Guide a powerful Lynx through vast open landscapes. Give birth to your cubs, raise and strengthen them by mastering your skills for hunting prey. Explore the wild beauty of nature and do everything possible to prepare your family for the vicious entities dwelling on the cold tundra.
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Release Date: Mar 9, 2015

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September 15

Meadow - New project from Might and Delight

We would like to introduce our latest project to you, Meadow!
Have you ever wanted to experience a Shelter world with someone else? Soon you can, in this upcoming online fable world!

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August 25

Pid / Shelter <3 Pan-Pan

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An adventure puzzle game out of this world. Out now and the first title published by Might and Delight.

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About This Game

The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness. That is central in Shelter 2, and one of the reasons we chose to make a game about a Lynx. They are in middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra.

The game follows the life of a mother lynx, starting as a pregnant animal, giving birth and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her cubs is paramount for survival. Shelter 2 includes more elaborate gameplay features than its predecessor, such as stamina, different types of movements, jumps and a variety of prey to kill. Besides hunting there are several maternal and hunting features, such as calling the cubs closer, smell for prey, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying your cubs from harm’s way.

A vast wilderness awaits

Environments in Shelter 2 are much bigger than its predecessor and allow a lot more freedom than ever before, allowing players to find favorite spots to return to. This time weather and seasons change, harsh winters and bloomy summers awaits you!
The music is once again presented by Retro Family, awarded for their work on the Pid Soundtrack, and the visuals have been reinvented by adding dense atmosphere and lighting to the patterned graphical art style.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP2
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 – 1024 MB (1 gig)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OS X version Lion 10.7 or later
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz single core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 1 GB shared or dedicated RAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 – 1024 MB (1 gig)
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
11 of 16 people (69%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
Whole game = 1.6 hours
I suppose it could last longer if you don't Alt-F4 during the several minute long, unskippable credits.

+ Cute, unless you hate the funky texture style.
+ Short. Hey there's just not much game here - streching it would be bad.
+ Decent animations.

- Not much game here (Chase rabbit, catch rabbit, alternate between eating it yourself and feeding your cubs)
- Style choices make it hard to follow your prey (textures, 'wind' effects, funky camera)
- Graphical fidelity
You may like the style, I don't, but the models are low poly and the textures are bland.
This affects the player - I'll just charge through that bush... oh that's a rock...

If you get this art project game, get it for free or as part of a bundle.
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 17
Shelter 2 is a game that I recommend because:
- it is a method to banish boredom
- it has a good price
- it is a good survival
- it is cute
- it has a good soundtrack
- it is atmospheric
- it has adventure
- it has trading cards

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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 25
Well, yes, this is a fantastic game from the artistic point of view.
Man those cubs are so lovely. So you will get in love with this mother and those cubs.
The sounds are really cool, the very strange style is funny and appealing.
The crawling toward your prey is really well thought but hey... that's almost it.

It would be an artistic demo I would back up that but this is a game, it's kinda poor.
You basically just have to hunt for preys and avoid dangerous predators all the time which is really fun and well made... but doing that over and over to feed your cubs is not really fun.

There is a system of collectibles but I got bored before starting to collect those things so I don't know all the game.

shame for such a great effort on the style, really.
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
13 people found this review funny
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
Product received for free
41 minutes in and I still don't know what's happening. My kids are screaming, one of them is possibly dead, and I have no idea where to go.

Oh, and Shelter 2 is pretty good.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 17
Adorable Kitty's ^,^

With Life And Death. >:O

MEW ^,^
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
67.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
Figured I should review the game since I'm over 50 hours into it now.


- Cute art style (if you don't mind semi-abstract)

- Charming music

- Easy to feel attached to the cubs you are raising

- A wonderfully 'living' world with plenty of background life and changing seasons


- It can get repetitive. I myself don't mind, because sometimes it is nice to have something I can just sit and do while listening to music to wind down from a long day, but for others this is a big point against the game

- 'Too easy' - this is subjective, because for some it is hard. But once you learn to hunt, and know how to avoid the predators, the game can be classed as fairly easy, even on Survival mode.

- Depending on your sensibilities, this could be a rough game emotionally. You will raise your cubs, and then lose them to chance or bad luck, or bad hunting.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
38.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 19
Product received for free
It's safe to say I've played this game a lot despite me being a dog person (I got it for free at a giveway after wanting the game for a very long time). I paid for the Mountains DLC after playing through the full game once and i haven't regretted the decision to buy it and am strongly tempted to get the music as well. I have over a dozen lynxes in my family tree and, after my cubs no longer required my care, I've explored this beautiful world for hours on end. It's a beautiful place with beautiful music, a stage for a story both harsh and soft - of love, of life, death and survival. It is a story of motherhood in its wildest form.

