Con Halo: Spartan Assault il frenetico divertimento di Halo approda per la prima volta in assoluto su Steam. Combatti in 30 adrenaliniche missioni contro i Covenant e scopri l'origine del programma Spartan Ops di Halo 4.
Valutazione degli utenti: Molto positiva (2,790 recensioni) - 2,790 recensioni degli utenti (81%) per questo gioco sono positive.
Data di rilascio: 4 apr 2014

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“Halo: Spartan Assault is an addictive shooter that retains enough of the look and elements of the Halo universe to please.”
4/5 – PC Magazine

“Spartan Assault is a true Halo game, even if the series signature scope and size are scaled down.”
8.25/10 – Game Informer

“Varied, bite-sized missions fit the top-down play perfectly.”
4/5 – Digital Trends

Informazioni sul gioco

Con Halo: Spartan Assault il frenetico divertimento di Halo approda per la prima volta in assoluto su Steam.

Combatti in 30 adrenaliniche missioni contro i Covenant e scopri l'origine del programma Spartan Ops di Halo 4.

Ottieni gli obiettivi di Steam, completa missioni e sfida i tuoi amici cercando di ottenere il punteggio migliore in classifica.

È ora di unirti all'assalto, Spartan!

  • Un'epica campagna con 30 adrenalinici livelli e una nuova storia di Halo ambientata prima degli eventi del quarto capitolo della serie.
  • Utilizza diverse armi, veicoli e abilità armatura della serie di Halo, e personalizza il tuo Spartan per creare il guerriero perfetto.
  • Completa sfide settimanali per ottenere PE e sfida i tuoi amici scalando le classifiche.
  • Il gioco supporta mouse e tastiera, il controller Xbox USB e i comandi virtuali touch.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
    • Processor: Dual core processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX10 compatible graphics card w/ dedicated 512MB RAM (ATI Radeon 3670, NVIDIA 8600 GT or Intel HD 3000)
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 2550 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: ** DirectX feature level 10 required **
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
    • Processor: Quad core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX10 compatible graphics card w/ dedicated 1GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 2550 MB available space
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Pubblicata: 5 ottobre
Ok, voglio partire dal presupposto di essere un grande appassionato della serie videoludica di Halo e del suo gameplay; pur avendoli provati,giocati e finiti tutti devo ammettere che Halo 4 in sè mi ha molto deluso quindi per questo gioco non avevo alte aspettative, tuttavia ho dovuto ricredermi: benchè infatti a me non piaccia il tipo, questo qui lo inserisco tra le eccezioni. Il gameplay di base è molto semplice: hai una missione, imposti i famosi teschi per avere bonus(oppure non li imposti affatto) e inizia la missione,che consiste nella difesa,nell'attacco o nel proteggere per poi usare mezzi da guerra,armi, squadre e/o altro, e una volta finita hai la medaglia che ti permette di avanzare nella storia sommando le varie medaglie ottenute. Gli achievement rappresentano una vera sfida, ed anche ottenere le medaglie d'oro è molto complicato, quindi questa parte è consigliabile per chi ha un pochino d'esperienza in più. La parte più interessante nel gameplay sta nel fatto che si disporrà dei potenziamenti visti in Halo 4 per il proprio pg,quindi questo avvantaggerà di molto il giocatore;inoltre si possono usare quasi tutte le armi convenzionali di Halo sia Covenant che umane (per le prometean bisogna giocare il secondo titolo). Per concludere, il gioco è abbastanza carino e un ottimo passatempo per chi vuole mettersi alla prova con le sfide; merita un 7/10
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4.7 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 3 luglio
Casual, yet competent and stimulating // Perfect for a dull afternoon that needs to be filled

+ The control system is solidly designed and is intuitive in practice
+ Environmental design is escellent in a way that is characteristic of the franchise; the flow of the levels, the amount of detail, and the impressive variation all add up to a standard (good) Halo experience
+ Sound design, particularly weapon/vehicle sounds, is superb; very much sounds like a Halo game
+ Plot is nothing revolutionary, especially by the standards of the franchise, but it works very well for the length of style of the game; the cinematics that advance the story, also, are employed admirably
+ Stats and level modifiers add an extra incentive to do well, and the drive to push oneself for a better 'grade' is certainly a present factor
+ Vehicle combat is one of the game's aspects that stands out the most; intensely fun to play, and the vehicle missions are tactfully placed in a way that breaks up the pace and keeps one interested
+ Missions and their objectives offer an impressive amount of variety; this keeps the game from feeling stale
+ Soundtrack, true to Halo fashion, is spectacular
+ Works well with both a mouse & keyboard, and a controller

- Death forces level-restarts, as there are no (in-mission) auto saves or checkpoints; some may appreciate the challenge, but it often proves intensely frustrating
- Lackluster models and textures
- No multiplayer; limited replay value, overall
- Game is really very short; averages ~4 hours to finish a playthrough

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Pubblicata: 18 agosto
This game is cute and fun. It definitly doesnt live up to the full potential of a halo game, but it does deserve recognition for its assets, like the price and amount of missions it boasts.

I wrote a poem about halo:

Boy do i like halo on pc,
but the company 343
doesnt make them all for pc
so i cry and say please
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Pubblicata: 23 agosto
Purchase if heavily discounted


In Spartan Assault you quickly find out that this isn't exactly a walk in the park. The game challenges you every chance it gets and has a satisfying difficulty to augment the gameplay.The A.I suprisingly tries to flank you and uses different tactics to flush you out of cover. The brutes actually function as brutes and try to smash your body into a pulp and the grunts suicidally charge into battle with little regard for their own life.

Keyboard support
This actually suprised me but the game functions spectacularly with mouse and keyboard. The character moves fluidly and doesn't get hung up on objects at all.


Vehicle Controls
Spartan Assault features multiple vehicle sections where you can pilot tanks,speeders,and other such craft.They definitely break up the monotony of the game itself but they control so terribly that all I wanted to do was get them out of the way as quick as I possibly could. When in the Scorpion tank for example,you can only move in 8 directions in environments clearly not meant for such a control scheme.This results in you getting caught up on rocks and cover that litters the ground and making you an easy target for covenant soldiers.

Spartan Assault plays from an isometric viewpoint and,as typical of other isometric games,has horrendous texture quality since they believe you can't see it close enough to tell. This problem plagues Spartan Assault in a particularly bad manner as there are many areas where you indeed can see the textures up close and when you do you can tell that they look abhorrent.

Amount of Content
One of the first things you should know about Halo:Spartan Assault is that the game is short,as in 30 levels short.The game is clearly designed like a mobile game and has levels that you can complete in 5-10 minutes each. There are 6 chapters in the game and 5 levels within each chapter but seeing how quick you can complete each mission there really isn't a whole lot there.If you were wondering,there is no co-op or multiplayer mode in this game,though I feel it would be a very welcome addition and could fit well with the style of gameplay.

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Pubblicata: 17 settembre
+ Great graphics + sound
+ Smooth control system
+ Nice mission design
+ Nice vehicle combat
- Models and weapons are too few
- Game is too short, even for a small game like this
- No co-op play. This game would be awesome with a co-op mode.

This is really a decent game but you should only purchase when it's on sale.

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