Guide a powerful Lynx through vast open landscapes. Give birth to your cubs, raise and strengthen them by mastering your skills for hunting prey. Explore the wild beauty of nature and do everything possible to prepare your family for the vicious entities dwelling on the cold tundra.
User reviews: Very Positive (518 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 9, 2015

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"A heartwarming game with very nice visual art. It challenges you to be a protective parent for your cubs, but the reality of survival rate is saddening."

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April 24

Bug fixes 2015-04-24!

  • Collectable achievement skin for Inna now works.
  • Pheasants don't get stuck anymore.

For you that have unlocked the Inna skin and want to play with it, you need to go in to options and select it again!

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April 23

Content Patch Hotfix!

Hotfix Changes!

  • Hares now run in correct speed! (Survival Mode)
  • Using the smelling sense now costs the correct amount of stamina! (Survival Mode)
  • Option to turn off tutorials added.

3 comments Read more

About This Game

The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness. That is central in Shelter 2, and one of the reasons we chose to make a game about a Lynx. They are in middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra.

The game follows the life of a mother lynx, starting as a pregnant animal, giving birth and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her cubs is paramount for survival. Shelter 2 includes more elaborate gameplay features than its predecessor, such as stamina, different types of movements, jumps and a variety of prey to kill. Besides hunting there are several maternal and hunting features, such as calling the cubs closer, smell for prey, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying your cubs from harm’s way.

A vast wilderness awaits

Environments in Shelter 2 are much bigger than its predecessor and allow a lot more freedom than ever before, allowing players to find favorite spots to return to. This time weather and seasons change, harsh winters and bloomy summers awaits you!
The music is once again presented by Retro Family, awarded for their work on the Pid Soundtrack, and the visuals have been reinvented by adding dense atmosphere and lighting to the patterned graphical art style.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP2
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 – 1024 MB (1 gig)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz single core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB shared or dedicated RAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 – 1024 MB (1 gig)
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
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Posted: April 8
Review At A Glance

*Poignant, touching, emotional story
*Unique experience, expands upon original
*Large, detailed environments
*Well chosen achievements and non-punishing dynamics encourage exploration and replay
*Flat shaded polygon aesthetique

*Relatively short game

Shelter 2 is a third person perspective game where you play as a mother lynx. The game follows the life cycle of the lynx family from birth and envelops the player in its gripping, emotional story. This story, however, is simply told in an understated manner; and develops organically during gameplay. Game dynamics are simple, yet new ones are slowly introduced seamlessly as the game unfolds. It is the explorative, meditative character of the experience which sets it apart. Explore, hunt, discover and provide for your cubs; as you successfully do this, you cannot help but realize that the universal struggle for survival is not singular to your family. The prosperity of your family comes at the expense of ravaging the lower rungs of the food chain. As a lynx, right in the middle of the food chain, its just a matter of time until the circle of life has its way. There are no higher stakes than the game of life.

If you are in the mood for a slow paced game with a beautiful, large, natural world to explore, including day/night cycles, seasons and a unique flat shaded polygon aesthetique, you will truly appreciate the effortless, graceful manner in which this game tells its story.

Full Review, No spoilers:

Intro, Story and Gameplay sections abridged to avoid spoilers.

Experience the struggles of a mother lynx as she provides for her cubs and as the seasons of the year and stages of life progress. You start as a lone pregnant lynx; first sequence of the game is relatively linear, and reminiscent of the original Shelter. However, after this scene you are confronted with the wide-open expansive world that this iteration provides.


Meticulously drawn landscapes with meandering rivers, tree ladden forests, populated lakes, central valleys and hilltops can all be explored at your leisure. The unique look of the game entices the player to continue exploring the habitat and get to know the different areas and terrain features.

Characters, including cubs and other animals, have all been designed with loving care. Each of your cubs has a different fur coat, which allows you to assure you feed them all. Other animals also have a charming aesthetique, which you can appreciate while stalking and hunting them as they trudge, borrow and graze along in an appealing, animated world.


The real standout on this front is the music; which has impeccable, professional production value. It was once again created by Retro Family. You can feel the vibration of each strum, the rumble of each drum, the crispness and immediacy of the sound. Music is the voiceless narrator which, along with the evocative art, sets the tone of this story. Game music is varied and fitting to the different stages, situations and environments.

Sound effects are serviceable and, even though fitting, can grow repetitive. Some of them are quite subtle and amazing; such as the sound of you/your cubs eating.


