving BDSM doesn't have. It's the same mistake in the opposite direction. The game in general is hypersexual (where the women are concerned. where's my hot man butts and dickbulges?). The camera is the biggest turnoff. Definitely a hornier dude behind this one. You've got the full-body sweeping, focusing on ♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥♥, the spreadeagled special moves, everything is just really uncomfortable to watch and hear. Bayonetta is a spectacle fighter, and Bayonetta herself is part of that spectacle. That's an important distinction. She's not feminine, she's just sexed up. Throwing your vag into the camera is not empowerment. It's pandering, and I only ever hear that it's NOT that way from men, because most women know better. At least, women that aren't trying to be Bayo irl. It's a fairly common mistake, I'll grant you that.

So now we come to Shantae, a series starring a bellydancing sexy half-genie in poofy pants and a bustier that's probably the most empowering, healthiest depiction of a feminine hero I've ever seen. What?

Well, for starters, the bellydancing. Now, opinions differ, but to me there's few things that are more feminine than the pure joy of physicality. The simple pleasure of having a body, knowing it well, and expressing yourself using it, having a great time with it, comes pretty close to the heart of womanhood, in my opinion. Shantae's dances are also the source of her transformative powers, which let her explore the world. So, here we have the Super Princess Peach thing, but done correctly.

Now, is her dancing weaponized? I'm gonna say no. You do acquire powerups that give her forms attacks, but they're primarily (except for the mermaid bubbles) used to get places you couldn't before, not to attack enemies. Also, it's the *forms* that are weaponized, NOT the dances. There are certain male characters that suggest Shantae should dance to get what she wants, or want her to dance for them, but she never does this, and you're never required to dance for anyone other than you, by the game. This is a great thing. In the 1st game there's a stage where you can dance for money, but it's just there. It's not like you have to do it. There are strip clubs irl, but you won't see me there; to each her own.

This brings me to Shantae's sexuality. Shantae is friggin adorable, with jiggle in the right places, all lovingly animated. But it's not excessive. She dresses in skimpy outfits, but those outfits are basically her bellydancing uniform (irl accurate), and it's all about the same stuff I said before with the dancing itself. It's a celebration of the female form, and I don't feel like it's super creepy or anything. She never uses it to get ahead, even with Bolo the perv. It's done well. There's definitely some more fan-servicey moments in the third game, but the way they're done pokes fun at gamers who might be enjoying em too much.

What's really fascinating to me is Risky Boots, with her high heels on a pirate ship (looks over practicality), her domination of her male crew, how she carries herself. She's a symbol of Bayo-style sexuality, how to Do It Wrong, the traps you can fall into as a woman. She naturally inspires the "take her down a peg" impulse. Even her boobs are bigger than Shantae's (in 2 and 3)! Great villain. The fact that the game is thinking about a potential female player is HUGE. Nobody does that!

Overall, too, the variety of female characters and how they're written shows writing that cares about and knows women. I have friends like Rottytops and Sky, and friend/enemies like Risky (and Rotty). It's believable.

So, this series rules, and as a woman I really love that it both exists and is fun.
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Posted: January 27
Okay boys and girls let Melo tell you all the things you need to know about this game.

First off, this is a sequel to the first Shantae game that came out on the Gameboy Color, it's pretty expensive to get a physical copy, but you can buy a digital version on the 3DS, but that one in my opinion is the hardest to play with how outdated it is with clunky controls and the camera being way too zoomed in making most jumps leap of faiths. If you want to play this one and not have to deal with the first game, all you need to do to play this game is watch/play the first five minutes of the first game it will explain everything you need to know about Shantae, Risky, and how and why everything is how it is.

You play as Shantae the Half-Genie hero who protects the town Scuttle Town where you live from the evil pirate-lady Risky Boots. Your uncle, Unlce Mimic finds a relic and is bringing it back for the towns Relic Hunter Expo. He opens the case up and reveals a lamp, no one knows what this lamp does exept your uncle, and also Risky Boots. Risky comes in and steals the lamp and sails away to look for the three Magic Seals to learn how to work the lamp. It is up to Shantae to get the lamp back and stop Risky Boots, one hair whip at a time.