My cubs come to this world fresh and helpless and as they gain the strength to follow me across the fields in springtime I always grow fond of them. I vow to defend them, to protect their sweet little innocence and to keep them alive and well. After playing so long I rarely ever do lose a cub but when I do it hits hard but also strengthens my resolve to keep the others alive. I show the cubs how beautiful the world is - the flowers, the scrumptious prey, but I never let them stray far. Sometimes I stop to look around and to let my cubs take a rest while I count them and enjoy their cute antics. When warm sunshine turns to chilly Autumn my cubs begin to slow and hunger. The time for fun is over and thus begins desperate hunts and an icy concentration with one eye open for foxes and bears.

Shepherding my cubs away from the mysterious, spooky fog that claims the lives of the unwary, choosing to turn around and save the life of a cub that has fallen behind in the face of a roaring forest fire (or falling prey to the fire myself and awaking with a jolt of saddness to find one of my brood missing - there is no room for mistakes in the wild), tensing as soon as I hear the cries of an eagle and swiftly slaying the bird and coddling the cub that almost got eaten, slaying the bold fox that dares to approach my children; there are so many memorable moments in the game. I enjoy watching the personalities of my cubs come through - the cub that always jumps at the opportunity to gobble a mouse, the fearful cub that nearly got carried away by an eagle who always needs some extra attention to keep her healthy, the little cub that has to meow loudly to keep from being overlooked, the big and robust cub that is the first to hunt her first prey but sometimes falls to a moment of a rare weakness - the more I play with them the more I'm commited to protecting them. I find myself comforting them through a computer screen, promising the cub that falls behind that I will take care of him and proving to my children again and again that they are safe.

Hunting is challenging, but the triumph of taking down multiple rabbits at once or managing to slay a deer is rewarding. There are always moments when you wish you were a little faster, a little sharper and the hopelessness of missing a rabbit, usually during autumn when cubs begin to cry and weaken from hunger. The collectibles are also very fun and enjoy gathering them when my mother lynx is left alone to her own whims and can explore until I wish to end the game (there are countless little hidden areas and easter eggs and the areas themselves are rather massive). Watching my cubs slowly learn to become better hunters as teenagers, bringing their prey to me instead of eating it themselves and always still expectant for me to feed them is rather heartwarming, especially in the rare moments when a cub shares its prey with a weak and starving sibling.

All in all, Shelter 2 is a beautiful and intensely replayable game with lots to discover. It takes about 2 hours to complete, but it can often feel longer than that (especially in Winter, which lasts as long as the other seasons but seems endless in its lack of prey). I recommend it to anyone, but be warned that you may find yourself talking to virtual cubs, feeling strong maternal feelings and having your heartstrings twisted and tugged at. Enjoy!
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 6
It took me 2 hours and 99% of the time it I was walking and running.
There's very little story, and the "combat" is just mostly killing rabbits by running for 10 seconds and left clicking.
The graphics does look nice and the music is okay but it doesn't worth 15 dollars.
I got it from the Humble Bundle and I still didn't find it fun but maybe it's just not my kind of game.
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1 of 4 people (25%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 30
Oh my god. This game. Words can't explain the amount of emotion it took from me. I've never played anything like it and I don't think I ever will. If you're unsure about this game, don't be. It is unbelievably worth it.
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3 of 10 people (30%) found this review helpful
21.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 29
I think this is the best gam ive ever played. I have no words for how much i love this game. I will die if it means that this game could go further. I have almost all the shelter games i have shelter 2 and the mountains expantion for it(THE BEST) i also have paws a shelter 2 game. i dont have shelter 1 tho i wat it but ive moved on to be SUPER exited For Meadow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already love the consept of being a mother lynx or a cup but the AI was always the same. Sneak Up on bunny, bunny runs, run after bunny, kill bunny, cubs come running up, feed 2 cubs while the other 2 start to starve. its fun tho how you can explore with them, but ive always been a huge fan of multiplayer animal games and ive been a huge fan of the shelter games so im counting the days and my money hoping i wont burst of exitment. IDK how much the game will cost but im betting $20.00 although ive saved $60.00 for it lol Im super exited for a multiplayer shelter and im wandering if it will be like wolfquest where you have the servers to join and you need a pass word and username to enter... SUPER EXITED ABOUT MEADOW
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Recently Posted
Sorde Odona
0.6 hrs
Posted: October 23
Product received for free
I'm too stupid for this game
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Mr. Potato Face
7.9 hrs
Posted: October 22
There is one word for this game..... Beautiful. It is both sad and happy, and it really makes you think about life when your done. I highly recommend this game to everyone 9/10.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.6 hrs
Posted: October 22
I only played 10 minutes and loved it already. The controls are kind of clunky, but with enough play time could be smoother. Not recommended for really sensitive people when it comes to animals (especially cats). I had to load/quit as soon as one of my cubs disappeared (my fault) and another was crying because it was hurt and that broke my heart :(
Helpful? Yes No Funny
1.8 hrs
Posted: October 22
I like it BUT I feel like there is so much more they could have done:

- The game tried to play with your emotions, but the biggest events = your or cub death, weren't really striking at all.
- Teaching your cubs how to hunt. They didn't really do much.
- It'd be nice if you could actually see cubs find a shelter of their own and you could meet other generations etc.
- More danger. (only had one interaction with wolves, otherwise you're the top of the food chain)
- Better hunting. Sneaking was almost useless.
- More stuff to do besides just hunting.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
1.3 hrs
Posted: October 22
So I have previously glanced at this game with interest since it looked like a survival game wherein you get to play as an animal. The visual style also seemed very interesting and beautiful, making it stand out from the other survival games where visual realism is what most games try to stick to.
As it happened I got this game in a bundle and I tried it out, and I am sorry to say that I was not impressed, this game wasn't for me.
Being an avid lover of animals the concept of an animal survival game is very appealing, unfortunately in that regard Shelter 2 did not "do it" for me.
The gameplay is based around you, a mother lynx, caring for and raising your young cubs who will over the course of the years grow up and then eventually leave you, and while they say they will write, I have yet to find a single story online where that is true!
The way you care for your cubs is by relentlessly hunting every living thing that had the poor sense to spawn in your path and then feeding it to your cubs. That is essentially everything you will ever do in this game.
The entire game can, by all accounts, be completed in the starting area by repeatedly hunting rabbits to feed your cubs as there doesn't seem to be any real incentive to move on to another area other than a player's willingness to explore.
Progress is marked by the passage of time which makes your cubs grow up and will eventually, as previously stated, leave you to start their own families.
The game has a very hands-off approach to letting you learn the game. The game basically says: you got babies now, don't let them die, and then lets you figure out the rest by yourself.
I will say that there are some areas of the game which I really liked; the visual style is beautiful, the way the cubs grow up is actually quite endearing as they go from helpless little things to basically inexperienced versions of you, eager to mimic their mother to learn how to catch the millions of rabbits that are runing about.
However for me, the gameplay was a bit too repetitive and there was no other aspect to "survival" other than constantly feeding your hypermetabolizing cubs.
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1.0 hrs
Posted: October 22
Deamn this was boring..

I started out thinking, 'this might be something unique'. Well, it is. But after the first 15 minutes, you have seen everything that's unique to this game. Then it just repeats itself.

If a game has little gameplay, and let's be honest, this does not have that much, it should be pretty enough to walk around in. For me, the visual style is not that apealing. I wouldn't have cared for it if there was any progression besides the collectibles and the survival of cubs.

If you go for a simple visual style, there should be enough gameplay for me, so I don't have to concentrate on the visuals..

Something nice; the different type of prey behaviour was nice and not too obvious.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Clark Kent
0.6 hrs
Posted: October 22
Helpful? Yes No Funny
1.0 hrs
Posted: October 21
Simply Stunning!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.4 hrs
Posted: October 21
I'm just not feeling it. Shelter 1 was a cool concept of a game. It was over quickly, but it had purpose. You were supposed to protect your family of little badgers and guide them through different levels, each with its own hazards and a clear path to "victory", while still allowing for you to fail.

This? This game has unskippable "cutscenes" and after a brief tutorial which involves running in a straight line away from wolves (pretty cool opening actually, thought it would set the tone for the game) it drops you off somewhere in the middle of nowhere with your 4 cubs. You wake up and hear them mewling, sooo...what now? There is not popup telling you what to do, nothing to even explain the controls. I mean, fine if you're into that sort of thing. It's obvious your little ones need food. So, how do you get food? In Shelter 1 you had to sneak up on your prey in tall grass. My Lynx also goes sneaking when approaching prey, but I have no idea what to do to avoid them seeing me? There is no tall grass. So eventually I just resorted to sprinting and mashing buttons, until I realized that "x" let's you bite prey when running...

Ok, drop off at home. Rinse, repeat. After the 3rd time or so my cubs grew and left the den. Great. Soooo, what now? No idea. Basically the game doesn't tell you anything. It's not a game like Shelter was with a clear goal, in which you played as a badger. It seems to be a Lynx simulator with you making your own game, exploring the a Lynx. Yay. And then some hazards pop up randomly? Suddenly there was fire. Why? No idea. I think lightning struck. So what now? In Shelter 1 you had to find your way through the you just run away in 1 direction. Until the music stops. Yay. Agh, no.

Sorry, but I don't like sequels that completely change the gameplay around. From clear levels with goals to somewhat muddy open world gameplay with no clear end goal...I guess it's just endless survival? From what I can see in the menu is that you have a family tree, so I guess your cubs will also bear children and you die eventually taking over as one of your cubs? Noooo idea! Because the game doesn't tell you.

If it would at least give me proper tutorial popups...sorely disappointed :/
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