Replay value is provided by the availabilty of achievements and to follow/grow your family line. Even though each life cycle is generally similar to the last, the expansive open-world and the beautiful art does entice you to continue exploring. You might also want to re-play while mantaining all of your cubs alive. Generally speaking, 3-5 hours should be sufficient time to explore a good portion of the world and develop at least 3 generations. However, the game can be enjoyed for way longer than this; especially if you wish to be meticulous in the exploration of the different habitats and complete the achievements. The game has 5 steam trading cards, and provides 3 drops.


Shelter 2 is a unique, contemplative experience. The incredible music and its particular hand-drawn style set the tone for the touching, emotional journey through the life of the lynx family. The goal and controls of the game are simple, this understated style lends itself to provide a poignant, memorable experience. If you enjoyed the original Shelter or are in the mood for a short simple game; one which tells a touching story of life in the animal kingdom through a synergy of music and art, I invite you to give Shelter 2 a try.

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Posted: March 29
Beautiful game from start to end. A sweet basic animal survival simulator as a mother Lynx and definitely a improvement from the first game. If they ever make a third Shelter id buy it as well (online multiplayer would be a huge plus). Its a perfect game for animal and nature lovers with big open world to roam as much you like. I really like that it plays out like a story book. The gameplay is made pretty simple, not like dont starve advanced but still works perfectly.
The game allows you to go on also when not having cubs which is also neat as you can roam the place but it gets rather quickly boring as there is no new challenge or much to do than start a new family tree with another 4 cubs. Young gamers will definitely love this game to fool around and do small roleplaying.

Now when i made my first two playtroughs i guess i was lucky to not meet the wolves. I wish there was more than a small hill as safe zone againts them.

Perhaps more shelters than the one at the begining would be great as gamers may have other favorite spots to hang out and would love to have some cave/nest around those areas.

Animals like foxes,eagles and badgers didnt make it into shelter 2 from previous game which was a dissapointment.
Also sneaking trough taller grass doesnt has any camoflage effect like in first game allowing you to get even more near the prey. Perhaps it isnt necessary detail as you can still catch the prey but its always neat when the prey will never know what hit it.

Deers are my favorite to hunt but i think the game could had easylie add at least a single buck in each herd, you just put antlers on that thing to give them some bigger variation.

The game could had also allowed sneaking up even closer to the prey when aproaching it from behind. The distance at which the prey starts to run seems to be always random.

Lightning could had make temporaly fires like in first game.

Snow storms, night times and mists could had been another added sweet detail to the environment.

Collectables dont seem to be rewarding, it could at least unlock concept art depending on the amount of collected items.

Map also could show more where the player is aiming and pinpoint safe zones to quickly escape wolves.

These are just some thoughts i think tht could improve the game even more. The game is very lovely and definitelly worth to support
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1.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 31
Shelter 2 is beautiful.

As a lynx the player is exploring an open world, feeding his cubs and learning about what nature has to offer. Choosing the lynx, a large, swift hunter, Might and Delight had to step up from the rather streamlined, linear level design of Shelter 1 and had to offer a landscape that made the chase for prey believable.

Shelter 2 teaches the same base principles of nature it's predecessor already embraced. The difference is, that it gives the player more power to direct where his journey goes. Some people find that this makes the progression feel too open ended and undirected.
For me the design makes the story and world feel more realistic, putting less emphasis on the show and giving the message within more power.

As with Shelter 1, this game is a relaxing experience that engages mind and emotions. Definitely get it - but maybe on a minor discount because unfortunately the end of the journey comes quicker than desired.
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Posted: April 1
I`M A BLOKE. I play fps shooters! Painkiller. csg. I fit truck tyres...Im a man that does mans work. This game made me well up. Its that good!!! :)
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Posted: April 4
Honestly, I can't remember any other kind and so life loving game like this. Thumbs up.
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Posted: April 4
I won this game from a online steam gifting website and didn't know anything about it going into it. I was really taken aback at how beautiful and yet simplistic this game was.

You start as a pregnant mother lynx running from wolves until you come across a den. Once you litter of four has been born it's time to begin hunting to provide for your young. Once you have fed them a couple of times the kittens join you on your adventuring around three biomes. You can find eggs, hunt rats rabbits and deer to feed your family. Over the course of the game the seasons pass and the kittens grow. By the third season they are young adults and beginning to hunt themselves. Once a full year has passed, the now adult lynxes wander off to form their own families and the circle of life continues. Over the year you face a few challenges, packs of wolves hunting your kittens. Scarcity of prey and becoming exhausted yourself. I was proud that my first attempt I managed to keep all four kittens alive to adulthood.