Good story
Memorable Characters (nameless npcs are even memorable)
Good Characters (I love all characters, even nameless npcs)
Challenging but not impossible
Excelent Platforming + Puzzles
Funny and unique dialouge.
Wonderful sprite animation
Awesome soundtrack
High replay value

Not best explaining on where you need to go, first playthrough will take you some hours, but once you beat the game once you will be able to fly through the game even after weeks of not playing. Sky and Bolo give you hints on what you need to do but never directly tell you what you need to do (I guess this can be a pro but this kinda hints at exploring places instead of being told what to do)
Backtracking: ALL the backtracking isn't bad since you have to go in the area again at one point to get a key item, but I'm talking near the end of the game where you get the last power and have to go back in the temples to get the last few Magic Jam, Overall the backtracking isn't that bad
Confusing Map first time playing. It doesn't show names of places so when a character tells you need to go to location that you never been before you will get lost since the map doesn't tell you place names.


Replay value - This game is short so that means you can start a new game and see if you can beat it at a faster time, a really good game to speedrun.

Magic Mode - This is a new mode which makes you take more damage from enemies. But you use less magic. This can be considered Hard mode, or Easy mode. If you get hit a lot and can't dodge well, consider it hard mode. If you can dodge most attacks, and know spanws of enemies and use magic well this will be easy mode.

Pirate's Curse - The sequel of this game, I will only review it when if it comes out on steam, right now it's only exclusive for 3DS and WiiU, I have hopes for Wayforward to add it on steam,

So that concludes my review for Shantae: Risky's Revenge, yeah there are a few cons that make it look bad but this game is really good and I highly recommend that you get this game and start playing it.

I give this game a 9/10
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Posted: February 7
It's not a bad game, but it's got a lot of flaws and it's really, really, really short as well as generally lacking in polish. If you can get it for cheap it could be a fun time, but otherwise if you want to check out any of the Shantae games I would highly recommend picking up Pirate's Curse for the 3DS or Wii U, it's a much much more polished, fully featured and generally higher quality game, definitely the best one so far. It's worth noting, though, that despite the excellent character portraits and sprite art and animation, both games feature the most bafflingly ugly UIs I've seen in a while. Seriously, WayForward, you've got awesome artists and animators but your basic text boxes are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ jarring, christ.
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Posted: January 14
As much as I enjoy the aesthetic of the Shantae games, the navigation and progression through them always seems rather disjointed. As Metroidvanias go, I'm sorry to say Shantae kind of sucks. Almost all navigation is horizontally based except when in dungeons or caves, and the map tells you next to nothing. I know this game's development was a bit troubled; it was originally trying for a GBA release, then finally made it out on DSiWare with some major cutbacks. The main arc has 3 macguffins to collect which actually involves all of... 2 dungeons and boss battles prior to the finale. The original design document for this game had the overworld set on rotational plates, which would mean that you'd come back to the same places after hitting a trigger and they'd lead to different areas instead! Sounds cool on paper, but thank GOD that was scrapped, it'd have been an extra nightmarish layer of navigation.

As it is, halfway through the game you're forced to pursue some of the arbitrary collectathon crap to unlock moves for your transformations. Then once you've collected the third macguffin you're given no real clue on what to do next until you bump into some NPCs that are rather out of their way from where they usually are, which leads to more collectathon crap to progress yet again. Risky's Revenge feels like it had so much of the original game stripped away that they were forced to take half the mandatory stuff and just hide it in random spots around the world. It's like fishing for the Triforce shards in Wind Waker all over again. Laaaaaaaaaaame.
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Posted: May 6
Shantae wiggles her butt when she crouches, just like a cat when it's ready to pounce

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