This game while it had little replay ability for me personally I found beautiful and quite profound. I had not come across a game like this before that really brought out my paternal instincts even though I played as the mother. The fear was real.

This is a simple yet beautiful little game with a pleasant art style. I'm truly thankful that I got a chance to experience this game. 7/10
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Posted: March 30
Note: This game was reviewed using a code sent by the developer.

Shelter was one of the games which when i finished i was left speechless how good it was. In the first game we played as a mother badger who tried to protect her cubs while trying to feed them and make sure they weren't eaten. In Shelter 2 the roles are reversed and this time we play as the predator. We play as mother lynx who tries to teach and prepare her own cubs for the wild. The sequel is a bigger game then the first one. In the first one we had a path and we followed it to the end but this time the world is open and you explore it how you want but there are dangers around and you need to be careful that you're cubs don't get eaten. The art style is amazing and it looks even better in 2 than it looked in the first one and it really shows that a lot of work went into this game. This game is also depressing because you feel attached to the cubs and when you lose them it hits you right in the feels. But of course there is some problems with the game that i hope the developers will fix. There are a few bugs like rabbits running through rocks and sometimes disappear into the ground. Some texture pop ins but nothing too major. The sequel is one amazing experience that everyone should play through at least once. Tons of replay value, art work that will leave you breathless, amazing survival mechanics. I give Shelter 2 a 9/10
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Posted: April 8
The toughest and the meanest will cry like a little child, oh you will...
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26.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 27
No other game tells the story of the struggles for life better than this one. To me the game is wonderful even though it breaks my heart at times i love the fact that you don't play as a flesh riping monster like you see in the low budget action movie you play as an animal trying to survive as well as protecting your cubs in a world where other animals are trying to survive. I also like how there are more variaties of animals unlike the first game. But unfortunatley everybodie's got nit picks and i don't have many but they are still there. For instance the mother really has nothing to worry about besides her cubs. I wish you as the player should eat to survive instead of just getting your stanima up but besides that i love it and i totally recomend it for animal lovers and other gamers looking for something new.
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 8
I reccomend this game.

It's a very beautiful game. Nice Story, taking care of baby lynxes, different maps, different seasons, and different animals.

There's Deer, Rabbits, and possibly the animal that makes the game sad is the Wolves.

But if your careful enough, you will probably be ok. And hopefully none of your babies die. It's sad ;(

But it is a very great game :)
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33.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 1
You can see from the amount of time I've played this game, that I love it. I genuinely can't get enough of the world. The map is really expansive, full of secret coves and new interesting places to explore. I thought I'd seen everything when I checked each area of the map, but then searching for collectibles, I realized just how much was left waiting for me.

Pros --
-The music is gorgeous
-The map is satisfying large
-The navigation system is functional
-hunting is fun
-great storytelling

Cons --
-For some, maybe only good for one playthrough
-Lack of challenge once you get good at hunting
-Same 4 cubs everytime. Considering you get to name them, different coat patterns would be wonderful!

Note: This game takes the same storytelling style and artistic bend as Shelter, but it's not a chapter by chapter sort of story, more than it is an open world 'explore and appreciate' kind of game.

For me, though, it's one of my favorite games. Really, just one of the most beautiful things I've ever played. Even for the 2 hours it takes to beat the first time, it's absolutely worth the price.
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7.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 17
This game caught my eye when I was looking for good open world games. So I watched the trailers for both the first and second Shelter. The reason why I bought the second Shleter is because you play as a mother of a more interesting animal than a badger, a lynx (a member of the cat family and lives in the tundra). I think this game is extremely well done (great job developers!) and has a very unique art style. The music that plays is very peaceful.

Overall, I recommend this game to anyone who is an animal-lover or enjoys open-world games. It's definitely worth your money. :)
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Posted: March 9
Like a survival horror with your emotions.

The game's initial story doesn't quite prepare you for the stakes. You start the game being chased by wolves in a rudimentary hands-on tutorial on how the basic controls work, introduced to your cubs, and then you start the game off. It is very simulationist and sand-boxy, really setting the mood with beautiful graphics and dynamic scenary/environments despite it's very cartoonish approach.

The thing is... You have to understand that this -is- a game where you -are- a Mother Lynx who is trying to protect her cubs and keep the family tree going. I'm not joking about that, there is a family tree in the main menu where you can keep track of your lineage and it's no solace that I almost lost a cub to starvation when I ventured the family off into an area that was completely bereft of food.

Your cubs -will- die of starvation if you don't maintain them and they -will- die to predators. When they start to starve, they'll drop to the ground and not follow you anymore; you'll have to bring the food to them or bring them to the food by picking them up. Only deer will feed everyone at once, the rest of the wildlife will have to be split between one or two of the gang.

Very quickly it becomes apparent that the adorable mewlings of your cubs as they roll around in the snow is the same hammer driven nail that aims right for the heart strings when one of them dies.

This is where the game became a bit too much for me. In the single hour that I spent with these four little guys I became emotionally invested in them and even though I managed to get food for the little guy - saving him from starvation - the genuine worry that I experienced for one of the cubs starving was crippling. The thought of losing him was what drove me to stop playing the game, so once everyone had a decent meal and squared away I exited out.

Do I recommend the game? Absolutely - but you'd better have stronger heart strings than I do.

EDIT: After being convinced by some commenters, I saw fit to see through to the end of this little journey and raised those four little tikes to adulthood and finished the game. It was absolutely astounding for what it was.
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Posted: March 11
I am a man.

Three of my four kittens died.

This game made me cry.

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Posted: March 9
Pre-Release Review
When Shelter first released in 2013 it took players by surprise with its melancholy tale of maternal struggle in the animal kingdom, told through incredibly vibrant picture-book styling and riddled with heart-wrenching moments. With the appearance of a long teased sequel, evolution has taken place and the series makes a daring leap from the confined and contained linear path of the first into much wider and open-ended horizons. Shelter 2 brings us back on a trip through the shifting of the seasons in a natural landscape that breathes with life, ditching the more narrative driven path for an open adventure that encourages free exploration of the many plains, rivers, and forests of this habitat.

The shift into an open-world style of gameplay feels as natural in Shelter 2 as the setting itself, and puts a higher emphasis on the previous hunting mechanics from before for our carnivorous Lynx family. Starting out on small prey such as rabbits and other critters then working your way up to large and powerful deer when your cubs are large enough which must be brought down with a well placed jump, the bounty of the forests reaches far and wide as you search through snowy woods, swamps thick with reeds, and rocky plains with little vegetation. The astounding hand-painted style that had fans in awe from the first game really shines now with an open approach to level design from the colorful stretches of leaves, grass, and winding blue rivers reaching out miles before you leading to mesmerizing patches of intricately colored trees and mountains.

Given the open-ended nature and longer progression Shelter 2 is a slow-burning gem compared to its predecessor which shined bright and fast like a shooting star. Instead of shorter scenes the player is now free to roam the wide and open land at their own accord with very little in the way of limits or stress on time. Aside from keeping your four lynx cubs alive and healthy by paying attention to their behavior and the vividness of their color, your goal is simply to exist and explore being a part of the ecosystem around you. The only threat you face in the game comes in the form of surprise attacks in the dead of night from packs of rabid wolves, which admittedly caught me by surprise and got my heart racing as I feared for the life of the cubs I had just spent so much of my time doting on. Only the swiftest of Lynx mothers will be able to avoid these attacks and carry their cubs to safety, mostly ending with the harrowing realization that one of your cubs has disappeared while trailing behind you in the chase.

Swedish musicmakers Retro Family make their triumphant return with another effective soundtrack of fitting folk tunes. Just as before there's a wide variety of melodies here to accompany the different areas of the game and the range of emotions fitting each one, acting as a huge driving force to this wordless story. With uplifting acoustics in the brightness of the spring to the heavy and ominous percussion in the cold dead of winter where wolves loom in the dark, the music is what really crafts the atmosphere surrounding Shelter 2.

Might and Delight come from humble beginnings, from smaller indie games that place a higher value on artistic design than anything else and work from a considerably lower budget than most.. and what they did with Shelter 2 should impress the pants off of anybody, effectively taking all of the fantasies and all of the "what-ifs" players presented while playing the first game and turning them into an open-world reality. While most smaller indie studios would scoff at the idea of turning their artistic pet project into an open-world experience with serviceable hunting mechanics, Might and Delight went for it and actually pulled out with very satisfactory results.

In the end the imagery and the message is much more positive than before, with a concluding scene that is much less about death and more about life, creation, and thriving as living beings. The openness of the world and lack of "game-y" objective might linger a bit longer than previous players anticipate, but with a real appreciation for the art, the music, and the positive message being portrayed Shelter 2 is rewarding in the end and the kind of experience you remember in the same way you do a childhood picture book.
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Posted: March 9
Killing rabbits may get mundane, but nothing beats the thrill of taking down your first deer.
I rushed to tell my roommate how I just murdered a deer with my face.
He told me "Good job, I'm proud of you." with a tone of fear and confusion.

The cubs are cute, so cute I dubbed them "The Cutenesses" as a whole.
Naming them made me get attached instantly, which when I lost one made the ripping of my heart out even more severe!

RIP Slugor 2015-2015

Edit: I suck a splelling! :D
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Posted: March 10
This game is simply beautiful. I started playing thinking it would be a fun game to play through once or twice. Playing as the mother of four cubs, this game has a very personal feel to it. Adding that you get to name your cubs at the start makes it even more personal.

When I first started to play this game, it was simple enough. I grabbed some of the many rabbits running around the den, then brought them back to my younglings who have yet to gain the strength to walk. When they suddenly got up and started moving, I found it strange how proud I felt. We moved to a new area and started to explore, killed our first deer, fed everyone, was happy. We continued to travel, always using that Star I saw through my Sense as a guide. My cubs grew bigger, stronger. Eventually, they were almost old enough to go off on their own. Everything was well.

That is, until my perfect world shattered.

One after another, they grew hungry, and collapsed on the floor. I scambled, trying to get as much food as I could to feed them all. I would get a few back up on their feet, only to have one fall back down as I tried to get more for the last. As I desperately chased a rabbit to bring back to the final cub, I heard her pain filled cry. Nova... my little Nova was gone. I burst out in tears. I couldn't believe it. I REFUSED to believe it. How could this have happened? Everything was going so well... I nearly gave up, but just then I looked back at my three remaining younglings. They were still here, and they still needed me. I had to keep trying. I had to make sure they made it.

Autumn came, and my three cubs have fully grown. As we followed the path we were on, I suddenly noticed they weren't next to me. I stop and look back to see them all staring at me with a sad look on their faces. I knew this day would come; dreaded it. We stand motionless for a few, precious moments, until one by one, they walk away. My heart aches as I watch them disappear behind the treelines. With tears in my eyes, I turn back to the path and keep moving. With nowhere else to go, I head to the only place I know; home. The den where it all started.

As snow first starts to drift down, I arrive. The tree, almost seeming to welcome me back, hasn't changed at all. Weary and old, I lie down in my den and slowly drift off to sleep for the final time.
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 10
This game seems like a labor of love, and from the reviews a lot of people have thoroughly enjoyed it, so I hate to slam it. However, I want to make the review I wish I'd read before spending $13.49 on it.

Full disclosure, I played it all the way through once. I used a controller. I never played Shelter 1.

So, I thought that this would be some kind of immersive, animal simulator/survival game. I anticipated stalking various animals, pouncing on them, maybe carrying the food back to a den or caching it somewhere. I looked forward to being chased by wolves, maybe having a kill stolen by a bear, deciding if I should let a sickly kitten starve so that there would be more food for it's siblings, maybe having one of my kittens just straight up snatched by an eagle. I thought I might get to climb the odd tree, track or stalk prey, and getting alerts from awesome feline ears that something big was coming.

Here's my experience: SPOILERS (such as they are) BELOW.

The intro is you, a pregnant mother lynx being chased by wolves. This teaches you how to move, run and jump. I never once had to jump in the actual game, and maybe I missed something. You get away and find a cave and make 4 babies. I think you can rename them (6 character max) but I just took the default names. I didn't remember any of them, and if there was a way to access them during the game I didn't find it. I didn't look because I didn't see a need.

You run around and catch animals by running into them. You don't swipe, or pounce, just ram em while they run and veer. I say animals, but all I ever saw besides those intro wolves were rabbits and something small. Voles? Mice? Whatever. There's the odd bird, but they don't land. Maybe you can jump and catch a low flying one, I didn't try. The rabbits were what fed my family. The intro didn't teach me that there is an energy circle you use while running. Standing or walking recharges it half way. If you eat, then you can completely fill it, but you don't need it, so my mommy lynx fasted for the last half of the game. You feed your kittens in the den a few times and then they're big enough to follow you. Which is a pain if the rabbit you're chasing does a 180 and suddenly you can't tell it apart from the 4 kittens who are also behind you.

There is a scent button, which opens up this game's version of eagle sight/ wraith vision/ scan mode. The smell screen paints nearby animals in red, and has some symbols which are in no way explained. The tree is your den, and the cat one is one of your kits. The others? I dunno.

Early on one of my kittens starved. The only way I could tell who was eating more was who was slightly bigger. Eventually the hungry ones stop moving and if you can catch food and bring it to them in time, all better. If not they're gone. The only way to try to direct the food is to pick up the ones you don't want to eat and move them away from the food.

This whole game made me feel like I was missing something, so I started heading in the direction of a symbol with 3 trees, thinking maybe I could find a deer, or get eaten by a bear. No such luck. It was a woodsier environment than the hill where the den was. I found no food, it was a long ways off, another kitten starved. From then on I stayed within sight of the den. Not that I or the kits ever had to sleep or take Shelter, there were just a lot of rabbits on that hill. You feed the kits, they get a bit bigger and begin occasionally catching their own voles to eat once in a while. Autumn, comes, you're told that seclusion calls to the cubs. They weren't interested in the last rabbit I caught them, then they ran away. Good riddance.

There are things that you can collect after you or you cubs have eaten, I don't know what they did. There are random collectibles - I do not care. It's bad enough when an assassin is collecting feathers, I am not going to play as a lynx looking for them, especially when that takes time away from feeding my kittens, which is the point here, I thought.

That's about it. You can play as one of the kits in a new game where they're the mother now, but I don't see why I should. Two hours of chasing rabbits. Thanks.

I've seen a lot of reviews with people saying how invested they are in the game, but I honestly think that's what the player brought to the experience, not anything the game does. It's an atmospheric, idyllic game with no dialogue, so if you're seriously into role playing I can see why you'd love this. Like playing a Skyrim character and making him a vegan sworn never to use a blade. If you want to, it's there, but the game doesn't notice or care. If that's what you like then I do recommend this game. If not, pass.

Update: Read many more reviews and watched some videos, and decided to play again to see what I'd missed.

- As soon as the kittens were big enough we set out on a non-stop wander. Specifics will follow, but here's one of my main complaints. This game has two features that I see other reviewers raving about: Your attachment to the kittens, and the beautiful relaxing exploration. I find these two to be completely at odds with each other. If you're attached to the kits then why not just stay put near your den where there are many rabbits and no hazards and feed them non-stop. The main danger in the game is starvation for them, and that always seemed to happen when I was wandering through places with no food. The exploration wasn't remotely relaxing, it was stressful. The feeding mechanic is just a timer to death that can be postponed but never turned off until the cubs leave and the game ends. Again - how is that relaxing?

So what specifically did I miss on my 1st playthrough?

-I did name the kittens this time. Bronx, Hudson, BK and Lex. I forgot which was which very quickly. My attachment to them did not differ.

-You can make sure the smallest kitten eats first by dropping the food directly in front of it.

- We found and ate frogs. We found a nest on the ground and shook another out of a tree. Ate the eggs. I startled some deer, a fawn ran into me, I caught it, the kittens feasted. Okay.

- We drank at various water sources. Seriously? I completely missed this in my first playthrough. You don't have to drink at all? Plus, it constantly looks like you and the kittens are drowning yourselves. Your entire head, or entire kitten is underwater. It's just poorly animated though, you'll be fine. Except for the time I slipped down a slope into water. Then the screen went black, I woke up on the bank. I assume time passed and my kittens got hungrier.

- You walk towards the 3 tree symbol to get to the woods. You walk towards the snowflake symbol to reach Snow Land.

I didn't see the wolves again, but then, I'm not really sorry about that. Am I supposed to lead my kittens to the wolves? Is that the relaxing exploration?

I also didn't mention that the smell function lasts about 4 seconds. Smell mode might make hunting better, and would definitely help when chasing white rabbits on snow.

I didn't explicitly point out that you at no time actually have to reach "Shelter" in this game, past the intro. Someone will chime in to say that you have to jump on top of a rock to get away from the wolves, but I wouldn't call that shelter, it's a hiding place.

I also think that if I knew less about animals this might be more fun. As someone in the comments mentioned, this is not how lynx hunt. I might add that wolves are not actually bad jumpers themselves. Although it is true that many lynx kittens starve to death, there are other dangers to them besides one pack of wolves. Going in I certainly thought that at least at the beginning I'd be feeding myself and nursing the kittens. Because, you know, mammals?

If it wasn't clear, I still think this game was a big let down. If I seem venomous it's only because I feel deceived by all the positive reviews.
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Posted: March 19
Started the game up.
Saw the baby lynx's
Couldn't take the feeling that i could lose them.
Quit game.

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Posted: March 10
I'm male and now i want to be a mother.
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